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(God’s bosom friend, upon whom be peace. arb. khali”l) To see the Prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, in a dream is a good sign of wealth, blessings, glad tidings, devotion, long life, assiduousness, healing of a sick, noble goals, righteous progeny, commanding good and forbidding evil, discarding bad company, compliance with the divine ruling, knowledge, guidance, success after failure and separation from one’s family and kin to seek God’s nearness and pleasure. In a dream, Abraham represents the element of compassion toward one’s son and family and sometime he represents the element of adversities and finally ofreachingsafety.

(Also see Feast ofImmolation; Stotion. of Abraham)

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Meaning Of Abraham In Dream | Dream Interpretation

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Blessed father and founder of many, faithful friend of god... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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(Maqam Ibraliim, arb.) One who stands at the Station of Abraham at the Sacred Mosque in Mecca and offers his prayers in a dream is a pious person who observes the divine laws and who may be invited to perform a pilgrimage.

If a terrified person sees himself entering inside the Station of Abraham in a dream, it means that all his fears will be dispelled and that he will reach the abode of safety. Entering the station of God’s prophet Abraham, uponwhom be peace, in a dream also means receiving honors, seekingknowledge, or receiving an inheritance from one’s father or mother. Standing up or sitting at the Station of Abraham in a dream also may signify living by the divine laws until one’s soul returns to its Lord.

(Also see Abraham)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

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