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Personal adornment of any kind in a dream is a warning of social difficulties ahead.

If you refused the adornment, you will overcome the trouble.

If the dream involved household adornment, you can expect a pleasant change of circumstances and/or location. 

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To dream of adorning something or someone symbolizes a celebration of the spirit you are adorning, bringing out the true qualities, and expressing your love and creativity. See Accessories.

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(See Apparel)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


To dream that you have received a present of some article of clothing, such as a frock or a hat, is a dream of contrary. Expect some misfortune shortly.

The more elaborate or costly the gift, the greater the coming trouble. But if, in your dream, you refuse the present, then you will overcome your trouble.

If you accept, but do not actually wear the gift, then expect difficulties that will require great care and patience on your part.... Mystic Dream Book


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