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If you dreamed about having a life after death (being a ghost/spirit), this suggests that you are feeling disconnected in some way from life and society. This dream may be a calling for you to move on and abandon your outdated modes of thinking and behavior, and make a positive change in your attitude.

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The keywords of this dream: Afterlife


1. Hoping for a religious solution to one’s problems.

2. Belief in spirit equals belief in an afterlife.

3. Someone is not who he/she seems to be.

4. Drinking too much. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


1- There is an obvious connection between Mummy and mother is a play on words. In many ways our mother must ‘die’, or rather, we must change our relationship with her, in order for us to survive.

The Egyptian mummy in dreams can also symbolise our feelings about someone who has died.

2- The Egyptian mummy symbolises death, but also preservation after death and therefore the afterlife. We may be trying to understand such a concept in real life, or we may realise that life has got to continue on a more mundane level.

3- The Self, the unbending Mother and self-preservation are all symbolised in the mummy.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


(see Animals)

If belligerent or barking, this dream shows personal aggression and hostility.

Sleeping at your feet: Service, good friends, and gentle companions.

Good instincts. Dogs are believed to have a kind of second sight in judging people, or discerning spiritual presences (see Ghost).

Being bitten by a dog reveals quarrels between friends or family members.

Dreaming of a purebred dog, especially at a dog show, indicates a personal love of performance, possibly to the point of putting on airs.

Growling dogs warn of being surrounded by designing or unpleasant people.

A Cerberus (many-headed dog) counsels that you are trying to maintain too many loyalties, interests, or friends. When you spread yourself too thin, quality suffers.

Zoroastrian: Sagacity, vigilance, and fidelity. Consider how the dog is treated and where it’s seen for more interpretive value.

The afterlife: In Babylon, Greece, and Persia, dogs attended aspects of the great Goddess to the underworld where human souls slept, awaiting their next incarnation. This close affinity to death is why dogs are often credited with the ability to see spirits.

The ability to sniff out honesty and good character. In the Tarot, dogs sit at death’s gate to be sure the soul is properly prepared. Similarly, Egyptian mythology speaks of Anubis, the jackal-headed god, waiting in the underworld to judge newcomers with his nose. This is why the Egyptians packed their mummies in sweet spices!... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Gates have associations similar to doors and archways with some minor variations.

For example, if the gate has a keeper, this person may symbolize your Higher Self or a guardian figure (see Angel) waiting to help you traverse this obstacle.

Gates have strong correlations with fertility and productivity, being that the womb is sometimes referred to as the gate of all life.”

The barrier between worlds, in this case the conscious and subconscious. Many mythologies speak of the gate that leads to paradise in the afterlife. Once the spirit passes this juncture, there can be no return to mortality.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Death, Divination. Ghost)

Missing someone who has passed over, and wishing that person was nearby to provide advice or companionship.

Getting in touch with vour own feelings regarding death and the afterlife.

Potential missives from beyond.

The subconscious may choose this type of dream to convey ghostly messages because it is a familiar, less frightening apparition.

Matters of communication between yourself and the realms of spirit, including the Divine. How well does the seance progress? Does there seem to be an obstacle to effective mediumship? If so, consider what that obstacle is within your own life that likewise hinders vour ability- to accept or commune with the sacred.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Animals, Birds, Feathers, Wings) Targeting a vulnerable situation or person.

Ill feelings aimed toward you from a exploitative or predatory person.

The desire to focus on a particularly susceptible opportunity for personal gain.

Ancient meaning: An archetype for the goddess of death and reincarnation among the Egyptians especially. Here, vultures were believed to nurse the spirit of dead Pharaohs, maintaining them in the afterlife.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Dreams of a beetle symbolize disorder and a lack of cleanliness in your life, or that you are becoming aware of your resilient survival instincts. Alternatively, native people in the Amazon consider beetles to be sacred travelers from other dimensions that venture between our world and the afterlife to remind you that life is eternal. Dreams of a scarab represent that you are protected from harm, and that you are aligned with the sacred and the mystical. Consider the feeling tone. See Goddess Persephone.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Spiritually, home always represents sanctuary – a place where we can feel safe and be ourselves without fear of reprisal. Literally, in dreams we are inside ourselves and home signifies this spiritual state. Spiritualists and those who believe in an afterlife often speak of death as ‘going home’, but this should not be seen as a precognitive dream.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


The egyptian mummy symbolizes death, but also preservation after death and, therefore, the afterlife. It also symbolizes the self, the unbending mother and self-preservation.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Almost every culture has a concept of the underworld, a place we go to after death. Dreams of the underworld, hades or hell are thought to help us come to terms with the illusions we have developed on the physical plane of existence and to prepare us ultimately to cope with death.

The underworld or afterlife was once thought to be a place that was full of terrifying monsters and dangerous animals, which had to be traversed before one was free of karma.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


As oneiric signs, emeralds symbolize supreme knowledge, acquired by contemplating the cycles of nature and life itself. It suggests careful observation of natural phenomena and lessons to be drawn from them.

Mercury’s stone (emblem of communication with the afterlife) but especially Venus’s (Love and art), the emerald is a powerful talisman of love that increases libido, accelerates delivery, and protects sight. In ancient times, this gemstone predicted a great joy; according to the latest esoteric tradition, the emerald is a harbinger of a long wait.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


When most people think of hell, they are relating to a Christian idea of an afterlife where people go when they do not subscribe to certain dogmas relating to behavior.

The New Thought community thinks of hell as the experience of life on Earth when lived in the illusion of separation from the sense of Divine Source. No matter what your personal view of hell is, the principle that underlies it is separation and the pain that comes when you feel disconnected from love. This can manifest at any moment in life when you feel cut off from some source of warmth, affection, or even validation. At such moments, a dream of hell can be a powerful expression of this alienated state. Ask yourself where you feel separate from your ability to feel safe and loved.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Dreams of being in heaven or other states of bliss and perfection such as Nirvana or Samadhi reveal either your current state of mind or—as with all wishfulfillment dreams—your hopes for the future. Are you feeling peaceful and content at the moment? Or is your waking life so difficult that your dreaming mind is sending you escapist images? Bear in mind that dreams about heaven, just like dreams about hell, are more likely to relate to your waking life on earth and are not predictive of the afterlife, although for many people who believe in life after death such dreams can be extremely comforting.

Heaven can appear in your dreams in the traditional forms depicted in religious art with God surrounded by choirs of angels or as a beautiful idealized landscape.

If you witness yourself in such a setting, it could symbolize your quest for spiritual truth. On the other hand, standing before your God may also conjure images of the Last Judgment, so perhaps you are feeling unworthy of entering a spiritual plane or feeling judged in some way in waking life. See also Near-death experiences entry in STAGES OF LIFE.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams of being tormented in hell can reveal either your current state of mind or your fears for the future. Is life particularly hellish at present? Are you wracked with guilt about something you have done or are thinking of doing?

Hell in dreams is also an image of negative illusions or self-created misery perhaps arising out of pain from past traumas or a situation that made you deeply unhappy. Hell therefore represents the projection of your inner state onto the world; if you feel miserable, the world will seem miserable too. In other words you create your own heaven or hell.

Images of hell in dreams also indicate that you may be punishing yourself in some way but they do offer some hope, as once you have passed through this period of inner turmoil you can emerge a new and better person. It is important to bear in mind that dreams about hell relate to your waking life on earth and are not predictive of the afterlife; for people who believe in an afterlife, however, such dreams can be extremely frightening. On the psychological plane, hell is also a symbol of the unconscious and such a dream may suggest that you are confronting the darker side of your personality.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dolphins are actually mammals but many people think of them as being fish. They have incredibly positive associations in both the real and the dream world. They are intelligent, friendly creatures that are reputed to steer sailors to safety when their ships are in trouble. They were also once believed to guide the spirits of the dead to the afterlife, which is why they are a symbol for Christ. So if a dolphin appears in your dream or you are swimming with dolphins, it may indicate fun, friendship and a sense of optimism. They may also symbolize your sense of connection with others; when dreams of dolphins happen during low points in waking life, dreamers tend to report feeling more positive the next day. Because dolphins are often thought of as spiritually advanced beings, full of love, awareness, inner harmony and healing energy, if playful dolphins appear in your dreams, perhaps you need to adopt a non-resistant stance to life and learn to go with the flow. If, however, the dream dolphin is injured or in danger in your dream or the dolphin is attacked by a shark, this implies that some important connection is being threatened in waking life. Two dolphins facing in opposite directions in your dream can represent the duality of your nature, suggesting that you may need to accept that you are not one dimensional and that negative aspects of your character contribute to your wholeness as a human being.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If ghosts appear in your dreams, they often symbolize unfinished business, just as ghosts—or the unsettled dead—are supposed to have unfinished business on earth, not having found their place in the afterlife. Because of a ghost’s ephemeral nature, being only partially visible to some and invisible to others, they can also represent uncertainty or a lack of clarity in your thinking. Another interpretation is that seeing ghosts in dreams is a way of facing your own mortality; for this reason they can be quite disturbing, but because they may offer evidence of life after death, they could be seen as offering some comfort. You can also look at a ghost as a shadow of yourself, your own dark nature personified; the side of yourself that you’d rather not face up to.

If you want to understand the significance of dreaming about ghosts, you need to look at how they behaved in your dream. Whilst most ghosts are invisible and silent, some ghosts are noisy and throw things around; these could represent your lack of control regarding things that are happening around you in waking life. Ghosts may interact with you in dreams, but often they will not do it directly. You may feel comforted by their appearance in your dream; you may feel stressed or afraid. They may be strangers, friends, relatives or famous people that have died—your relationship to them or how you feel about them will affect what they mean in your dream—for instance the ghost may be a nagging relative who is still very much alive, but casts a shadow over your life and is always trying to push you one way or another.

At times, ghosts represent those things that are unattainable or fleeting. If, however, the ghost feels solid, you may be touching aspects of your own mind or awareness that exist beyond your own preconceived ideas and beliefs. Ghosts of living people in your dream have nothing to do with the possibility of their death in the near future; such dreams suggest, rather, a sense of their thoughts or presence haunting you. Or perhaps you are haunted by desire for them or have unexpressed feelings about them. Alternatively, and particularly if you shrank from the ghost in your dream, could the specter have represented someone whom you once wronged, a ghost from the past that is still haunting your conscience despite your conscious efforts to push it to the back of your mind?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


A near-death experience (NDE) is a phenomenon reported by people who have been declared clinically dead by medical experts, or passed close to death through accident or illness, but are later revived. They report an altered state of consciousness in which they feel they are traveling through a tunnel towards a warm and bright light or they are floating above their body watching medical efforts to revive them.

Intriguingly, near-death reports from different cultures around the world are generally consistent and in many instances are identical to the features of the post-mortem state that is described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. There is also a marked similarity between NDEs and reports of the inner journeys of shamanism, astral travel and out-of- body experiences.

The term ‘near-death experience’ was coined by American doctor Raymond Moody in the 1970s to describe the phenomenon outlined above. Prior to publication of Moody’s book, Life After Life in 1975, NDEs were not openly talked about; once the book came out, more and more people began to talk about them. By 1982 a Gallup poll suggested that as many as eight million Americans had had some kind of NDE. Moody and a number of other NDE researchers, such as Kenneth Ring, a psychologist and founding member of the International Association of Near Death Studies at the University of Connecticut, were able to identify a number of traits common to all NDEs, even though the experience was always unique to each individual. They concluded that in a NDE, people typically experience one or more of the following phenomena in this sequence: a sense of leaving the material world behind or an out-of-body experience in which they feel they are floating above their bodies looking down; cessation of pain, a feeling of great calm and peace; traveling down a dark tunnel towards a light at its end; meeting spirit beings, many of whom are dead friends and relatives; meeting a spirit guide who takes them through their life story and puts their life into perspective without any negative judgment; and, finally, an abrupt and sometimes reluctant return to life.

The great majority of NDEs are described as being positive and uplifting; around three per cent are described as negative or frightening. Almost anyone can have the experience and it is not limited to those who have religious beliefs, although many people who have experienced a NDE do become more religious or develop a spiritual belief system afterwards. Almost all say they lose their fear of death, this being replaced by a strong belief in an afterlife. Many discover a meaning and purpose to their lives that they may have previously lacked. In some cases, the NDE leaves a person with heightened intuitive or psychic powers.

Even though millions of people claim to have had an NDE, it is impossible for researchers to prove scientifically that the experience is genuine. Evidence is therefore based entirely on anecdotal reports.

According to skeptics, the NDE is a dream or hallucination caused by, amongst other things, a lack of oxygen, the release of the body’s natural pain killers called endorphins and increased levels of carbon dioxide as the brain dies. NDEs were reportedly reproduced by Ronald Siegel, a researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, when LSD and other drugs were administered. NDE supporters stress, however, that drug-induced hallucinations and NDEs are totally different things. Such explanations also do not take into account the fact that many people brought back to life can give accurate accounts of their resuscitations, of medical procedures carried out on them or report conversations they overheard at the time they were allegedly dead. This suggests that some part of consciousness can separate from the body at death. There is no doubt that the near-death experiences are supported by impressive documentation and, for believers in them, these reports constitute a very powerful argument for the existence of an afterlife.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Animals in dreams are generally associated with behavioral patterns or your natural instincts, the beast within. Being bitten or attacked by an animal may suggest feeling hunted, vulnerable or doubting your own strength. Cats, dogs and horses are the most common dream images. Snakes are the most common dream reptile. They can be symbols of trouble or male sexuality but they can also represent the afterlife or the potential for transcending a difficult situation. Birds are a universal symbol of spirituality. Spiders are the most common dream creepy-crawly, and they can have a wide range of meanings ranging from being industrious or helpful, to provoking irrational or hidden fears and phobias.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If a dream is specifically set during daylight or nighttime, take into account your waking associations with early morning and nighttime.

If you are a night owl, a nighttime dream will have a far more positive interpretation than if you were an early bird. You may also associate daytime with routine and work and nighttime with relaxation and freedom. Dreams that take place in bright daylight also suggest your conscious waking life and feelings of optimism and clarity, and dreams of nighttime can indicate the unconscious as well as negativity and ignorance. Twilight in dreams can suggest a period of uncertainty and possible ambivalence as far as your direction in life is concerned. It may also suggest the afterlife.

Just as the 24-hour day is symbolically linked to the human life cycle, so too are the seasons: spring symbolizes birth and childhood and new beginnings; summer, adulthood; autumn, middle age; and winter, aging and death. The seasons can also signify your state of mind with spring representing optimism; summer, confidence, autumn, relaxation and reward; and winter, retreat. When several days, weeks, months, years or even longer pass in your dream, your unconscious is reflecting changes in your life or suggesting that your focus has currently been on things that are not relevant. Along with the second and minute hands on a clock, these dream images suggest slow and careful progression—or the need for it—in your waking life. Dreams of specific hours of the day may refer to your age, to a regular event in life or to a saying; for example 12 noon is middle age, or may refer to something that happens at that time of day, 11 o’clock may be the eleventh hour and so on. Noon may also be associated with lunch and nourishment, midnight with mystery and 6 o’clock with finishing work. See also NUMBERS.

The Past and the Future... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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