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To dream of Amazons - or to dream about being one - represents life’s challenges and your ability to confront them. You are a strong person with the ability to conquer and rise above your troubles.

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Amazons | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Amazons


Strained relationships with women or towards the feminine in oneself. Desire for, or fear of, female aggressiveness.

For women: a desire for more strength and independence from the masculine.

The dream image of the Amazon always includes the Horse, because Amazons were considered “wild horse women.” The unity between rider and horse is the image of the unity of the feminine and the animalistic.

Implied is a delicate balance between controlling one’s own “wildness” and still “living to the full,” as well as embracing the joy of “wild passion” and “urges.”

Astrology: The astrological sign of Sagittarius.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


The belt indicates the place where love and beauty (and the fascination with it) reside.

The belt (waist), as a physical expression of the connection between the conscious and unconscious, asks us to decide if we want to walk the path of physical urges and drives or the path of the spiritual. Ideally, both paths lead to harmony and balance between body and soul. This image also asks how we deal with sensuousness and the pleasures of life.

The image, however, usually appears when we feel restricted and bothered by something.

If that were not the case, our unconscious would see no reason to produce such an image.

For that reason, the belt usually points to restrictions imposed by the spouse (often the wife).

The belt is a symbol of power, strength, and the influence of the woman (as in the Nibelungen Ring—the belt of Kriemhilde—or the belt of the Queen of the Amazons in Greek mythology). In today’s terms, the belt is clearly a sign of repressed emotions, particularly sexual repression, for men as well as for women.

If the belt appears in the dream of a woman, it is usually a symbol of virtue and purity; in the dream of a man, it is energy and fertility.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


(see Diit, Organizing)

An ancient emblem of womanhood that was later turned into a phallic symbol by the Church.

Having a bad case of the cleaning or organizational bug either at home, or toward a specific project or goal. What exactly does the broom sweep away?

Luck and friendship. According to folk beliefs, brooms found in new homes may be used to sweep out bad fortune, and sweep in good energy and warm feelings.

Jumping over a broom handle is a symbol of fertility and transition into a new life. This was part of many rural European and Gypsy wedding rituals.

Flying on a broom: Potentially a sexual dream in which the broom handle equates to the penis.

Woman’s magic. Witches were sometimes called broom amazons in the Middle Ages.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


The hammer is a symbol of the old forge gods such as thor and vulcan and with a head of iron is a symbol of craftsmanship and good work. When the hammer is a double-sided one known as the labrys it signifies justice and vengeance. It was used by the amazons, a race of warrior women, and has been adopted as a symbol by some gay women.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


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