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Important to insure locomotion, movement; flexibility and support. See Body.

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As a general rule a dream involving your own ankles is an indiration of success after a struggle* To dream of die ankles of someone of the opposite sex suggests an unwise love affair; but to dream of the ankles of your own sex signifies a solution to a puzzling predicament having clothing or articles made of the leather; however, to see them in captivity or to hunt or shoot them indicates an untrustworthy business associate.

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You will meet a fascinating person of the opposite sex if you dream of seeing an ankle that is pleasing in its proportions.

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Covert assistance is being given. 

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Dreams of an ankle symbolize flexibility.

If you dream that your ankle is broken, then this reflects that you are resisting where life is moving you and that your rigidity is making it difficult for you to proceed. This dream is a message for you to relax and go with the flow of life. See Body.

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An injury to your foot or Ankle in a dream is a fortunate omen, but you will have to face difficulties for some time first.

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To dream about your ankles, indicates that you are seeking support and direction in your life. Ask yourself where you want to be headed.

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To dream about your ankles signifies that you require some guidance and assistance in life. You should inquire of yourself where you’d like to go.

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If a person sees himself as having worn one or two ankle-rings, he will be faced with hardships, fear, imprisonment and the like.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


In a dream, anklets represent one’s son. Wearing golden anklets in a dream means a severe illness, or that one may commit a major sin. However, if a woman sees herself wearing anklets in a dream, it means that she is safe and protected.

If she is unwed, it means that she will marry a gracious and a generous person with whom she will live happily and content.

If a man sees himself wearing a pair of golden anklets in a dream, it means adversities, distress or imprisonment.

It is said that anklets in a dream represent shackles in wakefulness, except for a wedding ring or a necklace. What a woman sees as beauty or imperfect in her anklets in a dream will reflect upon her husband.

If she is unmarried, the anklet will then reflect on her adornment or makeup. In a dream, anklets also represent honor, wealth, dignity and beauty.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


interpreted upon 5 sides: gambling, woman, child, firstborn / virgin young girl, wealth.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


One may deserve to be thanked but only be taken for granted... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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