The meaning of Annuity in dream | Dream interpretation

1. Need to make some sort of fiscal plan.

2. Need to make long-range plans of some sort.

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Annuity | Dream Interpretation

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Happiness is indicated by any dream of a bride, but if the bride happens to be weeping, it portends vexing circumstances in connection with the dreamer’s in-laws.

To be a bride foretells an inheritance in the form of an annuity.

Kissing a bride means that you wiil be reconciled with someone you have quarreled with.

Kissing one’s own bride foretells a happy solution of a pressing probiem,

Catching a bridai bouquet in a dream, as well as in fact, is a sign that the unmarried will find a mate within the year.

Seeing a bridal procession with bridesmaids indicates a sute turn for the better in both your love and financial affairs.

Seeing a bride wearing white and a veil is a promise of a happy married life.

If she wears traveling clothes, it is probable that you will have to mate an important decision shortly.... The Complete Dream Book


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