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Dreams of antibiotics represent a desire for healing solutions, health and well-being. Your dream could be suggesting that you take preventative care so as to avoid the need for antibiotics in the future. See Medicine.

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İf the infection is figurative, the antibiotic is spiritual; if physical, see “diagnosis”

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Antibiotic | Dream Interpretation

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The ability to alter your mind or mood in an instant is reflected in a dream that features pills or any kind of medication.

A pharmaceutical medication is a compound that causes the brain to either create or inhibit the creation of certain chemicals that alter an experience in the body.

If you are taking a pill in a dream, there may be some area in your life that you wish would transform or go away with relative ease. An overdose might indicate a more extreme search for an easy way out of a challenge or issues of indulgence.

If you have health issues in your life, there may be a more literal relationship between the medication in a dream and the desire to get well. Not knowing what kind of pill you’re taking or what it might do to you is a possible indication of some ignorance or naiveté in the way you are approaching a situation that needs attention.

The specific action of a medication also needs to be taken into account. For example, a pain medication might relate to a desire to escape something difficult. An antibiotic might indicate a reaction to dark, unwanted thoughts. An antidepressant might reveal an avoidance of unpleasant emotions. An antipsychotic medication could connect to feeling a loss of control of your emotions or chaotic thought patterns.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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