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How your body appears in a dream can offer vital clues when it comes to interpretation. In many cases, the interpretation is fairly obvious: if you are smiling you feel confident, if you are frowning you feel annoyed. Are you confident and tidy in your dream, or are you tired and unhappy? All these factors represent the state of your mind, and perhaps your health, at the time of the dream.

If your body disappears in a dream and you become invisible or you aren’t aware of your body, this clearly suggests that you are feeling ignored, isolated and perhaps lonely.

If you leave your body in a dream, this indicates a need to get away from cares and responsibilities.

If you grow tall in your dream, your unconscious may be mirroring waking feelings of satisfaction with yourself; but if you were horrified to shrink small, it may be that you feel insignificant and looked down upon, or that you long to shrink away from a problematic situation. To dream that you are becoming fat is to recognize that you need to widen the scope of your activities in some way. It can also indicate fear of taking on too much responsibility.

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(Emergence; Manifestation; Visibility) In a dream, if one sees somethingthat is kept away from him as a secret, it means experiencing comfort after suffering from trials, receiving compensation after suffering from injustice, conceiving a child after having given up hope or the like examples.

A revealed secret on time in a dream means fulfillment of a promise, satisfying one’s needs, repayment of one’s debts, arriving of a long awaited person from a journey, release of a prisoner from his jail, and for a woman, it could mean becoming pregnant.

If something emerges at the wrong time in a dream, it means debts.

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If you dreamed of a well-shaped tree that is pleasing to the eye, this would suggest a personality that is ordered; a large, messy tree would suggest a chaotic personality. The seasonal appearance of the tree in your dream will be significant because the stages of a person’s life are reflected in the effects of the seasons on a deciduous tree.

If your dream tree was covered in spring blossoms and tiny leaf buds, the association is with spring, and the vigor and energy of youth.

If the tree was covered in deep green foliage, this suggests summer or the prime of life; if its leaves were starting to fall, this suggests autumn and middle age; and if the tree looked bare, this suggests winter and old age, or concerns about getting older.

According to Freudians, acorns are a phallic symbol and nuts symbols of the female genitals, so seeds and nuts on the tree can suggest new beginnings. Seedlings and saplings are generally associated with young children, flourishing and mature trees suggest maturity and ancient trees, old age. A dead or withered tree could be a symbol of a lost loved one; it not only reminds us that all living things die, but also that the cycle of rebirth and new beginnings never ends.

If your dreaming mind featured a tree with a crown or apex (or you dreamed of climbing a tree and struggling to reach the top), this suggests a desire for spiritual growth. Alternatively, it could suggest ambition in your professional life or the desire for safety or refuge, as when you climb a tree to escape.

If you dreamed of a falling tree, this represents a sense of threat to your identity.

Tall trees are a symbol of aspiration and reaching up to the sky, whilst a short tree is a symbol of low aspirations or selling yourself short. A tree that is fallen or cut down may symbolize obstacles in your path, and a tree struck by lightning or in flames may represent a situation that is about to erupt. It can also symbolize electrified energy or being ’on fire’ for a goal or desire. See also Forest entry in PLACES.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Depicts the way our conscious self relates to the unconscious. Memories, emotions or ideas suddenly ap­pear in awareness, but can disappear just as rapidly, some­times never to be seen again. See vanish. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


To be aware, in your dream, of the magical disappearance of yourself, others, and/ or material objects predicts that though you will soon be perplexed by a variety of problems you won’t be overcome by them.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


Dreaming of a missing person or object denotes repression, shyness, feelings of inferiority, and shame. In short: fear. Especially when the disappeared object has a sexual connotation.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


If a person sees himself disappearing into the earth without a grave it means he will ruin himself, because of his obsession in worldly pursuits.

If the disappearance is in a hole or grave, it means he will encounter something extremely offensive as a result of committing a crime or by being cheated.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream: i’m walking down dirt road. i have to stop and go into this house on right. i wanted to keep going but i had to stop in there. and there also appeared a lion in like beginning of driveway. it’s appearance is off cause it looks kind of grainy slightly pixelated. i go in house my mom is there. i go to my room in front of house she comes in, we are kinda mad at each other. i cry because i can’t go where i was going because of the lion. she sees me crying and is like i told you so, it wouldn’t work, but she does know it’s because of lion. i feel this surge of pride like i didn’t want to ask for help also surge of vindictiveness like i wanted her to feel what i felt a little before i talked to her. anyway yellow/orange big tom cat tries to play with me i tell it no( i was a little scared). mama(like) young sherry(like) go outside to get in car to go to specific place. i told them about lion but they still think they can make it. they go i can hear them scared and crying cause they can’t make it. for some reason i feel like it’s more than just the lion out there. it’s also dark shadowy small animal like creatures. any way they come back in, i say i told you you can’t go that way. protector(tall dark skin man lynn-like(mybrothernlaw)) comes in house. he like what’s wrong- i say the lion we should try the back door. then i put on bright pink cashmere headband. then head for back door a black marble tom cat comes at me i tell it no too(i’m kinda scared of this cat too). i feel like these are their cats. each cat had reached out its paw to me and tap me on fore arm like it was trying to get my attention.

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