The meaning of Archaeology in dream | Dream interpretation

If you dream of archaeology, this symbolizes digging up something from your past.

A current situation or person in your life may be bringing up old feelings for you. Or, it could be a hint to look to your past experience for clues to how to handle a current situation. Also see “Digging.”

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Archaeology | Dream Interpretation

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An ancient Egyptian symbol, this stylized eye represents the all-seeing eye. Associated with Horus. the son of Isis and Osins who was birthed after the death of Osins. it is the symbol of the resurrected king. Emerging out of the archaeology of the soul, it comes to signify the enlightened view, all things being understood through spintual sight of an opened third eye penetrating the principles of higher truth.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


To dream of digging can mean you’re trying to hide something from others, or a search for the answer to a problem. Digging straight down in the earth means you are trying to understand yourself better. Also see “Archaeology.”... My Dream Interpretation


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