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If you dreamed of having sweaty armpits, you will overcome a situation that has caused much gossip, with a new and better reputation.

If you dreamed of an injury or pain in your armpit, get a medical checkup.

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Armpit Dream Meaning | Dream Interpretation

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To see your arms in your dream highlights your ability to reach out to others. Alternatively, it may represent the struggles and challenges in your life, loss of confidence and not being able to reach out or create. Consider also the pun, ‘arm yourself’, which implies that you need to protect yourself, or be more aggressive and take a firmer stance on things. So if arms appear in your dream, are you defending yourself, fighting or being held, or showing passionate commitment?

To dream that your arm has been injured or your arms are tied up signifies your inability to care for yourself, or your helplessness in reaching out to others. The right arm signifies your outgoing nature and is associated with masculine energy, while your left arm signifies your supportive or nurturing nature, and is associated with feminine qualities. Losing either arm may suggest that you are failing to recognize its respective characteristics. To dream that you rip someone else’s arms out, indicates that you are extremely upset with something that this person has done or represents, but you have not been able to fully express your anger.

If you see, notice or smell someone’s armpit in your dream, this represents the characteristics and personality that you choose to display to the public. To smell your armpit in your dream indicates that you are hoping for some kind of acceptance in waking life.

If you see your elbow in your dream, perhaps you need more personal space in waking life?... The Element Encyclopedia


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If the hair is small or few, it symbolises steadfastness on Deen and Sunnah.

If the hair is plenty is symbolises wilaayat which is bereft of Deen.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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