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Stop trying to impress people who don’t matter; no one can be liked by everyone.

See also Armory, Armed, etc.

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To dream of field artillery can symbolize a battle in your life or a need to bring out bigger weapons to win a fight

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Artillery | Dream Interpretation

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(1) A sea shell, owing to its resemblance to the vagina and its association with the-sea, is a feminine symbol. As such it may represent your mother or your mother-attachment; and, for a man, it may represent the anıma or be a straightforward sexual symbol. (For anima, see Brother / Sister, sections (4)-(6).) See also Mother.

(2) Because of its association with the sea, it may, like the sea, symbolize the unconscious.

(3) A tortoise- or snail-shell may symbolize protection, or a hiding- place; withdrawal from reality, or from social or sensual contacts; or a ‘defence mechanism’.

(4) An eggshell may symbolize fragility, vulnerability. See also Egg.

(5) An artillery shell may have the same sexual symbolism as Rocket. See also Bomb.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


If, in your dream, you were part of a regiment, this may suggest that you feel safe in numbers, as a part of a crowd or group of people.

If you feel sorrow or guilt or resentment, this may reflect your attitude to the group of people you associate yourself with in waking life. Taking part in guerrilla actions suggests secret plans in waking life, whilst a preoccupation with a helmet and protective clothing may mirror a desire to ‘take cover’ in waking life. A dream in which an invasion takes place may be symbolic of an invasion of your space in waking life, either real or psychological.

If a tank appears in your battle, this is an aggressive phallic symbol. It can also suggest an attack on convention and an indiscriminate flattening of all those who stand in your way. The torpedo also symbolizes male sexuality but, unlike the tank, it delivers destruction by stealth. High-tech missiles, cannon, field guns and other forms of artillery also present variations on the phallic symbol. On the other hand, they may also symbolize obstacles or ‘hot shots’ you feel are against you as you pursue your goals. This may be particularly the case if you are a woman in a stereotypically male profession.

If an air raid takes place in your dream, this indicates emotional attack from people or feelings you have about the events around you. A bomb suggests an explosive situation or sudden events that have produced anxiety. It can also suggest your own anxiety.

If an underground mine figures in your dream, this can suggest bringing to consciousness potential and innate wisdom. A dream explosion with billowing clouds graphically mirrors the damaging consequences of exploding with pent-up fury or tension in waking life.... The Element Encyclopedia


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