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If you dream that someone is giving you attitude, you may have trouble and disappointment in some situation.

To dream of giving someone else attitude forewarns that you will be involved in a tense situation. People you care about may let you down and disappoint you. Being angry and giving attitude in a dream may also have been carried over from your waking life. In your dream, you may have a safe outlet to express angry emotions that you have not vented in real life.

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Attitude | Dream Interpretation

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Never interpret your dreams intellectually! Reasoning creates distance. Such distance often leads us to misunderstand symbols and whole dreams. Symbols are dealt with by the heart and not by the intellect, because their effect lies in moving something emotionally. Dreams therefore must always be approached on an emotional level. We can often recognize intuitively—and very quickly—what a dream is trying to tell us. Bring a little bit of your heart to every dream analysis and you will gain a lot.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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