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Standing in front of: you might be dealing with an important issue in your life which attracts the attention of many associated ideas and feelings. Desire for attention; bar­ing one’s soul. In the audience: witnessing some emotion or process in yourself; considering some aspect of your life.

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İmplies the event will be made public

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Spiritually, an audience tends to be either the multiple parts of our personality, all of which are answerable to the higher self, or represents the external world to whom we are accountable in a spiritual sense.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: We need to be considering an aspect of our lives carefully, particularly one that takes place in public and needs expression. We are the creators of our own play and an audience may also represent the various parts of our own personality that we have created.

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Material aspects: If we are standing in front of, or broadcasting to, an audience, we are probably having to deal with important issues in our lives. We need to reach a wider audience.

If we are in the audience, we are witnessing an emotion or process of change in ourselves.

To dream of listening to a broadcast means we should be listening to the message that other people are trying to get across.

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If the dreamer is in front of an audience, this could reflect a situation in one’s environment in which one feels that one is attracting more attention than usual. It could also represent anxiety about being exposed.

If one dreams about being in an audience, one might be witnessing something about oneself or some aspect of one’s life.

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This may symbolize the way you portray yourself. In the extreme, it represents exhibitionism. Often what is hiding behind this dream is the desire for fame. On the other hand, it is the image of a search for your own world and a real Self. It also points to a manipulated secondhand experience that is, like television, often a substitute for reality.

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If you dream of being in front of an audience, it means the world around you and it is paying close attention to your actions. It could also symbolize your fears of having your private thoughts discovered or revealed.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

Social pleasures and distinctions to come.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. One needs love.

2. The dreamer hopes that a loved one gets appropriate tribute.

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Dreams of an audience symbolize a feeling that you are performing in your life and being judged and evaluated. Perhaps you are feeling the need for reassurance and validation. Consider that the audience is comprised of your sub-personalities, your judge and inner critic.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

1- If we are standing in front of an audience in a dream we are probably having to deal with an important issue in our lives.

If we arc in the audience we are witnessing an emotion or process of change in ourselves.

2- We need to be carefullv considering some aspect of our lives, particularly one which takes place in public. We are the creators of our own play and an audience may also represent the various parts of our own personality we have created.

3- The audience tends to be the multiple parts of our personality.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

A surprising dis- tinction will come your way if you faced an audi-ence; if you were in it, you will have cause to rejoice over the good fortune of a valued friend.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

Opportunity to express yourself and be heard; diverse parts of self are receptive to integration and direction, so goals may be formulated and new adventures begun.

If audience is not listening, parts of yourself are unwilling to hear and respond to needed changes. You have to get their attention through self-love and acceptance.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

To dream that you are in front of an audience suggests that people you know in waking life are paying close attention to your actions. It could also refer to your fear of having your private thoughts and feelings discovered or revealed.

If you are part of the audience, you need to pay attention to the plot of the play. Symbolically, the stage is a representation of your own life play. By observing and being objective about the action being played out, you can gain a new perspective on your life.

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The Element Encyclopedia
Who is the audience in your dreams when you receive or don’t receive recognition? Who is there to see you succeed or fail? How does their presence make you feel? Scared? Supported? Distracted? Proud? Are they cheering you on? Or are they holding you back?

Typically the people we choose to watch and comment on our progress dreamland are those authority figures who exist in both our waking land and our memories. Parents and family members tend to be the most persistent authority figures in dreams about success and recognition. It is up to you to work out how much their values and dreams guide and nourish you, and to what extent they keep you from the finishing line. How often does your boss or a work colleague or an old teacher or friend from school appear in your dreams?

Chances are when they do, your dreams are about proving yourself, and either failing or succeeding?

Is your partner there cheering you on, or is he or she absent?

Which friends are there to watch your moment of glory in your dreams? If it is someone who hasn’t been in your life for years, what does he or she stand for? We all have authority figures in our dreams and in our lives. They are necessary because they each represent something important. They can guide us, warn us, and give us the feeling that we are supported. On the other hand, they can also undermine us, hold us back when we need to be moving forward, or drive us harder towards impossible to reach goals. See also ARCHETYPES.... The Element Encyclopedia


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