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(Band; Bangle) In a dream, bracelets represent pride or women’s ornaments, and for men they represent the support of one’s brother.

If the bracelet is made ofgold in the dream, then it represents chastisement.

If it fits tight in the dream, it means difficulties.

If each wrist carries a silver bracelet or a bangle in a dream, it means disappointment or losses caused by one’s friends.

If a man sees himself wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means tight financial circumstances. Wearing a gold bracelet in a dream could represent a righteous person who strives with all his heart to do good. Should one have enemies, then God Almighty will support and strengthen him against them. Wearing a golden bracelet in a dream could mean either that he will be exploited or restrained, or it could mean that he will be handcuffed.

If a ruler or someone in authority sees himself wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means that he will hold that job for sometime to come, that he will bejust toward his subjects, and they will live happily and enjoy good earnings during his regency.

If one sees his arms fitted with armlets in a dream, it means expansion or spreading of his authority along with fame. Abracelet also represents a son, a servant, or a close employee.

If a woman sees herself wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means blessings, favors and joy.

A silver bracelet in a dream means increase in one’s profits. In general men wearing bracelets in a dream means distress, and for women it means ornaments.

If one sees a deceased person wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means that he is in paradise. Wearing a golden bracelet is also interpreted as receiving an inheritance, a marriage, or bearing a child. Silver bracelets in a dream also could be interpreted as piety and observing one’s religious duties. Bracelets in a dream also represent the noble people of a town, money, or beauty.

If the bracelets are made from bones, ivory or cast iron, then they represent the despicable people of that town. Bracelets in a dream also can be interpreted as sorrows, imitations, the coming events of a town, or events it exports.

(Also see Armlet; Bond’)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Jewels represent qualities that we most value in ourselves and others and to see them set in a necklace, bracelet, ring, earring or other item of jewelry suggests attributes we cherish within ourselves and others.

If you are given an item of jewelry in your dream, this shows that you have the support of others, but if you give the jewelry, it suggests that you feel you have something to offer to other people.

If you find jewelry, your success will be due to your own efforts.

If the jewelry has a particular history, such as a family heirloom or the first piece of jewelry given by a partner, then it represents what you feel about family tradition, or your partner. Jewelry can also indicate love that is given or received. Very often it can represent how you feel about yourself, and for it to appear in a dream as something valuable or cheap gives you an indication of your self-esteem.

Items of jewelry

In dreams, items of jewelry represent a special and precious value or quality, such as love, loyalty, inner beauty, friendship or purity. Whether you are single or married, receiving a gift of jewelry in your dream denotes the love and the appreciation of the giver, so the purpose of such a dream may simply be to confirm or fulfill your desire for the love and affection of that person.

For centuries, a ring or band has been the symbol of marriage and partnership, and when a ring appears in your dream, it may represent commitment, fulfillment and completion. It may also signify a need for greater sexual fulfillment or commitment in a relationship.

Another interpretation is that the ring represents your essential self and wholeness, as the circle of a ring is never-ending and self- perpetuating. Bangles and bracelets also suggest wholeness and eternity through their circular shape. A wedding ring suggests a union and a promise, a ring belonging to the family suggests old traditions, whilst an engagement ring suggests a temporary promise of devotion.

An eternity ring would suggest that this promise is more permanent. Quite differently, a signet ring would indicate something that has been, or needs to be, sealed.

Necklaces arose from the wearing of a chain of office and therefore in dreams they suggest a dignity and honor bestowed on the wearer. Seeing someone wearing a necklace suggests a personal breakthrough.

If you lose a necklace, you may have been careless recently, but if you find a necklace, you have much to be grateful for.

If you steal a necklace, you should be careful not to take what isn’t yours.

If you are given a necklace and it breaks, this suggests that there is a weak link in a relationship. Wearing a beautiful necklace is wish-fulfillment, but if the necklace is heavy, you may feel dragged down and restricted in waking life, with heavy responsibilities.

Dreaming of wearing a crown or tiara suggests that you are being congratulated in some way in waking life, or deserve to be.

If the brooch in your dream was one of your own, your personal associations with the brooch, who gave it to you and what it means to you, should be your first consideration.

If it was being admired in your dream, you may be feeling pleased with yourself. Bear in mind a brooch is sometimes called a pin, so is someone trying to pin something on you or to blame you unfairly. Dream earrings may be drawing your attention to your ears. In waking life, are you getting the message from someone? Do you need to keep your ears open during waking hours?


It may also give an indication of how others feel about you.... The Element Encyclopedia


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