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A bubbling stream is symbolic of wisdom, Prov. 18:4... Christian Dream Symbols


Christian Dream Symbols


Vision: Seeing a glass/bottle of champagne means good fortune, even if small and short-lived. Drinking a glass of champagne by yourself: you are getting very little understanding from the people around you; you want more affection and tenderness. Breaking a bottle of champagne: an exciting event is imminent. Drinking champagne in the company of others: new experiences.

The dream might also be a sign that you want exciting sexual encounters.

Depth Psychology: This bubbling drink may either be a symbol of overwhelming sexual needs that you can’t control much longer— or a sign of your rebellion against social norms. In most cases, however, champagne expresses your need for happy companionship. See Alcohol.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Vision: Surprisingly enough, if a man dreams about Coca- Cola, it symbolizes—because of the bubbling froth—the realization of sexual desires. Seeing a man drinking Coca-Cola might mean that it’s time to take a break. See Lemonade.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Vision: Looking at a hole means someone is setting a trap for you. Falling into a hole: you are harming another person, but in the long run it is you who will suffer. Seeing holes in your clothes: it is rime ro start paying your debts. Mending a hole: you are either settling an unpleasant argument or finding the solution to an old disagreement. See Precipice.

Depth Psychology: The hole is usually a warning of danger or that someone is setting a trap for you. It could also be the memory of a past mistake that is bubbling up. Are you seeing the world only through a very small “hole”? Are you falling into a hole? Do you have a “hole in your head”? In a man’s dream, it might indicate a female sex organ and refer to your erotic desires.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Dreams of lava symbolize the melting down of your ego walls. You are dealing with intense passionate feelings that are bubbling up to the surface, and you are allowing suppressed emotions to erupt. See Volcano and Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Your emotions are bubbling up in a controlled expression of joy and ebullience. Water in a dream is always connected to emotions, and a fountain carefully constructs the flow of water in a specific way and does so for the sake of beauty and pleasure.

The larger the fountain, the more emotions are being dealt with. Something in public indicates the need or desire to control your emotional expression as you are out in the world.

A small water fixture that you might find in a home has the same meaning, only on a smaller scale. One that is broken in some way indicates a need to give some attention to how well you are expressing your feelings in a way that can be easily received by others. Be willing to explore whether the control implied by a fountain is in your best interests or a way of avoiding the messiness of some emotional outbreaks.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Early dream oracles linked dreams about volcanoes with passionate but deceitful love. An eighteenth-century almanac claimed that if a woman dreamed of an active volcano, she would be driven by greed to ‘ensnare a husband by wantonly flaunting her charms’. In dream-lore today, volcanoes are generally thought to represent strong emotions, possibly carnal desire, held in check but bubbling away just below the surface to be released in a violent eruption of pent-up fury. In other words, hot passions are aroused, and care should be taken in case they erupt without warning into violent or dangerous behavior.

If you dreamed of visiting or living by a volcano—perhaps a famous one such as Mount Saint Helen’s—and then having to run for your life as it suddenly erupted and spewed molten lava into your path, this dream may be referring to a struggle in waking life to suppress your mounting fury. Your unconscious may have used this dramatic image to warn you that you won’t be able to contain your anger for much longer. What is especially telling about the volcano is its unpredictability; it could erupt at any time.

If the lava is prominent in the dream, feelings will run deep, but if the lava has cooled, there has been a deep passion which has now cooled off.

If the explosiveness is more noticeable than the lava, anger may be more prominent. On the other hand, your dream may have reflected the volatile temper of someone you live or work with in waking life, and your fear of being at the receiving end of their anger. Or is a torrent of fiery emotion about to explode in waking life? If it is, or might be, the experience can be devastating and yet also cathartic. To dream of an extinct volcano can indicate that passions have been killed off or a difficult situation has ended.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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