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To dream you see caterpillars signifies ill-luck and misfortunes from secret enemies.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

An unfortunate omen—trouble from a secret rival or enemy.

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Dreaming Of Caterpillars | Dream Interpretation

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See Worm. Caterpillars only eat what is not complete. They are greedy and fat. On the other hand, a butterfly was once a caterpillar. Therefore, the caterpillar stands at the beginning of transformation. This symbol almost always points to the process of transformation.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


1- The caterpillar appearing in a dream usually indicates that we are undergoing some form of major change. We may be being warned that we must undergo a complete metamorphosis. We must change and grow from what we arc now into a greater potential.

2- To dream of caterpillars would indicate that we need to remain flexible in our attitude to change. Also, because of the caterpillar’s association with creeping things, it may represent evil or difficulty.

3- The spiritual potential, largely unrecognised, which must transmute into something more beautiful.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


No good may be expected by lovers from dreaming of seeing caterpillars.

To kill one is a sign that your affair will be broken off.

To find one on your person predicts a disagreeable experience with someone you regarded as a friend.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


Vision: Seeing a caterpillar: new possibilities will open up—pay attention but be cautious. Watching several caterpillars: some people don’t have your best interests at heart, but be very careful. Things are turning out to be very different from what you expected. Catching or killing a caterpillar: your distrust in anodier person is justified—as you will soon find out.

Depth Psychology: You—or people around you—have hidden talents that will emerge later.

The caterpillar can also point to physical cravings, because it is “blind to the intellectual and spiritual dimension.”... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Psychological / emotional perspective: To dream of caterpillars would indicate that we need to remain flexible in our attitude to change. Also, because of the caterpillar’s association with creeping things, it may represent evil or difficulty.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Caterpillars are the emblem of what has been corrupted. To dream of them is usually quite unpleasant and distressing. However, as you know, caterpillars turn into butterflies. This reminds us not to beat ourselves up because of our shortcomings. Not surprisingly, all creatures, including people, can eventually change and become beautiful and wonderful beings. (See WORM, BUTTERFLY, and METAMORPHOSIS)... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Jung defines it as a negative figure. Its underground character and creeping locomotion have not given it a really “good reputation.” Worms, therefore, symbolize what has been corrupted.

Dreaming of them is often quite unpleasant. It should be added, however, that worms are also good for the garden and its fertility because they aerate the soil and eat up many unfavorable insects. In addition, as it is known, even the most horrifying caterpillars can become butterflies. As a result, this image advises you to not be depressed because of your defects; deep inside every creature, there is a huge potential for transformation. (See BUTTERFLY, METAMORPHOSIS, and CATERPILLAR)

In traditional books on dreams, worms predict infectious diseases. And if you dream that you wipe them out, the harbinger says you will receive money.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Butterflies sometimes carry the same range of meanings as birds. However, because of the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies, butterflies are potent symbols of transformation. They also represent beauty and pollination.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Often this represents male sexuality, or sexual intercourse, but it can also suggest untrustworthy acquaintances.

If moving to chrysalis stage, this suggests you may be moving towards making very profound life changes.

If already a chrysalis, a new aspect of yourself is forming and is ready to emerge.

Caterpillars may also indicate a desire to withdraw from social activity.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


“If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.”
René Magritte

If you have ever wondered why dreams often appear so difficult to make sense of, it is because the information they contain is presented in a different language; the language of symbols: of people alive or dead, known and unknown, animals both domestic and wild, landscapes and buildings familiar and strange, or any number of symbolic objects such as shapes, colors, signs, numbers, jewelry, food, clothing and so on.

These images are your own thoughts, feelings and ideas turned into a series of pictures like ordinary scenes in your daily life. For example, if you feel overwhelmed you may have a dream you are swimming but finding it hard to keep your head above water. If you feel confused you may have a dream when you are wondering about lost in a dark forest. The number of symbols and images that your mind can translate into dream pictures is practically endless.

Words just can’t convey the countless powerful feelings that symbols do. These symbols are often chosen from something that has caught our attention in waking life, triggering a memory, conflict or concern that resonates both in the present and in the past.

One tried-and-tested way to uncover the meaning of your dream images is by direct association. You simply go with the first thing that pops into your head when a trigger image from your dream is given. If you don’t immediately get an associative thought, try working through all your feelings about that image. For example, if you saw a caterpillar in a dream. Do you like caterpillars or do you find them a bit creepy? Try to discover what the image means to you right now, for the meanings of your symbols will change over time.

The more you work with your dreams, the more familiar you will become with your personal images. You’ll probably find that you dream the most about the things that you are familiar with every day: your family, your colleagues, your friends and your pet. Each time you dream about these familiar things they will have personal significance to you alone.

The great majority of dreams are not to be taken literally and you need to do a bit of detective work to get to the real message. Just because you dream that a friend is dying does not mean that he or she will die, but rather that they are going through a period of enormous change. In fact, interpreting dreams literally can be harmful. As pointed out earlier, you have your own set of unique dream images and symbols. If you love dogs, what a dog means to you and what a dog means to someone who can’t stand dogs will be very different. Always bear in mind that your dream symbols and images are unique to you.

Although the images and symbols in your dreams do need to be interpreted, their purpose isn’t to mystify you. They are simply trying to get their message across in the best way that they can. If you do find yourself getting tense, confused or frustrated when trying to interpret a dream, let it go. Dream interpretation is best approached with an open mind and in a relaxed state.

You don’t need to interpret every single dream you have. In the same way that some movies are more compelling and thoughtprovoking than others, some dreams, like those when you do fantastic things like flying into space or surfing in Hawaii, are simply to be enjoyed. You don’t always have to dig deep for meaning. It’s good to be aware that a dream might contain a message of importance, but don’t get obsessed with finding meanings for every single detail —just interpret what you can. Dreams, like life, are full of big and little stuff. Don’t sweat the ‘small stuff’.... Dreampedia



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