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Knowledge of a joyful event

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See party

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To dream of a celebration symbolizes your quest for excellence and perfection. This dream may also be a way of giving yourself praise for reaching your objectives and for accomplishing difficult tasks. Perhaps you have performed a remarkable feat or you have helped someone out in a generous way. It can also represent liberation from a restricting issue or situation. These dreams are often an indication of a significant change or transformation in some aspect of your life.

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To dream of a celebration suggests that you are growing emotionally. This dream may also be a self-congratulatory one for the goals you have achieved and for the recognition you have gained. You may be honoring some victory, success, or accomplishment. Celebration dreams are also common for those who anticipate some upcoming turning-points or major events in their waking lives.

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Dreams of a celebration symbolize that you have successfully achieved a level of growth, learning and/or accomplishment. This is your subconscious saying congratulations for your progress and for the lessons you have learned and earned. Keep in mind that when you celebrate your victories, big and small, your subconscious becomes more supportive of your continued growth. Pay particular attention to what the celebration is honoring. See Party.

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(See Feast of Breaking the Fast; Feast of Immolation)... Islamic Dream Interpretation



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Dreams about birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and any other rite of passage ceremony all contain symbolism associated with change. Notice how you felt in the dream. How did other characters react to the change event? Was there a sense of happiness or sadness in the air? Did obstacles prevent the ceremony from running smoothly?... The Element Encyclopedia



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Dream celebrations tend to reflect feelings of satisfaction you may have about yourself in waking life.

If images of Christmas, Easter, New Year or Thanksgiving appear in your dream, your dreaming mind may be prompting you to pay more attention to your spiritual beliefs.

If Christmas is disappointing or forgotten in your dreams, perhaps you need to lower your expectations in waking life.

If you were taking part in a carnival or procession in your dream, who or what was in the procession or carnival? Were you getting involved in the action or missing out on what your waking life has to offer? If your dream festival was celebrating someone or something, who or what was being celebrated may hold the key to the interpretation.

If you dream of a village fete, it is well to recall that these events often involve some rivalry and competition; perhaps this is significant to your interpretation. To dream of any occasion for rejoicing, such as a graduation, birthday party, promotion or investiture is a positive sign of an upbeat mood.

If you are not joining in with the fun, consider whether you need to brighten up your outlook on life. In general, dream celebrations present us with images of what life could be like if you got that promotion, passed that examination or got the partner of your dreams. They are good examples of wish-fulfillment in dreams. Chilled champagne, finger food, pi├▒atas and brightly colored decorations are all symbols of celebration that may emphasize an elated waking mood in dreamland.

real or imagined family arguments, disagreements, tensions and grudges to highlight and bring to your attention those unresolved tensions associated with your family life that are still holding you back in your waking life; for example, sibling rivalry or lack of respect for authority or the parent figure. Alternatively if your family life is healthy and happy, and you still have dreams in which family arguments occur, your dreaming mind may conjure up such images to highlight possible feelings of insecurity; perhaps you feel that you are failing to live up to the standards and expectations of your relatives.... The Element Encyclopedia


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