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Kundalini power (life force or creative energy) is rising up through the energy centers or chakras. Awakening to inner power. See Snake.

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See Snake(s).

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Dreams of a cobra symbolize your sacred sexuality and Kundalini energy. Be cautious of being seduced into situation that aren’t healthy for you. You are dealing with temptation, being charmed and mesmerized, and perhaps giving your power away. You are learning to keep your circle of power even when you are extremely attracted to someone. See Kundalini and Snake.

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All snakes relate to change and transformation due to their ability to shed their skins.

The cobra is a particularly venomous snake that is most remarkable for its ability to expand the hood that is just below its head. This neck-like placement connects it to the throat chakra, and when a cobra is present in a dream, issues of communication are being highlighted.

(See Snake.) 

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A wicked person or demon, Ps. 58:4

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Symbolic of a demon, Deut. 32:33 ... Christian Dream Symbols


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