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If you dream of an argument or rivalry with one of your parents, it suggests that you may be questioning yourself in some way. When a child is born it moves from self-involvement to an exclusive relationship with the mother and father; later on the child has a need for a third relationship with another person outside the family, and often this third relationship can cause the child to question their own validity as a person. Dream images of conflicts with parents therefore suggest that this issue still needs to be resolved so that successful relationships can be established outside the home.

If you dream of someone you know outside the family arguing or in conflict with a member of your family, this may suggest that you have not yet learned to establish what your needs are. Learning to love outside the family is a sign of independence and maturity. The figure of a family member disrupting or preventing intimacy with a friend or loved one in your dream suggests that family loyalties are getting in the way of your development and fulfillment in everyday life.

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When two opposing forces meet, particularly in the spiritual sense, this is pictured in dreams as conflict.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Conflict suggests that two aspects of our personality are having difficulty in reconciling their needs and requirements. Conflict arises when the conscious self needs to make a choice between their differing needs.

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Material aspects: The dream image of conflict arises when we are at odds with others in our everyday life. Sometimes a resolution can be reached in dreams which points the way to managing the external conflict.

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Gives gender - specific: It is supposed that men are more logical in their thought processes and women more intuitive. However, when a woman dreams of a strategic response to a conflict she is accessing her more logical side. Conversely, when a man follows his own instincts he will be seeking an intuitive answer.

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Dreams about change are common because the experience of change is an inescapable fact of life and whether the change is minor, such as a new hairstyle, or major, such as getting married, all change involves both loss and gain.

Dreams about conflict are also very widespread. This is because, in the same way as with change, we all experience conflict to some degree in our daily lives. We do not, as a result, spend all our lives feeling hostile, but every one of us experiences varying degrees of tension and anxiety.

Understanding conflicts and changes can help us manage them better, and many dream researchers believe that dreams are an invaluable tool for self- understanding. For example, Freud believed that dreams reflect hidden conflicting aspects of our personality, whilst Jung believed that the process of adapting to change or conflict was vital for survival and dreams offered an insight into that process. Adler believed dreams could solve problems, and theorists from the Gestalt school believe dreams increase self-understanding.

Dreams about change and conflict should therefore be listened to closely. They are a way of processing the thoughts and feelings surrounding that change and / or conflict and by so doing they can lead us towards psychological healing and personal growth. See also STAGES OF LIFE.... The Element Encyclopedia


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