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If you were doing the darning in your dream, you can expect the healing of a breach which has distressed you; if the darning was observed on a garment or someone else was doing it, you are being warned against idle gossip lest you alienate someone whose respect you value.

See also Mend.

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(Invisible stitches; Mend; Patch; Regret) To mend a garment with interlacing stitches in a dream means correcting oneself, piety, godliness, appropriateness, good reputation, being free from illness, arming oneself, or it could mean rain. Ifone sees his wife’s robe ripped and tends to mend it for her in a dream, it means that he will insult his wife, then apologize to her or regret his action.

If one sees himself darning his own shirt in a dream, it means that he will have an argument with a relative or befriend a person of evil character. Darning one’s clothes in a dream also represents the roar of arguments or disputes. In some circles, it is also interpreted to mean repentance from one’s sins, regretting wrongdoing, although one will fail to apologize or adequately compensate the other person for offending him.

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To make amends

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Mending socks or other hosiery is a prediction of making a new and valuable friend.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


To dream you are Darning denotes the introduction of a new and kindly friend.

To see it is a warning against gossip.... Mystic Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book


(Patching) Darning an old garment in a dream represents hypocrisy, fawning, adulation, impertinence, or it could mean to manage by, or to suffer from a lasting poverty.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Noor means hidayat (guidance) while darkness means deviation and misleading others.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

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