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If throwing darts suggests pointed, harmful thoughts and words; stinging remarks. Also, aiming for a target or goal.

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Dreams of a dart symbolize that you are attempting to make your mark on this world, to hit the bull’s eye, and get it right.

If you are throwing darts at someone, then this represents resentment, blame, or jealousy.

If someone is throwing darts at you, then this reflects unresolved shame or guilt. Remember that which you put out comes back to you ten times. See Karma and Arrow.

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As with any penetrative weapon, a dart is seen as strength, control and capability. In a spiritual sense it also suggests focus.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Since it requires expertise and practice to throw darts successfully, in dreams playing darts also suggests discipline and concentration.

It is thought that the game arose in the middle ages when bored soldiers took to hurling arrows at the upturned covers of wine barrels, perhaps seeing who could come closest to the cork bung.

The shortened form of arrow became the dart, and a slice of tree trunk the target.

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Material aspects: Darts can symbolize harsh words deliberately intended to hurt or a way of bringing something to our notice which needs understanding.

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Gives gender - specific: In a woman’s dream a dart may be seen as a direct approach from the masculine or perhaps her own attitude to achievement. In a man’s dream it is more likely to be seen as a recreational pastime, or his ability to get straight to the point.

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See “arrow”

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A dart may be a sexual symbol, representing the penis or sexual penetration.

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“The dark force is with you” may be the message of Darth Vader’s guest appearance in a dream as a shadow character. He may also come to comment on the mythological pattern of feeling betrayed by one’s father.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


1. Use caution; avoid barbed and hurtful criticism.

2. Argu­ments or attitudes are on “target.” 3.

A feeling someone harbors hostility. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


(game) symbolic of being on target or aiming at something particular ... Christian Dream Symbols


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To dream that you (or someone else) are throwing darts in your dream, refers to some hurtful remarks that you or someone else have said. But if you dreamed of throwing a bulleye, the dream symbolizes your goals and your “go-getter” attitude.... My Dream Interpretation


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