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To dream of David, of Bible fame, denotes divisions in domestic circles, and unsettled affairs, will tax heavily your nerve force.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


(Prophet David, upon whom be peace.) Ifone sees him in a dream, it means that he will gain power, authority, commit a sin, become an ascetic, be tried and oppressed by an unjust person, then he will be saved by God’s leave and regain the upper hand over his enemy. He will also receive an exalted office or rank of honor.

It is also said, that if one sees the prophet David (uwbp) in a dream, that his country or town will be governed by ajust ruler, an honorable president or a righteous judge.

If in fact the ruler or the judge of that town, county or country is an unjust person, then seeing God’s prophet David (uwbp) in a dream means that God Almighty will surely replace him with ajust and an honorable one.

If one becomes God’s prophet David (uwbp), or ifhe wears his robe in the dream it means that he will be appointed as a judge, if he qualifies.

If he does not qualify, it means that he will prosper, or that he will grow in piety and become righteous through much devotion, piety, sadness and crying in fear of his Lord and love for Him. Seeing the prophet David (uwbp) in a dream also means deputyship, trials with women, trouble caused by women, or it could mean recitation of the Qur’an or being in a state of constant remembrance of God Almighty, prayers, supererogatory prayers at night, understandingthe meaning of what one reads, repentance from sin, chanting songs of God’s love, returning to God’s path after heedlessness, manufacturing and processing minerals, or it could represent God’s acceptance of one’s repentance. Should one be in such a manufacturing or processing business, it means that great wealth will come to him, or that his adversities will be oflittle importance. Seeingthe prophet David (uwbp) in a dream also means reaching a successful conclusion to one’s life in this world.

If an unjust man of knowledge sees him frowning at him or warning him, then one must be at his guard, fear any wrongdoing and correct himself.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Spiritual love... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


In a dream, the Psalms of God’s prophet David (uwbp) represent wailing, lamentation, crying, repentance, fear of wrongdoing, devotion, harmony between people, unity, good luck, flute music and percussions, learning about strange news, or earning one’s livelihood from reciting poems, or from delivering sermons.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


1. An ideal to be reached.

2. A renewed sense of spir­ituality.

3. Respect and regard for the jewish faith. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary

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