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the best days of what is seen [in dreams] is on Friday, next is Monday, and Thursday. And whenever a person dreams on a clear and bright day then it is better in its truthfulness [the dream], and perfect depending on his light and illumination.

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Each holiday has a unique ambience that depends on your family’s culture and religion. Consequently, any holiday celebration that appears in your dream must be considered with that background in mind.

For example, Christians celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Christ, and might therefore interpret this holiday in a dream as significant to personal restoration.

To a modern pagan, however, this date honors the spring, fertility, and earth’s renewal, the implied symbolism being productivity, hope, or healthful rejuvenation.

Consider the name of the holiday in a metaphorical context.

For example, dreaming of April Fool’s might reflect feelings of foolishness that stem from ill-considered actions, words, or pranks.

The need to honor and remember one’s family traditions.

A memory from previous holidays that somehow reflects, or affects, current situations.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Dreaming of a fabulous holiday somewhere can sometimes be a pure wish fulfilment dream illustrating your deep desire to escape the daily routine and your responsibilities.

• Holidays are a period of respite, a time to relax and escape. But holidays eventually come to an end suggesting a time of change when this dream occurs.

• If you’re travelling towards a holiday destination it suggests a desire to escape your daily chores and get the adventurous spirit back in your life.

A desert island paradise suggests a need for time alone to reflect and recharge your batteries.... The Premier in Dream Dictionary


The Premier in Dream Dictionary


If your dream calendar or diary highlighted an important day, anniversary, birthday or holiday, your dreaming mind may simply be reflecting your anticipation or your dread of the occasion. Your mood in the dream will help you decide on the significance of the message.

If the date of your birthday is highlighted your dreaming mind may be reminding you again that your days are numbered.

Alternatively it could be reflecting your desire to be noticed or made to feel special or your discomfort with being in the spotlight.

If an anniversary is highlighted in your dream and your mood is positive, your unconscious may have been congratulating you on your past successes or reflecting pride and pleasure at having achieved a personal milestone.

If the mood is negative, the opposite would apply. Special days like New Year, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or bank holidays can communicate several meanings and it is important to take your waking associations with that day into account.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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