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Deduction | Dream Interpretation

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Your dream includes some sort of communication, perhaps something you anticipate hearing about. Our relationship to postal mail has changed greatly since the advent of e-mail.

It is now considered so slow that it is routinely referred to as “snail mail.” While our current perceptions of mail have changed, the essence of this symbol connects to the origins of mail and its impact on the world. Communication between two parties is symbolic of intellect and the inner process of deduction and decision-making.

The slow speed and back-and- forth nature of mail add the texture of anticipation. Putting a thought in writing connects to the permanence of a thought expressed. Mail in a dream could connect to communication that is slower than desired. Junk mail is akin to anxiety and the background chatter in the mind, where information like an important letter can get lost in a pile of unwanted catalogs.

A dream could connect to the need to ferret through the unimportant to find clarity. Since the majority of mail comprises bills to be paid, this might symbolize being put on notice for the price you will have to pay for some choice in life.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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