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See Craving.

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(Dog; Lust; Passion; Wantonness) To feel a yearning or desire to see one’s homeland in a dream means a divorce between a husband and wife or separation between friends, or it could mean that one will become rich after being poor, though in general, desire in a dream connotes evil if accompanied with crying or lamentation. Satisfying one’s desire with no restraint in a dream mostly denotes the actions of the dwellers of hell-fire.

(Also see Dog; Dryness)

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One’s true desires are uninhibited in a dream

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One sought after... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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If a person dreams that his mission is accomplished and his heart’s desires are fulfilled in the world it means his condition will change completely and he will sustain much loss for Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’aan: Until in the midst of their enjoyment of our gifts, we called them to account suddenly, when lo, they were plunged in despair.

Likewise, a poet has said; When the mission is accomplished loss becomes a apparent; wait for fall and decline as soon as it is said finished!... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Desires that are forbidden in waking life can be repressed by our unconscious, and when this happens, a conflict ensues between the conscious mind and the unconscious drives that are striving for expression. According to Freud and other dream analysts, we can use our dreams to safely explore this conflict and allow forbidden desires a mode of expression. For example, you may have a dream in which your sister falls ill if you have had an argument with her in waking life; if you are attracted to someone who is married, you may have a dream about having an affair with them.

Dreams can also express the conflict between what you ought to do and what you want to do so; for example, you may have a dream where you tell your boss exactly what you think of them. Other conflicts can center on thinking versus feeling, or rationalization versus intuition, and your dreams can be used to develop and resolve this conflict (see ARCHETYPES). For example, if you are a scientist you may have a dream that you fall passionately in love with a stranger. Your unconscious is urging you to develop the intuitive, impulsive, unexplored and underdeveloped aspect of your nature.... The Element Encyclopedia


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