The meaning of Detention in dream | Dream interpretation

1. Feelings of guilt or shame, likely from an adolescent activity.

2. Feelings of personal loss, loss of identity, dignity.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream that you are in after-school detention, signifies guilt or shame about your actions. You need to learn to forgive yourself. Are you punishing yourself for something?

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Detention | Dream Interpretation

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Dreams in which you are a prisoner refer to a limitation of your energy and creativity. They are also related to changes that take place outside, changes you cannot enjoy from your jail. In any case, you must reflect on the causes of this detention. (See JAIL and CAGE) ... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Your dreaming mind may from time to time inflict punishment on you for thoughts and actions of which your waking self disapproves. In most cases, the dream symbols will be disproportionate to the ‘crime’. For example, if you have spoken thoughtlessly about a friend, you may find yourself being executed as you have murdered your friend’s good name. Your dreams may also reflect your belief that someone else deserves to be punished and the criminal being caught in your dream may be some one else, not you.

An angry mob can suggest aspects of your own personality, as well as public opinion.

If you dream of being lynched, ask yourself whether you have been behaving appropriately in waking life. Whatever the instrument of punishment or torture in your dreams, be it the gallows, cane, guillotine, gibbet or birch, you need to identify who is being punished and why they are being punished. Bear in mind, too, that the inflicting of punishment, especially if it is a beating, may reflect a tendency towards masochism. Those dream interpreters that draw on Jung’s theory that nightmares are concerned with the shadow consider scary dreams to be a form of self-punishment for the cravings and desires you suppress during the day.

If you dream that you are back at school and forced to stay after a lesson in detention because you have not worked or listened properly, this may suggest that you are not absorbing information or paying significant attention to something important in your waking life. The ultimate image of punishment in dreams is hell, so if you dream of being condemned to hell, suffering eternal torment or are damned forever, this may be a reference to a mistake you have made in waking life, or something you have said or done and the force with which you are rebuking or warning yourself.... The Element Encyclopedia


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