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Dreams of a devotee reflect power issues, and that you may have abdicated your power and personal responsibility to a person or organization, and you are experiencing harmful consequences. However, if you are feeling devoted to a relationship or a higher calling, then this dream is reflecting and affirming your purpose for being alive. See Love.

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One who lives in solitude, i.E.

A religious devotee... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


(Fish; Jonah; Sea life) In a dream, a whale represents an oath, the temple of righteous people and the prayer mat of the devotees. Seeing a whale in a dream also means strains, depression, loss of rank, or a growing anger. Seeing the whale which swallowed God’s prophet Jonah (uwbp) in a dream means dispelling one’s fears, prosperity for a poor person and the coming relief for someone in distress. In a dream, a whale also represents the chief minister of sea life, while the ocean represents the king or the ruler.

(Also see Fish)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Example: I see a little girl humming an innocent tune, plucking daisies in a vast lush green field. Suddenly a huge machine or monster comes ploughing through the field over the girl’ (Debbie H). Debbie sees life itself as a machine, unfeeling, mechanical, blind in its functioning.

The word jug­gernaut is from Sanskrit Jaganatha, lord of the world. Devotees formerly threw themselves under a huge can as it moved.

Generally, a machine represents the body’s automatic func­tions and drives, such as breathing and ageing; the mechani­cal forces of nature; habitual or mechanical behaviour. Intri­cate machine: brain or the thinking process in its mechanical habitual form, the habitual, almost mechanical fantasies we have or things we do.

Example: I am in charge of a life machine which keeps the world going. Unless I tend it all the time it may stop, and I am terrified. I hear a pulsating noise, or imagine I do’ (Mr P E). Here the machine represents the heart, and the dreamer’s anxious relationship with the body’s functioning and pro­cesses. Idioms: cog in the machine. See engine. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences



The student archetype suggests an open mind and the ability to absorb new information as an essential part of one’s well-being. The shadow student usually manifests in learning all the tools of the wrong trade or misusing the knowledge learned. The shadow can also show up as the eternal student who never embarks on the sea of life in earnest, but manages to find ever new reasons to continue being schooled without ever putting that knowledge to the test. See also SCHOOL AND WORK.... The Element Encyclopedia


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