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To dream about something dissolving suggests that you are releasing negative emotions that you have been feeling. You are relaxing and coming to terms with things.

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To dream of forming a partnership with a man, denotes uncertain and fluctuating money affairs.

If your partner be a woman, you will engage in some enterprise which you will endeavor to keep hidden from friends.

To dissolve an unpleasant partnership, denotes that things will arrange themselves agreeable to your desires; but if the partnership was pleasant, there will be disquieting news and disagreeable turns in your affairs. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


If a person sees his hand being amputated, it suggest that either his brother or his friend will die; or his partner will dissolve his partnership with the observer.

The above will only be true if the observer did not pick up the amputated limb. But if he did, it suggest that a brother or child will be born or he will befriend someone.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


A ceiling in a dream represents a well respected person.

If it is made of wood, then it represents a fallacious and a deceptive person.

If the ceiling looks as if it were going to cave over one’s head in a dream, it means being afraid of someone in authority.

If consequently some dirt falls over his shirt from the ceiling in the dream, it means that he will receive money in compensation for his pain and sufferings.

If the central pillar that holds the ceiling cracks and falls in the dream, it means the death of the man of that house.

If the ceiling collapses in the dream, it means the death of the man of that house. Ifone hides under a roofin a dream, it means that he will enter his house and rob his family’s belongings. Ifwater is leaking from one’s ceiling in a dream, it means crying in that house for the sake of a departed soul or crying because of a sick person in that family.

If rain dissolves the ceiling in a dream, it means loss of money and falling-out from grace.

If one sees himself standing on the ceiling of his house and cannot come down in the dream, it means his imprisonment. In a dream, the central beam that carries the ceiling represents a hypocrite who supports the business of an alliance of profiteers. Should the central beam break down and fall in the dream, it means that such a person will be removed from his office.

If the ceiling falls over someone’s head in a dream, it means that punishment and sufferings will befall him too. Ifone sees the stars under the roofof his house in a dream, it means that his ceiling may actually cave-in.

(Also see Cave-in)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Greeting someone in a dream means receiving benefits from him. Ifone greets an opponent in a dream, then it represents evil or war between them.

If one sees an unknown old man greeting him in a dream, it means safety from the divine chastisement for one’s sins. Ifthe old man is known to him, then it means prosperity.

If one is a farmer, it means that he will buy seedlings of fruit trees for his farm.

If the greetings are given by an unknown young person in the dream, it means that one will escape from the blow of his enemy. Ifone is seeking marriage, then the greetings mean a positive reply. Otherwise, if one greets someone he does not know in a dream, and if the other person does not reply, it means that his request for marriage will be denied.

If two merchants greet one another in a dream, it means that their business will succeed, and if the second merchant does not reply to the greetings in the dream, it means that their partnership will dissolve.

If one’s enemy greets him and brings a gift to him in a dream, it means that he is seeking reconciliation and is willing to pay damages for a settlement. Ifone is greeted with an unknown expression and to which he replies with a common greeting in the dream, it means that he will be saved from a fatal accident, though he will be rewarded for his reply. However, if he does not accept it, or reply to it in the dream, it means the opposite. Ifone sees himself shaking hands with someone, then embracing him in a dream, it means that he will receive glad tidings, good news, hear good words to which his reply will be the same, or it could mean a knowledge he will teach to others. Ifone sees himself shaking hands and embracing his enemy in a dream, it means that their disagreement will cease. Ifone sees the angels greeting him in a dream, it means that his insight will grow. Greetings in a dream represent submissiveness, surrender, or the need for a reply concerning an interest one has with the other party.

If one commences talking to someone before greeting him in a dream, it means innovation, and the same interpretation is given if he does not reply to a greeting, or ifhe replies with a gesture. Paying the regards of peace at the end of one’s prayers in a dream means pursuing one’s path, following the proper traditions, completing one’s job, resignation from one’s job, appointment, dismissal, travels and profits. Ifone ends his prayers beginning his greetings from the left, then proceeding to the right in a dream, it means that he pursues the road of evildoing and innovation. Ifone ends his prayers without the traditional greetings in a dream, it means that he is more interested in collecting his profit, than in protecting his capital investment.

(Also see Prayerst)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Affiliation; Alliance; Business association) In a dream, business partnership means happiness, or it could mean exaggeration in one’s devotion toward God Almighty, or it could mean going to extremes to attain business success and prosperity in the world.

If a poor person sees himself involved in a business partnership with a rich person in a dream, it means that he will become wealthy.

If he is hoping for an inheritance, then seeing this dream means that it will come through, and that he will find a business partner. Ifone sees himself in a business partnership with a known person in a dream, it means that they deal justly and equitably with one another.

If one’s partner in the dream is an unknown old person, then he represents his grandfather and such a year will be a prosperous business year for him.

If one’s partner in the dream is a young man, then he represents an enemy, or it could mean that his opponent will be fair in dealing with him, though the person in the dream will remain suspicious but cannot legally dissolve his partnership. Partnership in a dream also means sincerity, loyalty, truthfulness and fulfilling one’s agreement. Partridge; (Francolin; Genus; Mountain quail; Woman) In a dream, a partridge represents a beautiful but a non-amicable woman. Catching a partridge in a dream means marrying such a woman. Catching many partridges in a dream means prosperity.

A flock of partridges in a dream represents women.

A partridge in a dream also represents smiling people. Eating the flesh of a partridge in a dream means buying new clothing, or storing food for one’s family.

If a married person sees himselfcatching a male partridge in a dream, it means that he will beget a blessed son.

If a pregnant woman catches a partridge in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a daughter. Slaughtering a partridge in a dream means committing adultery. Driving or pushing a partridge in a dream means rebuking a woman. Owning a partridge in a dream means marrying an Asiatic or a Persian woman, or meeting with a wealthy woman, or marrying a woman who will betray him and bring no benefits to him.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Something has come to an end, has been completely dissolved. Ashes often signify weakness, the loss of vitality, and act as a reminder to enjoy life and have fun. Symbol of the Phoenix, the Bird, who, after total self-condemnation, sets himself on Fire, only to be born again by rising from the ashes. In that sense, the ashes are a sign of rebirth, transformation and, in the last analysis, of Birth, and Death.

One feels burned out, with no interests (depression, as in Abyss and Murder). Insults, disappointments, Illness, and the Death of a loved one can create such dreams. Guilt, blame, and atonement for transgressions (Ash Wednesday, the mark on the forehead). Glowing ashes point to self-reflection and purification.

According to C. G. Jung, ashes were in the olden days seen as protection from demons, particularly against the ghosts of death. In addition, ashes are the product of cremation.

The physical shell must be completely destroyed before the soul can become free.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Frequent dreams of young girls. Fear of sexuality. At issue is the emotional connection to her sexual partner (as in the fairy tale “The Frog Prince”). Because the shadow—something she is most repulsed by—is dissolved, she is changed. This is partly to be seen as a challenge to overcome our disgust and then to watch what happens. Conquering this feeling usually leads to a sense of self-liberation, particularly in the area of sexuality.

Men seldom experience this dream. Men usually dream of toads.

If a man dreams of a frog, it usually indicates cowardice.

Folklore: Business success.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Security that originates from a particular place in the world that you have either searched for or found. This image is often related to Parents, and is similar to Parents’ House. However, with increasing maturity, one usually dissolves the link to homeland and parents. Longing for quietness and a feeling of belonging.

Folklore: Prosperity.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


If such symbols appear frequently in your dreams, like a street full of water puddles, for instance, or a sky filled with birds of the same kind, it is thought to be a sign of extreme distractions and psychological splitting.

If such dreams are common, it would be a good idea to see a psychologist.

Multiplicity is the essential characteristic of all life events that register in the unconscious—the deeper in the unconscious, the more pronounced the multiplicity.

It is connected to the sympathetic nervous system, where whatever is happening is telegraphed to every cell in the body. Multiplicity has a destructive connotation, because it dissolves the unity of consciousness, occurring often where there is a conflict between the ego, the many different Ts, and influences in the environment. This dream may also point to conflicts and prejudices that are a hindrance.

According to the theorist Gurdjieff, the person who is not free always depends on many egos, and they make themselves known through such dreams. Other people suggest that the many egos of a person are what bring out his or her creative potential.

This dream often occurs during illnesses that are part physical and part psychological—delirium tremens, for example, where hallucinations involving many Mice are not uncommon.

However, multiplicity might also point to an early stage of a new awareness.

According to Freud, the frequency, or the accumulation, of symbols or facts in a dream indicates that they are real and will also appear during waking hours.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Sexual danger, death, and rebirth. When it comes in dreams, the scorpion represents a powerful positive symbol for the transformation of vitality.

It is related to the symbol of the Phoenix.

Even so, the scorpion, is considered a negative symbol. Dreaming about a scorpion almost always suggests that something old that has caused great suffering is being dissolved in order to make room for something new.

The body of the scorpion is very delicate. At the end of its body is a poisonous sting that is used not only for sudden attack, but also to kill itself. This dream image always refers to life with all its tensions, sufferings, death, and liberation. Here is the question of whether or not you are willing to let go and open yourself up to something new.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Depth Psychology: Dreaming about acid might be the sign of a fear so intense that it threatens to “dissolve” you. It could also mean that you are too distrustful or contemptuous of others, which, if you don’t change soon, could “dissolve” your relationships.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Vision: Seeing a balloon: good ideas are forthcoming, maybe even a discovery. You might also have a love affair now—but beware—things will soon dissolve into thin air.

If you are taking a ride in a balloon: you have lost the ground under your feet—lost sight of your goals. Watching a hot air balloon explode: somebody is really angry with you—and you have given that person every reason to be angry! See Air, Bali, Helium Balloon.

Depth Psychology: If a balloon is floating in the air: you are daydreaming and will be disappointed; if a balloon is bursting: hopes and dreams will fail.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


To dream that you are apologizing to someone represents the different relationships that have influenced you throughout your life. It also symbolizes honesty and absolution. You should dissolve feelings of resentment towards others.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dreams of an internet firewall represent boundaries to protect people and information that is valuable to you. You are feeling on the defensive, afraid of being harmed or corrupted by a negative influence or virus.

A ring of fire in sacred ceremony creates a safe space that deflects and dissolves any unwelcome energy.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Dreams of thawing something that has been frozen signify a desire to break the ice in your relationship or with a colleague at work. You may be warming up emotionally, mentally and sexually, allowing your fears to melt, and your ego walls to dissolve.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


(1) An abyss may symbolize impending danger, real or imagined. In either case the important thing is that the dream is expressing vour anxiety. Look for anything in your present life situation - at home or at work - that may have triggered off anxiety. Otherwise, and especially if this sort of dream is recurring, look inside yourself for the causes of your anxiety.

(2) A dark abyss may symbolize the unconscious. The unconscious appears to be bottomless, since no matter how deeply you delve into it there is always more depth to explore. Note the emotional ‘feel’ of the abyss in the dream. Are you entering it, or just standing fearfully on the brink? The unconscious may well be frightening because you are unfamiliar with it or because you have buried there some morally unacceptable or intolerably painful experience. However, the only way forward is to uncover those buried parts of yourself, face them, give them a proper hearing and, finally, allow them a proper place in your everyday conscious life.

(3) The dark abyss may signify death. This may be physical death or some form of psychic death. There are times when the present ego has to be dissolved to make way for the next phase in the unfolding of a fuller, more positive self.

If you are convinced that the message of your dream has to do with physical death (and you should allow yourself to lx* thus convinced only after you have seriously and thoroughly considered possible metaphorical interpretations of‘death’), do not rush to the conclusion that the dream is foretelling imminent death. Perhaps your dream is reminding you of the fact of death in order to give you a new perspective on vour life - which could be liberating. See also Dead / Death.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) In a woman’s dream the animus may appear as a bull (for animus)-(6)).

(2) The bull may refer to your masculinity (whether you are a man or a woman).

If you are a woman, it may refer to the opposite sex - perhaps expressing your (unconscious) feelings about men in general or a particular man.

(3) Animality’ may be symbolized. A man may experience his own sexuality as something bestial, getting in the way of his ‘higher5 pursuits; an object of disgust or fear.

Similarly, a woman may, consciously or unconsciously, see male sexuality as nasty and brutish; the same may apply to other aspects of masculinity - for example, the fighting, competitive aspect.

If a woman dreams of being chased by a bull, the meaning may be that she is afraid of sexual relations with men. The bull may represent the woman’s father - in which case she may need to dissolve her father fixation. In any case, the woman would need to assert her femininity, not repress it: her own confident femininity has power to tame wild male lust and transform it into tender sensual adoration.

(4) The taming or tethering of a bull may signify the harmonious integration of your animality, especially your sexuality, or the whole of the hidden, unconscious part of your psyche. See also section (8) below.

(5) The sacrifice of a bull may signify a victory (achieved or needed) of spirituality over animality. Sacrifice is the relinquishing or transforming of something in order to attain something more desirable. But the mere killing of a bull might signify the repression of emotion or instinct, or of your masculinity.

(6) Is it the proverbial bull in a china shop: the accident-prone blunderer, the person who never seems to have any luck and for whom everything goes wrong?

If so, the image may be seen as a warning that you need to change your self-image - which may entail changing your job or even your domestic situation.

It is no good thinking of making a living as a concert pianist if you have fingers missing. Take an honest look at yourself and build your career and your life on your strong points, not your weak ones. Give up your fantasies and take a good look at reality. Pay special attention to your dreams: they may now begin to reveal to

you your real strengths - buried talents, perhaps, that need to be dug up from your unconscious. (On persona)

Resist putting the blame for your ‘bad luck’ on someone or something else. Perhaps what we call ‘bad luck’ is actually brought about, not by chance, but by our innermost attitude towards life, which in turn is generated by a negative attitude towards ourselves.

(7) The bull may symbolize fertility (as in mythology). Your unconscious has the power to bring about new life if you allow it to penetrate your conscious mind.

(8) The bull may represent the self (in the Jungian sense), your true nature. Yes, those depths of the psyche that are despised or feared by the conscious ego may eventually be seen - by dint of constant self-exploration - as your true self.

(There are links here with (4) above. There is a famous series of Zen Buddhist drawings depicting the finding, tethering and taming of an ox, representing the search for one’s true nature and its discovery and realization through wrestling with and controlling one’s wild and stubborn egoistic self.)... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


If, in a dream, you or someone or something else is in chains or in some other way tied up or restrained, the meaning is almost certainly that some part of you needs to be liberated, given (more) freedom of action in your life.

(1) If you are chained, the ‘you5 of the dream is likely to be your conscious ego. Therefore, the restraints represented by the chains should be looked for in the external circumstances of your domestic, social or work life.

(2) If what is chained is some sort of animal, the likelihcx>d is that it represents your animal nature or some aspect of it - your sexuality, for instance. Perhaps you are living in tcx> rarefied an atmosphere and need to get your feet firmly on the ground or to put your consciousness - your awareness - not only in your brain but also in your bxxjy.

(3) If some other person is chained, that person probably represents something in your unconscious. Perhaps it is a desire that has been repressed because of guilt-feelings attached to it.

If so, take a fresh - and this time an objective - look at it. See it for what it is: a power that may be used by you to enrich your life, but not one that you have to employ. You don’t owe any of your emotions a living. But don’t neglect them. Don’t shut them away in vour unconscious, where they could fester. Either use them or dissolve them.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) If the child in your dream is you as a child, the significance of the dream may have to do with a childhood experience. But don’t be too ready to understand it this way. See also Childhood Recollections.

(2) The child may* be a symbol of vour true self, that which is essentially you and which you are capable of unfolding. The fact that your real self is represented by a child suggests that your true self is a


beautiful unspoilt product of Nature; that it is worthy of unreserved love; and that it needs the nourishment of your love if it is to grow and unfold all its loveliness.

(3) If the child has some divine aura (e.g. if it is the Christ-child), what is symbolized is as in (2) above. The aura represents the transcendent nature of the self: it is much more than your conscious ego or your present image of yourself; it holds together the opposites that are within you (e.g. conscious and unconscious, ‘head’ and ‘heart’, extroversion and introversion, masculine and feminine), and it is your ultimate goal and fulfilment (for self).

(4) The child may represent (the possibility of) a new beginning, a new development in your psyche - a new attitude to life, a new set of values, a new balance of your psychic forces, a new reconciliation of previously conflicting forces. The child in you is the growing-point in you.

(5) There is in all of us a child - our emotional self - that often needs reassurance, to be told that all is well and there is no cause for fear, or anger, or guilt, and that love makes all things good and dissolves all pain. At the same time the child sometimes needs to be chided and corrected if it is eventually to - as it should - grow up.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) A cock may represent aggression. Is there some anger in you (rising from unconscious guilt-feelings?) that needs to be dissolved?

(2) A symbol of (male) sexuality.

(3) A symbol of fertility. As such, it may signify - particularly for a woman - that it is time to give some hitherto unused part of your psyche an active role in your conscious life.

(4) A black cock is traditionally a symbol of evil. Bear in mind that ‘evil’ aspects of you are potentially creative and are dangerous only if you keep on pushing them aside.

(5) A weathercock (e.g. on a church spire) may have something to do with finding a new direction in life. Alternatively, the combination of spire and cock may be a strong sexual symbol - particularly in a woman’s dream.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Any cooperative activity in a dream may be taken as revealing the interrelatedness and potential creative cooperation of the various parts or functions of the psyche. What obstacles, what inner resistances need to be dissolved in order to make the ideal a reality?... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(see also Collision)

(1) If in your dream you crash - in a car or train or aeroplane - this probably signifies that you are in a state of anxiety over some undertaking or situation.

(2) If you are driving, the crash may symbolize an unconscious desire to punish yourself. What guilt-feelings are you harbouring? Guilt and sado-masochism often go hand in hand. Dissolve the guilt-fee lings (which are almost certainly irrational and which, anyway, can contribute nothing of value to life - your own or anyone else’s), and the violence will dissolve, too.

(3) The crash may express a (hidden) fear of mental breakdown, in which case you ought to seek help.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A cross may have private associations for you. On the other hand, the cross is such an ancient symbol that its meaning in a dream may have come from the collective - not the personal - unconscious (for this distinction).

(1) It may mean simply ‘no-go’: that something in your life has come to an end; or that it ought to come to an end. Look deeper into yourself for new directions, in both senses of the word.

(2) It may be a crossroads sign. See also Crossroads.

(3) Is the cross in the dream a burden? If so, don’t be too ready to accept the notion that crosses have to be borne. Discover what it is in your life or in yourself that constitutes a ‘cross’, and then remove it - dissolve it with a proper self-love. Burdens prevent you from reaching your full stature as a person.

(4) The cross may be a symbol of death. It may be that your present self, or something in you, must ‘die’ as a necessary prelude to new and fuller life.

(5) It may be a symbol of martyrdom. Is the martyrdom something you feel as an oppressive and crippling restraint, or is it self-imposed? These are not absolute alternatives: what is consciously felt as an undeserved punishment may be unconsciously self-inflicted - for some imagined guiltiness.

(6) A crucifix (cross with the crucified one fastened to it) will carry the symbolism of crucifixion, which may be either martyrdom (as in (5) above), or severe restraining of‘bodily^ or ‘earthly5 desires. Alternatively, it may represent extreme neglect of some psychic component or function (for repression and suppression). Decide whether your unconscious is recommending or protesting against the rcpression / suppression, and act accordingly.

(7) The Greek cross, having all four arms of equal length, may symbolize wholeness: the unified psyche - the unification of conscious and unconscious. (The union of opposites is represented by the vertical and horizontal lines of the cross; wholeness is represented by the way the arms reach out to embrace reality in all directions.) See also Mandala... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) Something covered with dust is something that hasn’t been touched or used for a long time. Is there some shut-awav and forgotten part of your personality that you ought to start using, to compensate for some lopsidedness, or to forestall mutiny on the part of the neglected component of your psyche?

(2) A person covered with dust will probably be you, in which case you need rejuvenating. Perhaps you are too much under the sway of the past and need to dissolve old resentments and turn receptively to the future (or, rather, to the present) and to your inner self, to see what each of them is offering you.

(3) Dust may be a symbol of death or mortality. But it may be that you feel dead, in which case, see (2) above. See also Dead / Death.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) Excrement may stand for something you need to get rid of; something from your past that has been poisoning your psyche.

It is almost certainly something you have repressed (pushed down from the conscious mind into the unconscious). We repress what we can’t cope with, but the anxiety or guilt-feelings that caused us to resort to repression do not leave us: they linger and fester in the unconscious and, if not given conscious attention, will have destructive consequences. Don’t let yourself be constipated psychologically. Get rid of that store of negative emotion - resentments or whatever.

Anxieties and guilt-feelings often have irrational beginnings in early childhood, though they may remain dormant until some later experience wakens them. An emotionally detached appraisal of the situation that first gave rise to them may dissolve them.

If not, seek help. Alternatively, adopt a Gestalt approach: don’t bother about the origins of the negative feeling; just see what it is doing to you - and others - in the present, and deal with it, expel it like faeces, here and now.

(2) Excrement may be a symbol of something you disapprove of or despise - perhaps mistakenly. Take a good look at the excrement to discover precisely what it represents in yourself.

(3) According to Freud, faeces may be substitutes for either the penis or a baby. This is more applicable to a woman’s dream than to a man’s.

(4) Excrement may symbolize money - ‘filthy lucre’ (‘He’s rolling in it’; ‘She’s stinking rich’).... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(= Fleeing)

If in a dream you are running away from something or someone, this means you are frightened of and trying to get away from something in real life. It may be something outside you or something inside you.

If it is outside you, look within yourself to find a perspective that will dissolve the fear: even fear of death will dissolve if you experience the immortal life within you; fear of‘failure’ can exist only as long as you consider‘success’ important.

If the frightening thing is within you, look it in the face; get to know it and what it wants; and give it a proper place in your life. For FIight(=Flying), see Flying.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) Dreams of flying may derive from childhood enjoyment of swings and see-saws and represent a longing for the freedom and joy associated with (a happy) childhood.

(2) Flying may symbolize liberation — for example, getting rid of (self- imposed) shackles or irrational taboos stemming from childhood experiences.

(3) Flying may symbolize over-reaching yourself. In this case, your dream is probably warning you against projects that are too grandiose or not in accord with your fundamental constitution. This may mean that, in entertaining wild fantasies, you have actually overlooked your real capacities and gifts (remember Icarus!). See also Falling, section (1).

(4) Sky may symbolize consciousness, intellect, spirituality. A dream of flying may therefore mean cither that you should extend the range of your consciousness (e.g. by bringing up unconscious contents into your conscious mind, or taking a less wordly view of life) or that you should give your previously neglected instinctual, intuitional or feeling functions a fuller role in your conscious life. The latter would be more likely to apply if you are an intellectual and if the dream includes some fear of falling.

(5) Are you looking at the world below in a detached, uninvolved, unemotional way, so that your problems dissolve, or your values undergo radical transformation? If so, the message is clear.

(6) Since sky is an age-old symbol of God or transcendence, flying may be a symbol of coming closer to your authentic or true self, or to the meaning of (vour) life. See also God(dess).

(7) If you dream of flying fish, or a dolphin shooting out of the water, the meaning is probably that something in your unconscious wants to penetrate your conscious mind and / or to be allowed its proper place in your conscious life.

If you dream of a pig (or an elephant, say) flying, this may mean some despised and rejected ‘animal’ part of you is now - or, much more likely, needs to be - integrated into your conscious life.

(8) For flying saucers, see UFOs; or, if the saucers are flying in the kitchen, see Fight(ing).... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) A horse - particularly a stallion - may be a symbol of sexuality. Mounting a horse may symbolize the sexual act.

(2) A horse may symbolize animality; instinctive dynamism that may ‘carry you away.

(3) A galloping horse, because it appears hardly to touch the ground, may symbolize ecstasy; or a need not to get bogged down in sensuality / material ambitions; being in ‘the world5 but not of it.

(4) Is the horse blinkered? Are you too set in your ways? Open your eyes to new possibilities, wider horizons.

(5) A tethered horse may mean that something at the instinctual level needs to be given more freedom to express itself; or that you need to liberate yourself from guilt-feelings or anvthing else that is stopping you enjoying what life is offering you.

(6) Horse(s) may symbolize emotion(s).

If the horses are rampaging, either your emotions are threatening riot if you do not seriously attend to their requests or you are allowing your emotions to rule you. Tightly reined or tethered horses probablv mean your emotions are tex) much repressed.

(7) The horse may symbolize your unconscious or your whole psyche. In myths and folktales, horses sometimes speak.

If the horse in vour dream speaks, it is either the voice of your unconscious, or some part of it, or the voice of vour true self, your inner centre.

(8) If the horse is threatening, look into your unconscious to see what is threatening you there. Is it the whole (idea of the) unconscious that frightens you; or your sexuality, or some (other) repressed desire? Threat is dissolved when fear is dissolved by love that can embrace even horrific things.

(9) If a horse or horses are pulling you in a carriage, they are your emotions. Are you in control or are they?

(10) Black horses are associated with funerals. What part of you is dead or dying? Should it be allowed to die? Or what should be dead in you - for example, something from the past that prevents you from living freely in the present?

(11) A horse’s hoof may symbolize fertility or sexuality. Fertility is, psychologically speaking, the power to expand as a person.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) A lamb may symbolize vulnerability and dependence - the child in you, that needs your love. See also Child, sections (2) and (5).

(2) It may symbolize innocence - the beauty of yourself as you originally were, before the innocent joy of being gave way to the perplexing complications of doing, getting and achieving. See also Child, section (2).

(3) Is it a lamb for the slaughter; a sacrificial lamb (the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world)? This probably reflects a longing to be rid of guilt-feelings, but it may also signify that sins can be dissolved - if we learn to forgive both ourselves and others. See also Sheep.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Taking refuge may be a good thing or a bad. Simply running away and hiding is useless: the threats and problems remain, and worsen. On the other hand, if finding a refuge means discovering a depth of yourself where you can fully love (accept and forgive) yourself, that may be all that is needed to dissolve a guilt- or inferiority-complex, or anger or envy.

The significance of the refuge will obviously depend largely on what you are taking refuge from. See also, for example, Animal(s), section

(3), (4), Chase / Chased / Chasing, section (1), Flight, Pursued.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


If in a dream a builder or plumber comes to do work in your house, he may symbolically be pointing out a problem in yourself or in your life, and perhaps showing what you ought to be doing about it (the house = you). The same may apply even if the workman is working in the street. For example, if he has come to unblock a drain, it may mean you have an emotional blockage that needs to be dissolved.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


To run away from something means you are not yet ready or willing to deal with a situation; running away from aspects of self because of fear.

If running in slow motion, you soon will have to face your fear, and cannot put it off much longer. To get insight: stop, face your pursuer, and ask for understanding. Facing a fear dissolves it, and removes a heavy burden of anxiety from your consciousness.

If running toward something, you are eager to begin new growth and get on with your path. See Race.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Salt symbolizes conservation.

If it appears in dreams, it could indicate that your ambitions are stagnated and immobile. Generally, it would be convenient to abandon passivity and try to nourish your dreams. The dream reflects that you live too conservatively. On the other hand, salt in dreams could also have other meanings, such as the spiritual essence of life: preservation and indestructibility, what remains after the decomposition of the body. It may also refer to sadness or to the subconscious, as it is in tears and seawater. Lastly, if you are offering or receiving this product, it is a sign of friendship.

Salt has been used throughout history as a symbol of spiritual illumination. When it is mixed with water and the crystals are dissolved, the salty taste remains. The same occurs with the soul: the individual can die or disappear, but the essence remains intact.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Ideals and imagination. Neptune is the archetype of the transcendent, of ideal reality, of imagination and the spiritual. Neptune, the god of the sea, dissolves boundaries and barriers, enabling us to connect with the Universe. Neptune relates to inspiration, imagination, compassion, ideals and communion. The darker side of Neptune is about confusion, illusion and diffusion. In general, Neptune shares the symbolism of water, suggestive of the hidden highs and lows of the unconscious.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


These are dreams which express the theme of something blocking your progress through life. Dreams of locked or forbidden rooms fall into this category, as do bridges that are impossible to cross.

If you often have dreams in which barriers prevent you from progressing or escaping, your dreaming mind is urging you to dissolve limiting factors In your life and in your mind. This doesn’t mean all of your problems are down to negative thinking; but if you can think of problems as challenges and rejection as setbacks, your chances of success are far greater.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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