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Have your blood pressure checked, and if it proves to be normal, expect to be upset by a sudden passionate attraction to a new acquaintance.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

To experience the feeling of dizziness in a dream is usually the product of low blood pressure or a physiological craving. You should be attentive to this type of warning and care for your health.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

1. Disorientation in life, need of direction.

2. A lot of toil with little result.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

An unhoped-for success, probably an engagement.

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See “Dizzy”, below.

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Vision: Dreaming about being dizzy: you are unsure of what action to take.

Depth Psychology: You are afraid of losing control, because you are overwhelmed by demands and responsibilities. Sometimes the dream is a sign of actual physical problems that should be checked out. See Balance.

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Dizziness | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Dizziness


To see one, successful undertakings, probably a change; to cross one, work and anxiety in store; a broken bridge, fear and trouble and a warning to take no steps on an unknown road; to fall from a bridge denotes brain trouble (Artemidorus). These interpretations are distinctly traceable to the subconsciousness.

The symbolism of a bridge spanning water is obviously the subconscious hope of success. ‘Do not cross a bridge,” etc., is the proverb justifying the anticipation of work in store for the dreamer who crosses a bridge in his sleep.

The broken bridge bears its own significance, based upon the subconsciousness that warns the dreamer, while the fall from a bridge is a physical dream stimulated by dizziness, vertigo, etc.... The Fabric of Dream


The Fabric of Dream


Vision: Dreaming you have fainted means a “dizzying” love affair ahead.

The dream may also be a warning of personal loss and failings. Someone else is fainting: you will be asked for help.

If it is money, be very careful.

Depth Psychology: Fainting is a sign of helpless feelings toward another person, but also that you are temporarily freed from your responsibilities. See Dizziness. Frequent dreams of fainting might also be a sign of poor blood circulation in the brain during the night.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Vision: Seeing a merry-go-round: a warning that you are about to do something foolish. Acting without thinking might get you in real trouble.

Depth Psychology: A merry-go-round is a warning not to be foolish and careless. It also might refer to an actual ear problem (possibly impaired balance).

If these dreams appear frequendy, see a specialist. See Dizziness.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


See Dizziness.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


Psychoanalysis tend to relate the swing with auto-eroticism, and interprets the fear of rolling or of seasickness, produced by the swing, as inhibitions from childhood.

Dreaming that you swing with your partner predicts a happy marriage and a large family; if you swing alone it denotes selfishness and infidelity; and if the chain is broken a birth of a child will be coming soon. A stationary swing is indicative of intense but brief joy.

SWING - analysis of the dream

Joana dreamed: “I was ten and I swung on a swing in the park. My father pushed me and I drove myself forward strongly, stretching my legs. With my toes I could almost touch the clouds. I was happy. I felt light and powerful. Suddenly, I turned around and I no longer saw my father. I felt fear and dizziness. I called him with all my might, but he did not appear.”

Joana had this dream two days after receiving a marriage proposal. She was still undecided. She knew her boyfriend very well and was truly in love, but the idea of marriage made her feel too grown up, despite her youth—she was only 20 years old. This also made her long for her childhood. Swinging on the swing and the pleasant feeling from getting high up are related to her desire for freedom. But the fact that it was her father who pushed her and watched her closely, so that she would not fall, revealed her insecurity and her desire for protection.

In dreams, swinging yourself in the swing is also interpreted as a symbol of indecision; your issues are on the tightrope and sway from side to side without ever landing on site. Joana’s unconscious was encouraging her to be in charge of her life and to decide for herself, breaking family ties—her father disappears in the dream—and accepting her maturity.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams

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