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One failure having a domino effect, causing others to fail, i.E.

A stock market crash

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watching dominos fall can be symbolic of being the cause of a series of events

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Dominos | Dream Interpretation

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Figurative of a word or deed which has a domino effect; see “dominos”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


See “dominos”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


If you dream of playing dominos, then this symbolizes that you are taking responsibility for your actions, realizing that every thing you do creates a chain reaction that sets a whole world into motion.

If you dream of Domino’s Pizza, see Fast Food and Pizza.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Games in dreamland symbolize the manner in which the dreamer is approaching life. Individual games, such as solitaire, will indicate your tendency for self- absorption, where excelling or enjoyment is a significant motive. Interactive games, such as chess, indicate that competition is a significant motive for you. In either case, the dream will be highlighting your thought processes, mental skills and dexterity. In general, dream board and card games indicate how you are rising to a particular challenge in your waking life or how successfully you are playing the hand that fate has dealt you.

Little physical effort is required when playing board and card games, so games of this nature tend to focus on your intellectual performance or ability to think and react quickly. Pay attention to the tactics you use whilst playing and to your overall strategy. Were you calm and controlled with a set of tactics, or were you out of control? Was your game defensive or offensive? What is the dream telling you about your ability to respond to external stimuli in the directing of directing of your life? Are you self-motivated, continually striving to better your skill, or do you rely on competition for motivation? Your answer to questions such as these will tell you much about your current approach to waking life.

Consider too the colors of the pieces or cards you were using and what they might signify. For example, if you were playing with white chess pieces, do you associate yourself with kindness and your opponent with malevolence? If you are accused of cheating in your dream, are you deceiving anyone in waking life? Games in which pieces are moved around a board at the throw of a dice are often designed to mirror life’s challenges and this is often what they represent in dreams, suggesting fears or concerns about factors you can’t control. The game board reveals the moves you make in life and a games room stands for a meeting place in which plans and strategies are devised. A game show cautions against a desire to consider yourself intellectually superior.

Specific dreams may have their own symbolism; for example sexuality in snakes and ladders and the repercussions of your actions in games that require dominos. A game of backgammon may point to your desire to resolve the secrets of your unconscious (the inner table) before time or the other player stops you. Pool, billiards or snooker suggest clever scheming, combined with the skill to accomplish a goal. The condition of the poolroom will give you a clue as to whether this refers to healthy competition or dirty dealings, whilst the pool table refers to the issue or subject of your plans.... The Element Encyclopedia


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