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To dream that you are downtown suggests your fixation on wealth and materialistic things. It can also represent the fast-paced aspects of your life.

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Walking downtown city sidewalk

Walking downtown city busy crowded

Walking downtown city busy crowded daylight sunshine warm

Dreamed i was walking around downtown

I saw my boyfriend walking downtown with me with a brown bag and came out of the office was frustrated because they ask him for $700 to do what he wanted to do but did not have the money.

Ok so...... i had a dream the other night, i was walking downtown someplace i didn’t know. when out of the side bush came this huge bull moose ! just ran right up to me at full speed! i froze ! closed my eyes ....nothing! as i’m opening my eyes the moose is coming in for a huge take your whole face in kind of kiss! he wouldn’t leave me alone, he was nudging me ,rubbing his neck on my head, cause i’m short... he was gentle until the second kiss! that’s when i woke up.

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