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Closing off or covering up a part of oneself. See Curtains.

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Drapes in a bedroom symbolize secrecy, privacy and modesty with regards to intimacy and sexuality. Drapes in a living room or family room symbolize a desire to preserve family secrets.

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(Cover; Happiness; Fears; Veil) In a dream, drapes means veiling one’s private life. Drapes in a dream also represent a confidant or a trustworthy friend or a wife who covers the pitfalls of her husband, protects his business and guards him from looking at other women. Ifa man of knowledge sees such a dream, then drapes represent his integrity, his honorable wife and children. Unidentified drapes in a dream represent worries or distress. Ifthe drapes are hanging over one’s front door in the dream, it means that such difficulties will come from the world. Old drapes in a dream represent adversities which will not last. Torn drapes in a dream mean happiness and joy.

If they are torn vertically in the dream, they represent a quick joy.

If they are torn horizontally in the dream, they mean slander against one’s family. Black drapes in a dream mean worries because of money, a child, or the authorities. White or green drapes mean good results. Drapes hanging over the door of a mosque in a dream represent spiritual problems or religious failure. Seeing drapes out of their place in a dream mean adversities, and seeing them hanging over one’s windows has no interpretation. In a dream, seeing drapes hanging over a strange environment means fears which will culminate in satisfaction. Drapes adorned with gold means hallucination or dispelling one’s worries.

If an unmarried person sees drapes in his dream, it means that he will get married and protect his chastity, or it could mean a business that will shelter him from poverty.

If a fugitive or a scared person sees himself covered with drapes in a dream, it means a shelter from what scares him. Falling through a hole while hanging to a drape in a dream means taking a long, frustrating, toiling and a distant journey.

The bigger the drapes are in a dream, the more difficult is one’s adversity.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

Windows offer a view from the outside world into the inner sanctums of a home. Drapes have the function of creating privacy as well as adorning this aspect of transparency in your consciousness. They can open and shut at will, adding the element of controlling who can see into that which you might want to keep secret. They also can be seen as your willingness to let light in or shut it out, with light being a representation of conscious awareness and life force. As a dream symbol, drapes relate to this choice, the free will to exercise it, and the state of affairs around doing so.

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The heavy, protective fabric common to drapes may comment on your concerns about protection and privacy. Closing the drapes may indicate your need to block out the concerns of the world for a time and to retreat. Or it may suggest a need to enter the darkness of the subconscious

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Something is hidden—what is it? Deception and isolation, but also necessary distance. See Net, Fog, and Smoke.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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