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A closed drawer means that you will have to outmaneuver an unsuspected rival for something you want An open drawer signifies a new opportunity, and if the drawer is full it signals a propitious time for undertaking a new venture.

An empty drawer indicates success but only after hard work.

A locked drawer or trouble opening one suggests unforeseen obstacles in your path, but persevere, you can overcome them with patience.

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To dream of an open Drawer is a fortunate omen, but if you cannot open a closed Drawer, then beware of trouble ahead.

If a woman dreams of her Drawers or her underclothing, it is a bad sign. She will not be faithful to the man who loves her.

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Looking into the perfumery drawer or the drawer where the precious stone balance is stored in a dream means high winds of profits, satisfying one’s needs and reuniting with one’s family. Apaper storage drawer means longevity. In general, a drawer in a dream represents glad tidings.

If one opens a drawer and finds a pearl or a gem inside it in a dream, it means good news or a profit one will receive in few days.

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Drawers may convey a sense of being hidden or of putting something away. They also represent one’s inner state, so a disorderly drawer may indicate internal chaos, and an orderly drawer, psychological order.

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(1) You go to a drawer for something you want or need. It may, therefore, symbolize a source of wisdom, a place - within yourself - where you will find the answer to your problem, the cure for your disease.

(2) A chest of drawers may represent your psyche. The top drawer will then be your conscious ego, the bottom drawer or lower drawers the unconscious layers of your psyche.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


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