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Stranger Acts Like Know Accountant Bridemaid People Taking Apartment Picking Gungo Peas Child Trial Observing Bear Fighting Dying People Recording Studio Talking President Trump Asked Want President Bright Silver Sword Washing Vigina Sons Cornea Fell Room Water Wall Flower Blosoms Water Wall Car Sinking Care Dead Ridge Gourdandir Cooking Dead Person Giving Sweets Eat Water Inside Wall Biting Longhorn Skull Tree Received Red Rose Temple Elephant Swimming Met Hugged Harry Styles Longhorn Skull Ivory Clothes Well Full Water Big Plant Fish Getting Transfer Order Husband Sai Baba Idol Broken Mongo Falling Sky Receiving Used Clothes White Squirrel Mealworms Fighting Vampires Vomiting River Sand Killing Chameleon Suking Finger Giving Weave Ponytail Hand Sugar Cane Centipede Getting Extra Teeth Receive Gold Coins Hebiscus Flower Black White Clothes Dean Martin Car Towed Stole Credit Card Car Toweds Aunt Smoke Aunt Sickness Husband Wearing Female Underpants Rain House Wash Away Insulted Ex Taking Thorns Piebald Smoke Mist Disturbing Sister Law Blanket Ugly Sister Law Unlocking Padlock Gate Ugly Sister Law Shining Hibiscus Flowers Milk Blood Breast Bought Five Big Plantain Bananas Moon Fire Decease Husband Crying Fish Mud Dead Person Gives Food Car Getting Towed Acnee Pus Chest Arrow Thumb Amputated Treasurer Hair Palm Hand Patches Large Abcess Chest Thumb Amputation Thirsty Dogs Papule Abdomen Cracked Door Urinating Dog Used Sanitary Napkin Opossums Poor Grooming Hair Inside Palms Boil Upper Left Arm Eagle Feather Dean Eagle Feather Eagle Feather Lifeless People Dean Eagle Feather Moody Bread Boyfriend Wearing Ashowercap Deceased Husband Fake Death Mydaughter Waking Tasbih Hand Person Stand Mud Til Knee Peeling Cassava Wound Underarm Toreceivenewsmydaughterisdead City Ve Never Pluck Cashew Fruit Kissing Mey Bite Instead Biting Cheeks Skin Cobra Fufu Cassava Raining House Right Leg Amputation Daughter Crying New Year Eves Wave Ice Cube Person Top Big Rock Crush Marrying Else Sex Save Wave Ice Cube Tall Person Plucking Garden Egg Dirty Sanitary Pad Bed Else Nose Bleed Electrocution Irth Yam Searchs Missing Work Helicopter Flying President Something Breaking Sourdough Bread Sourdough Glass Wall Breaking Saw Dead Father Offering Money Died Already Asking Water Seafood Boil Black Carabao Chase Bugs Coming Moving Old Nipa House Pouring Red Palmoil Broken Tashib Pastor Giving White Clothes Planting Water Leave Underwear Festival Food Boyfriend Getting Kicked House Snakes Coming Wall Saw Plucking Bitter Guard Singing Fairies People Dressing Fairies Singing Present Crucifixion Husband Sick Seen Master Ceremony Burned Down House Making Toast High Cost Pulling Hairs Cake Cooking Meat Stick Execising Soursop Seeds Mouse Bit Fingers Deleted Social Media Hygeine Loosing Teeth Pulling Hair Cake Icing Scorpion Attacks Mother Law Black Mildew Mouth Scorpuon Atta Scorpuon Atta Ks Scori Picking Palm Kernel Beetles Suck Breast Crickets Coming Vagina Going Home Ahead Date Askingir Sim Card Beatle Trying Hide Naked Coming Home Ahead Contract Time Fly Enter Nose Pounding Akpu Pani Puri Hands Water Wolf Therapy Hands Water Wolf Physicalrapy Caution Transgression Definition Spitting Napkin Giving Water Hands Wolf Aids Hiv Medical Alcohol Rubbing Body Handing Hairdryer St Jude Lions Humans Rubbing Alcohol Marigold Flowers Wave Birthing Slug Chased Throwing Stones Policeman Wanting Get Married Jesus Coming Back Wearing Slippers Headgear Unknown Woman Pulling Hair Chin Close Ackee Blue Puppy Horrible Snake Many Eyes Dog Trainer Purgatory Aroning Barod Meam Black Moon Black Stone Neck Basketball Palace Bridges Smelling Gunpowder Military Overthrow Lost Ring Snow Mother Walking Walls Buying Earrings Memorized Dance Performance Shot Smell Gunpowder Bookshop Hands Anointed Dont Memorized Dance Performance Hair Conditional Product Asking Hand Marriage Face Sucked Person Face Coming Door Rear Ending Car Ex Boyfriend Kissing Neck Cheese Omelette Wearing Slippers Headscarf Buying Bracelet Burning Coal Roof Black Slime Husband Sleeping Bedroom Elmozero Bird Landing Shoulder Loosing Finger Loosing Finger Giving Cowries Many Jiggers Severed Chicken Foot Saw Peeling Coco Yam Going Market Boxcutter Black Moon Departed Parents Receiving Beads Gift Dirty Child Bedroom Black Under Wear Hole Hindus Driving School Bus Box Cutter Oath God Mopane Worms Baby Raccoon Green Rings Sel Roti Gooseberries Dog Hit Car Mash Child Bleed Broken Damaged Laptop Second Marraige Preparation Hair Falling Answering Phone Snake Crawling Flower Pot Sitting Outside Bar Rope Wire Students Putting Hats Slaughtering Calf Mysrum Museum Field Trip Maggot Palm Tree Fish Wall Room Suddenly Blockoutn Lights Return Bald Woman Spirit Dying Hair Green Dangling Shoes Pastor Scrubbing Face White Substsnce Powder Cream Painted Room Cleaning Draws Green Saree Black Pink Shirt Jacket Black Paint Burning Dog Burning Dog Sucking Woman Toes Cream Color Powder Face Hand Shake Dead Person Brocken Fence Fig Trees Wedding Funeral Time Found Turquoise Earrings Idol Lakshmi Lions Roaring Sspitting Drink Closingbl Blinds Dog Licking Hand Body Hole Carrion Beetle Trying Bite Fever Two Bottles Venigar Spices Two Hundred Pesos Money Benevolent Sugarsop Sugar Apples Gracious Atis Fruit Escavation Car Passenger Coconut Venigar Spices Winged Termite Shot Gun Animal Gingerbread Else Taking Bath Cutting Gladiola Flowers Demotion Job Dead Father Giving Fifty Cutting Tall Flowers Getting Marred Stranger White Substance Powder Use Scrub Ones Fsce Dresmface Healthy Backing Baby Dog Underwear Dying Person Healthy Hadith Choked Ex Boyfriend Name Seek Name Seek Hospipe Name Seek Dehydration Small Black Tornado Damage Prist Died Snake Spits Friends Beach Tsumi Came Running Sining Gospel Songs Waves Stop Feet Exposed Breast Public Walking Rain Barefoot Cleaning Alga Decrased Mom Combing Hair Bong Water Husband Masturbating Killing Earthworm Salt Evil Men Hurting Friend Ex Husband Choking Death White Pants Cycle Bllod Stains Puling Someones Hair Walking Barefoot Rain Carried Know Tennis Shoe Name Ezikel Name Ezikel Abdream Dad Torn Shirt Tiara Taken Casa Plant Teen Age Boy Getting Sodomized Object Father Punishment Teenage Boy Getting Sodomiedby Object Father Pin Voodoo Doll Don Pack Vacation Wiping Sweat Face Hear Baby Crying Stage Part Act Dont Know Rival Crying Bloody Foot Face Ripping Receiving Cupcake Taken Kola Receiving Cupcakw Boy Sodomized Object Dad Punishment Given Wallet Gave Zamzam Water Wash Face Ostracized Tip Trunk Puri Boy Given Calling Card Dismembering Spirit Black Cats Coming Stove Daddy Long Legs Respected Courage Bread Bitter Chaplain Washing Dishes Dirty Water Baby Walking Red Churha Knowing Royalty Shock Collar Slap Husband Given Airtime Card Slipping Sand Insulted Friend Hear Baby Cry Bisexual Sucking Penis Scars Back Engagement Sister Giving Birth Disabled Baby Jaguar Listing Everything Cat Feces Eating African Salad Cake Falling Apart Mopani Black Peh Working Ex Prime Minister Mopane Worms Bookstore Nefertiti Braces Somebody Elses Teeth Honey Braces Mothers Teeth Sports Car Open Door Naked Full Moon Shining Digging Diamonds Introduced Bill Gate Orphan Children Giant Albino Ant Shag Carpet Special Friend Sex Losing New Pair Rubber Slipper Close Losing Badminton Game Tiger Drugged Wake Safe Place Giving Clothes Eating Okro Soup Eba Gold Colored Riding Around Aghori Scorpion Long Phone Call Aghori Dancings Bleeding Vergina Ing Urine Half Tongue Fell Scorpion Bread Holly Wreath Rolls Royce Animal Skeleton Minnow Blowing Nose Cockroach Bread Seashell Neck Attacking Gargoyle Burnt Eyes Baby Colleague Family Church Dictionary Dead Grandmother Giving Gold Carabao Black Envelope Coworker Necklace Snatched Neck Peering Cassava Robins Chicks Boyfriend Gave Groundnut Grey White Cat Hearing Baby Cry Alum Dirty Cloth Farming Crying Graveyard Family Sayingy Hate Crying Graveyard Partner Cheating Wearing Red Chura Getting Married Male Cousin Drinking Daughter Period Blood Fifty Notes Swimming Upstream Peace Snake Side Roof Dead Mother Law Gives Gold Saw Office Buiding Fire Fire Friend Reciting Quran Burning Bird Come Girl Stabbing Knife Partner Leaving Going Holiday Packing Dead Mother Grandmother Digging Sweet Potato Digging Gold Finding Lot Leaving Work Farewell Party Farmhouse Pulling Gum Mouth Snakes Killed Cat Chariot Hindu Passion Fruits Eating Cake Hair Selling Tires Chariot Picking Passion Fruits Crying Floor Hit Car Sheep Blood Toor Dal Ridge Nutmeg Name Logan Deceased Father Slapped