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Picking Black Pears Two Girls Kissing Ex Brother Law Footprints Infront Door Picking Green Chilli Boyfriend Cheating Person Dien Alot Mango Round Pregnant Eating Kola Comg Half Dog Half Dogman Nude Dead Body Buying Garri Apartment Eating Three Corn Homely Dead Person Lending Shoes Oiling Hair People Making Ridges Dreraming Bus Cloud Yellow Mustard Md Big Cockroach Eagle Dove Combination Condiment Dove Eagle Hit Car Lady Holding Two Headed Dragon Chased Rex Black White Bird Get Fire Belly Button Frog Coming Yellow Worms Melon Eating Dear Shea Butter Lion Chasing Old Boyfriend Cutting Hair Bellam Chudatam New New Mad Halloween Candy Moving Hair Fork Sanopied Bear Biting Dog Wore Bracelet Dog Paw Got Caught Brake Matter Hard Tried Clasped Eventually Bend Open Dead Mother Law Set Free Pooping Pool Wore Bracelet Dog Paw Got Caught Brake Get Free Reason Felt Like Hands Tied End Dead Mother Law Helped Clasped Bend Open Took Freed Dog Eight Children Leviathan Calling Help Lot Turtlenecks Lot Clothes Pink Striped Turtleneck Eating Pain Puri Pink Striped Skirt Lover Deformed Feet Turtleneck Sweater Spouse Intimate Mother Lighting Trailing Shoe Red Pajamas Little Girl Sunnyside Eggs Lavetory Stolen Underwear Lost Brassiere French Kissing Devil French Kissing Tje Devil Beassiere Brasier Beasier Brasiere Opening Lots Doors Ex Boyfriend Paying Lobola Insect Pimple Yellow Toy Bus Rubbing Kumkum Husband Anubis God Cat Kissing Devil Two Bald Eagles Blue Fish Headboard Forgetting Locker Combination Washing Dishes Dead Sister Baby Clothes Blue Fish Black Scarf Pounded Cocoyam Puonded Cocoyam Female Neighbor Friend Seductively Waves Use Calabash Drink Water Female Friend Smiles Waves Searching Scarf Mary Magdalene Drink Water Calabash Falling Water Tower Husband Beating Wife Mary Magdine Husband Beating Wife Highway Partially Naked Public Broken Wristwatch Mechanical Digger Getting Enema Inscription Written Name Completed Loosing Weigh Raw Fufu Wipe Bum White Paper Towelh Wip Selling Cassava Flour Wipe Bum Wip Forgot Missed Trip Travel Forgotten Forgotten Trip Chicken Breast Meat Coming Vagina Ex Husband Saw Back People Know Giving Money Children Demon Attack Swallowed Sky Reciting Aytal Kursi Selling Cassava Flour Malnurished Baby Bucket Soccer Goalie Lakshmi Statue Hand Dogs Mouth Bitternut Fire Side Light Legs Skin Rash Lost Hair Dryer Neighbor Give Bitter Kola Skin Rash Legs Ex Boyfriend Paying Dowry House Tilting Backwards Inside House Rilting Backwards Glaucoma Receiving Half Phone Number Mini Coffin Misplaced Riding Horse Lending Money Ex Baby Elephants Dead Bird Octers Sex Late Mother Late Mother Untied Laces Cooking Stick Screaming Getting Stolen Hear Romeo Juliet Baby Footprint Calabash Ex Husband Going Put Box One Foot Child Boils White Toga Washing Washine Breaking Fence Alligator Six Boys Giving Birth Twins Six Sons Giving Birth Twjns Drowning Futuristic Basketball Court Brand New Black Suv Silver Paper Pastor Disvirgin Coffee Granules Bright Green Trees Sucking Female Dirty Annalation Picking Palm Kanel Weding Dead Person Alcohol Interview Dead Person Attenddead Persons Weddinging Wedding Yellow Roses Tree Black Insects Deceased Father Will Spray Dry Palm Tree Dry Shrivelled Palm Branch Muddy Water Lover Giving Dupatta Wear Two Left Shoes Kicking Dog Grandfather Dead Relatives Saw Dustbin Avoid Seen Naked Long Sitting Hot Water Avoid Seen Naked Mom Sitting Hot Springs Long Penis Stab Knife Child Taken Away Water Nakedness Mom Receiving Unripe Plantain Meteor Shower Son Buying Suit Pricing Vegetables Market Washed Hanging Trousers Spit Face Ex Boyfriend Renovating Fingered Grabbing Snake Head Hands Fishes Clear Water Animals Water Sitting Walking Water Water Animals Underneath Dead Giving Fruits Aging Neck White Sandalwood Powder Garden Eggs Bowl Getting Brand New White Scooter Removing Razor Mouth Late Father Gave Roasted Pig Meat Don Capability Take One Life Gave Silver Cuffs Dead Cousin Removing Razor Mouth Diarreha Removing Razor Blade Mouth Walking Woods Fool Burglary Waved Dead Relative Laundry Tent Birth Broom Picking Fresh Ogbono Name Plated Gold Garden Eggs Bowl Give Birth Broom Garden Eggs Basket Mycosis Blue Parrot Garden Eggs Grade Eggs Drinking Bottled Water Mother Sweeping Mother Sweeping Hearing Prophet Muhammad Name Hearing Propfect Sister Law Pregnant Sister Law Pregnant Two Headed Baby Jumping Grave Gifted Popcorn Receive Fufu Cream Slippery Rocks White Cards Cup Receiving Gift President Country Speaking Foreign Language White Cards Glass Cup Buying Kenkey Reading Ayat Al Kursi Pillow Suffscation Guinea Corn Dose Fruits Falling Sky Slaughtering Sheep Person Sucking Milk Breast Sucking Sweet Mango Sucking Milk Logo Gurdwara Cats Buying Palm Oil Gurdwara Given People Sachet Water Chin Chin Oilo Lame Flirting Married Woman Picking Black Plum Phantom Trip Buying Chin Chin Buy Palm Oil Cleaning Moving Hole Head Lime Water Milk Drinking Lime Water Milk Pounding Friends Parents Naked Breaking Egusi Seed Somebody Puts Red Tika Give Money Indicate Breaking Egusi Seed Slapping Bully Former President Country Slaloming Bully Black Stork Pouding Fufu Breaking Eating Palm Kernel Somebody Puts Red Tika Indicate Mushroom Lip Giving Half Kumkum Indream Silver Shoe Putting Foot Secret Panel Burgundy Old Ivy Roof House Young Child Walking Away Linking Ogbono Soup Intimacy Mad Person Harvesting Cocoyam Walking Male Ghost Sinking Bed Third Eye Grain Field Breaking Eating Palm Karnel Breaking Eating Palm Kalnel Male Human Male Farm Animals Dead Person Laughing Eating Roasted Plan Fruit Green Gram Thali Unmarried Girl Wearing Thali Neck Drum Stick Tree Full Flowers Drinking White Liquid Shifting Down Gear Car Dead Person Asking Bread Group Cultists Submarine Blue Face Water Sprinkler Self Solider Ant Yellow Discharge Vagina Open Vault Consulting Sangoma Consulting Sangoma Buddhism Water Like Gel Husband Impregnated Another Woman Small Black Spot Ceiling Melting Iceberg Wave Pounding Yam Palm Wine White Gallons Vomiting Eggs Sister Getting Pregnant Wind Scooter Tribal Drums Tribal Drums Electric Blue Clothes Stealing Silver Kalasam Huge Water Animal Leopard Skin Relative Passed Away Collecting Pearls Under Water Worms Unknown Guy Conception Worms Coming Cup Skinny Wounds Back Corpse Basement Angry Mother Earthquake Receive Message Condolences Mother Cook Bread Mother Cook Roti Dental Instruments Breaking Dhakantal Instrument Breaking Corpse Basement Home Corpse Wooden Coffin Basement Dead Asking Softdrinks Earthquake Angry Mother Cruise Rudraksha New Cloth Distributing Broken Beads Lion President Biblical Applying Mehendi Late Mother Helping Put Red Bindi Forehead Late Mum Helping Put Red Bindi Forehead Wants Tapioca Eating Conch Baph Eating Conch Black Stone Ring Seen President Green Snake Jar Mom Ask Buy Bracelet Jesus Return Amy Mom Ask Buy Bracelet Revelations Cutting Capsicum Black Small Snake Turning Brown Puppy Murdered Parents Low Self Confidence Selling Sugar Cane Falling Elephant Sdx Asking Spicy Chilies Skinning White Black Dot Neck Skinning White Black Dot Neck Troublemaker Falling Elephant Mom Gave Gloves Two Pairs Shoes Girl Falling Ferris Wheel Unmarried Women Wearing Mangalsutra Skiing White Ram Right Undone Left Cheating Celebrity Boyfriend Skiing White Ram Right Undone Left Carrying Empty Gallon Six Year Old Daughter Nightmares Snakes Walking Coal Empty Garbage Pleading Lying Bed Drinking Cicada Medium Drinking Alcohol Dead Cicada Inside Twin Family Member Buckets Liquid Gold Pouring Red Smoke Red Smoke Crnturion Smell Nutmeg Going Centurion Son Door Falling Hindges Lost Diamond Nose Piercing Picking Black Pear Baby Choking Kajal Kissing Anime Killed Clown Sticky Foot Steps Cow Seen Two Legs Trapped Astranged Sister Kissed Shoes Selfish Kajal Long Lost Sister Kissed Shoes Kamal Mummy Moaning Breaking House Low Selfesteem Oil Flooring Taking Milk Milk Southwest Receiving Key Chain Gift Deceased Loved One Wearing Boots Hectorgon Making Paper Boat Firepot Ceader Tree Husband Naked Running Talisman Tallisman Naked Woman Girl Woman Killing Tiger Bare Hands White Fluffy Puppy Large Web Large Silk Web Cornbread Two Nose Piercing Two Nose Pericing Fluted Pumpkin Leaf Running Found Ur Self Bush Puppies Burning Getting Arrested Eating Popcorn Ham Hocks Pie Green Grapes Top Brown Water Ankle Deep Self Running Closing Bush Unknown Persons Prostitution Big Fish Falling Heaven Self Bush Big White Lizard Monkey Tuning Human Sleeping Car Cat Entering House Monkey Chasers Shakes Hand Mishipeshu Lynx Horns Great Lynx Uinating Passed Love Ones Cutting Down Neem Tree Forieng Country President Neem Tree Cutting Headbutt Lost Refugee Country Drinking Water Molds Kolam Flying Wings Skydiving Black Sheep Attacked Losing Toe Dead Person Walking White Light Bunch Collard Greens Smiling Snake Large Snakes Bunch Collar Greens Measles Function Ex Father Law Mother Law Friend Offering Holy Kumkum Talking Ghost Son Dressed Female Threatening Torn Shoe Hump Shoulder Rosalinda Religious Master Giving Flowers Spiritual Killing Uncle Playful Donkeys Adil