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Mean Pray Unopened Gift Spiritual Mother Naked Tear Pants Spiritual Mother Najed Tear Clothes Fish Coming Vagina Ex Husband Husband Getting Second Marriage Green Passion Fruit Ex Husband Every Night Dead Grandfather Gave Money Buy Fruits Children Wearing Choora Baby Girl Give Birth Mine Pregnant Three Zero Giving Money Third Gendre Dish Break Giving Money Gendre Recieveing Saree Tamil Selling Kola Nuts Bitter Kola Market White Painting Mom Face Selling Wrist Watched Broken Centre New House Warming Helping Marriage Baby Girl Sucking Finger Tree Filled Clothespins Kool Aid Poinsettias Two One Party Time Travel Ukuphupha Wenzelwa Umemulo Husband Woman Praying God Shrine Buying Shoes Fornger Brother Awoken Motherly Woman Awoken Woman Husband Naked Prepping Protective Woman Pain Legs Walking Down Church Isle Woman Star Wmwars Star Wars Woman White Race Bedside Dress Burning Intrepretation Deceased Drinking Tea Dress Burning Picking Locusts Statue Warrior Staue Warrior Blackboards White Chalk Numbers Alligators Feather Coming Vagina Ripe Mulberries Cosmetics Spilling Powder Abc Mongoose Eating Beaten Neem Leaves Mean Someone Washing Feet Dead Person Asking Cood Nude Baby Playing Finding Pussywillow Meeting Governor Black Soil Green Maize Saw Peeling Cocoyam Snake Eating Bird Dispose Dead Body Old Dead Lawnmower Sound Hearing Lawnmower Dark Haired Skinny White Hip Surgery Dead Body Old Dead Boyfriend Carrying Ironing Board Lioness Attacking Someone Corrosion Driveway Pounding Palm Fruits Dancing Enemy Dancing Pounding Palm Fruits Spiritual Pounding Palm Fruits Spiritual Jesus Christ Laying Dead Tomb Father Lost Job Unusual Writing Package Postman Father Lost Job Identification Card Making Company Roasted Penuts Rostered Penutshell Caterpillar Dad Buying Food Giving Money Rostered Penut Shell Unrapping Moimoi Mean Uncle Raw Eggs Forgetting Brush Teeth Head Lap Selling Car Sour Milk Menaing Frog Inside Egg Shell Fatt Push Bridge Blue Tide Cocoyam Leaves Plant Growing Finger Late Father Giving Money Mom Places Raw Eggs Ground Breaks Mom Places Raw Eggs Ground Brakes Coal Digging Dit Ging Coal Coal Scraping Buttermilk Rice Eating Mustard Greens Climbing Down Steps Missing Steps Bugs Rice Palm Nut Fruit Bugs Getting Rice Hair Beads Braid Ng Lacing Boots Father Law Massaging Back Eagles Feathers Friend Old Age White Hair Beard Chocolate Icing Snake Shining Eyes Dinasaur Eat Jack Fruit Yellow Colour Walking Down Steep Hill Handsome Guy Telling Date Cousin Bite Finger Going Handsome Guy Fead Used Sanitary Pad Driving Steep Hill Falling Feeling Professional Puddle Xater Missed Trip Someone Gave Poison Drink Didn Drink Footballer Sportsman Oil Frying Pampad Guinea Pig Chicken Oil Frying Someone Lunch Family Guest Lunch Family Football Uniform Car Clamp Away People Dissolving Mangrove Frying Pampad Oil Rhurbarb Growing Garden Chanting God Name Clitoris Fell Elephant Tiger Many Lanzones Snake Prawns Olive Tree Seedlings Washing Glassess Reptilian Prawns Prawns Net Paying Amount Nine Zero Shop Doll Trying Kill Paying Amount Nine Zero Loosing Button Shirt Rhurbarb Blood Worm College Interview Rebuking Someone Something Ejaculation Couldn Stop Cumming Phone Call Heaven Check Things Choosing Slippers Wear Someone Taking Drugs Tarmac Ugly Person Waht Ni Celebrating Holi Many Flys Holding Broom Toenail Rescue Fawn Walking Mud Swamp Falling Rock Tripping Rock Woman Eye Glasses Mad Woman Propose Pouring Water Carry Empty Jerrycan Ignore Samaurai Samauri Bathrobe Stabbed Neck Branch Someone Snatching Bananas Pacjing Digging Gold Krugerrand Ex Boyfriend Couis Pull Rabbit Foot Pocket Key Chain Ring Onmn Seen Ex Boyfriend Son Getting Period Branch Neck Return Address Sold Sick Hen Fair Handsome Hazrath Ali Cat Name Big Car Fake House Cardboard House Crying Brother Stage Hook Seeds Legs Dead Asking Money Search Pink Blanket Search Hiv Aids Search Death Missing Goal Soccer Search Change Oil Search Ur Father Dead Insect Blanket Search Honey Bee Search Fish Someone Bed Hands Full Empty Shells Search Hiv Aids Search Charcoal Jamun First Nut Shells Someone Bed Chop Head Open Green Yellow Scorpion Insecuse Insecure Harley Quinn Studio Tamarind Drum Tree Ex Boyfriends Sister May Dogs Appearing Yard Owningm Applying Surma Eyes Breadfruit Tree Limb Torn Down Three Breadfruit Picked Neighbour Breadfruit Tree Limb Torn Down Three Breadfruit Picked Neighbour Tilling Hips Suturing Cut Monk Visiting Running Puddle Dirty Water Baby Goat Transforming Big Goat Baby Goat Transcorming Big Goat Loud Voice Coming Clouds Sun Rays Someone Trying Sacrifice Ear Piercing Getting Black Coin Red Plug Sockets Slapping Hasband Hips Sex Hoops Husband Phone Screen Broken Phone Still Working Mean People Getting Food Stash People Getting God Stash Sex Hips Brother Dog Sleeping Surrounded Blood Brother Dog Lying Blood Brother Dog Lying Blood Wearing Unironed Clothes Separating Water Sand Wife Kissing Another Samp Unknown Friend Becomes Lover Rusted Finger Buying Expensive Belt Ex Nine Sweekar Cleaning Floor Detergent Receiving Shelf Gift Unknown Friend Becomes Liver Someone Else Cleaning Floor Detergent Stood Wedding Daughter Got Rape Airplane Deceased Person Laughing Met Girl Went Home Woke Scraping Tattoos Ariadne Pushing Empty Wheelbarrow Full Wheelbarrow Pounding Yam Mortal Heavy Flow Black Liquid Coming Mouth Giving Cupcakes Touched Shoulder Teen Age Abnormal Boy Behind Islam Christian Son Law Hair Dirty Apologized Stained Teeth Jaw Lock Open Morning Glory Pounding Yam Hot Pink Top Wore St New Job Harvesting Wheat Field Hot Pink Top Volkswagen Car Volkswagen Cat Volkswagen Bug Washing Raw Meat Wearing Red Cap Rubbing Aloe Vera Another Plant Burned Jacket Don Know Suit Jacket Burned Sleave Breadfruit Meeting Sister Cleaning Kitchen Floor Clappings Dead Person Five Hawks Sex Personal Trainer Dental Work Air Conditioner Airconditioner Refrigerator Visiting Temple Whipped Old House Many Apartments Conversion Centers Blue White Toilet Paper Dead Aunt Asking Money Using Dynamite House Eating Yam Egg Mean Eating Cook Uam Red Oil Girlfriend Kissing Another Guy Eating Yam Egg Running Pet Biting Horse Brown Cow Skin Catarrh Red Oil Wasted Someone Dancing Mokey Puff Adder Chasing Red Oil Wasted Someone Significant Ogbono Seed Dancing Monkey Two Angels Hairdryer Black Squid Get Sitting Giving Gold Street Houses Teaching Mathematics Mean Pitbull Fireworks Octopus Kissing Cheek Kissing Heek Baking Brother Loose Tooth Dusk Sky Mocha Brother Tooth Ache Chickpeas Daughter Naked Dead Relative Holding Daughter Someone Back Buy Necklace Hairy Blonde Snake Skeleton Keys Walk Sidewalk Box Skeleton Keys Dead Bodies Dark Skies Yellow Boots Yellow Envlope Panic Button Cornflakes Sensuality Hair Extensions Bugs Vagina Stinky Feet Market Picking Tennis Racket Dirty Canal Dead Person Laughing Sex Girlfriend Euroup Pray Love Art Golden Mopane Worms Mean Upstairs Home Golden Mopane Worms Screaming Someone Screaming Pain Lemurs White Mice Wearing Authority Figures Clothes Mudslide Covered House Right Hip Mean Canyon Right Side Paved Road Ends Wen Fetching Mopane Worms Tree Punk Panty Dead Person Gives Food Breaking Dads Microphone Collegue Pedophile Physic Wearing Red Bindi Forehead Making Sense Professional Enemy People Clappingy Hand Ex Boyfriend Wear Ankh Finding Abandoned Child Cocakola Accepting Sweet Bread Dead Person Purgatory Golden Owl Stamps Passport Warlock Wanting Giving Someone Shirt Back Looking Lost Razor Jaw Sharp Teeth Big Fish Lobola Negotiations Arabic Words White Woman Selling Coloured Dresses Cream Color Walking Top Water Lagoon Mean Picking Cashew Walking Top Water Chicken Roasting Dead Bodies Clear Water Walking Water Urban Area Whitewoman Pavement Breaking Black Spider Web Cant Sawllow Famous Death Famous Athlete Death Release Inside Vehicle Passenger Reacted Bad Smell White Old Palace Mystery Witnessing Deception Bitting Nails Old Palace Mystery Many Buildings Running Track Someone Asking Specific Amount Money Raft Projects Black Unicorn Enter Strange Community Holding Bible Searching Scriptures Searching Closet Zero Seven Zero Seven Someone Psoriasis Gold Kissing Doctor Number Stitches Legs Killing Grass Cutter Nudge Shoulder Cleaning Poopself Suitcase Mean Pastor Wife Packing Clothes Cattles Graveyard Ship Rough Sea Attacked Shark Others Hurt Knee Mean Shaking Hands Dead Person Digging Hole Beautiful Thin Sheets Smoky Quartz Squirrel Babies Bed Eating Rocks Cockroaches Silver Goddess Laxmi Idol Dead Flies Coming Body Red Handkerchief Someone Gave Tamarind Breaking Eating Palmkanel Imbecile Someone Reject Gliding Down Hill Digging Cocoyam Hiding Marijuana Eating Noodles Pushing Someone Huge Front Door Broken Hinges Wanting Eating Noodles Frozen Testicles Painted Animal Mask Wanting Eating Noodles Wantintand Eating Noodles Cat Name Picking White Kola Nut Holding Bolo Tries Kill Snake Bitten Throwing Jello Lot Puff Puff Heap Red Sand Library Broken Rose Quartz Someone Carry Someone Back Dead Giving Night Gown Went High Flood Went Window Glass Entered Room Notre Friends Said Traveled Called Thaty Send Apology Melogise Meander