Arms pointing

Asking hand in marriage


Anonymous hacker

A envolope so big i cant carry it

Army men putting on armygreen uniform holding guns standing in the sorghum garden

Army men with guns standing in the sorghum garden

A letter that becomes larger

Attend mass

Applying silver leafing

Attacked by witches

Adult crawling across a room

Adult crawling in the room

A man walking in the dark towards my front door of my house

A man walking towards my front door

A man in a red flannel walking towards your door



Arguing husband

Angrey father

A man sucking from your breast

A sleeping snake

Ashen tree trunk


Accompany oversea treatment

Abandon car crashes

Asking for hand in marriage


Apt. 10a, 54 w. 16 st., nyc, last purchase price

Aghori baba killing me in dream

At an international airport

Am arleady marridge but i dreams getting marriedge

Another girl organza seen during masturbating in dream

A bird with two head

A broken pestel in the dream

Angelina jolie

A team of theives

A dream in which two horse jump over each other and goat sparkles light from eyes

Animal costumes

A jar of water in the sky with gold on it

A dead person asking me l

A car trying to crash me

A dead person giving you her shoes

Atomic bomb

Abandoned building

A guy who. is late talking to me and having interest in me walking on his work placewith me

Animals fighting each other in dream

Ant pit in my dream

A voice said you have 2 months to live


Allaca animal

Asking a famous person for marriage

Ángel wing

A lot of money

A male friend of your boyfriend

Attach with an umbrella

A man dream the wife slap him in dream

A rock that walks

A rock walking



A dead person to spit in my palm in the dream

Aeroplane storms

Agori giving money to me

Aghori giving message

A sinkhole appears

A sinkhole appears and sinks forever

Applying turmeric on face and kumkum

About migration

Aunty blessing me in my dream

Abandoned houses

Asking for glass of water

Alternative reality

Animals floating

Animals floatig



Alignment of everything

Aghori came out from water in lake

Another person committing suicide

A room with a roof

Alligator and cow


A note on someone’s back dream

A dead uncle giving me kolanut in the dreams

A house filled with women

Asked out on a date


Arnold schwarzenegger

A guy washes my pant in the dream

A botle full of water but without its locker

A girls foot and a woman and i dream


A falling pawpaw tree with plenty fruits on it

An ex lover fading away

Asthahfirullah seeing dream

A white dragon talking to me

A white dragon

A black horse with wings attaking pet


Attacked by a toucan bird

A nun without face

A woman dreaming of a penis and scrotum

A penis

A dog cuddling


A deacon


A door with a window

A door with a diamond shape window

A door with a window in it diamond shape

A blue bird

A man wanted to suck. a woman breasts but the woman walk away


Accidentily breaking a birds leg

Army uniform

A pastor pouring oil on your whole body in a dream meaning

A married man breaking virginity of girl in dream

Aman having sex with virgin girl

Aman having sex with virgin girl in dream

Am married man have dreamt having sex with my crash and she has been virgin

A man put his penis in my mouth

Antique glassware

A animal eating a penis in dream

A room

Accepting red rice in dream

Airplanes spinning out of control about to crash


Alone in the dark about to enter a dark house

Almost crash in a post

Actor in love with me

Attempting to light a candle

Angel, green apple, horse, rain, jade

Adored by girlfriends

Angel apple horse jade rain glow

Angel apple horse jade

Attack by hijra

A church for dead people


Airborne in a car

A murder

A wet peg

A woman seen me

A color black faceless man

A silver crown

Almond shell

A cut on the face of a women lover

Arrested and being set free

Ace bunny

A mother carried a child on her back in my dream

Accepting underwear from dead female friends

Accidentally injured parents forehead


And yam with my best friend

Arrested spouse

Ant in the floar


Airport queue

A barn loft without a ladder

Always dreaming of other men

A martini glass

A woman holding a martini glass

Almist getting rape 4 times in my dream



A passport with forign visa in a dream means

Angel with a pregnant belly

Anger from others

Ajoyning doors

A man in red plaid shirt

A postponed dream could do what

A man wears eari

Accelerator and breaks stuck

Accelerator and breaks stock

Animal tracks

A fellow woman sucking your breasts

A older lady sucking my dick and romancing in a dream

A giant snake

A friend with body paint and no clothes

A dead man throwing stone


Avoided by lover in a dreams

Avoided by love in a dreams


Asian dragon

A lots of money notes

Animals eating another animal


A snake swallowing a goat

Am married but i dreamt being married

A man staring at me



Anime dreams with an anime character that you used to look like

A rendezvous

A door with the number 20

Animal in boiling oil

Annona squasmosa

A baby had full facial hair and a beard


A woman cooking

Athena owl

Alone in room

Alone in roo

A kiss underwater

A pastor pouring anointing oil on my head in a dream | dream interpretation


Asking for saree in dream

Asrtonaunt falling



A full moon with dragon in it ?

Acting like i am cupid

A lady sucking my dick in dream

Ankara wrapper dream

A tree of udara


An older sister dreams a younger sister is raped and she is four months pregnant

Ass and titties

Andy is a pussy ass bitch

Attemping suicide

Amala and vegetable eating in the dream

Animals without eyes or mouths

Attempting jump

Alive headless dream meaning

African pera

Alarm sounding


Alphabet soup

A friend complaining of eye problem

A lot of orange shit

Ascending clouds


Alaskan mamamute


A man cap falls from his head in dream

Applying coconut oil in dream

Alec baldwin

Arguing in church with partner

A man asking permission


A pet

A dead pet cat


A woman eating used sanitary pad

A woman see a male sperm

Airplane flying backwards

A mman pouring an oil on my feet



Auto fellatio

An empty silver pot

Amla tree in dreams


Attacked by midgets

A washed bread fruit in the dream


Alone in big home

Alone in big old house

A crush refuse me sex with her

A lady refuse me in bed

A male dead person is wearing dupatta

A street naming in a dream

A huge feather tree

Anus cleaning


Attracted to a pastor

A friend dreaming me singing in multitude of people

Agidi meaning

A man harvesting cassava

Aquired rings

Aquired your lost rings

Animal inside you




A generator gift in a dream

A large cut fish in half parts


Arm.cut off


Aunt passed away

Applying white color surma in eyes

A lion and and white wolf looking for someone in the dream

Airtime dream meaning


Airtime means

Airtime voicher dream

A boy in my dream eating cooked pennis



A blue bird flew onto my arm and i could not get it off my arm

Alum freeman

A jigger dream

Avocando fruits in a tree

Animal intestine

Akshinthalu meaning indteams

A single beautiful crystal slipper

A dead loved one in jail

Antique watch

Arguing over food

Angry mother in law


A dead neighbor being carried away on a wheelbarrow

Aloe gel

Astagfirullah hereing

Asking water to drink in a dream

Another person jealous of me

Avocado plant dying

A bee in a spider web

A small doll with a needle

Appling lotion to someone

A police fined

A baby boy with tail

A hair dresser rejected braiding my hair in the dream

A dark skinned man at my work place


At a dinner party but didn’t eat


Asian beetle


A relative wearing army uniform

Agreesive dog

Abandoned cabin

An old man gave me $2

An old man gave me 2 dollars

An old man gave me 2 $2 bills


A friend with a swollen leg



A man dreaming of ftwo women fighting over a man in front of his girlfriend

A wolve licking me

Amla tree

Aving sex with a mad woman

Alone at banquet

A dead person giving me lock


A jouney coming back

A journey coming back

Ass woman

Afraid to fall down in tge stairs

Army general

A guy in pink shirt

Alot of recharge card i a dream

A cow stuck under a kraal fance

A guy braiding my hair

A women snatching my ring

A bird peeing on your hand

A girl planting sugar cane on my land in a dream

Ayatul kursi reading in dreams

Ask for sex

Atack by a carabao

A women with male organs

A women wiyh male organs

Answering the door to a dead person

A women trying manipluate your dad

A dead finence giving you ring in a dream what they meaning

A well fenced and good looking banana plantation

A woman offered me palm wine in the market and drink

African women

Angry at sibling

An old town you used to live

A live chicken tied up

Apple trees

Animated stars and the end of time


Animal rescue

A mortar and a pestel in a well full of water

A friend brewing traditional beer at my home for a wedding

Attacked by neighbours

A sick person is healed in a dream




Argument over love of an opposite sex

Anal birth baby

Ayappa in dreams

Ants on your pussy

Attack by thieves

A cow with two heads

A snake disappearing in my house

Almost getting caught up

Anal sex with shemale

A surprised visitor


A dead woman combing my hair

A fictional character in love with me


Apologising to madman

About to be beat

A rocket in dreas

A ocean and rocket in it

Applying brown powder on others face

Aunt sex


Anointing of the toes

A little girl falling

A fat woman became a skinny woman

A snake in my underwear while wearing it

Appear in my dream

Attack by a beaver

A baby napkin that is stained

Aarti taking in worship

A guy asking me for lotion

A teacher flogging a child in a dream

Asian black tea pot


An apple thrown at my head

Alley cat trying to get in back door when i open it

A friend give me clothes in dream

Abadoned house

About to fetch water

Army soldier



A lioness walking

Apple pie

Acacia tall pink tree

Almost completing wearing a high healed shoe

Ancestors feeding me on hindi

Ancestors feeding me

A governor giving me his number what does it mean

A man flogging someone in the dream





A white stork standing in a doorway but would not let me go through the doorway


Animal turn into human

Attempt to be shot

Attempt to beshot

Anniversary dinner party

A man burning a chicken foot

A lion licking me and i ran away

A lion licking me

Angry pastor in your dream

Applying oil on body of others

A tee full of bee hives

A mad woman called me her father

A shadow trying to kill me

A dream of sweet potetoes

Amala nd awadu soup in d dream mean

Asking for a drink of water

Attending a wake

A thick cluster of floating duck feathers that hoovers in the air near me


A dream of buying periwinkle in the market

Allah name on sky

A bouquet of lilie


Angel eating feathers

Ayyapa swami in dreem

Alligator in toilet

A bird flying into your car


A fox talking in dream

A man of god putting a ring on my finger

A dead person holding a child in the dream


American indian funeral

American indian funerea


A small beehive in side of head & i removed it! then bees flies

A friend dream abusing her boyfriend

A big metallic red football up above

Atis meaning in a dream

A negative dna test

Akaram dream

A dead person giving you their house keys


A man plucking garden egg for me

A kinner forcefully sex in dream

Aquarium in dream

After they grow bigger and black


A person appearing in tripple

Atta fole

A black rock coming out of my mouth taking a piece if my tongue

At large

A man building a crib

A coloured dream but wearing black and white stripe jersey

A mad woman loved me in my dream

A lady stealing your firewood

Applaying lotion in my feet

A girl dream she is a boy

Arguing with sister, being squashed down can’t breathe

A dream on your crush

A friend dreamt of me being paid lobola

Angry cat

A big floating fish falling on me from the sky


Ants on my clothes

Awhite jerrycan in adream means what?

Albino alligator

Accidentally get into lakeside waters

A baby wearing brief with curly hair

Aarati putoff

Amethyst necklace