An enemy in foot pain

A pastor spray perfume on me

Advicing an enemy in the dream

An enemy in pain

A goat tied with a rope

A friend cleaning my stove

A black panther and a leopard friendly in my dream

An actor gave me a container full of chin chin and i ate out of it

Applying oils on legs in the dream

Appllying turmeric on face


A girl wearing gold bracelets in a boy dream

A big mam in white with black face

Applying lotion on feet

Ankara wrapper

Angel baby flying

Applying kajal in own eyes | dream interpretation


Accidentally having sex


Acts 1

A hickey on boyfriend neck that i did not give

A hurt pony n desease husband


Actriz de cine

Arriving safely to a dock

A man and a woman in white clothes

A woman in white clothes moving along with a man

A dead man give me a ring in my dreams



An ex paying for my dowery

Artificial flowers

Ashes falling on black rocks

A newly made grave with old one inside one pit


A budgie bright coloured mainly dark blue with my brother

A budgie bright coloured mainly blue with my brotber

A budgie bright coloured mainly blue

Aamla in my dream

A glass falling out of cabinet on me

Affair with a stranger

Anus insect

A road

Asking for black bindi in dream


Aftican wild dog

Ape fell out of cage

Accidental murder

A large stack og money


A black dragon

Ants in bathroom

Angel lamp

A visit from a priest

Anal raoe

Afflicting burn injury to someone

Already made rangoli in house dream means

A woman asked me to help

Amala with beans soup

Attending your sister wedding party


Anubus talking

Anubus statues talking to me

Anubus kneeling at museum and talking to me



Aghori walking in line

Asr praying

A woman blackmailing a man

An spider crawling on your back

A cave

A unknown person


A pregnant woman breastfeed a man in her dream

All my family members at church in coloured clothing

Auto crash

Abandoned arcade

Auspicious silver gift recieving

Above the universe

Artificial red rose


A lady holding up a two headed dragon

Anubis god dream

A black scarf in a dream


Alcohol at an interview

Avoid being seen naked

Avoid being seen that you are naked by your mom

Aging neck

A lame man flirting with a married woman

Angry mother and earthquake

Amy mom ask me to buy bracelet for her

A medium

Astranged sister kissed my shoes

A dead person walking to the white light


A black mans premises



A decease family member asking for coffee




Airplane wheel

A child’s death who is sick

Another persons death

Another persons death that you were taken care of

A man attempting to shoot you ab

A buffalo knocking down part of the poarch roof

Abusing a child

A woman handing you broken chopsticks

Anubis barking at you

A shadow over our heads

A dead person saying they are cold and naked

Astray from path showing multiple path

A marriage of another person

Amasi feeding people and also split

Amasi feeding people

Animals with a person who passed away

A make over

A woman demanding chilli from you in a dream.

About spilling a drink

A burning cross



Appling turmiric on foot


About lions chasing

A dead person want curd saw in a dream

Animal in bed

Alone in crowd

Air pockets


Asking dead person his cloth

A sack full of groundnut

Accused me of cheating with her husband

A bathing shemale in a dream

Applying hair cream on the hair scalp

A dying man dreams that he has one week to clean the church basement or it will be burned


A preacher having dirty panties and giving one to a friend

A group of unmarried women

A cow vomiting

An ex boyfriends mother

A dead person being cold and naked


Animal in cage

Artichoke hearts

Anthony bourdain

Animals in open cage

A white leaf blower

An ex gave me a ring and apologized

Applying turmeric cream

A magical ball


Ancient values in the bible

Airtime calling card dream meaning

Attending a gypsy funeral

Angry pastor dream

Adventure with friends to save world

African dread fruit meaning in dream

A dream about a house that its raining inside

American couple

A lady paid me money to donate my sperm to have baby?

A dream of consulting a traditional doctor

A dream of seeing a dirty toilet with maggots

Aloo poori


A cougar

Asked peanuts

Automobile exploding

A plus

A grade

Applying too much lotion

Affair sister husband

A man wearing a dress


Ants on a baby

A lawyer got upset because a woman had long hair on her legs

A freezer with no door on it

Acquiring a flesh eating bacteria


A dead relative avoids only me



Alien invasion


A newly born naked baby

A person who i should know

A friend typing on a typewriter

A friend asking for money

A friend typing

Apologising to my father in-law to be

A gift of champagnes

Ate cooked cassava in the dream


Always stuck in a situation not being able to complete a task

A lady give turmeric and kumkum on friday

A block fence fall down, meaning

A loaded gun



A snake suckling on breast

Arguing with in-laws

A deas peraon lose my clothes in a dream

A tape worm was on my vagina

A tape worm was on my vagina from one end to another

Adopted children wish to stab me

A condom for a pet

A woman sucking anither womans breast

Amma fruit in dream


Asisi italy

An empty folder with your name on it

A bowl full of cowries

A dog dreaming about drinking water

A black snake lookng at me

Arresting a madman

A snake rolled around me and thee other one looking at me

A pregnant woman

Armored truck


A destruction

A golden trumpet in the dream


Attacking a pangolin

Amla fruits in dream meaning


Accident resulting in death

Accident hitting child with car

A flower inside the coconut during pregnancy

A flower inside the coconut

Acne on butt

A married woman seeing people pounding yam in the dream

After the rain

After rain

Aqua silk dress

Almost drowned

A man dream of licking a peel orange from a girl



Accidentally shooting my dog

A glass cup with steins

Animals and moon


A woman i dont know mastubates me

A woman masturbate me in my sleep

A man take off my panty

Asking woman to go nude

Alfie ns

Angels falling in the sky

A crescent moon and the sun

A crescent moon and the sun in the same sky while snowing

A father wearing his son shoe

Appreciating some one in a dream means


A man dreams his making fire to put a 3 legged pot with water

A man dreams his making fire to put a 3 legged pot with water on

A diction

A kiss from an beared man

A girl was sprinkling water on me in a dream

Ants dream meaning

A small baby that wouldn’t eat and kept crying

Alien dog creature

Army officer ask me question

Apocalyptic tidal wave

Adorned lakshmi feet


A spider

All my flower pots are stolen

A mountain of broken egg shells in the dark and the shells are illumantant

Aerosol can inside of oven

Accidentally killing someone

Accidentally killing an old man

A tree with black and gold leaves

Animal on fire

Alligators floating in water


A man gave me kolanut in my dream

A man gave me black kolanut in my dream

A spoonwith a white handle stirring boiling water

A female won’t leave you alone

A box of new cloths

An empty silver briefcase

A man on the boat

Anal sex

Apartment with clothes line in the hall

Attack by black carrabao

A newborn baby is taken from my arms

A bag full of clear rocks

Acid clean up

Active military service



A typhoon ripping out a tree

Astral projection


A beautiful woman with long starts red hair named pam

Angel and demon wings

Abdominal soars

A jar with quarters

A girl sitting in my lap

Alien travel

Amal tree with fruits

A cooked fish with two tails

A man sleeping

A dead man celebrating a birthday

Arriving by water


A car burning with man runing burning in flammes

Applying butter to hair

Avoiding someone you love in a dream

Avoiding your loved one in a dream

A fire lion meaning

Ac dc

A young boy being bitten by a snake in a dream

Abandoned house


Acupunture in ear

Artificial insamination

A naked child playing

Athletics star

Amala and beans soup in dream

Attempt kiss toe


All girl school

Accidently shooting someone in the head

Ancestor giving property

Ancestor bequeathing property

A snake in bag eating a mouse covered by ants




Airplane crashes into bridge

A man trying to shot to kill me

A gathering of strangers


A mans hand over my mouth while i am asleep

Attacked by a s

A water by the side and i saw two vehicles one is good and the other is bad

A drowning crown in a fishing stream

Aunty asking for forgiveness

Arguing with ex mother in law

A power on my hands and head

A visitor

A brother died

Asian girl eyes

Animal tackle

Anubis god

A woman yelling at me


Apples in a dream

A dream about a black snake killing a pet dog

At work

An older woman being pregnant

Almost freezing to death

An actor romancing me

A boy who cares about me in my unconfortable situations


A single black jack weed falling from my face

A frenchman

An open seashell

Auto parts

Arrested development

A wren flew and sat on my hand

A blue wren flew and sat on my hand



Ayyappan devotee

Argue with mother then leave house

A dream about carrying a papaya tree roots

A dead person celebrating a birthday and taking gifts

Avoiding sex with hijra meaning

A women helping to drape saree

A stranger gave me pink color, my sis purple , blue

Abandoning a friend when they need it most

A friend visited me

Aghori baba killing someone

A pruned olive tree

A man gave me a kolanut

Angry dog cat and squirrel

Angry kinner in dream

A car teleports me

Anime character was kissing me

Aphrodite gives me a shell

Affair between friends

A dead relatives face on a robot

Autumn forest with a ferruginous hawk with amber eyes

Awakened by sound of alarm clock but alarm clock was off

Auntie and uncle laughing

Auntie and uncle laughing


Angel with trumpet

A dead person sweeping a floor

Adult son, separated

Anus licking

Airplane disaster into sea

A dream about umemulo

Argument with sister

Applying kumkum

Apple crumble

Apples in water

Animal human face

Ancient architecture


A dream about guinea fowl bird

African americans robbing me

Another woman serving husband food in the dream

Another woman serving have husband food in the dream

Alive grass burning

A dead person give me two dresses of red and green color but i wore red dress in dream

African chewing gum

Alice in wonderland

Applying body lotion on feet

A man giving me money

Ancestor asking for food in dream




A young child tied with a rope


Arshina kumkuma dream

A passenger in a vehicle driving through a river

A young boy attacked me and cut my body with a razor blade

A love relationship takes on an added. dimension

Audio system

Angel and devil together

Ancient artifacts

A man that is green

A green man

Afraid of heights

Arm dislocated

A young chayote plant

Ava max

A dead relative is thirsty

Advice from the dead

Aztec men

Aztec dance


A fly

A dream of pulling wheat out of your mouth

A woman was licking my vagina

Arguing with a brother

Animal sex


A new baby granddaughter


Art shop

Amythest ring

A small glass bowl with a smaller piece of glass

Amputated limbs

Attacked by deamon

A dead relative is borrowing or wearing your clothes

A glass of white wine i drank it at once until it was half empty i started to get drunk a bit with unknown friends and other half glass of wine i threw it away

A glass of white wine i drank it at once until it was half empty iw

Aunts broken finger

A small snake appearing and disappearing

Apple turnover cake

Apple turnover


Apple turnover pie

All white skunk

Attending a will reading

Arabic writing in the sky and reading it

Arabic writing in the sky


A dead person taking me down of the building and telling me i have to stay here only and afterward i accepted that

Animal soldiers?

Avoided by siblings

Attempted house burglary back door


Ancestral home

A person who turns into shaytaan but takes human form and laughing


A sack full of money

A large poo dream

Abnormal fish



Auction selling cupboard

Auction and recovery of wallet

A horse dream

A brown horse bucking in my dream

A building

A colored pencil red floating

A sharp red color lead pencil upright floating

A sharpe red drawing pencil standing up straight by itself

Application form

A dream in which a person is watching meteor shower in the sky and able to wish

Appears kumkum on forehead

A woman trousers

Allah name write in sky

A carving knife

A woman suck my dick

A crow picking at a rabbit

About president and his convoy

A dead person falls into a ditch

A girl walks in on me

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