Anointing of the toes

A little girl falling

A fat woman became a skinny woman

A snake in my underwear while wearing it

Appear in my dream

Attack by a beaver

A baby napkin that is stained

Aarti taking in worship

A guy asking me for lotion

A teacher flogging a child in a dream

Asian black tea pot


An apple thrown at my head

Alley cat trying to get in back door when i open it

A friend give me clothes in dream

Abadoned house

About to fetch water

Army soldier



A lioness walking

Apple pie

Acacia tall pink tree

Almost completing wearing a high healed shoe

Ancestors feeding me on hindi

Ancestors feeding me


A governor giving me his number what does it mean

A man flogging someone in the dream





A white stork standing in a doorway but would not let me go through the doorway


Animal turn into human

Attempt to be shot

Attempt to beshot

Anniversary dinner party

A man burning a chicken foot

A lion licking me and i ran away

A lion licking me

Angry pastor in your dream

Applying oil on body of others

A tee full of bee hives

A mad woman called me her father

A shadow trying to kill me

A dream of sweet potetoes

Amala nd awadu soup in d dream mean

Asking for a drink of water

Attending a wake

A thick cluster of floating duck feathers that hoovers in the air near me


A dream of buying periwinkle in the market

Allah name on sky

A bouquet of lilie


Angel eating feathers

Ayyapa swami in dreem

Alligator in toilet

A bird flying into your car



A fox talking in dream

A man of god putting a ring on my finger

A dead person holding a child in the dream


American indian funeral

American indian funerea


A small beehive in side of head & i removed it! then bees flies

A friend dream abusing her boyfriend

A big metallic red football up above

Atis meaning in a dream

A negative dna test

Akaram dream

A dead person giving you their house keys


A man plucking garden egg for me


A kinner forcefully sex in dream

Aquarium in dream

After they grow bigger and black


A person appearing in tripple

Atta fole


A black rock coming out of my mouth taking a piece if my tongue

At large

A man building a crib

A coloured dream but wearing black and white stripe jersey

A mad woman loved me in my dream


A lady stealing your firewood

Applaying lotion in my feet

A girl dream she is a boy

Arguing with sister, being squashed down can’t breathe

A dream on your crush

A friend dreamt of me being paid lobola

Angry cat

A big floating fish falling on me from the sky


Ants on my clothes

Awhite jerrycan in adream means what?

Albino alligator

Accidentally get into lakeside waters

A baby wearing brief with curly hair

Aarati putoff

Amethyst necklace

A woman seeing dog bitting in her lips

A friend spit in my food in the dream

A friend spit in my food

A lot of coin from my pocket


A cat attacking you

An apple with a hole


A hand was reaching for my hand

Ambulance number

Awliya darga in my dream


A girl with attractive lips

Applying kumkuma and haldi mean what in dream

A guy i am dating was marking my breast with his mouth, living a round black mark

Aarti in dream meaning

A bald eagle rapidly flies down with a bit in its talons and drops the boy to me, and i help him.


Asking to get cowries

A big snake in house wall


A man touching my umblical cord


Aunt stroke

Aunt had a stroke

Arranging a broom in a dream

A friend who became an enemy pleading for forgiveness


Another guy while married

A passenger to a race car

Amputated wing


A bird turning into a child in dream

A turning into a male child in dream

A sinking island

Arabic letters meaning

Arabic letter geem

About python in a dream

Avoid to job from very high hills

An old friend of mine was playing wìth his penis in front of my wife

Atlas bones

Arrogant man

A steep slope


A dog eating a hotdog

A boy with turmeric on forehead

A couple in love

A man shaving woman vagina

A lot of meat

Applying turmeric on my hair

Altar fire

Altar fier

A car being swept away by a river

Accepting a whistle

A blue dream blaket

Angels in clouds making hearts using their hands





Attempt to car jack


A girl is trying to have sex with you and you are trying to fight them off

A bird fight with a snake

A dog sucking my vigina

Apply oil on leg

Arrow pointing the moon

Actors acting

A late father smiling

Acquiring a new pen

A holy place

A dream my mother was electrocuted

Attacked by someone

A big mam in white with black face

A rejection of a tie onions in a polyethylene sack given to me by someone


A nice and strong brown shoes

A child eating poop

A teenage boy being my friend

Accept lanzones


Aghori sleeping in dream

Animal killers

Asking question from mothrr

Archbishop and his wife

A son finding a lock of hair

Ancient soldiers

Alain dream

Almost walk down the aisle

Almost walk the aisle

A baby that looks like me

A host village

A deserted village

Animal refuge

A living being telling you they are hungry


A woman biting a man finger

An old woman praying for me

Always rushing

Always rushing to catch public transport


A cat sex me


A dying pegasus in sky

Attacked by stranger

Ants coming out of my hand bag

Arms sky

A friend coming back from abroad

Applying blue bindi in dreams

Abortion of alien fetus

A shearing a birthday gift but i did not get my own

As a pregnant woman u buy ripe plantain what it mean

Asking for god

A ghost giving me spray in my dream

Applying oil

Applying oil over the body

A lady put camphor in my bag in a dream

Abandoned house

African wrappers dream meaning


Antique clothes

Angry face moon

A friend wearing feng shui black obsidian bracelet like mine

Assembly and line by line

Army confrontation


African wild dog fighting with a hyena

A truck crashing into a house

A crying dog

Akamu give you by some body in your dream

Attend wedding

Applying kajal in our own eyes meaning

Ayyappa dream meaning

A black van pulled up in front of my house

A van pulled up in front of my house

A dead person spitting on me

Air conditiowater spilling fron air conditionn

A cut slippers in the dream

Asking saree

Applying on forehead haldi kumkum

Applying turmeric to others in my dream


Ann princess

A eagle being eaten

A man in my room

Anise seed


An actor saves me from killing

Ape sitting with a baby but invisible for the family


Apple with worm

Angry peer baba

Angry peer baba come in my drean

A dream where my testicles was touched by a child

A dream with a deputy president

Applying fertilizer in dream

Almond drink

A vision not a dream in it a crocodile swallowed someone


A mother given money?

Allah written on sky

A person slightly biting my left ear

A lover is angry

A lover is mad at you

A boy dream about sucking his girlfriend vagina that has lipstick


A stranger giving you money in a dream

Accidently killing a turtle

A line of hay pile


An empty clothes closet is a warning against getting into debt; a full closet signifies unusually large business profits; a well-stocked linen closet is a sign of a happy family future, but an empty linen closet is a forerunner of family quarrels or rifts.

Al battar sword

Al battar reword

A dead person asking for a soft drink

A lost pose

Applying bindi on forehead

Applying bind on forehead

Around neck burnt

A mysterious creature biting my ear off

A snake coming my way

A wound on cheek

Anal sex in a dream

Ancestor having food

A friend cooking okro

A white female became a black man

Ancestral dream

Always moving & cleaning house

Allah name in dream

Airing up a flat tire

Albino turtle

A friend gives money

African bride

Allah name chanting in dream

Atm card stuck

Angels trumpet


A lady with turmeric applied face and kunkum in dream

Animal eating another animla


Animal run

Ar chase

A falling durawall



Antichamber, egyptian symbology

A younger single man being pinched by a married woman

A boy being pinched by a married woman

A married woman pinch my butt

A bad person spy on me

All my clothes was in fire

Amala and ewedu soup

A dead man urinating on me in a dream

A dead family member spread roses


Asking for water to drink in a dream

Animal eating baby animal

Appearing peepal trees in dreams


A race with my kid sister to get home first

A priest confirming a chief in dream meaning

A handful of sand

Alta in legs


A loud clanging or pan dropping

Attending a funeral of someone who is dead in the awake life

Adventure with no end


A lady wearing a white blouse with black polka dots on it in the dream means

A lady wearing a white blouse with black polka dots

Aunty confessing sex with bruce springsteen

Attaching to hands

A house without a door

A killer fell


A cheque

A man seeing a girl,s vagina

Angel blowing trumpet


A woman pounding fufu in a dream

Amla came in to my dream

Ankh key

Angel with golden rope

A dead person inside caffeine

A dead aunt embracing you in dreams means

A guinea pig biting me and leaving 2 small babies in painful wound

A guinea pig biting me and leaving 2 small babies in hurting wound

Aamla tree

A chimney with a house on top of it

A chimney with a square on top and a house inside it

Ahle bait

A saw a symbol of a dragon in a watch

All white rooms

About sex with someone or related

A female going to the ladies

Attacked by crowbar

Attacked by a crowbar

Artesian well

All dreams menig

Allah written

Affair with a married pastor


A friend daughter

Acid burns

Applying lotion n in dream



Angels in a dream

Airplane has to touch down in a different destination due to problems, not sure when everyone can get home

Ancient house

A woman wearing torn clothes

A black olive on top of a cantaloupe

A seal that gave me a gift

Arms burned

Alone searching for something

Auto repair shop

A light instead of a face

A spear thrown at you in war

Attack mannequin

A world wide flood

At a ball


A gift of meat and ham

A red ceramic bowl filled with simmering sparkling water

A red bowl contains hot sparkling water

A red ceramic bow contains hot sparkling water

A red bowl with hot sparkling water

A sea of treasure

Abanoned by husband

A small dragon biting me and making me bleed

A brotherinlaw kissing me on my face

Animal excrement

A woman who i usto be close with


Acting in dream about ranayana

Abruptly stopped ceiling fan

Albino baby girl


Applying coconut oil in hair

A dream about soldier crossing a gutter and stumbling

Angry in dream

Accepting tablets and money in the dream

Awakened by touch

An attacking bear

Animal death

Animals running in my front yard

Animals running in ,y front yard

Automobile moving backwards

Anticlockwise whirlwind on gravel

A persons grave

A deceased was upset and wanting to hit someone

A deceased upset and wanting to punch someone

Another wearing worn clothing


African ancestor

Ashes in my mouth and i can never get rid of them



Asking me isiwasho

Animals trying to kill each other

Animal morphed into another

Arm sliced open

Any dream in which you become a pope

Attending convention wearing someone else’s clothes

Attending convention

Apizza stove with coles being shovel

Amala deepam iny dreambroken slipper

Auto falashio

A girl leaves her clothes in your car

A man on a mountain

A man in a mountain

A house with green stairs

A robbery in a store

Ask my sister money back

A friends pregnancy

A holes in a door

Annona apple

Appraising fake jewelry

Avoiding wearing a helmet

Angle wings

A wasp in a cupboard

A person exposing self

A friend that moved home to a different country moving towards me

At a restuarant

Accepting gold from my dead mother

African fabric

A broken ladder in shallow water under a bridge

A dead friend not eating a sandwich a broken ladder in shallow water under a bridge

American indians means of black cat in dreams


Artificial grass

A woman having sex with a male pastor in a dream

Accident at work

Adult crawling like baby

Ass hole

Anonymous parcel

A lot of guepe in a car

A man was sucking my breasts in the dream

A scary rollercoster

Ancestors on a round table meeting with palm wine

A mans face

A pregnant woman in white clothes

A man counting money

A plate of samp mixed with sugar beans


Arguing with husband

A whale flipping

A whale coming out of water

A large fish flipping out the water


A silver truck in a dream

Accidentally killed a dog

Applying glycerin

Asking for food in a dream

A date

Accelerator ,clutch and brakes failure of the car

An evil person laughing me in my dream

Anothers messy house





Animals eat dead animals

Air freshener


Armed forces

An ex partners penis

Asking for perfume bottle

Animals eating animals

A lady gave me a bag containing apples

A bag containing apples