Aries dream of taurus

Attend burial

A women sucked my penis in my dream

A silver car

A man playing with my nipples

A peaceful place with green grass and green water

A man kissing on a woman’s neck and sniffing

A man kissing a woman on her neck

A man kissing a woman on her neck and smelling

Abandoning dogs dream

An unmarried girl dreaming of having a newborn baby

A bird that turns into a fly when caged

A santa claus suit

A young girl sucking my dick

Adding levels to a parking garage

A female cousin naked and has shrunk

Attempt to molest physicaly touching by a family meme=ber

Announcement of death in dream

An important person died and his bathed him in my bath

A hen lay only one egg what does it mean

At a camels funeral

A dead camel in dream

A boy behaving pervert things wit me in dream

A guy kissed me

Albino in a dream

Arc of covenant

Attacking peacock

Antique earring

Already plugged out sugar cane


Attempting to stop suicide

A deceased person giving bread in your sleep what does it means

A man licking my vagina and me loving it

Apple dream in pregnancy

A man on my dream and my friend

A man on my dream

A venus flytrap growing in my dream


A naked woman in a dream

A guinea hen in a wheelbarrow

A swarm of squid

Atractive people

A vehicle is driving on the wrong side of the road

A girl sucking ur dick

Anaconda skin

A bag of rice

A man teleported in my dream

Almost getting caught

Appendix scar on a lady

All my chinaware was stolen

Acid pond

Arguing about money

Angel, eros

A toy from my bedroom in a dream was hurting me and punching me in the back i woke up it hurts



Afraid of skydiving in a dream

A child buying something from me

A child giving me money

A small boy giving me money

A cow and horse fighting in dreams

Adopt an orphan

Almond tree grown in stone

A husband slapped wife in the dream

A women that has glowing face

A herd of cows

A old three house

An old friend giving you puff puff to eat

Argue dreams

Accepting food from a dead person

Animal watching me


A fear of scorpion then it disappear

A friend doing me makeup and i looked so beautiful

A woman wants to shave my pubic hair

A lion on the roof of the house

A small girl

A temple with light but broken ring

Attacked by leopard

A woman giving me a white kolanut

A dog paw print on my person

A love in a dirty house

A guy called connor

A person was pinguin

A dream with dead relatives

A pregnant woman dream eating mango in dream

A big vandalized house

Acne on someone else

A drowning duck

A woman offered me swedish fish.

Arrow falling from the sky and hitting its target

A very handsome unknown man who was romantic with me


Ayyappa devotee in dreams

Animal skull

Aircraft bombing


A dream about been ordained as a chief

Antique china

A pastor buying cassava in a dream

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