Being tied to a tree

Bilge pump overflowing

Broken pen

Bit by a dog

Biggest shrine

Being pregnant for a celebrity

Burn water

Being a second wife in a dream

Brother slapping sister

Buying coco yam in dream

Best friend getting married


Black mass

Being congratulated for graduation

Being congratulated

Being chased by a crowd

Being brave not afraid of anything

Bulbul burd

Biting metal

Brother marriage function

Baby face

Baby sister born

Being by lost in a dream

Braking cobwebs off around my head


Bees box

Being scared while being spit on by a witch

Baby having a baby

Black turbulent sea

Being the center of attention at a party

Black monsters


Bottomless hole under house filling up with water

Body lotion in mouth

Bathroom light


Buying waist beads means

Break free

Blinking lights

Black puppy bite

Being sliced down the middle

Being cut in half


Blowing shankha


Body fluids

Bad teddy

Baby boy left in my care

Blackberry shaped spots on toung and throat

Being smotheref

Bleeding hands

Bleeding on the palm of your hands

Boyfriends gay

Baby turning blue

Big white egg shell

Brown dress shoes

Boyfriend plucked guava for me



Beautiful green eyes

Being pulled out of a softball game

Blurry man

Baby drowning

Broken red bangles in dream

Black swans

Buying clothes for a dead person

Buying bitter kola in a dream

Being on a cruise

Birthday cards with cash in

Being fed by my hasband in the dream

Buying frozen meat with son


Buying food for mad man in dream

Boy likes me

Black bumble bee

Black horse living in the house

Buy pounded palm nut in the market in a dream

Buy pounded palm nut in the market in a dream

Boyfriend pay lobola


Being dismissed from school

Beas flying into ear

Baby eating fruit from dead person

Broken rabits foot

Brother in law seem meaning

Buying a piano


Being in a submarine

Bleeding vagina or anus

Breaking key in a lock


Brother in a fight goes to separate

Bible on the floor

Become a model in dream

Being held down

Being held dow in my dream

Buying silverware

Burbing food

Brown2 headed rat on my arm



Burning money

Burnt snakes

Burnt serpents

Baby pink

Bitter kola in the rream

Brown powder in spoon

Bitting someone on the bum

Blooming orchid in pot after a fire

Being shot during a carjacking

Black eggplant seeds

Brown dust storm

Bug going in mouth

Blowing sunflower seeds from nose

Being accused of stealing

Box of cooking o

Baby in water

Buying sweetmeat in your dream

Being intimidated


Bible verse dreaming

Backed into car bumper

Being given kolanut in the dream

Blue thumb

Breast touching by brother


Breast feeding a new born

Burning snake

Boyfriend being arrested

Bleeding teeth dream meaning

Bloody footprints

Breakfast cooking

Blood on foot no pain

Ballet dancers


Blank bangles in dream


Being earsed in a dream

Broken groud over two bridge

Black dots in air

Blonde boys

Big fish falling from the sky into the ocean

Being new makoti

Baby lord krishnaji in dream


Black shiny hair

Beat up ex girlfriend

Buffalo and drowning

Bottle gaurd

Baby boy swimming

Buying fragnant flower with lots of leaves

Being chased by a warthog

Being choked by person

Body organs in a jar

Biten by dog

Bien by dog

Buttons falling out of a cream white skirt borrowed by my aunt

Buttons falling an off white skirt borrowed by my aunt

Bulls chasing me

Broken crystal

Been given a teapot

Big house with hidden rooms

Building field

Bad parent

Broken heel of shoe

Baby girl

Black peacoak

Break of mangalasutra

Being robbered

Being chased

Bathing while dressed in black

Bug comes out of pimple

Black and white figures

Burning leaf

Bloody arm

Black moon

Blue and white walls

Blue and white pattered walls

Bleeding from arm

Bleeding fryarm

Bus climbing on a steep dream

Behind barn

Birthday of deceased

Bad person

Black line down stomach

Being at a party where people are eating humans



Black agricultural animal

Braiding someones hair means

Black horse licking breast in shower

Buying sachets water in the dream

Buying walking stick

Ball dress

Body bag

Blue eye cutting in the dream

Being blessed by a middle aged man with a pendant pressed to my forehead

Best friend wedding

Being controlled

Basket of tomatoes

Black horse licking breast.

Bailing out water

Broken glas

Broken class

Buy palm oil in dream

Being licked by a snake

Burning bush

Breaking and eating palm fruits nuts in a dream

Blind woman with eyeglass

Breaking palm kernel fruitd in a dream

Breaking and eating of palm kernel fruits on a dream

Breaking and eating of palm kernel fruits on a dresm


Bottle guard fencing

Bleeding cow

Branches waving

Being burnt

Blowing a cow horn

Boeing a cow horn

Been given kolanut kn the dream

Blood cloths

Bread crumbs in bed

Brain syrgery

Brother naked

Big fish falling from sky

Boyfriend becoming sister

Being protected from harm in a dream

Being tracked

Big comodo

Breastfeeding a bird

Baby walking

Bible meaning of driving a truck


Being sodomized by another person

Being sodomidefbmmm

Burlesque dancers

Blowing into my ear

Being cut in a dream

Bailing out flood water

Bailing out a water trench

Buying a house

Blood head coming


Bedsheets changing

Bruise forehead

Blue tit

Bramha dream

Breadfruit falling from tree and i am catching them

Burning down a house




Being murdered by your parents

Big snail

Bugs anal

Baby with green stuff on their mouth

Boyfriend cheating and person dien

Buying garri in dreams

Big cockroach

Being hit by a car

Black and white bird get on fire

Belly button, frog, coming out

Bellam chudatam

Bear biting your dog





Blue fish

Baby clothes

Blue fish in the dream

Broken wristwatch in the dream



Baby elephants

Baby footprint

Breaking fence

Brand new black suv

Bright green trees

Being seeing your nakedness by your mom


Blue parrot

Breaking egusi seed in the dream meaning

Black stork

Breaking and eating of palm kernel in dream meaning


Breaking and eating of palm karnel in the dream

Breaking and eating of palm kalnel

Blue face


Broken beads


Black stone ring seen in dream

Black small snake turning to a brown puppy

Buckets of liquid gold pouring out

Baby choking in a dream

Being killed by a clown

Brown water ankle deep

Big white lizard

Black sheep attacked in dreams

Brother marraige

Blue gown

Being congratulated in a dream

Baby hungry


Baby chicks and money

Broken teeth in a comb

Breakfast foods

Buying a padlock

Blob falling on me

Broken sandals

Big brown dog talking

Bridge symbolism

Bit my tongue

Being unwelcome

Black sweater

Breeze blowing curtains

Bubbling water out of toleit

Being in foster care


Burying bodies

Blue on face

Black woman in a gold dress

Boyfriend drunk

Being chased by a giant

Buying a tv

Black pole

Black bead dream

Bear in my house


Brown leather italian handbag

Being attacked by a cat

Brother in law died

Brown scorpion

Being a cartoon character

Being in a video gams

Bond with your classmate

Bind with your classmate

Baphomet bit my arm

Black baphomet bit me

Billowing black clouds on my cieling

Black herse in dreams

Bullet to heart

Beating my 8 year old daughter

Buying locust bean in the dream

Blue cow and green cow

Badgers in set


Barking bulldog

Buying eyeliner


Being beaten up by antifa activists while in my wheel chair and they shout fascist at me

Breaking and eating kernels nut

Black curly hair in a ponytail

Bit by cats

Bit my cats

Being accused of a crime

Bird in mouth

Buying peas dream meaning


Blue graduation cap and gown

Breaking a mud dauber nest

Broken tombstone


Backing a sleeping baby in a dream

Black plate

Black sheet

Burning sensation on the feet sleeping and awake?

Baby left in car towed away

Black mountain with strong black aura

Black mountain with strong aura

Broken eyeglasses

Black lamb

Babe ruth

Bendy guitar neck

Buying sheabutter in dream

Baby gargoyle


Baby walker in dream

Boyfriend holding a superman costume that is his

Buying sachets water

Being handed a happy baby girl

Boobs growing

Boobs growin

Bird fighting with snake

Bird fighting with snake dreamed

Black cat on leash

Bear skull

Bike tire

Birds fighting

Big ocean waves

Bacon wrapped red pepper

Baby coral snake

Baby coral snake coming down from wall attacking


Baby without mouth

Baby with no mouth

Breast filled with pus

Buying sarees for others

Buying and gifting a red corvette

Body growths

Being taunted harassed

Being taunted by strangers


Best prints

Beetles fingernails

Blood on a ramp

Black dog

Burning my clothes

Broken jade bangle

Bubbles out of mouth


Buying nephew a stetson

Broken long mirror into two equal pieces

Boiled and peeled egg

Buried a dead person

Being police station seen police without wear uniform and seen female police at gate down gun

Being police station looking someone but is not their

Breast bleeding

Blinking of eyes

Boss working in different industry

Being ordered what to do

Bitter gourd plant with fruits

Baby daddy wants to pay lobola in a dream

Blood clots in mouth

Being the queens servant

Baby in manger

Bodies being exhumed

Blue watch

Blowing shankh

Being massaged

Bent knife blade

Beating someone to death

Bloody hamdprint

Buying popcorn in a dream

Black and white featureless humanoids

Bloody vagina during sex dream

Blood on a napkin

Being eaten alive by wolves

Beating a mad woman in dream

Break someone’s neck

Boyfriend family

Black helicopter with a black flag

Being groped by a woman

Bougainvilla flower

Big rocks on the road driven over

Boyfriend wanting to make a baby

Bug inside your stomach in dream

Being with my crush

Biblical meaning of dreaming my daughter raped

Breaking olive oil bottle

Breaking of olive oil glass bottle in a valley

Broken crock pot

Becoming the massiah

Being a massiah

Boyfriend hair

Breaking tent

Buying jaggery

Buying jaggery in the dream

Blood tsunami meaning

Being in church in a dream

Beads and string worn on waist

Being licked by a man in my vagina

Biblical dream interpretation of pounding cooked yam in the dream

Being kicked out of the house i grew in

Baking cookies

Black phanter

Big snake on refrigerator

Being chased by a cyclops

Big green snake on refrigerator

Butterflies in spider web

Being a flower

Biting cow

Burning wood

Blow flies


Beef jerky

Biohazard symbol



Beat up guy

Bag getting stolen

Blue tree

Brother speaking to me

Bitten by a leopard on my foot

Brother speaking positive words to me

Bloody wedding dress on a girl

Body parts floating in water

Bathroom purple mat

Bath mat purple

Being fired from your present job

Broken pestle ina dream

Beijing pestle in a dream

Blue alligator

Broken drinking glasses

Being blessed with clothes by your friend

Being at the moue route

Black women prophesying over in dream

Being kissed by brother in law in a dream


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