Cooking crabs

Colours - meaning in dreams

Catching fish and cutting them

Cousin leaving wife

Cowries in dreams

Cat milk

Cat mill


Cut trees

Climbing out of a hole in my dreams

Calve piercing

Calf piercing

Chewing scent leaves

Cheers scent leaves in my dream

Covered plate

Cooking a dead donkey


Cow milk curds

Cow eating leaves of trees

Cooking for husband

Cooking roti meaning

Cooking roti

Colour ginger

Calling yet unsure

Christmas feelings /halloween endings

Catching thieve in in my working place in the dream


Conversation about cup


Cylinder gas break

Cooking of coco yam

Cold war

Current self excited younger self wants you to tell you something

Collecting what is mine with force

Cat skeleton

Can’t scream

Carrying kerosene to home

Col water on the body

Col water from head to toe

Cherubin angel

Corrainder leaves

Cumming in my dream

Cutting camel meat in dreams

Chid dies

Crush has attraction

Copper stairs


Chicken carcass incinerated

Coffin in the sea dream

Condiments in my dream

Camote in dream

Can''t find way home

Chld with double head

Child woth 2 heads

Child running towards me

Climbing rock faces

Clown boots

Clock on shoe

Crazy person

Clearing out cupboard

Clearing closet

Colorful pink houses

Celebration clothes

Coughing out small stones

Crescent moon during eid

Chinaware stolen

Chinaware sgolen

Chased off cliff

Cutting babies feet and hands off

Crocodile and snakes

Chase by a skunk

Carrying brother and soster on my back

Color of flowers

Cream puff


Crown of white pearls

Cow heels

Cobalt blue tornado

Carry animal

Cow laying down

Crack on top of your head


Cat kitten

Chicken feet and crabs being thrown at me

Car accedent

Cartel shooting

Calling my deceased grandmother



Cooking palm but soup in a dream

Cornmeal porridge dream meaning

Cant remember a nigh out

Chasing childern

Cashew nut seed

Controlling a dream

Coiled rope

Crape in dream

Cup blood


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