Dreaming of my lobola negotiations

Dreaming of death people wearing white clothes

Dreaming of deceased brother crying

Dreaming a buffalo giving milk

Dream of see lima

Drowning in ocean

Dreaming failing to give in a church collection during giving

Dreaming cleaning of sorghum seeds

Dream meaning of tumeric

Dream about school

Dream of making corn tortillas

Death person gift me gold and silver chain

Dead father asking for waterin dream

Durian fruit comes on dream

Dreaming swimming deep in the ocean

Dowsing rods

Dreaming seeing someone drawing the sigh of anarchy

Dowsing rods being broke

Dream someone was about to steal my phone

Dream that someone stole the battery of my car

Dogs been set on me

Dreaming of a role call

Dream meaning of a naked woman

Dream of being trapped in a bog

Dream of seeing a mad person

Dreaming that someone has given you a golden pen

Dream that someone gives me rusty nails

Dream of pounding fufu

Dreaming raw red meat

Dreaming of red meat dt need to be cutted and cooked

Drinking coconut water

Dead body on a wedding

Dream of seeing bitter kola

Dreaming about s

Dreaming about light finding it difficult to pass through your room

Died. father crying

Died father crying in dream meaning

Dreaming about light finding it difficult to ll

Dreaming about light finding it difficult to l

Dreaming about light finding it diffiy

Dreaming of my pastor and his wife

Dragging mango in a dream means what

Dream of my dead mum asking for money

Dreaming of having aids

Dream meaning of buying/packing crayfish

Dream overflowing water from washing machine

Dreaming buying jack fruit in dream

Dreaming a white woman

Dream of marriage arrangements

Dream of dying with group of feiends

Dead viper

Dreaming of a prince wearing traditional clothes

Dreaming of amla

Dreaming black eyes snake

Dreaming black eyes snake sitted under my armpit

Dream of looking slim

Dreaming about feeding a dead person food

Dream carrying old sick man

Dream interpretation | dream dictionary what does it meaning putting, oil, hair in the dream?

Dreaming the house out side is plastered and the other side is not plastered

Dreaming the house out side the other part is plastered and the other side is not plastered

Dream of guinea fowl with guinea fowl babies birds meaning

Dreaming of offals digging down

Dreaming of exmother in law

Dreaming about traditional marriage

Dreaming unknown dead body

Dismounting a horse

Dead person taking a bath

Dream dead cow

Dreaming of marriage without a groom

Deseased father talking about cup

Dreaming of making out with someone you like

Dream of dead king

Dream about tee falling

Dream meaning of kernel

Dreaming about you pumpkin leaves

Dreaming of running out of halloween candy


Dream meaning when your crush give you a slippers

Dream of walking in mud

Dream about somebody’s mouth with stitches on both sides

Drive by shooting


Dreaming my daougther crying


Dog burn8g

Dense lion

Drinking satchet water in the dream

Dreaming about your sister in law with a child and the babies food

Dreaming about your sister in law with a child and the food

Dream of a falling teethy

Dream of giving a friend maize meal from a sack

Dreams of catching a tokoloshe

Dream of purple dragonfly

Dream of deceased mom having a drink

Dream of losing my love


Dreaming of my deceased grand father kissing me


Dreaming of my grand father kissing me

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