Dream of cuting or eating okra

Dick sucking

Different decade

Dream of cocoa but fruit

Dead beaver

Dreaming meali meal

Dreamt my brother as gay

Dream of plucking and eating cashew fruit

Dream meaning to bath with warm water

Dead person throwing salt in a pram

Dead father giving garlic in dreams

Dead person giving you advice

Dreaming being shown how to make traditional medicine

Dreaming traditional medicine

Dream of my brother sucking my breast

Dreaming of dancing with a guy

Death of king

Dream of i am selling all the coffee at the cafe

Driving night lights

Dead husband

Dream of same house that was a mess

Dreamt my dead boss

Drawing kolam in dream

Dream with scorpians surrounding you

Door bell ring

Dreaming about mangoes

Deleting messages

Dreams about carabaos ate grass

Dark bathroom

Dream about an elevator with two people going inside

Dream about an elevator

Dream rip tide rip current

Dead person congratulating me in a dream

Daughter was raped

Driving at night

Dreaming of herbanero peppers

Dead person vagina

Dreaming of an award

Dusty canister

Dolphin dream islam

Dreaming of an eagle biting your finger

Dream of dead person in a casket

Dead former boyfriend

Dreaming of black saree with red border

Dancing with my son in a dream means what

Dead husband laughing

Dark and frigid cold outside in the day time

Dreaming of killing guinea fowl


Dreaming of deceases spouse

Dream about holding a gun

Door with no handle

Dead person throwing a hat

Dream of pulling pearls from mouths

Dreams of loved ones in accidents

Dirty wedding band

Driving a motor home

Dreamt of a shop covered in dust

Dreamt of a shop with dust

Dreamt of buying work shops bought an old dusty shop

Dreaming of stone faces

Dreaming sieng mass at a cheap price in store

Dreaming about mass diary product on sale at a shop

Dreaming about mass

Daughter shot

Daughter shot in head

Dreaming about work

Dreaming about work, but it is in a different place

Dead person appearing alive in dream

Driving atv

Door with no knob to enter


Dream of dog in dress feeding it walnuts

Dreaming about a gun in pieces

Dad jumping window

Dreaming about a gun


Dream of plucking green chillies


Dream of being romantic with a pastor

Detroying up a backyard

Dog jumping over fence

Dreaming church pastor what do mean

Deceased husband

Dream wen someone return from abroad

Dream of cleaning a billy goat belly

Dogs on fire

Dream of swallowing lizard

Dog entering house with something in the mouth


Dream interpretations seeing soldiers in uniforms

Dog with inverted head

Dream interpretations seeing soldiers

Dreaming of wearing someone elses dirty glasses

Dreaming of seeing myself with red cross society

Dress inside out

Dream about having sex with my own son

Dream of saint dominic

Dreaming of a co wife

Dreamed someone was trying toto kill me and i later decided ti not be afraid and let him

Dreaming number 6

Dreaming of buying and eating snack like chin-chin in the dream means what

Dreaming of eating chin-chin.

Dreaming number 18

Dreaming of number 600

Dream about me eating a slice of cow intestine

Dreams of a dark house and walking on a dark road

Dream of science

Dream being kicked out of school

Dream about transfer of other

Dog , snake

Dog attacking snake

Dreaming of my husband getting married to other women and i hold my husband hand on that dream

Dreaming of my husband getting married to other women and i hold my husband hand on that dream

Dead person opening door in dream

Dream about someone buying a skirt for me

Dream of syringe taking blood

Dreaming of a dead friend asking you for money

Dream of loosing teeth

Dream about new phone and simcard

Dream of killing someone by accident

Dreaming about yourself invigilating

Dream about flower haldi and kumkum

Dream of painting turtles

Dreaming receiving news that brother in law died

Dream of climbing a valley

Dream about chapati

Dream of unknown person praying over me

Dig soil filled water


Dead woman eating

Dream a man killing a dog

Dream of being slapped by a mad man

Dreaming of clementine

Dreaming of climentine


Dreaming cleaning inside the church bible meaning


Dreaming cleaning inside the church

Dream of pastor and wife staring at me

Dreaming of recovering my lost phone

Down power line

Doors down hallway

Dogs suckling my vagina

Dead pheasant


Dream for touching mosque



Dream your daughter is lighting a bird on fire

Drawing rangoli in dream meaning

Day dreaming

Dreaming acts

Dreaming acts 1

Decorated with lights

Driving towards dark submerged path

Drawing tangelo in dream

Dust devil dream

Driving down avery steep hill

Dreaming of making a spotted dress

Dog diarrhea

Dreaming with a latin man

Dog tongue

Dog younger

Dreaming of a purge

Dream meaning of buying kontomire leaves

Dreaming about liquid gold

Dark brown pond

Dream about royal family

Deceased relative having a partydecease person using drugs

Dream about receiving money from the president

Deceased relative having a party

Dreamt that your husband bought granding machine for you.

Dying babies

Dream of a bird carrying a fox

Dead friend drinking beer dream meaning

Dream wearing a different slippers on a different leg

Dream of dead brother

Dreamt dead brother

Dream that you stop having sex because of lack of condom

Dream about ragi

Dreaming of sympathy cards

Dancing on water

Distribution of old clothes

Dream of filling up water bed outside

Dream of removing foreign body in finger

Dream of removing foreign body from finger

Dream of clothes dirty turned inside out

Dream of plugging cheleku

Dirty clothes turned inside out

Dissolving in a dream

Dirty clothing turned inside out

Dirty clothing on a child

Dead person come alive laughing

Dream dead relatives laughing

Drowned in river

Dream of ladies gifting each other saree and green bangles?

Dream of spanner’s

Dream of my son fell in a private waste

Dreaming my daughter pregnant

Dead sister cleaning the messy house

Dream of being makoti in a dream

Distributing chinchin in a dream

Dreaming seeing white samp

Dreaming an enemy begging for forgiveness

Driving on wrong side of the road

Dream of a nursing mother buying babies not clothes

Dream of a nursing mother buying babies not clothes

Dream that clothes are stolen off drying line

Dead grand mother giving gold jewellary in dream

Dreaming of slapping ex best friend

Dream of worms in juice

Dream of burn money meaning

Dream of being an astronaut

Deceased friend

Dead wife alive in coffin

Deceased dad sitting in a chair

Deceased dad sitting at the beach

Doing pooja for peepal tree in dream

Dad passed

Decaded father

Dream of a torchligh

Dreaming when a mad man has touched my breast

Dreaming bengal gram

Dream of decon

Dreaming about rangoli

Drinking herbal concoction in dream

Dog biting

Dalai lama strangest position

Dead blue frog

Dead giving me sweets to eat

Dead person asking me for money

Dead person wearing white

Diving into water that looks like lava and screaming

Dead brother in law

Dream meaning of old town

Death aunt sewing up her vagina

Dream old people with white hair

Dream of mirror sucked into a portal

Dead relative singing

Dreaming herd of cattle grazing and after entering the kraal

Dream of seeing white house

Dream see juju

Dead person washing dishes

Deer two heads

Dream of dried crayfish

Dead father dead mother appear at the end of my bed

Dreaming about picking gungo pea

Dirty water

Dream that inanimate object came to life and attacked me

Dead mother change the rooms and gave me a key

Dead mother taking key from you

Dream that u are singing praise and worship in a congregation

Deceased person laughing in a dream

Driving pulling a gun in me

Dream of baby quadruplets one had to.be revived

Dream of something funny

Dream of swimming in a pool with cloudy water

Dirty clothes on dead person in dreams

Dead mom smiling in dream

Dreaming cooking pot of pork

Different fruits on one tree

Dream of a lion

Dreaming of a enemies calling you

Dreaming you friend is drunk

Drinking of sachet pure water

Deer spitting

Deceased helping you

Dating michael jordan rubbing his bald head

Deceased walking you across street

Dripping wax

Dogs white 3

Dream number for digging cassava

Dream number for pulling cssava

Dry eye

Death future woman

Dreaming of a dead person on their birthday

Dirt piles

Dreaming about someone else being abused

Dream of cauliflower in someone ear

Dead people laughing

Dreaming of years back

Dream about a deceased ex

Dreamed dead mother wearing purple

Dreamed dead mother wraring putple

Dream of daughter being pregnant

Dreams your a plam reader

Dreaming attending an un invited party

Dead mother talking to you

Dead person feeling cold

Dead person giving me avoccado

Dreaming of deceased husband

Dead grandmother


Dreaming being payed amalobola for you

Dizzy spinning

Dream of catching fish in a pound means

Dreaming of removing babies clothes on the washing line


Dreaming of leading a praise song

Dog is waiting for me

Dreamt of crossing over a river by air

Demonic dog

Dreaming of been given flaxseed by another man

Dream of a cut near umblical cort water comes out

Dead relative wearing green clothes and happy

Dreaming of an operation in the stomach and water pours

Dream of blood clot from viginal

Digging up skeletons

Dreaming of a dead celebrity

Dream of seeing my boyfriend sister

Digging grave on beach sand

Diamonds in a persons eyes

Dead person singing

Dried mopane warm filled in the basket

Dried mopane warm gilled in the basket

Dream of jade plant

Dog licking your finger in your dream

Dreaming sr. santo niño

Dream of wind blowing open door

Dead brother ask for glass bottles in dream means

Dreams of eating palm fruits nut


Dreamed of a friend riding a front end loader

Deceased person protecting me from harm

Dna test in a dream

Dying of a poison flower

Dreaming about taking care of boyfriends little sister

Dreaming of making ridges

Dead mother giving me sweets

Dog hybrid

Dreaming od dog is biting my penis


Dresses and shoes

Dead father bringing raw meet

Dead soldiers

Drinking paraffin

Dead bodies in a dumpster

Dream of being a sex slave

Deceased father giving me money on my dream

Dreampt of my self going back to work as i was at work my girlfriend was waiting at door i was wearing heavy wooden shoes i took them of to meet my girlfriend

Dream talking foreign woman

Dream of father beating daughter

Deadly smelly corpse in a wooden coffin

Damage pastport

Dreaming of red chilli in dream

Dream of selling shea butter

Dream of a dead family member

Dream of a dead person crying sitting beside you

Diamond with watch

Dead person hungry


Dream of one eye

Dream of boyfriend cheating

Dream of driving 18 wheeler

Dream of partners ex

Dangling necklace

Dreams about packing a cinch

Dreaming seeing white families

Danny dreem modalboy

Dream combing my enemy hair

Dog without nose

Dead aunt opening door

Dreams of having sex with others that are not your partner

Dream of peach color

Dreaming of speaking with a person at their time of death

Dream of selling food

Dating advicr

Dreamed my niece was being sent away and i cried

Dreaming about seeing alot of mango on the round when you are pregnant


Dreaming of dead person lending a shoes

Dreaming of people

Dreraming of a bus

Dove and eagle

Dear of having shea butter

Dream about old boyfriend

Dream of pooping in a pool

Dreamt ex boyfriend paying lobola for me

Dream of mary magdalene

Drink water with calabash meaning

Dream of mary magdine

Dream of seeing an inscription written your name has been completed

Demon attack

Dream meaning and interpretation a neighbor give me bitter kola

Dreams of receiving half of phone number

Dead bird

Dreaming you child having boils

Dream giving birth to twins

Dream giving birth to twjns


Dream of futuristic basketball court

Dead person attenddead persons weddinging a wedding

Dry palm tree

Dry shrivelled palm branch

Dream washed and hanging trousers

Dead man giving me fruits

Dream garden eggs in a bowl

Dreaming of late father gave me a roasted pig meat


Dreamt of picking fresh ogbono

Dream garden eggs in the bowl

Dreaming garden eggs in a basket

Dreaming about garden eggs

Dreaming about grade eggs

Drinking bottled water dream

Dreaming of having a two headed baby

Dreaming about receiving a gift from the president of my country

Dream of buying kenkey for man

Dream of chin chin

Dream of buying chin chin

Drinking lime water and milk

Dreaming of me a male human having sex with male farm animals

Dead person laughing

Drinking white liquid in dream

Dreamt about to open a vault

Dreaming of vomiting eggs

Dreaming of relative who passed away

Dental instruments breaking

Dhakantal instrument breaking

Dead asking for softdrinks

Dream wants to have sex with me

Dream meaning of tapioca

Dreamt of eating conch

Dreamt about eating conch

Dream of having sex with the president

Drinking cicada

Drinking alcohol with dead cicada inside

Dream about door falling off the hindges

Dreaming about kajal

Deceased loved one wearing boots

Dreaming of sleeping in car

Dream forieng country president

Drinking water with molds

Dreaming you ex and your father in law and mother in law

Dreaming about a religious master giving flowers

Dreaming of playful donkeys

Dreaming of donations to temple

Delivering a package

Dead girl shoe box

Drink soaked rice water

Drinking soaked rice water in dream



Distant crush

Dream of 50 bucks notes

Dream meaning rabbit kiss

Dream meaning of garri

Dream abouť loveones

Dreaming of receiving forms

Dream about midi you hair

Dreaming receiving cloths from her husband in a dream?

Dropping in toilet

Deceased person standing behind glass singing

Dreaming catching cat fish with bare hands

Dream of brother been naked

Dic fingers

Death asking for coffee

Dice snake eyes rolled

Dead person sweeping

Dream of someone you know accidentally broke a reglious statue

Dream fighting a shark

Dream of bottle gourd yellow flower to turn into fruit

Death royal family

Dead person open eyes in dreams

Dawn sea


Dream about hail mary prayer

Dreams of celebrating

Dreaming of fighting sangomas

Dream of dead boy wearing make up

Dismembered thumb

Dream sitting in car the old version one

Dream of sitting in car

Dream drinking herbal medicine

Drumstick tree flowers

Dreamt of my late mom giving me okra

Double sided coin dream


Drinking coffee in a diner seeing a friend

Dead dad ordering me to clean my boots

Dreaming of purple plant

Dark miami

Dead woman food

Dream of empty crate of egg

Dream about someone you know touching raw meat

Dreaming about red water

Dancing samba

Dream of green plantine

Dream of having sex and seeing a condom

Dream of green breadfruit

Dream of preparing to drive a 18teen wheeler truck...

Dreaming of driving a long distance truck....


Dreaming of broken bracelet

Dream of your baby picture

Doorbell under water

Doorbell sound in water

Dreaming millet in islam

Dreaming millet in islam

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image