Dream interpretation of being called the wrong name by spouse

Dreaming dead husband jealous

Destroying something

Destroy a book

Dream with the company of the mayor

Dream the room turned red



Dead mom giving a fig tree with fruit to her daughter and daughter ate from it

Dreaming about melons

Dream of wife walking naked in public

Deceased father giving me money in my dream

Dog chewing wire

Deceased love one wearing a hat

Drinking of ice water

Dream off kissing someone with missing teeth

Dead crows that come back to life

Dream of a rose garden

Dead person in ur dream

Dirty water and naked

Driving thru road closure barricade

Dirty mug

Dream of a fry fish

Date fruit in dream

Dream about mouth wash

Dream of alpaca

Dreaming of sour milk in a continer

Drive in movie dream

Dream of ur dead step mum sending bread to u

Dream of the dead send bread to u by someone else

Dream of prophesying

Dream of seeing myself naked in public and was ashamed.

Dream i was dreaming

Dream of someone giving you a cocay

Dream of your blue repaired shoes on the shoe rack


Dreaming of my co wife fighting me

Dream about putting rangoli with mother

Dream about selling coconuts with flowers

Doing arathi indream

Driving in a tunnel

Dead loved one giving money

Dream seeing a man sangoma wearing white and red

Dream meaning of been trcieving impartation by the prophet

Dreaming of taking bath with dirty water

Dreaming of taking birth with dirty water

Dreamt of garden eggs , tomatoes and pepper in agsrden

Drinking with friends and listening to music

Dream meaning of bay leaf


During my dream last night i saw my winning an election i did stood for, after bitten those that contested with.

Deceased mother called me in a dream

Drunk girlfriend

Dreaming about someone else sleeping in a white mosquito net

Dreaming about collecting precious rings

Dreaming about collecting rings

Dreaming about rings


Dreaming massive black and green olives in dream

Dreaming with famous people

Dreaming of packing dried corn

Dream of kenel


Dead whales

Dead grandmother giving money

Dead grandmother gives you money

Dream of buying ackee

Dreaming about 1white sheep and surrounded by black dead sheep’s

Dream of wearing white shoes of a dead person

Dreaming of white sperms coming 4rm penis what the meaning

Dry guava leaf

Dreaming of someone you know paying lobola

Dreaming of something you know paying lobola

Dreaming of my boyfriend your brother paying lobola

Different currencies

Dream green lime

Drying a window

Dreaming about giving ex boyfriend sponge gourd

Dreaming about giving sponge gourd

Drinking my own breast milk

Dreaming a friend paid lobola for

Dead father gift shoes in dream

Dream meaning french toast

Dreaming of dust devil

Died love oneswearing green

Do schophrenia patients get worse as they get older?

Dream about someone giving sweets

Dream of such away

Dream of round rice cake

Dream of gift wrist watch

Drinking of sachet water

Dreamt lots of beautiful cars


Deceased friend on spiral stairs

Dream seeing white lady

Deceased cutting lettuce

Dreaming of a doctor bottoming up his uniform

Dead mom growling at me

Dream of ripe pepper fruit

Deceased father gave me a ring

Dreaming of a male peeping inside the bathroom

Dream about making grapefruit juice for some one

Deasesed mother combing my hair

Dream you cannot find your family

Dreaming my enemy is heavily pregnant

Dream selling pawpaw

Dating a rich man

Dream that two boys snatched my phone

Dirty face in mirror

Dreaming of a borehole

Dreamnt having 3big warts on my forehead

Dream of buying kolanuts

Dead mother turban

Drinking 7ups in dream

Dead father in law asking for water

Dreaming of a goat lying on your bed

Dream meaning greeting crowd of people including dead man of god

Dent, forehead, mirror

Dent, forehead

Dreaming of another man from high school while married

Dream wife carrying husband

Dream wife carrying husband on her back

Dream wife is carry husband on her back

Drinking lassi in a dream


Dead whale

Death father giving me clothes in dream to wash for him

Dreaming talking on a phone

Dream killing wall gecko

Dream of my husband given my clothe to someone


Dream of relay races

Dreaming one giving me a white mantle

Dream of a white goat giving birth to black goat

Dreamt an elderly woman licked my sperm in the dream

Dreaming lobola negotiation

Daughter in hijab

Dead mother giving fruit

Dream bout an ex

Dreaming of buying sachet water

Dream lifting up a short woman

Difference between valid and varid

Dreaming while praying for someone

Dressing up as a girl

Dear birds

Death and green

Dead father in law shouting

Drowning with car

Dark brown lamb

Dream meaning of seeing some one with nails painted brown in a dream

Dreaming seeing dead dog hanging on a tree

Dream being at the back of a van

Dreamed travelling in a van

Dreamt with ex sister in law

Dress, pink

Daughter died of sickness

Dreaming of digging camote root crops

Dream meaning of cellotape

Dream about amputated feet

Disappearing moon and loud noise

Dreams of dead sister bringing baby boy

Descending a wooden and then rope ladder with ocean underneath to reach ground

Demon licking arm

Demon licking

Dreamt about being a prefect

Dreamt about becoming a prefect

Drank my boyfriend blood

Dream about frying bog rot

Dream of my phone missing

Dream of someone giving me his exam paper

Dreamt two pieces of charcoal

Dream i was in warlock attire


Dead mother dancing


Dead mother asking water to drink in the dream

Drining garri and sugar in exboy friend compound

Dreaming about skeleton under water

Dusting furniture displays

Dream of breast feeding from x wife

Dead mother put washing in the washing line

Dreaming women

Dreaming removing my clothes in a thorn tree

Deceased fatjer

Dream taking clothes on washing line

Dream of harvesting in a football pitch

Drawing water from hosepipe

Dream of eating decayed mangoes

Dream meaning with prime

Dream of aaving the world

Dead cousin smiling

Dead cousin smiling at me

Dream of eating chicken

Dreaming a gifted jade jewelry box

Dog and hedgehog

Demanding key from a dead relation

Dancing with president

Dreaming of plucking ripe and yellow paw paws

Drop off haldi kumkum utensil | dream interpretation

Dreamt of the word ingraved

Dreaming my enemy rubbing my belly

Dream of a ripe mango cut in a quator with white worms inside my daughter gave it to me

Dream meaning of a morta

Dreaming of my father washing my feet

Dresing table with a mirror

Dreaming new clothes of a baby girl

Dream of police searching my workplace


Dream interpretation of duging heaps in the farm

Dream meaning of buying garden egg fruits

Dark clouds falling

Dream of snake skeleton

Dreaming of a glittering green dress means

Dreaming of selling marijuana

Dream of getting a new dress from my husband

Dream interpretation thousands of people with white garments

Dreaming while in school and you are a class leader

Dream of being in debt

Dream of seeing jaggery

Dreaming of 2 bulls fight so hard

Dreaming my sister in law is with my boyfrend

Dreaming cook pufferfish

Dream meaning of a two carabao..but the one carabao has only one horn

Dreamt my boss died

Dreaming of other people flying on broom sticks

Dating 2 people

Dads testes

Dream deceased mother with red saree

Dreamig when a motar

Dreaming of king and queen termite

Dreaming a prophet kissing you

Dead person giving a watch

Dream of seeing pregnant sister in law

Dreaming about swimming in red water

Dead person opening a door

Dreaming of catching fish and crayfish with bare hands

Dine with the kinf in his own house

Dreaming a seven moon

Dreaming given money for lobola for safe keeping meaning

Dream of having sex with dead uncle

Dream of eating poison and taking palm oil

Dream about marrying an old man

Driving with a dead man

Driving a black car

Dead person fetching water in a dream

Dream seen egusi

Dream of egusi

Dead person drinking coffee

Digging potato and only find one

Death people asking sweets

Dead man giving red saree

Daughter attaining puberty

Died person laughed

Dream travelling to foreign countries

Dangerious snake

Difficulty physically getting where i need to be

Dream about being part of umemulo

Dream crocheting

Difficulty moving

Dreamt of isiwasho

Dreaming of healthy, fat cows tied on a pole in a cowshed

Dreaming of healthy, fat cows in a cowshed

Dreaming of healthy, fat cows

Dead pigs meaning

Dream of making ridges in the farm

Dead grandmother eating roti and curd

Dream meaning of

Dream of seen governor dead

Dream meaning of orange

Dead person open the door

Dream of your lover with another woman

Dog bitting vagina

Deceased mother cleaning dust from carpet and quarrelling

Dreaming about co-worker

Deceased giving gold

Dreaming of giving a testimony in church and nobody cares to listen

Digging conch sand

Digging out conch in sand

Dreamt drving a black mercedes benz

Dreaming sto nino in dream

Dream of sore foot




Dream of bedroom

Dream of a dead cousins shrine

Dreaming frozen dead body

Dream of brother in law in your village

Dream of a younger brother eating rice and chicken outside in the midst of friends and yours is in a big plastic

Dreaming about my brother build a house

Dream of buying fufu meaning

Dreaming about seeing cooked mixed samp and beans

Drinking of pap in a dream

Dragon giving birth

Dream of maize meal bags

Dead father calling your name meaning

Dreaming about to bury a live child

Dead person entering home with sweets and calls his wife to eat

Doing sex with hijara meaning

Dream interpretation of a crying baby

Dead person vommitting in my dreams

Dream about marrying own brother

Dogs follow you

Dream meaning of drinking akamu

Drinking herbal medicine in a dream

Dream of seeing myself sprinkling water

Dreaming vomiting stones


Dreaming of leopard skin

Dreaming sour milk

Dream that you are a messiah

Dreaming of guava fruit

Dream meaning of my kitten on a cage

Dreaming about dead lizard coming out my vagina when i urinate

Dream of receiving an envelope from a dead friend

Dead relative giving salt in dream

Dream i was eating a popcicle

Dream of receiving forex

Dreaming about a mad man and woman having sex

Dream of ex husband

Dream of a man holding a baby

Dream your ex husband holding a baby

Dream your ex husband giving you money

Dream of simala place

Dream about wearing a floral blouse

Dream about wearing a floral dress

Dreaming of half moon and stars

Dream about receiving alot of recharge card

Dreaming of smelling shoes

Dream smelling of left shoes

Dream of left foot shoes smelling

Dark faeries

Dead mother wearing green clothes

Dead person wearing beautiful clothes

Dream of picking ripe coffee beans

Dream meaning where you were picking up traditional vegetables

Dreaming of someone stolen cooking gas

Demonic dream.

Dreaming consulting a witch doctor about jobs and fertility

Dead husband brought clothes for me in dream

Dream flambeau lighting

Dreams about apples from a pastor

Dream giving someone holy communion

Dove that speaks and delivers a message

Dreaming of prophet praying for me

Donate statue of snake in temple

Dream meaning of simcard

Dream meaning of someone giving me a simcard

Dreaming about borehole

Dream meaning of someone gifting me a simcard

Dream meaning of someone gifting me a s

Dream meaning of someone giving me a sin card

Dreaming of altar on fire

Dream of receiving a text message

Dream of eating from a calabash

Dream of buying sachet water

Dreamed finger vagina

Dreamed catching mopane worms

Descending on a tree

Dream of a fake father

Dead snakes everywhere

Dreaming to get remarried to same person

Dream of eating wild fruit

Dead father and a little child

Doing sex with tall girl

Dream of sons wearing mantle

Dead mother in law dream

Dreamth of children being buried alive

Dreaming of harvesting string beans

Dreaming of an old lady in her tailoring

Dead person asking water to drink

Dream of seeing hen,chicks and a guinea fowla

Dog stolen chappati

Dream meaning of soilder ants

Dream meaning vof

Dream colorful mantle

Dream spider web every where in the house means?

Dreaming of menstruation period

Dragonfly magenta veil

Dreaming of a baby going blue

Dry crayfish dream manning

Dog nursing on my boobs

Dig nursing on my boobs

Declined debit card

Dream of building over a graveyard

Dreaming walking in between two kraals with brown cows

Double headed duck

Dream of seeing fresh charllote


Dream someone throwing porridge on you

Dead person sucking thumb

Dream my husband ex girlfriend

Dream about my silver nose pin was broken

Dream i consoled a mayor

Dream of dirty sanitary napkin

Dead person asking for money

Dismantled table

Dead person asking for drinks

Dream wanting noodles

Dream of crabshells

Driving on causeway

Dream someone barefoot

Drinking with a golden cup

Dream brother missing

Dollhouse bookcase

Dream of black african pots

Dream meaning of old east indian

Dream of seeing gulab jamun

Dead father giving medicine in dream

Dream of prince harry

Dream of saving a lady from taking away by flooding

Dead relative blessings

Drinking wolfs milk

Dream of seeing a black man sweaping bush

Dream of seeing different fruit trees on a property a black man and his family buy

Dream of counting money in my dream

Dinning with the dead

Dream of pinking a pam fruits

Dream meaning of backing a child on a journey

Dreaming of a marae

Dream meaning of a rastaman

Dog about to defecate


Driving on highway dream interpretation

Delete sending screenshots

Dream about the dead person throwing things at me

Dreaming of stealing face cream

Dreaming of someone goes insane

Dream about scratch card

Dreams about vermilion in my forehead

Dreaming of traditional healers gathered like they having a function

Digging a dry river and water starts to come out

Dreaming about my gf in a dream then her ex broke in we had a argument

Dreaming about my gf ex and having a confrontation fighting

Died lady covering my head with my saree in dream meaning

Dreaming of worms in rice

Dreaming having sex with ghost and the ghost also loves you truly

Dreaming about my ex lover requesting lobola negotiation with my parents and they refuse

Dreaming of anal sex with son

Dreaming of lobola negotiation about ex lover with my parents

Dream interpretation about drawing an eye of horus with colors on the ground and it show up in the sky

Dreaming of having a physically handicapped baby girl

Death of a sister

Dreams yellow t shirts and red jumper in the water

Dream that you are making a wish

Dead mum giving me food

Dreaming ur mum selling offals

Denying my sis in law for gor gold gift

Dreming about my dead mom buying birth day cake for me

Dream of eating chin-chin

Dreaming inside a kraal

Dream meaning of grinding maize


Dreaming about ex family

Dead exorcist

Dry cassava

Dream of two sun eclipse

Dog help the snake

Dream of milk pot

Dog save the snake

Dreaming of buying sachets of water

Dream shaking hand

Dreaming of rastafarian man


Dreaming my boyfriend paying lobola for me

Dream of our old house

Dogs guys falling out

Dreaming my daughter is with her ex

Dreaming my daughter was in bed with her ex

Dreaming seeing pins fastened together

Dreamin about honeymoon as teenager

Deaf speaking

Dent in skull

Dumb child tacking in a dream

Dreaming my boyfriend saying he wants to pay lobola for me

Dog suckling and biting my nipple

Dream about truck

Dream of seeing turkey berry and pepper on it tree.and l was so happy and pluck some of the pepper which attracted me.

Dream of jamun tree in mid of the house

Dreamed my self as a priest

Dead naked person

Dreaming of yellow and orange new plates and plate rack

Dream of kissing my dead husband

Deceased mother came to my house over an invitation

Dreaming sweeping cornflakes

Dreaming sweeping cornflakes cereal

Dream off ja kpot 7s

Dialium indum


Dolls head

Destroyed lanzones

Dream meaning of spoilt papaya and throwing it

Dreaming of large amount of clean still water all over me

Dreaming of talking to a sangoma nd telling her that she will tell u what to do and her agreeing

Dreaming of a story building


Dead naked father in dream

Dreaming of cooking ugali in class

Dried blood

Drainage system