Eating human hands

Ex girfriend

Eating hands

Eating kola in a dream

Eating dip fried chicken

Eating, cat, litter

Eating palm

Evil old man, me protecting my friend, biting off his very thin finger

Evil scientists

Eating nutmeg

Eating flesh in the dream

Eating palm janie nut in the dream

Evacuation from flood

Eating in your dreams

Eating chin chin in d dream

Erasing a drawing


Eating chicken drumsticks


Erythromycin tablets

Eating curd rice in dream


Eye peas

Eating amala in the dream

Eating food with meat

Eating stolen dried fish

Eating curdrice in dream means


Evading accidents

Emptying cupboard

Emptying a drawer

Eat pie

Extra toes in dream

Eels in house

Ex girlfriend

Earthernware stove

Enemy brushing your hair

Eucalyptus smoke in house

Eating curd

Eating in a family gathering in a dream

Eating puff puff in a dream

Eating pistachio

Eatings roots

Entering garden house

Eating bitter kola

Eating crayfish in the dream

Eating with my dead mother

Evil dog

Ex wife in a tie

Eating fresh leafs

Eating green leafs

Eating oil in the dream

Eating palm nuts in dream means what

Elachi dream


Eating dry bush meat in the dream meaning

Eating ogbono in dreams

Eating black rice cake

Eating cigarettes

Eating yam and palm oil in the dream

Eating cat litter box

Eating. soghum in dream

Eating ricecake


Escaping badly from a bus accident

Eating palm fruit in the dream good or bad?



Eel white

Ex boyfriend wants to get back with you dream

Eating black berry




Ex brother-in-law

Escaping rape

Eat alligator pepper in the dream

Escaping bus accident

Eye lid cut off ...what does it mean

Eating moldy vegetable

Erosion path

Ex mistress

Eating palm kernel in the dream

Eating amala and ewedu in the dream

Elephant grass

Escaping a disaster

Eating oilbean in a dream

Electric poles

Empty room in house

Eels and snakes

Eating periwinkle in the dream means

Eating cake with dead mother

Eating cooked cabbage and seeing uncooked cabbage

Eating sesame seed in dreams

Executor of will


Ex boyfriend killed me

Eating cooked rice in banana leaf

Eye of a goat

Eat unripe pawpaw

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