Eating smoked fish dream means

Ex boyfriend draw portrait

Enemy chasing

Enemy fixing aeroplane



Egypt sculpture walking


Eating bitter kola in dream

Ekuro in the dream

Eating kolanut in my dream from someone

Emerald chritian


Erupting volcano

Eye glasses

Eating ceremony

Eating yam n egg

Eye in hand

Ex-coworker wearing trench rain coat

Elephent killed by some people

Embracing a dead person

Eating ghee and shakar

Eagles nest


Ex boyfriend crying

Ex boyfriend


Eating snuff in a dream

Eating bitter kola

Evil man at food of bed


Eating snawball in a your dream


Eagle hiding

Eaying custard apple


Ejaculating in someone’s mouth


Eating sim sim

Extra toes growing

Embracing your father in a dream

Eating strange food

Elaborate old staircase


Escaping with children and a dog on railway tracks

Eating stock fish

Egyptian deities

Egyptian diety

Egyptian anubis




Eating egg shells

Eating chapati in a restaurant

Eagle biting my finger

Eating an #100 note in the dream

Ex boyfriend removing a wedding ring

Early rain

Eating chickens heart

Exam fail

Eating green leaf in a dream

Elder sister sleeping wakes up

Eating eko in the dream

Eating cooked millet and beans

Eating raw gizzards in a dream means wat

Eating head of a goat in the dream

Eating head of a goat that have margot in it

Eating pepper fruit in my dream

Eating a phone book

Eye of the hurricane

Eating clay in a dream interpretation

Eaten alligator pepper in dream

Ex staring at me horribly

Eating sapota

Eating goats

Eating goat meat in my dream

Eating food dream meaning

Eating lion meat in dream

Eating food in the toilet

Eating roasted yam & oil in dream?

Eating simsim in adream

Ex boyfriend with a baby

Ex in my dream

Eating another woman’s vagina

Eating a carabao meat

Eating swedish fish

Esta in my dream

Eating power cords

Ex’s father

Eaten by bear

Eat alligator pepper

Eating aligator pepper in the dream

Eating jackfruit



Ex girlfriend stripper

Eating white seeds

Ex boyfriend wearing a promise ring in a dream means

Eating purple redish apple

Erasing a rangoli

Escapung bus accident

Eaten alive by lion

Erosion carry away cutting wool

Eating poori meaning

Ex mother in law

Ear wig beside lover

Empty house with the window open and curtains blowing out of it

Eating squid together w/ friend

Eating ripe sapodilla

Eating of cooked palm nut





Eye injury

Eating ant

Eating any

Eating and sharing agidi in the dream

Eat gala in dream, what is the meaning

Eucalyptus seedlings

Escaping with children in a canoe

Escaping with family in a canoe

Empty house dream

Eating hippo meat

Ewedu soup in dream

Eating from shoes


Electicity volts

Eating priwinkle in dream

Eating kuli kuli in your dream means biblicaly

Ear piercing

Eating food from the grave yard

Eating food from the grace yard

Eating fried cassava

Elavator flipping upside down

Egyptian dagger,mummy,anubis


Eating clothes in the dream

Ex boyfriend paying lobola for you

Earth cracking in half and slowing you

Eating animal

Every night difrent people fingering me


Evil monkey

Eating with family members in the dream

Eating with family members

Elephants on coins | dream interpretation

Eating amarula in dream

Eating tiger nut in the dream of a pregnant woman


Eating amala with vegetables in the dream


Ex girlfriene


Eyes gouged out

Eyes gouged put

Elastic arm

Eye color

Electric car

Electric door

Empty new white plates

Erasing your footprints

Ebelebo fruit

Elephant in rain

Eating a well cooked chapati

Eating beans with red plantain in a dream

Eve teasing

Eating meat of a dead person in a dream

Eating cassava


Eating chicken

Eating fried ground nuts in the dream

Eating udara seed in my dream

Eating udara in my drea

Excluded from a will

Ex had hole in head

Eating at mortuary i in a dream

Eating shoes


Eating with dead in a dream

Ex wife pregnant

Eating out of shoe

Eating bangles in dream

Eating cola nut in a dream meaning

Empty cylinder dream


Eating goat heart

Eating a moth

Eating goat testicles in dream

Eating with uncle

Eating with my crush

Eating chin chin in a dream meaning

Eating simsim with friends

Eating in a brahmin house

Eating raw wild animals intestines

Ex husband giving you food

Eating raw antelope intestines

Eating a big green avocado pear with my lover

Enemy washing my hair meaning

Ex husband flirting with others

Excited feet

Eating meat of a death father

Eating styrofoam


Eating bofrot

Eating own flesh in dream

Eating stale white bread

Eating cake with insect and maggot

Eating a cake which is not mine

Eating lamb chops

Eating lamb chops in a dream

Eating green grass

Ex husband returning after seperation

Eating bat in the dream

Eating brain

Eating cobaye

Eaten by a snake

Ex husband dressed in golf clothes and clubs

Eating black chickpea dream

Eating tissue paper

Eating roasted lizard in the dream

Eating roasted lizard

Electric power transformer burnt dream

Electric power transformer burnt dream meaning

Eaten alive by humans

Eating eko in dream


Engagement breaking

Eatinh cigarettes


Eating at a wedding feast and being served more by the host

Eating of metal

Escaping in a castle



Ex taking a shower

Earth filled well die

Eating okpa in the dream meaning

Eating visiting some one with pounded yam and equsi soup means what in dream

Eltee tu

Egg leaking

Eating suya meat in dream meaning

Eating gravel

Ex wife and me fighting and arguing

Eating ogbono soup with your uncle wife dream meaning

Empty winnowing basket

Eating cooked fish with the president

Eating fufu in a dream

Eating eba and ewedu in a dream what is the meaning

Evacuating a toilet in a dream

Evacuating a soakaway in a dream

Evacuating a soakaway pit in a dream

Evacuating a septic pit in a dream

Evacuation of septic tank in a dream

Escaping your kidnapping by reciting ayat ul kursi

Eating chapatti

Envelope gven by father in dream

Eating cow trotters

Eating ciw trotters

Eatimg chana with roti

Earth filled well ....die

Eating meat of a dead person

Empty mind

Empty head

Empty sack in adream means

Egussi soup

Egussi soup held by your ex


Eating young coconut in dream

Eating papad in dream

Eating weevil

Eating of weevil in the dream

Eating pork and spit it out

Eating pork and spit it out in the dream

Eating roasted corn and nuts in dream

Eating chapati in a dream

Elders receiving my sister dowry

Eating kola nut in your dreams

Ex paying lobola


Emergency services

Escaping through the windows dream

Exploding bus

Eating an ox meat with bones that has bone marow

Evil warning

Evil in eyes

Esticles was touched by a child

Eye patch dream

Elephant bracelet


Evil rabbit shadow meaning

Exposing your flaws

Evil bunny

Evil bunny shadow symbolizes

Ex crush transgender

Extension chord

Evil bunny shadow

Evil bunny what does it symbolize

Extended hand with 6 large key rings all empty stated i still had them but could not use them. then one silver key appeared. looking at it filled me with severe emotions woke up feeling like i had been crying.

Empty baby carseat

Eating cake insect

Endless money

Eating pouded yam in a dream

Eating egg in dream

Eating egg on dream

Estranged sister being fired at work

Earthy smell

Eatung canned salmon

Eating a whole pizza

Eyeliner on eyes

Eating udara in the dream

Eye liner

Eaten bitter kola

Elephants, lions

Eczema in scalp

Embrace dream meaning

Ex boyfriends new girlfriend

Eating termites in dream means


Eating clot blood in dream

Eating with a governor


Eye changing color

Eating pussy in my dreams

Eating candle stick

Eating vagina

Exercise book

Exercise book dream

Eating of cooked goat meat in the dream what is the meaning

Eating boiled white yam in the dream

Eating paneet

Eating cheese

Empty silver sugar bowl

Eat sawdust

Exterminating roaches


Ex boyfriend fingering me

Eating dried fish

Eating sanitary pad

Ex boyfriend paying lobola in a dream

Eating some silver coins and retaining the copper coins in my pocket

Eat mausambi

Exam anxizoties

Eyelid kiss

Electric shock in dream

Ejaculating blood

Estranged family

Eating with your mother and friends

Eating with your mother and unknow people

Eating in my dream by myself with my mother and different people

Eating cooked bingo peas in a dream

Eating cooked bingo peas

Eating palmyra in dream

Eye missing

Eating hair in the dream


Eyes of deceased father

Eating raw mango in dream

Egg on fire

Eraser family god flying


Eating pork fat in the dream

Envious of gift received by your co-worker

Eating braid pork meat

Eating cooked biscuit bone meat with fats

Eating pounded cassava with a man in dream


Ex governor in a dream

Eatin sanitary pad with blood in a dream wat does it mean



Ex partne


Ephesians 1:17-20

Eating and saw jaggery

Ex husband touch my tummy

Eating palm fruit in my dream

Eating kolanutin the dream

Exchange of something in return of money

Earth filled well


Eating a green plant

Ex friend

Eight belly dancers

Ear lobe fall off

Escaped being chanced by a security guards

Eating african bread fruit in dream

Ex showing me ring

Everyone naked in the church meaning

Everyone naked in the church

Eating garden eggs in the dream means what

Eating moi moi in dream

Evil dark dwarf

Eating cocktail sauce

Elderly teacher praising

Everyone is leaving

Electronic gadgets in the dream what does it indicate


Eating paneer in dreams

Eating mango pickle in dreams

Engine starts by itself

Examine head wound

East indian

Exotic snakes

Eating ragi ball


Eating sycamore

Eating cooked cow intestines

Eating and cracking bones in a dream

Eatinh palm fruit in the dream what does it mean

Eating okpa in dream

Eating oops in dream

Eating kolanut

Eat kolanut

Eating pounded yam and okra in dream

Eating roast pork

Endless packing

Enhydro crystal

Electric smell in dream

Ex boyfriend trying to kill me

Eaten up by dainty

Eaten up by godly fig

Eating chole puri

Eating palm fruit

Eating dead


Eating pap in a dream

Eating injera



Eating cow bone

Exchange of phone

Exchange of cell phone

Eating roasted breadfruit in dream mean


Escaped in dreams means what?

Escaped in dreams

Ex wearing a wedding ring

Eating panipuiri

Evil sex

Eating cooked yam in a dream what is the meaning

Erasing chalkboard

Entering in an empty house

Eating processed farmented oil bean in the dream

Eating fat pork

Eating the meat of a dead

Eating tiny live animals

Eating bitter soup and garri

Eating of bitter soup and garri in the dream


Eating a broken bottle means what

Elder sister ex husband came back

Ex husband

Eat and share food


Eating beans with cassava

Eating cow dung

Eating okro soup in the dream

Eating yam and vegetables

Eating a reap mangoes with worms inside

Eating reap mangoes with maggot

Eating a reap mangoes with maggots inside

Eating prawns in a dream

Eating carbohydrate food in dream

Eating egg and yam in dream


Ear holes


Eating nzu dream meaning

Exchange of foreign currency

Ex girlfriend disappeared

Executive officer

Excutive officer

Excutive office

Empty flower pot

Ex spouse divorcing

Eating king prawn sandwich

Ex sister-in-law

Exchange of white dupatta by a friend

Eating goat head

Ex husband shirt on backwards

Electric short circuit in dream

Eating small fried chicken peaces

Ex husband receiving avocado

Eatting any paste in a dream,wat does it mean.

Evil faeries

Ewedu dream interpretation 1003ewedu dream interpretation - dream interpretation search results

Ewedu dream interpretation

Eating okpa, in the dream means what?

Eating cooked palm nut


Eating chicken wings

Eating bittercola in deam

Erases what i wrote

Eacting roti and chana in dream

Eating in a wedding

Enemy giving birth

Eating an eraser

Eggplant tree

Ex- sister