Eating roast pork

Endless packing

Enhydro crystal

Electric smell in dream

Ex boyfriend trying to kill me

Eaten up by dainty

Eaten up by godly fig

Eating chole puri

Eating palm fruit

Eating dead


Eating pap in a dream

Eating injera



Eating cow bone

Exchange of phone

Exchange of cell phone

Eating roasted breadfruit in dream mean


Escaped in dreams means what?

Escaped in dreams

Ex wearing a wedding ring

Eating panipuiri

Evil sex

Eating cooked yam in a dream what is the meaning

Erasing chalkboard

Entering in an empty house

Eating processed farmented oil bean in the dream

Eating fat pork

Eating the meat of a dead

Eating tiny live animals

Eating bitter soup and garri

Eating of bitter soup and garri in the dream


Eating a broken bottle means what

Ex showing me ring

Elder sister ex husband came back

Ex husband

Eat and share food



Eating beans with cassava

Eating cow dung

Eating okro soup in the dream

Eating yam and vegetables

Eating a reap mangoes with worms inside

Eating reap mangoes with maggot

Eating a reap mangoes with maggots inside

Eating prawns in a dream

Eating carbohydrate food in dream

Eating egg and yam in dream


Ear holes


Eating nzu dream meaning

Exchange of foreign currency

Ex girlfriend disappeared

Executive officer

Excutive officer

Excutive office

Empty flower pot

Ex spouse divorcing

Eating king prawn sandwich

Ex sister-in-law

Exchange of white dupatta by a friend

Eating goat head

Ex husband shirt on backwards

Electric short circuit in dream

Eating small fried chicken peaces

Ex husband receiving avocado

Eatting any paste in a dream,wat does it mean.

Evil faeries

Ewedu dream interpretation 1003ewedu dream interpretation - dream interpretation search results

Ewedu dream interpretation

Eating okpa, in the dream means what?

Eating cooked palm nut


Eating chicken wings

Eating bittercola in deam

Erases what i wrote

Eacting roti and chana in dream

Eating in a wedding

Enemy giving birth

Eating an eraser

Eggplant tree

Ex- sister


Ex sister

Ex boyfriend sister

Eating betel nut in dream

Escaping truck accident

Eating husband penis

Eggs with six yokes

Egg with multiple yokes

Egg with yokes

Elementary school reunion

Eating sapota in dream

Eating a animals brain

Ex girlfriend bathing

Ex applying lotion on body

Eating raw palm fruit in the dream

Eating alligator pepper in your dream

Ex brother

Eating simsim seeds in dream


Eating sheep head

Exorcism of loved


Eating red meat and pap

Eating salad

Eating okro soup with eba in dream

Eating rostered yam with oil

Eating dead flies

Eating dead flies in a dream means what

Eating corpse in dream

Eating momos


Ex boyfriend and his sister in my dream means

Eating birds

Eating milk and chapati

Empty pens in islamic dream

Eating half chapati in dream

Empty house with one wall crached


Ex girlfriend

Eating been fruit in dream interpret i on in islam

Eating and pulling long threads in dream

Eating bitter leaf

Eating tree gum

Egusi seed

Eating with a dead in a dream

Eating okro soup with eba

Eat polony"

Empty eggs


Eating togather

Escorting someone

Eating vagina

Eating rice pudding

Excessive blood with clots coming from my vagina

Ear piercing

Evil chicken laughin

Evil laugh

Excretion in bush meaning


Edible worms in a dream means

Eating iru in the dream

Eating polony and sharing

Energy drink dreams

Expensive flowers with garden and princess

Expensive flowers garden with princess

Electronic tv

Enemy saying sory

Eat ripen udara fruit in the dream

Escapeing from prison

Eating goat meat

Exercise booj

Eating stock fish in the dream

Eating guava with 1 little worm inside


Eating ga kenkey in dream

Enemy tapping shoulder

Eye glass frame

Eating cigarettes

Eating with a deceased love one


Every thing what es


Eating inside calabash

Eating salted amla happily

Eating roasted yam and oil with friends

Evil wife

Eat fruit ber

Egg cartons

Eating alligator pepper seeds in dream

Ex ride in a ship

Eating hot roti


Eating coconut milk

Eating butter milk

Elephant gives me an apple

Eat fish head soup

Eating cooked sweet yam in the dream

Eatin alive by tigers

Eating food with red chilli

Eating paneer


Evil nun chase

Eating goat meat in the dream

Eating sago pudding sweets in a dream

Eating udara in my dream

Eating grasscutter head in the dream.

Eating grasscutter in the dream.

Eating black seasame seed

Eating urad vadai

Eating food near temple


Expired and leaking pot

Entering a big nice house

Extending the house

Eating fermented milk

Eating fufu with egusi soup in the dream

Eating fried dough chips

Ex gf give thumbs up to me

Eating cooked yam and fried egg with my friend son

Eating frozen kiwi fruit

Eating reposted yam with red oil in a dream

Edible termite

Empty up breaking

Engine oil in dream

Ed palm oil


Eating food with my crush

Ex boyfriend

Eucalyptus trunks tall

Eating charcoal

Eating chicken gizzard

Eating momos in ur dream

Ex touching you

Eating in church

Eating nzu in dream

Eating pormegrades

Eating pormegrade in the dream


Eating tripe with my late mother

Eating portage yam in a dream meaning

Eating hair

Escaping accident

Eating pasta wear school uniform


Eating white ants in the dream

Eaten udara in dreams

Eating crystals

Eating peppermint

Earth falling


Eating fufu with ewedu soup in dream meaning

Eye surgery

Electricity under water


Electrical power outage

Eating ewedu in dream

Eating cooked breadfruit in my dream

Eating a cigarette

Essential oil dream meaning

Ex president dream

Ex president

Eating a dick

Eating brinjal during pregnancy

Eating bun and cheese

Eating fried papad in dream means

Eating white cooked yam in a dream

Eating menstrual blood clots

Electrical sparks

Eggs of ducks ready to be hatched

Eating ripe mango in a dream

Eating udara in a dream

Exotic cars

Eaten alive by dog

Eating palm kernel nut in dream

Eating palm kernel in dream

Eating milk fish

Eating with a cousins and my uncle and myself

Eating fish and grab in a dream

Electronic boxes

Eating prawns

Eating with crazy men in a dream


Empty birdhouses

Enter a land of fruits like papaya and watermelon

Eating rice and meat in dreams

Eating food besise temples

Embracing someone you desire

Eating dinner with people you never met

Eating lanzones fruitss

Eel in black water

Earthen pot in dream

Ex lover dream

Eating polystyrene

Eating cooked cassava and meat

Ex moved on

Eye becomes nipple

Eating spring roll in a dream

Eaten alive by zombies

Eating cooked yam in a dream

Eating cooked yam in a deeam

Eating ur own flesh

Eating tapioca in dream

Ex beaten

Empty ocean

Entering classroom

Essential oils

Elementary school cafeteria

Empty aisle

Extremely sleepiness

Eating a peach from a fruit tree.

Emyy carton in dream


Earthquake and tidal wave

Earthquake then tidal wave

Earthquake and tsunami

Eating cooked meat in dream

Ending of railroad

Eating monkey cooked meat

Ex married

Exposing genitalia

Ex sisterinlaw

Eat raw horse meat

Emergency breaks

Evil destroying

Explain the dream not the symbol

Eating human flesh

Eating kola in dream

Ex stuffing my vagina

Ex brother in law and myself travelling

Eating kola nut in the dream biblically

Eunuchs chasing in dream

Explanation in painting

Eating squid mean

Eating custard apples in dream by pregnant women


Eating of pork lever

Ex living overseas

Ex husband going to live overseas

Emerging from toilet


Elephant give birth

Eating vowel

Eatinglawsnakemeatinthe dream

Empty room


Eating kolanut in a dream

Eating efinrin in the dream

Eating pork by accident

Electronic gadget


Eating masheke

Exlover put socks on my feet


Eating flowers and leaves

Eating cooked yam in the dream without oil

Excelling in sport

Eating bugs


Eating telay


Eating cooked beans with ripped plantain

Eat tomato

Eating jaggery

Eating cooked yams

Eating big fish

Eating thorny sweet fruit

Eating chicken from the toilet bowl

Eating cake with dead family


Exwife in wheelchair

Embellical cord


Eating chicken meat while standing in a dream

Eye gouging

Eating scabs

Eating cocoyam dream

Egg beter break

Ex boyfriend relative freezing

Eddie on in a dream

Eating udara in the dream means

Eating jaggery witj lover

Eating only jaggery in dreams

Eating coal in dream means what

Eating coal in dream

Eating smoke fish

Evil laugh in dreams

Eating cola nut

Eating kolanut in the dream


Ex wife smirking

Eating food temple


Ex bf waving

Eating styrofoam plate

Eye dries out

Ex colleague

Elephant swimming pool

Evil growl

Eating bread

Eating bread

Eating maize

Ex wife threatening

Eating dasheen

Eating powder

Eating palm kernel



Eating fresh water leaf

Eating water leaf

Electomagnetic signal

Eating boiled egg means

Evil men

Eating mucus

Evil spirit

Eating fresh chikoo fruit in a dream



Exempted from being expelled

Ex husband wearing wedding ring in a dresm

Eating edible clay in a dream

Eating garri

Eating garri in the dream

Eating garri in the drewm

Eating stone with bread

Electric cable sparking

Eating edible clay in dream


Escaping from a vultures

Emergency call


Eating bitter kola in the dream

Electric sparkling

Eating yam and red oil in your dream

Eating cows feet


Eating antelope

Eating an antipope in the dream

Eating raw snake meat

Electric transformer for sale in my dream

Elongated clitoris

Eating silver fish in a dream

Eating rice with beef and potatoes

Eating asweet guava

Eagle feathers ground

Evil spirit possessing furniture

Eating stones

Estranged sister has a black beard

Eaten alive by tiger

Eating groundnut in a dream

Evil eye thrown at you

Eating voal

Eating coal

Eating dried and green curry leaves

Eagle attacking other birds

Eating meat of dead person

Eating gari in a dream

Eating cola but in the dream

Eating kulikuli in a dream

Eating red yam in the dream

Eating sapodilla

Eating food with crush

Exchanging cell phone

Exching cell phone

Ex boyfriend in trouble

Earpiece cut off


Eating ctow



Eating bad food

Enormous bag of chocolates

Eating raw jowar

End times

Enemy inside the house


Eating sitting on the floor


Eye colour changing


Eating reuben in a dream

Eating rubens


Eating cooked yam with palm oil in the dream

Eating tiger nuts in a dream



Eyes closed while driving

Eating meat and vomiting blood

Eating raw maggi in dreams

Eucalyptus missing

Earth stop rotation

Earth stops rotation

Earth stps rotation

Each group of 4 sticks each




Empty place setting

Eating dill

Escaping from someone through the window

Eating a seahorse

Ewedu in the dream

Eating red oil yam in a dream the meaning

Eating red yam in a dream the meaning

Ex ceo

Empty picture frames

Eating of white weevils

Embroidered clothes

Embroided cloth

Eating raw liver


Extra lips

Extra mouth