Eating palm but soup

Eting intestine

Eaten by animals

Enemy in pain

Escorting someone in the dream

Ex boyfriend


Eating yam and red oil in dream

Electric sparks in water

Eating hot charcoal in a dream

Eating goat intestine , mutton and drinking palm wine

Eating eba with okor soup in dream meaning

Ex boyfriend with new lover

Eating with king

Eating cow dirt from tripe

Eat bat


Eating choking paper

Ex lover sex

Ex girlfriend

Ex girl having sex



Escalator or elevator

Eatinng charred wood in s dream

Escaping a wild fire


Eating puff loaves in a dream

Eating mausami in dream result in hindi

Eating mausami in dream result

Eating yam and sause in the dream

Ex boyfriend sucking boobs

Eating of boiled yam in dream

Eating fishbone

Eating sugar cane

Eating cooked yam and vegetable in the dream

Ex boyfriend stalking me

Eggs and yams

Eating cooked quail

Ex mother in law funeral

Eating eba

Eating raw sweet potatoes in my dream

Eid prayers



Empty mall

Eating cushion foam

Eating garden eggs and peppe in a dream

Euro currency

Eating cook yam someone give to you in dream

Ex relative getting married

Ear piercings

Eating in masjid


Eating nuts and bolts

Eating chicken feet in dream


Esolar eclipse

Eagle dove combination

Eating a chapat in a dream

Ex brother in law dream meaning

Eating kola in dream what is the meaning

Eating 3 corn

Eight children

Eating pain puri


Ex husband was going to put me in a box

Ex boyfriend renovating in dream what it means

Eating roasted plan fruit in a dream

Earthquake and angry mother

Empty garbage can

Elevator moving sideways

Eating chin chin snacks in the dream

Eating chin chin in the dream

Erectile dysfunction

Enemy being pregnant

Extracting pooh

Erotic sex

Eating oxtail

Eating eggshells

Egg hatching

Empty crate of egg



Ex bestie

Eating custard apple in dream during pregnancy

Eating cooked palm fruits in dream

Eating of stew

Empty pen

Eating tarmarind

Eating a star

Eba and ewedu

Eating mutton and rice

Eating okro soup with eba in the dream means

Experiencing of a vision where oil is pouring out of me.

Ex boss he wants sex

Energy vortex

Eating food inside temple

Eating cow knuckle

Embracing someone and smelling perfume

Entering mosgue

Eating puri in dream

Erased number on a washing machine

Erased serial number

Eating fried scallops


Eggs on tree

Egg on tree

Eating jackfruit during pregnancy

Eyedirt in dreams

Eating boiled yam and sauce with your sister in a dream

Eating sisters pussy in a dream meaning

Elk hunting

Eating uncooked eggs

Ex boyfriends deceased mother

En un isla agua café panga


End of world


Eating kola nut in the dream with people

Eating green leaves

Elevator explosion


Eating mopane worms dream

Eating okro soup

Ewedu soup in the dream


Empty closed

Encountered a child who was upset.

Eating of moi moi in the dream

Eating fufu and salty ogbono soup

Eating a dark green snake




Eating a snake plant

Egyptian oil bottles

Eating metal

Eyes closed when driving



Ex wife lesbian

Eyes falling out

Eyes falling

Eating sheatree fruits


Eating african salad

Eating bitter colanut

Eating cooked pumpkin leaves in the dream

Eating beans and vegetables in the dream

Eating okra soup and garri

Empty upside down drawer

Eating eba ang egusi soup in the dream

Eating fresh fruits in dream

Eating kolanut in a shrine

Eating kolanut with a deity

Ex husband

Emerald green waters

Elephant apple tree in dream

Ex apartment

Eating sister cause pain

Ex boyfriend getting married to someone else

Ex lover giving thanks

Ex steptson

Eating roast breadfruit

Earth exiting orbit

Effah francis


Eating pine nuts from a tree

Eating of rice and stew made with locust beans in the dream

Empty apartment missing person

Eating and picking jamun in dream means

Eating tamarind

Empty red arm chair



Empty flower pots

Evergreen oak

Eaten up

Ever after high,tree houses,photo shots,office buildings,and haunted houses.

Evil red door

Eating candle wax

Eating cook cassava in dream

Exchange of pen in the dream

Empty village

Ex boyfriend is a priest

Eating water yam in the dream

Extinguishing a cat on fire

Eating clothes in dream

Eating fried breast chicken

Electricity transformer

Eating yam in pailm oil

Eyes glued shut

Evil spirit covering mouth

Eagle feathers

Ex girlfriend sister

Eyelids turning inside out

Eating fried plantains

Eating bones of a meat

Elephant on its back

Ey3s starting to bleed

Elephant eating apple


Extra row of teeth

Electric heater

Eating cassave leaf with cook rice

Eating cassave leaf with rice

Eating cassave leaf


Ex boyfriend asking me when they are paying lobola for me



Ex threatens murder

Ex husband ex borther in law


Eating mussels


Escape police

Enemy pregnant

Eating african salad in the dream

Ex lover

Expensive clothing

Eating flaked rice

Execution gallows

Eating snacks in store

End of the day and feet were swollen. left foot more than the right foot. it was uncomfortable to walk on but not painful. i was wearing a pale pink dressing gown and sitting in a lounge chair when i noticed my feet. i was rubbing my left foot with my right hand and had my left leg crossed onto my right knee. my mother came out not the room and i showed her. my mother as only my age in the dream and we were in our late 20’s.

Eating turkey in a cafeteria

Ex-suitor in a dream


Electric stove in living room


Eating cooked yam i n the dream


Eating cook breadfruits means what


Eating moimoi in the dream means


Eating a jack fruit

Eyes and mouth voided on woman screaming face

Earts in a dream

Evil twin


Ex boyfriend shorter than me in dream

Everyone forgot my birthday

Eating a fruit with maggots

Eating chicken wings

Eagle half man

Eagle half an

Eye teeth

Event being cancelled

Eagle biting someone else on leg


Every step i took brought out corn for hen i ran every step corn is under and they follow every step of my foot in which corn comes out

Ear lobe fell apart

Eating ewedu

Eating fried eggs and cooked yam in a dream

Eating and sharing porridge yam

Eating apple seeds

Earthworm transforming into a snake

Earthworm turning into a transparent snake

Eating common myna meat in dream

Ejaculate inside me

Establishing cobblestone in dreams


Eat a lamb leg


Ex fiend

Eating calamari

Eating cow intestines in a dream

Ex sister in law hugging me in a dream

Eating green leaves in dreams


Extra rows of teeth

Excessive crying



Eating pounded yam in dream

End of word

Eating tamarind in a dream


Eating pani puri in dream means

Ex was digging up solar lights from yard

Email adress

Ex boyfriend reaching out to sister

Excreting in public

Eating buns with raising

Ex boyfriend reaching out

Eating penis in the dream

Eating roasted plantain in red oil in the dream

Engorged breast

Ex dieing

Ewedu cooking in dream

Eating cooked animal skin

Exotic white bird

Exotic white bird lands on me

Eat body

Eating sauce

Ex brother in law

Eating weed

Eyes in the sky

Eating dog head

Earthworm are coming out from both ring finger in dream

Extra teeth growing

Ex boyfriend deformed face

Ex husband heart attack

Eating nutella with someone

Eating nutella

Eating limestone

Eating limestone in the dream

Eating roasted groundnut in dream

Earth opening

Eating a food like roti

Ear infection

Eating watermelon in exchange with a mango

Encountered a child who was upset

Eating pork and spitting it out


Earrings with rose quartz

Eating fudge but not sweet

Eye of horus

Empty carriage in the sky

Evite worms

Evil spirit imagry and paralysis

Eating ripe lemon

Ex boyfriend and mangalsutra

Eating fufu in your dreams

Easting fufu in your dream

Empty dresser drawers

Eating of garden egg in the dream


Eating marula fruits in a dream


Elepha ts

Ex mother in law hugging you

Ex boyfriend patch back

Eating ewedu soup in the dream

Eagle fighting with another eagle with a broken beak

Eagle with broken beak

Electric light tower

Ex boyfriend demanding his dowry back

Eating vrigina

Eating burnt food

Ex-boyfriend wouldn’t open the door

Estranged parents

Elephant holding a fish in its trunk

Eating chinchin in dream

Eating brown beans

Ex wheelchair


Eating of big ube pear in the dream

Everyone leaves and avoid me

Eating of sugarcane and feel nausea



Evil laughter from someone

Empty throne

Empty food cupboard

Eating soft offals

Electrocuted someone else

Eating rice hair

Expired protein powder


Eating a live pig

Eating a pig

Ex boyfriend, shopping

Eating kalma written paper

Exploding appendix

Excreting worm

Entering into an old woman house and help her

Eating turkey slices

Ex husband wants you back

Evil snake biting me and my husband

Escaping crime scene

Eating granadilla in a dream

Ear piercing

Eating noodles with broken chopsticks

Eating fatty meat

Eating yam with red palm oil in dream

Eat acidic in dream

Eating yam and palmoil

Eating alligator pepper

Ex mother in law

Eating food with meat

Eating cooked corn in the dream means what

Estranged dad saying sorry

Eating roasted maize in dream

Eros protecting me

Eating curd rice in dream

Eating sweet rice with dead person hand


Eating grasscutter with friends in the dream

Eating grasscutter in the dream

Ex boyfriends

Exposed let breast

Eating sweetsop

Elephant blocking the road

Essential oil spilled

Eating palm kernel in the dream


Ex boyfriend dating sister

Eyes stuck together


Eating prepared mopane worms in the dream

Egusi shell in dream

Eating fried plantain

Empty vessels

Eating mangoes in a dream during pregnancy

Eating fufu and lights soup in a dream

Eating avocados

Eating cow feet and cow head

Extra toe

Envelope being handed to someone

Eating grapefruit during pregnent


Emerald green clothing family

Eating pine cones

Eating pine ones

Ex gives chocolate in gold wrap

Eating jaggery and roti in the dream

Eating palm but fruit in a dream

Eldest son going to sleep

Eldest son failing asleep

Eldest son falling asleep

Elephant bones

Ex husband driving and picking


Excretions in a container



Eating pumpkin seeds

Eating cooked yam with children

Eating inpeeled cocoyam in a dream

Exes family

Eating rice and mutton


Ex has our children

Eating cow cooked leg in a dream

Eating cow leg in a dream


Extra room in house

Enemy giving saree in dream

Eating panner

Exhuming bodies of relatives

Evil religion

Ex boyfriend call me message

Empty closets walking through apartment all empty closets

Ex boyfriend bring a gift

Earthlike planet

Ex boyfriend paying lobola for me

Eating fufu with soup in a dream

Elephant fighting

Electric short circuit in dresm

Eating roasted palm fruit in dream

Eating in the toilet

Ex-husband in bedroom

Eating souvlaki in a dream

Eating sour fruit in dream

Eating of dog meat

Ex laying down

Ear peircing

Ear piecing

Eating sugarcane in the dream

Ex’s sister

Eat pap in dream meaning

Eating cooked intestine

Eating clothes

Eating goat or cow intestines

Earing fresh plucked red apple

Eating biter cola in dream



Eating squid

Eating prawns in dreams means

Exchange dollar

Eating berries

Eating bird plum

Elderly blessings in a dream


Empty storage rooms



Empty kitchen

Edge of the pool

Eating chikoo and giving it to relative



Eating dragon bone


Elephants in hill

Eat sandwicj




Eating dry crayfish in the dream

Eating roasted yam in dream

Eating a sugar cane

Everyday life

Ex friend fighting

Eat fish

Ear fish

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image