Flying with rope extending from sky

Fighting with my neighbor


Forget to pack underwear

Flying animal landed on my head while in bed

Forget class notebook


Fetching water for a dead person

Farming in water



Father having a second wife

Fork, murder

Fork murder


Floating spots


Father is not my real dad

Fat removal

Floor slanted room began spinning

Feed cat

Face falling off

Foam rollers

Fly eggs

Fishhook stuck in labia

Fire coming out of the ground

Fishing in a parking lot

Fallen plate

Friend breaking bones

Foal being born

Friend falling from train


Floor plastering

Fllor plastering

Fiancee dreams of soon to be wifes grandparents accepting them

Feeling betrayed

Floral skirt


Fucking women in drea

Family peril

Fried chicken

Fries chicken

Frozen shrimp

Facial tic

Fifty dollars

Front teeth

Flying scorpion sting my husband

Food burnt while cooking

Fight friend

Friend dying

Fromer predident who is dead and die in my dream what does it symozes

Finding kids shoes

Friend driving your car

Flakes on eyelids or eyelash

Forest dress

Flat chested

Fighting a unknown enemy with my sister

Fighting with cooking sticks


Fruit flys on the window

Feelings of irritation

Father showing penis

Finding crude oil in a dream

Fish dead from sea coming in fast

Fuck off

Finding and eating sugercane in a dream

Falling carabao in the wheel

Finding dentures in pocket and handing them to grandmother while mom is standing next to her

Female touching my vagina

Floor in home a mess. have to step over stuff to get through

Funeral dead relative

Funeral dead cousin

Falling wild mango in dream means what

Fetching mopane worms in a dream

Finding a hidden room

Family home

Falling without hitting bottom

Fat pig

Figs in a dream

Fighting with a celebrity

Feces in plates

Future woman

Falling in love with someone and then they dissappear out of your life


Fading face

Far away & trying to get home

Fig flowers

Finished cooking gas dream meaning

Friend zoned


Flash of yellow light

Friend portal

Feel someone tapping you

Fixing traditional mat

Friend asking for water

Fighting with a kinner in dream

Frozen talipa

Finding dead people who have burned to death. finding there personlly belongings not to far away

Fly backwards in a dream

Flying backwards in a dream

Finding dead people

Familiar places

Fun fight

Flying monkeys

Former co-workers

Force feed

Frying and eating buns in a dream

Flooding in home

Fighting aliens with a female

Finding $2

Footprints infront of the door

Forgetting locker combination

Female neighbor friend seductively waves

Female friend smiles and waves

Falling water tower


Forgotten trip

Fire side

Fingered in a dream

Friends parents naked

Falling from the elephant

Falling from elephant


Fluted pumpkin leaf

Flawed woman

Forget someone birthday

Foggy misty

Fishing ruby in ruby cave

Fertile mucus



Fairies flying to you

Fighting shark

Found money in a bag

Friends dying disease

Facial hair

Floating bacon

Friends getting kidnapped sex trafficee

Found lost sim card in the dream

Feeling confused


Four motorcycles and funeral

Falling to knees

Fake sickness

Family member abuses you

Family member abuses yoy

Five fish extacted from vagina

Finding a lost engagement ring

Frog transforming to a bulldog

Falling into a freezer

Fish hooks in body

Found in an uncompleted building

Family member fall to death

Father smoking in dream


French door

Flies around a body


Fenugreek seed in dream meaning

Fungus on face

Flower pots

Frying egg rolls in the dream means what

False accusation

Falsely accused of a crime

Flying through a portal in your dreams

Fuzzy vision

Father heels

Few peacocks

Food ball


Fish hook in penis

Flirting and rejecting ex boss

Fighting in a baseball game

Flowers stolen from my garden

Five smoked fish

Frogs and water

Fishhook in face

Fire engine trucks

Fighting birds

Fresh fava beans

Fighting my sibling in a dream

Finding yourself in neighbors house uninvited , owner absent hanging out caring for her dogs, reading newspaper etc

Friends visiting you when you are sick



Forgetting something for work


Fishing lightd

Feel like you are being bitten

Flogged with palm leaves in a dream

Flogged with palm kernel leaves

Fight sister

Fat black cows

Famous per

Fetching tap water in the dream means what

Follow an order

Fire in the form of lion


Found the key which was lost dream

Finding old horse shoe

Fatima in islamic dream

Falling inlove in my classmate



Fingering wife ass

Fleeing from a madman who is in love with you

Friend who had passed

Friend who has died

Food thawing

Friendly dog running after me

Fight between good and evil

Forceful admission

Found my stolen purse

Foundation of house

Friendly dog entering house

Fantasy mansion with the school on a trip

Front of a house

Family member whos past away

Found money in trash can

Friend advise not to buy something

Friend wears pants backwards

Falling yhrough the floor

Fungus growing from body

Foot fungus

Friends abroad

Fighting statues

Frozen mince

Fiting two men for a women

Fetching of water in the dream means

Finsing money

Fighting with father

Fat left leg


Friend giving me a saree as gift

Female voice

Floating furniture

Flooded workplace

Flame lion


Freezer no lid

Father spanking me


Friend inherited million dollars

Fire but no fire

Flying bee

Fried roti

Find a finger

Friend lost object

Finding friend

Find friends earrings

Friend forget earring


Fish bitting testicle

Falling into a green pond

Finding earring in a dream?

Floating crocodile

Flying on a flying carpet

Future boyfriend hug

Future partner hug



Floods and big fish


Former apartment

Friend’s marriage proposal


Fetching water with a calabash

Finding outfit

Falling in ocean sinkhole

Flying bat

Flying baat

Famous singer

Ferris wheel surmerged i the water

Ferris wheel sinking in the water

Flicker bird dream

Fire skull

Floating person

Float in the air

Falling wooden chairs

Friend changes last name

Friend name change

Friends wedding announcement

Five leaf clover

Fall though a building

Felling the grave

Feeding transgenders

Feeding kinners


Flying big spider

Feeding and taking care of a boy child

Friend now enemy

Friends worried about me

Fuck brother wife in dream

Friend tumbling

Falling deep under water and climbing back up

Frying of chinchin

Food disappears

Fire on trees

Fishes fighting

Fingers become black

Fingers become blavk

Feeling sensation during dreams

Friend who betrayed

Flshing red light

Flashing red light

Food dissapears

Fire underneath feet


Fingers stuck

Father in pain

Father shoulder pain

Friend with black hand on his head

Floor spinning

Fondling a dog

Forgetting to wear hat

Flushing textiles down the toilet

Father passing

Fall in muddy hole

Former headmistress canning me

Full of blood on a towel

Found skulls

Food from a different culture


Flooding in tank

Filipino centaur

Fighting dark magic

Fish comming out of vagina

Face and neck eyes


Field trip water around

Fat in meat

Finding a lost travel backpack

Funeral homes

Friends child is missing

Frog in stomach

Fingernails rotted and falling off

Failed shoot

Foothills dream mean

Feeling under pressure

Fake girlfriend

Flying or floating in the air

Friends green underwear

Friend being so happy

Fucked a ghost


Fleah falling off

Forget to clockin

Fire quickly moving across piano keyboards

Forgetting your birthday in a dream

Found a lost ring

Feet hairy

Forgetting where car parked


Falling but not dying

Fighting for gold

Forgetting words to song

Flying on a broomstick

Frogs in dreams

Friend going off with another friend

Flat viewing

Flood dreams

Following blood

Feet burning

Figuratively, that which god refines by spiritual trials comes forth as pure gold, i.e. faith, saints; see "fire"

Forgetting a birthday

Fake identity

Fishnet tights

Finding a silver spoon

Finding black feather

Familiar place

Fetching water from the borehole


Fetching mupane worms in the tree in a dream

Friend being kicked out of bar

Fallind a our coconut tree

Fish sky

Floating corpse

Frying and eating chinese chin chin in the dream

Fame celebrity

Food not served

Falling apart tortillas

Falling street light

Feral kittens

Feeding a sick man with breast milk in a dream

Female long hair


Fish, hook, skin

Frogs in rain forest

Ferret house

Front door

Falling off bridge in water

Fish in the septic tank

False pretences

Friend and his grandchild

Fire hair

Flood of milk

Fishing a elephant

Flickering bedroom lights in dream

Flickering lights

Face checks whole burn

Fighting my sons

Father fighting sons

Fighting sons

Friend got murder

Friend ask for vaseline for lips

Friend ask for vaseline

Farm animal pushed me over and sat on me

Frog in hair


Flirting with someone you know in a dream

Frozen strawberries

Fish with two tails

Front tooth extracted

Flowing clear stream

Fish coming out of the vagina

Fish coming out of the virgina

Feeling a man with a erection

Feeling pressure

Feeling rushed

Father valuabe item



Front door broke

Falling down a flight of stairs

Fast snail


Finding the slippers


Finding my lost slippers in dream

Fish hook in mouth

Falling unexpectedly in love

Falling in love with a enemy

Fox and wolf

Friend apologise

Friend apologise for sleeping with my husband

Flying tissue paper

Failed a test

Fingers with codes

Floor of car

Floor boards

Feather stuck to the roof of my mouth

Finding buried baby coffin

Falling from helicopter

Fighting with sisters



Fish in bathtub

Fl lottery numbers friday 31 july

Falling off toe

Fungus in my toe - sticking out

Funny nose

Falling into sewage canal

Finding ex with another woman

Finding spouse wcheating

Forget speech in front of crowd

Feeding cocks and we running together

Feeding hen and we running together

Fed hen and they were running with me and happy

Friends kiss

Falling in to excrement

Finding more bedrooms in my house



Filling jar water

Falling of ghee on floor


Four men

Finding wet money in my dream

Fingers by boyfriend

Finding out i was pregnant and birthing two babies

Fighting strangers

Finding a gun

Food under sink

Fallen pawpaw tree

Forgetting locker combination in school

Fried plantain

Forgetting bestfriend birthday

Father injured

Fufu pound

Field trip

Friend knocked out

Five full moons and sirius

Falling through floor

Found cave full of beads all colours

Falling into a deep hole

Farm road

Feces in my pants

Four corners

Finding a jawbone

Flowering plant with turns

Former job

Fiod cart in a dream

Fancy apartment

Foam plate

Friendly pastor

Feeling blood on your face

Fence breaking dwn

Ficus plant

Future husband


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