Finding button

Fighting a white robot with joystick sword

Foreign country

Floating tree

Fetching water from the stream

Flying in the rain

Family members nude

Floating on water

Falling on love with a celebrity

Flag in the sky

Family behind

Found scallops all over the sea shore

Falling inside gutter in a dream

Floral comforter


Failing to perform a responsibility in the dream

Failing to take a responsibility in the dream

Found a lost phone

Fish in fishbowl dream

Falling in love with my boy bff

Friendly stranger

Fruit basket

Fake armed robbery

Finding lost engagement ring

Frozen strawberry

Finering myself

Finding marbles

Feeding dead grandfather food in dream

Feeling lot

Frozen erect penis

Food disappearing

Family party

Falling fire from heaven

Female beats up a male

Female beat shop a male

Friend pregnant with triplets

Falling into a pit latrine

Flying bird feaces dropping on hand

Frying rip plantain

Fall from 6m pole

Fall from a pole

Feather in my mouth

Feeling youre awake that someone touching your pennis

Floral dtess

Fat face in dream

Fresh flowers

Friend money

Father getting married in dream

Flies in glass of water

From back row to front row

Feet are pointing backwards


Friendly dog licking my finger

Feeding a black pig in a dream with pepper

Forced to cut off ring finger

Flaky gold teeth

Frozen chicken

Followed by lions

Foggy day

Floor mat

Finger tips

Friend being blackmailed by someone else

Falling off a boat

Female firend

Feces in flood water

Flood in part of house

Forgetting to send timesheet

Foamy water

Face appears

Fish hook deep under skin


Feeling of presence

Falling down the idol lord muruga

Flying without wings in a dream

Fighting with a dead person who is not dead in real life

Fear of future after divorce

Fear of future

Fertile ground

Female lion walk awy

Falling out of a helicopter

Frog eye damaged

Frozen sea

Flying to china

Fish on land

Fish land


Falling and not being able to control yourself

Find someone else’s shoes in a dream

Found dirty pads full of blood

Fucking an old woman i know

Finger cut off

Fantail cage

Floging my mother in to the dream

Filling a clay pot with water

Football dream meaning

Fire burning a corn field

Fighting to rat


Flying first class on aeroplane

Fear of step son

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image