Graduation letter

Green bottle gourd

Green drop

Grinding someone


Grandmother showing her jewelry

Getting ready for register marriage

Giant yellow snake in hotel room

Gifting old lady saree

Ghost sex dream

Green parakeet pet escapes

Getting job in dream

Girlfriend meets your family


Gooseberry tree


Giving two bottles of water

Gears falling from the sky

Getting in wrong side of car to drive

Glimpse of hijara

Green pasture with horses

Green pasture with hirses

Gold nugget with a man on a horse


Get out stranger

Giving new saree

Golden colour car

Getting new saree in dream

Given 4 coloured pen mean

Green red peppers


Gari dream meaning

Give a brase vase to a friend filled with dryed wheat flowers

Ground melting


Ghost boy

Getting. limestones in dream

Gatling with mouthwash

Gymnastic ring

Giift dress

Given food

General yamashita dream book

Giraffe licking you

Green stone


Group hig

Getting stronger

Garden egg fruit in dream

Girl in danger

Gang fight

Group of young men

Grass and water

Gathering topioca in the stream

Geko stuck on my feet but i struggled and pulled out

Geko on the feet

Grown up twins

Green glowing roots

Guests move in

Ghost that come back everytime

Grandparents judgement

Green creeper

Graded tests

Graded papers

Growing ties

Giving a madman meat

Green grams

Girl putting kukimum on my forehead

Going to restaurant

Gathering of leaf in a dream

Gathering of leave in a dream

Gathering of cooking leave in a dream

Girl baby sacrifice



Gold windows

Gang shooting

Gossip and betrayal

Giving palm fruit

Gargoyle flying

Goddess with turmeric in dream


Gathering of oil bean

Garland made of lemon

Girl and boy getting sacrificed together

Greeting cards

Grass cutter and a dinosuar

Gathering oil bean seed in dream

Grab the devil by his neck

Grabbing the devil by his neck

Gift,pots,in the dream?

Gold chinese writings

Green duptta in dream

Getting prasad from brahmins

Green vaginal discharge in the dream

Getting something like aplacenta from your vagina

Getting slapped by my sis in law

Goats foot and a woman in a dream

Gold padlock been opened meaning

Grinding egusi and crayfish in dream

Ghost of young girl

Green liquid

Gopuram in dreams


Grand canyon


Give money and things to orhans

Giving birth to a twin

Giving saree to goddess

Graves floating on deep water | dream interpretation

Graves are floating in water



G continuous vine connected cacti from underground seeking a place to reroot it

Good mansion

Giant bird in a tree

Giving medicine dead person

Given a pair of big angel wings

Giving birth to wolf cubs

Group of baboons

Group of baboons in my house

Giving away pomegranates to servent

Gorilla beating me

Giving gifts to children

Greek gods

Glowing apple

Golden tap

Golden tap and running gold

Green glow


Gypsy painting house

Good ring

Given a multicolored sweater

Giving someone a tuher of yam

Grasshopper eating snake

Getting airborne in a car

Getting prasad from brahmin

Gold text

Greek cross

Grave yeard

Grave yard worker

Guns shooting at house

Greek god pan

God gave me a white cross and was. taking me to heaven

Giant flowers

Girl fight

Golden cans of beans

Glowing hands

Give perfume

Getting burned

Given money by a dead father

Girl with green eyes red hair

Giving a cup of water to a stranger and he throws away the contents and keeps the cup

Getting over a giant white door

Getting over a door

Giving coins to dead mother in dreams

Grandmother visit

Genital organ stabbing

Grub in ear

Giving someone sesame seed bun

God karuppusamy

Gurl being fingered by mother

Glowing eyes in a child

Gunshot killed my mom

Girl sucking her thumb all alone in a room at night

Golden wheat field

Giving mulberries to children

Grandfather disceased

Guarding a bedroom

Gold art

Girl beautiful wedding lesbian

Gas leakage somebodys home

Golden color ink

Giving out egusi for grinding

Getting gold slippers in dream



Getting married

Ghost handprint


Green calcite breaks in dream

Golden pe

Going back to the same place

Green pumpkins on plant

Getting a new yellow saree

Grandma giving me a white cloth


Green water


Going down a winding slide

Green clouds in the shape of a figure

Green clouds rolling

Gold goddess

Goat chees

Giant truck on the roof. three open windows on the ceiling. robot toys on the hall.


Green cut

Girlfriend kidnapped

Gas station


Girl licking my vagina in a dream

Getting drunk at church

God frame break

Getting food from priest

Getting a ring from a young man

Golden scroll

Golde n scroll

Grabbing me

Grass in virgina

Giving a deceased parent and piggyback ride

Giving refuge to the needy

Giving asylum to others

Golden decor shoes

Giving water to someone

Gum stuck in tongue and throat

Getting stabbed on a finger by a flower thorn


Green face powder

Giving water to a lion


Giving someone two coins and water

Getting a hug from a deceased

Giving the dead bread

Giant merman

Golden statue

Giving food served in banana leaf my fathet

Gilda monster

Giving money to dead grandmother in the dream

Giving money to dead grandmother in the dream

God’s foot

Going to michigan

Gumbo in a dream


Giving lime in a dream

Getting a wrapper in dream

Grass snake in the dream




Gypsies blocking you


German shepherd

Germam shepherd

Guidelines when you fall in water fully clothed

Gog turmeric powered spills

Green alien

Great mmother

Gigantic white cat

Guinea pig peeing

Gathering with the person who has p ed away

Getting a good grade for a test

Getting a highgrade when you think you have a bad one

Grass inside house

Grass cutter bite my finger in dreams meaning


George washington

Green chayote dream

Giving underwear to your dead relative

Grinding up against someone

Giving birth


Greeen flowers in a dream

God gifting green saree

Giving someone attitude


Got a tattoo

Got a tatto

Got a tatoo

Goat heart

Garden egg gift in a dream

Gift of palm oil


Green mouse

Green corainder leaves in dream

Getting kidnapped and rescued

Gun shot sound



Gold ring red stone

Going to a brahmin house

Grove of trees

Glycerin from varginal

God chariot

Give away wrist watch

Gary wayne nickols

Girlfriend begging

Girl begging

Girl bugging

Green crystals

Going with ex husband to buy a new car

Green dice

Gold mugget

Giving soldier money in my dream

Galvanized dream

Green color tiger in my dream

Grubs in dreams

Gargoyle talking to me

Giving you a cup of coffee

Glass blow

Glowing fruits on tree


Getting hair pulled

Good grades

Giving water to a madman

Gathering of palm fruit from the ground

Gathering of palm fruit from the ground dream

Grandparents spirit

Giving a mad person fish

God carrying you down a murky river

Goats urinating

Giving a water pot dream

Great aunts

Great aunts laughing

Going down using trellis

Gold pear tree


Gold door

Given a man tin mackerel in my dream


Giving girlfriend stove


Green eue

Goat killed in front of me

Giving a baby drinking water in dream means what

Gold keys

Given book in church by pastor mean

Gold coins growing in trees

Giving birth while a black tornado is outside

Green tamarjnd

Green tall maize platation

Green blue and white train

Gold elevator

Gnarled dead trees


Giving food to dead grandfathwr

Gomati chakra in dream

Getting mugged

Gray eagle

Given shoes made of bread

Gallons of water in my dream

Goddess giving me laddu

Given white trouser as a gift in a dream

Given breadfruits

Given green breadfruits

Gving cake dead

Given someone sachet water in dream


Green stiletto shoes

Gaps in a closed door

Given bread to madma in dream

Given money to a child in drew


Gold wearing white bird

Giving thanks to god

Giving someone a hand job

Guy stealing my girl

Guy stealing my girlfriend

Given cowries in dream

Giving someone a blow jo

Giving someone recharge card

Golden cobra statue

Gold cobra statue

Giving keys to adead person

Green capsicums in a dream means


Giving you deal

Giving away wrist watches


Girl hugs boy

Gold wire nest in the dream

Grandmother sweeping the floor

Giving ewedu leaf in a dream

Giving shoes to dead

Gargabe bin

Guru death

Gold melting

Giving coconut

Giving a coconut and yam in a dream

Getting clothes then returning them

Gettting ahot

Giving toothpaste in a dream



Ghost in a bathroom mirror that could not speak

Golden ricefield

Golden barley

Ghost, mirror

Giving your son plants meaning

Girlfriend saw you have sex with mother

Gray rabbit

Gun shots

Green rice

Giving saree in dream

Gathering ogbono seed in dream

Gifting red shoes to a film actor

Green lizard in dream good or bad astrology

Green coriander leaves dream good or bad astrology


Getting a painting job

Gnats on a wall

Green dead snake


Giving money to a dead person mean

Ghost sex. meaning

Giving sarees to mother in law

Green and golden dragon

Greenand golden dragon

Giving jaggrey

Getting tamboolam in dream


Grape koolaid

Governor visit in a dream

Guru dhanata

God wearing crown and a stick in his hand

Gift as saree

Gold egg pendant



Getting into a driverless car

Group of transgender’s

Glass door knob

Giant jellyfish dream


Golden foot stomping

Getting black patches on body

Grizzly tracks

Go karts

Giving little sister cocaine

Giving out sugarcane to someone you love in the dream means what?


Giving out raw cassava

Golden light with a bit of force

Gift saree


Growing ginger abundantly

Gathering oil bean in dream

Growing ball

Getting shot with a gun by a shadow


Green yellow pencil

Giving blessings in dream what is the meaning of it in islam

Gaining livelihood from an unimaginable source

Grandma wearing blue saree in dream

Giving food to a monkey

Garuda tried to kill me

Granding maize in a mill dream

Grinding maize at mill 8n a dream

Grinding face

Ghee spilled


Guinea fowl with her chick

Gold necklace and ring

Gamboling with no money involved

Girlfriend doing drugs

Girlfriend using drugs

Ghost with bright white eyes

Gumbo soup


Goat head butting

Goat headbytt

Getting my shoes

Given back my shoes

Giving nutmeg in the dream by your husband

Getting married with a dead person

Guys car getting stolen

Golden skin

Goddess radha


Ganesha swimming in the ocean meaning

Ganesha swimming

Grape treee

Giving bread to the deceased father in dream but he is alive

Green leafy spinach

Gap in front teeth

Gem eyes

Getting taweez

Going against one way

Gathering of family and talking about deceased loveones

Giving a madman food

Green maize plant walking between,in a dream

Gray curly hair

Grey hearse

Giving testimony in the dream meaning

Giving food to a mad person

Gray eagles

Golden cat in dream interpretation

Guy getting assanated

Gifted new clothes

Gel put in my hair

Gold necless found and put under the tree

Guan yin

Granddaughter visiting me at work

Girlfriend is a dominatrix


Got ticket

Giving an apple to a dead person in a dream

Getting medicine from somebody

Gravel parking lot



Grabbing arm