Going for a meeting


Given money to children in a dream


Golden wheat color

Giving key to dead

Golden mouse

Giving naked homeless women money

Giving someone the snuff

Gathering spoons

Giving fresh groundnut

Getting a lift in the dream


Green farm maze meal

Guy hiding in grass

Girlfriend pounding fufu in a dream

Getting ghee from a aunt

Given a mad man food in a dream means what

Give a mad man food in a dream means what

Goddesses in red saree in dream

Green soursop on the tree

Gold horse ina dream meaning

Gold ink pen symbolize

Gold ink pen

Garden of grapefruit

Glow in dark costum that my daughter has

Giving little school girl money in the dream

Going to lobola

Golden tree dreams

Green plant growing on a university building wall

Goddesses giving flowers in dream

Gold dome coffin

Gold coffin

Giving pastor birthday gift in the dream

Given airtime in the dream

Gathering bambara nuts

Giving chicken rice to children

Gold hair end

Giving a dead person a rose


God’s statue falling down

Goat kissing man

Grocery store

Going into a dark room

Going to beat someone up

Giving clothes to a mad woman

Giving clothe to a mad woman in dream

Gift new shoes received

Gifting sarees in dream meaning

Goddess giving mangal sutra

Gift wrsit watch

Garbge taken out of house

Going down a steep slope

Going down a slope

Gungumam in dreams

Grandpa that has passed away


Giving money to blind man in a dream, and receive

Giving baby water

Generator exploding in dream

Grinding rep paper

Girl shifts to cat

Gifted blue jade jewelry box

Giving sweets to dead perspn

Green mark on forehead


Green silo

Gecko tatooed on my body

Ghee flowing

Gold frogs

Giving water t a dead person

Good friend

Giving sindoor to a dead person

Glass bottom boat

Getting shot at home

Giving water to lizard

Green ring with pyramid

Gift of red duppata


Getting close to a royal house in a dream

Grandma left arm missing

Guy having a hairy vagina

Giving a dead provision

Giving money to in a dream inside church serivce

Giant door

Glass bottle

Giving herbal medicine to my mom in dream

Giving your saree to someone

Girlfriend bruised arm and abdomen

Giving ogbono seed

Gathering items

Gathering my belongings

Guava dream meaning

Gifting bags in a dream

Gulal in dream

Giving a dead person a tea

Given money to a child

Giving things

Girl to naked are self

Golden cat with big tail in dreams

God father

Getting prasad from brahmim

God photo falling in air

Gift of shirt

Get your affairs in order white envelopes

Goden eye

Gypsy person hidden incat

Green velour neckless

Green neckless

Green ribbon on neck

Getting a mad woman pregnant

Grandma giving me gold clock

Ghost pepeer


Giving gloves

Garden walls damaged

Gun pellet

Go back home

Giving massage to a person already dead

Giving cake to the dead man in a dream

Giving testimony in dream

Giving money to my dead mother and sister in dream

Getting top marks in a class

Give five hundred naira in dream

Giving rose

Grapes and fruit

Given many chewing stick and using it in a dream

Giving away money in a church

God in bathroom.

Given offering in church means what

Given nzu in the dream

Giving birth to fish

Giving honey to somebody in the dream

Green dragon with gems clasped in hand

Giving friends clothes

Giving food to an old women

Golden colour sari

Gritty tortilla

Getting grapes from dead

Godess in red saree

Green limed

Green limesin dreams

Gift of broom

Giving gifts to dead man in the dream

Giving wach in a dream

Giving each in a dream

Green fields in dream meaning

Grape soda

Gun shot back

Giving out body cream

Ghost catchers

Got ramayana book in dream

Giving someone a spongy

Giving cola nut in dream

Green long vegetables

Good curtains

Giving grandaughter a bath [iyyimh her in water


Giving money in donation

Given donation in a dream

Golden clock

Graves inside house


Giving out money in ur dream

Going on a date


Ghost lady

Going underground then come out


Given incense in dream

Giving a policeman money

Giving a policeman money in a dream


Giving kumkum and flowers to someone

Going to get married by a pundit

Getting turmeric as gift

Given a title

Give me old clothes

Gun danger

Golden bullet

Giving someone money in ur dream

Giving pepper to someone


Grandfather dead body in water

God new photo

Giving watch dream meaning

Giving magalsutra to a girl

Giant in native american

Gold dancing shoes

Gold sperm

Glueing broken fingernail on thumb

Glueing broken nail on thumb

Glueing broken thumb nail

Glueing back a broken nail



Green saree dream goddess

Giving food to my dead father

Gavua on tree

Growling stomach


Gattering dry coffe seed

Groom paying lobola

Gabriel fernandes

Gold goose eggs

Giving money to pastor in dream

Green chilli means what in dreams

Green chilli

Group of friends

Giving gold bracelet to dead person

Giving gold bracelet to dead peraon



Giving someone ugu leaves

Giving someoneuou leaves

Guiding a special male guest to their seat


Gathering christians in a dream

Giving food to a mad woman

Giving bread to dead person

Green open jar

Grilled cheese

Goat dashing


Glowing human figure

Gift of a black purse

Giving horse gram in dream

Giving away sarees

Goddess idol broken by mother in law

Giving 2 euro coins to child

Green stones mean in dream

Grabbing voobs

Giving away money to a pastor

Glowing body

Giving water to dead grandfather

Getting kicked out safe

Getting attacked by a cactus

Getting attacked and pricked by a cactus

Give a bandaid to someone that has passed

Group of crow in house and one carrying its baby outside the home

Green bangles

Glass mini figures

Grandmother showing me a farm

Getting two new dresses stitched

Green big maize in a farm

Goats having sex in my dream what does it mean

Giving out colanut in a dream mean


Giving water to a child

Gift of golden bird and grains

Gifting someone white dress meaning

Godness lakshmi gold coin

Grape yogurt

Getting gropedby stranger

Giving in black beads to some one

Green kitten

Given a kolanut in the dream what does it mean?

Giving honey and lime

Giving a sick friend honey and lime

Giving lola nut

Giving birth to a scary baby

Giving a visitor my personal towel

Giving someone my towel to use

Giving money to a dead parent in a dream

Gold lode

Going too fast

Going too fast around a corner in a car

Green butterfly

Giving food to the transgender

Girl wearing maroon shirt


Girl wearing maroon shirt and white pants

God rescues


Green land watching

Grilling the corpse

Getting good grades

Grim reaper white robe


Giving gifts together with the president of the nation

Ginea corn dream meaning

Garland in photo of living mother

Garland in photo frame of living mother

Grave with flowers

Given someone gift to be presented to a person that is dead

Grandmother dreams

Giving a seafood platter

Getting limestone in dream

Gramd mother

Grandson in jail

Grandma died and husbands dead aunt vomited on me

Grandma died and dead aunt vomited on me

Grandma died and dead aunt vomited

Going to fetch water at a borehole

Goddess lakshmi

Grass growing on ur head

Green cats

Given a broom stick by dead father

Grand central station

Grounding green and red pepper on a grinde stone mean what

Giving money to children in dream means

Gold stream

Gargoyles outside my home

Gargoyles hiding in my grass


Get killed by a stab

Giving out money

Golden carriage in dream

Gray sport car in a dream

Gathering oil bean in the dream means what

Goat in numbers

Grandmother doors

Giving condolence gift

Goat skin in the dream

Girl with dragon eye

Grandfather smoking talking with police

Grandparents fighting

Granite counter top breaking off


Giving birth to a dead baby



Godess said your going to give me something

Godess ssid your going to give me something


Gigantic red roses

Giving money to a man of god

Giving water to stranger

Giving away old saree

Giving chocolate to dead person in dream

Glass burning

Grave being moved

Garlic smell

Giant kingkong

Giving my neighbor food


Green lime fruit

Gold broken care, dealership

Golden leaf

Gift of ham

Game animals

Giving clothes away means

Given a plan kernel nut in a dream

Getting home

Giving a old man pants

Glass elemental

Giving away your pants to a old man

Giving away your pants

Green chura in dream

Green chita in dream

Giant birds through window


Going a different direction than family on subway

Going the wrong way on a train

Given a trumpet by a pastor

Great blue herron

Gorgon location

Ghost riding a rocking horse


Giving cpr to someone

Green feather in dreams

Going into business with my grandma by buying a building


G string

Girl, feelings, school, drawer, spelling mistake

Glass house,children throwing thing mad at nurses for killing them

Gila monster threatens you


Grandfather giving you money

Green pens

Golden scroll with latin writing in it

Green slippers

Giant sea shell

Going to buy anise

Going to buy snise

Giving children water

Giving water to drink to buffalos in dream


Greatly overcharged

Giants chasing us

German village

Green jelly coconut in a tree

Gargoyle in maze with me


Ground crawling with maggots

Gala uniform

Green grams in the dream


Giving water to a dead in dream

Given coconut oil to drink by my mother who is pass

Grass cutter meat

Grandmother picture

Given silk in a dream

Gold tree neclace

Green okara

Grains clay pot had been broken in dreams

Grid game

Gold and silver garments


Green tiger orange tiger

Gargoyles and water

Getting chased by a hyena

Getting chased by a animal

Giving someone sachet water in a dream


Graveyard found while denoliahingvthe house

Given two tubers of yam in dream

Gold letter e

Guy meet at the road

Grey hair on tongue

Giving gold in temple in dream means

Grass snake holding my foot

Green wall along the road


Golden pictures in a book

Golden writing

Girl and attraction

Giving people kola nut in the dream means what

Grandma sex

Grandma having sex

Grandma naked

Green bananas in my dream

Gifting red saree

Get in truck

Get on truck

Green broken bangles outside house

Going abroad with husband but the country is floaded

Giving money to a poor children

Gap between the two front teeth

Going sleep

Going to mississippi

Gas stove

Giving someone a blow job

Getting into trouble during school assembly

Going to s hook without shoes

Gold coins that you love

Grass, paddleboard

Giant staircase

Getting dressed

Giving medicine to dead

Giving money to children

Gives chinchin

Grandmother blind



Green moong

Goddes hera

Gifting handkerchief

Greeting by hand

Green lights of go and the car fails to start


Guava tree

Giving me bugs in ,y hair

Guniea pig biting

Getting many gifts


Giving away mens hankies

Glass floor in kitchen

Giving two children water to drink

Gold colored feather

Gas leaking

Give son a purse with coins

Gas explotion

Gas eksplosion

Giving money to transgender

Gold nose stud broke

Gorge turning into a church

Groups of mad people in dream



Going with a dead person in dream


Golden egg dragon

Giving quarters

Green rabbit foot

God frame fall dowb


Gray kitten

Grey kitten

Goals acheived

Glowing brown eyes

Green capcicum up in the trees in dream meaning

Giving black banana to others in dream indicates

Good jewellery

Gold stones

Gold coloured cushions

Glass vase crystal flowers

Giving bread to a madman

Going up escalator and falling off at top

Going up escalator and no landing at top

Growing food

Going up a mountain in a gondola scared

Gold letters

Green pastures

Good transgender

Good trangender

Gold broken chandelier

Green chili tree

Green lizards

Goji berries