Girl fiends

Giving kajal to some one

God comforting me places a shawl around me

Going in a political rally

Going in a rally

Group of kinar dancing

Groom does not come to wedding

Goats in water

Giving a saree to amman

Granth sahib covered

Getting new saree and gold

Golden raisins


Goldfish vagina delivery

Goldfish coming out vagina

Guy touching my breast

Giving perfume to your mother

Going to visit a friend in a dream

Grandparents home robbed

Golden skyscraper as a boat


Green weed

Giant black snake

Giving money to my late mother in the dream

Given black night shade in a dream

Grater cheese

Gnat on glass door

Gun in purse

Girl wearing polka dot dress

Going down a river many people in boats

Garbage burn in dream


Giving a gift to a dead relative


Golden hair dream

Girl in glassess smiling

Giving tissue to someone

Giving out broom to someone

Gold cross in street

German shepherd trying to have sex with me

Giving saree


Green beetle

Gold thread sewing two hearts together

Garlic growing out of my forearm

Gold mirror


Granddaughter got hit by a car

Gray face

Grey face

Giving birth to an angel

Garden-egg fruit in dream

Going north dream

Gathering termites with wings in a dream

Green gras

Girl finds another mate

Girl cheating on you

Glass splinter finger

Giving kolanut in the dream

Gold corn

Gold corn

Getting new sari as a gift in dreams


Good coin and bad coin

Gun fight

Giving money to the trangenders

Green pool

Glass teeth

Giving money on asking

Going up beautiful stairs

Gable roof

Gordon ramsay


Grand building

Getting an enema



Grabbing a snake by the head with both hands

Getting a brand new white scooter

Gave silver cuffs to a dead cousin

Gifted popcorn

Guinea corn


Given people sachet water in the dream

Giving half kumkum indream

Grain field

Green gram meaning in dream

Girl falling from a ferris wheel

Going to centurion dream

Getting arrested after eating popcorn

Green container

Gaps between teeth


Getting tipped over in a shopping cart

Giving away handkerchief


Green and yellow snake

Guru in white

Getting married

Ghost/falling sculpture

Ghost/fallinig statue


Girl with curly hair in dteam

Giving a child up for adoption

Green glitter

Giving raw rice to the dead person in ur dream

Getting called ugly

Given a cooking stick by judge in the dream

Guy long hair

Getting bit my cats

Grabbing neck

Grass mats

Giving cake to dead person

Giving shawl to dead father in dream means | dream interpretation

Glass tower building

Giving directions

Golden pot full of coin

Getting off bus

Golden gate


Gun instruction

Grey building

Game character

Getting bit by a snake

German a man put a woman in a vacuum cleaner in sucked her up

Grilled cheese bread


Gray trench coat

Golden hair long to ankles

Gold bracelet

Giving someone oxygen

Giving sick oxygen

Guava tree meaning


Gifting a mad woman

Gold thread

Gold pocket watch

Get out before monster kills me

Giving a man person food in a dream

Gold stolen in my dream

God photo gifted by someone


Getting a massage

Guinea pigs

Giving gift dead person

Gold dresss


Giving out white envelopes

Giving deceased person medicine

Give food

Grey squirrel

Green saree in dream

Giving money to parents

Girlfriend having sex with another man

Grandmother with ants

Grandmother with a ts

Giant baby


Giving a empty paper bag to a child

Gray goat

Green goo

Grass and a grave

Gypsy funeral

Giant oblong box coming toward me

Ghost takes away your mom

Ghost takeing away your mom

Girl wearing maroon silk saree

Green and red peppers

Goat chasing me

Gold chain around my neck

Gun broken in half

Girl hold a water bottle and screaming no

Girl protecting be from zombies


Given two tone work boots

Green passport

Green padd

Going to rape me dream means

Going in a southward direction towards south pole



Grey man red patterns screaming

Gold walking stick

Getting vomitted on

Girl pushes long fingernails into my arm

Giving birth to snakes

Getting money from a peepal tree


Gay anal sex

Getting tooth pulled

Given a rod

Grandfather and grandmother waving



Golden lizard

Gloden lizard

Got separated

Giving people pawpaw

Girl with two heads

Green animals

Green rabbits

Green snake in green farm

Giving kukum to person

Giving birth and giving away the baby

Giving a loaded gun back to the owner

Gray hair



Good looks

Getting electrocuted

Gums swelling up

God daughter dies

Growing cocoyams dream meaning

Getting caught on the toilet

Green chilli and ragi

Glass shattering and house shaking

Giving birth

Garage door banging

Gifting a pink hat

Group pictorials meaning




Greasy , stringy hair

Giant tied down

Gorilla and elephants

Golden apple

Green pus from mans penis

Giving dead person water that is hot to drink


Goblin in vent

Green arms

Gold bangles

Giving money to a friend who is dead

Groundnuts mixed with pop corn


Given purge in the dream

Golden wheat

Green snake in the toilet bowl

Giant flowers.

Given purge in dream

Given purge

Ground shifting underneath feet

Ground provision

Got bit 5 times on my hand by a cobra

Gun pointed at your head

Given airtime in


Getting lost in a familiar neighbourhood

Gifted pair of earrings

Gold cat

Green onions from the garden

Gifting someone with cell phone

Grinding and selling millet

Gold coins

Grinded egusi giving to a person in the dream

Gold feet

Giving money to child

Grey skin

Glass owl


Gree rice

Get bread in dream

Gold coins falling

Gathering of women

Goddess persephone

Giving some children money

Gathering if rabbis



Glight to vietnam

Gave a doughnut to a priest


Geese in a field

Golden eye


Green clams

Green hands

Getting lost in a house

Giving green chili to someone in the dream

Gold spoon and knife

Ghost driving

Green fenugreek

Grandmother singing

Grandmother singing to me

Green beans on the floor

Going for hajj with my dead grandma in dream

Glass award

Getting play doh

Green leafy cut vegetables in dream

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Got back lost dresses

Grass burning



Gathering onions


Getting married to head of the s

Getting married to head of the state

Going to school without shoes

Gangrenous toes

Getting married into a rich family

Giving luke warm water to a dead person

Giving luke warm water

Giving awaygoldenshoes

Groceries delivered

Green parakeet dream

Giving money to poor. child in dream

Gray hair roots

Gel in hair

Getting rid of evidence

Get away with a crime

Grandchild injured


Green vegtables


Garden hoe

Great demon dawgs

Golden hill

Grass and rowan lesves falling from sky

Green and red chilli

Group of transgender

Green chilies someone giving

Giving broom to some one

Girl being naked in front of her lover

Growing new finger in your feet in dream meaning

Grey sandals on my sisters feet

Gathering maize grains

God indran

Ghost dtagging

Gems spill

Getting attacked

Garland to my photo

Ground provisions

Grandfather death

Gray clothing

Grey hoody

Gathering frozen fish to be cooked at home

Good feelings


Golden stag

Getting fruits from the dead is a dream

Getting fruits from dead father

Good deed repeat in dreams work

Gold sandal

Gargoyles attacking people

Golf tee


Going to bathroom

Giving my deceased mom money

Gold fish jumping out of tank

Grey warehouse

Garage sales

Growing lower lip

Girls laugh at me my back

Girl on left side

Green water in dream

Geese attacks

Goose attacks

Goats having sex

Girl in a saree in dream

Give madman food in the dream

Giving gifts to the dead

Going a pilgrimage

Getting chased by dinosaurs

Gate not fixed

Golden coins collection from mud seeing in dream

Golden coinscollection from mud seeing in dream

Getting jamun in dream

Getting a lift

Gray mouse

Giving money to relatives

Green paint on face

Green wet paint

Getting a car

Golf tee box


Guava means in a dreambook

Guava in dreambook means

Guava in a dream in dreambook

Getting cut

Grass being watered spiritually

Garments burning fire in the dream


Garden fence is gone

Group hostage

Giving things to a dead person

Giving gold chain to dead grandfather

Goldfish bowl

Getting married in a red saree

Gift wrapped up in news paper

Going down a huge hill on a bycyle



Grandma running away from me

Going to church with friends

Getting lost in public transport

Gold jewelry

Green plants of maize

Granadilla fruits in a dream


Golden eggs in the bed


Getting them taking off


Groomed fingernails

Getting a yellow saree

Getting wedding items togethet

Given porridge yam to eat in the dream


Grasscutter bites in a dream

Grasscutter bite in a dream

Giving money at church

Gold and money from god

Giant man strike arrow

Giant 2 men strike arrows

Gold clock

Gold coin in the air

Giving a child boiled eggs to eat in my dreams.

Giving a child boiled eggs to eat.

Gold wheel

Getting hooks in skin


Good and evil wings forming a dome over me i’m crouched down and they are both above me looking down

Gay male

Glitter in hair

Grow in a young chayote

Green rock


Gsomeone stockfish in the dream

Growing extra limbs

Giant jade plant

Gargoyle sucking life

Gold chain missing robery

Getting down stairs

Ghee fell down from somebody

Green grass ants clouds

Green grass

Given money

Guava tree and buds


Green grasshopper

Ground giving way

Going salem in a dream meaning

Glass bowl with sliced lemon

Glass bowl with lemons

Giving someone a pad


Giving out your toothpaste in a dream

Giant coconut

Gf clone killing me

Giant flying birds

Grinding stone

Gifting new shoes

Gifted shoes to somebody kids

Gold underwear

Gold panties

Giving yourself water to drink

Gunshot arm


Give food mad man

Give food to mad man

Grapefuit trees and fruits

Genital stabbing

Given a mad man bread in dream

Grizzly bear

Giving pistachios

Gold color fireworks


Golden fork

Giving a pen to dead person means in dream

Giving something to someone in a dream

God planting a human in the ground

Glowing tree

Golden ration equation

Given cocoyam in d dream

Grass firld

Guardian spirit

Green veins on palm

Gallon of kerosene

Gallon of kerosene

Green eyed baby

Graduation gown

Giving someone groundnut

Given smoked fish

Getting blind

Giving someone a diary

Guys chest

Giving jaggery to a lady




Given the visa to israel in the dream

Given vis

Giving food or sweets to deceased father

Gift of unripe plantain

Giving airtime

Grand why

Glow worm going in my forehead

Giant gods

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