Giving birth to a multi coloured dragon

Green vegetables in dream

Grave at prayer

Giving me a maggi cube in dream

Giving prasadam to me in temple steps

Guinea fowl

Growing coffee beans

Guava fruit


Giving deceased person roses

Grinding maize corn mill

Getting rid of infection from stomach

Green beans

Giving money to hijra

Given a handkerchief to someone


Ginger hair

Green leafy veg

Get in before

Grinding slab throw out if the house

Giving clothes

Green bottlr gourd

God riding chariot very speed

Giving his charity to me

Goat giving birth 5 lives in dream

Grey wedding dress

Giving birth to skinless baby

Girl getting thrown into room with us

Getting in trouble

Giving someon chocolate chip cookies

Grandpa giving important paperwork

Gathering cassava sticks

Growing hair dandruff

Grey hair

Glass in hand

Goddess lakshmi

Gardenia bush

Giant spider and a muddy web

Green with bad outcome in dream

Giving bread to adead father

Government raid

Ginger root



Gold bangle melting


Getting a new wool coat

Giving money to an ophan means what in dream

Gar fish

Garden gnomes

Give milk to dead person in the dreams

Giving tea

Grey cloud falling


Ground crumbling beneath my feet


Grey hair on a child

Gas fire

Garden of bitter fruits

Giving out cowries in dream

Giving dead person food

Goat milk

Green semen

Grey boots

Gap between roof and sidewalls of the house

Glass toys

Gurdwara in dream meaning


Giving bread dead person meaning

Giving bread dead person

Giving four maggi cube in my dream

Gold necklace with red stones

Grabbing my back

Guide by sangoma

Giving money to a soldier

God frame fallen down and broke

Giving flowers

Golden horse statue

Giving deceased grandmother money in my dream

Giving kumkum to someone in dream

Garden egg in dreams

Gold fruit

Got gift of lunchbox

Girl giving birth to snake in dream

Giving key in my dreams

Giving my late grandfather sweets

Giving food to transgender

Great lakes

Gum swollen

Golden chicken foot


Green house

Giving milk to my late mum

Green lace

Gold vase

Getting to talk to your ex husband that you have not talk to in 15years

Giving someone colanut on my dream

Green bitter melon

Guy avoids me, and relationship

Giving a certificate

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