Having sex with my daughter

Having sex with dead person

Hair falls out

Holding a baby boy

Harvesting kontomire loves

Head injury

Hearing eid greeting

Hawking omo detergent


Having sex with my father

Hearing upper room in one’s dream

High priestess

Hotel room falling apart bathroom

Hades wanting soul

High school

Having both sexual organ

Housefly buzzing near ear

Hairless mouse

Holding kolanut in a dream

Human excrement

Half siblings

Happy members

House caving in sinkhole | dream interpretation


Husband thinks wife is going to kill him

Hearing surah rahman in dream

Hair pulled back by very strong force

Helping someone with seizure


Honeycomb in a dream- meaning

Hair oil growth

Hibuscus flowers

Having to buy a bag of rice

Horseman talking to me in my dream

Having twin boys

Hit with a bat

Homosexual in dream

Hacking a big bird to death

Hatching chick from an egg

Hit on the nose

Hand soap

Hearing a beautiful tender and romantic song ehich touched my heatt and my mind

Hot water pouring on my left leg

Having dog ears


Hearing my mom call your name

Having a party with all family and friends

Holding cutlass in your hands



Hood of van


Horse helmet

Hiding money then looking for it again


Handkerchief gift

Harry styles

Helping a homosexual


Hearing a door shut

Husband finds connection with someone else

Holding a person

Huge silver orb

Horses broken leg

Holding coconut

Holding a white conch in dream

Hair coming from the mouth

Hanging of young female

Having a bed

Heart cut in half

Having protected sex with a dead person

Headstone removal

Harvesting crops

Hanging clothes rain

He gave me a gold ring with black stone

Hula dancing girls

Holding sapota in dream

House warming function dream

Hibiscus tree

Have a boyfriend

Having sex with sister in law

Hugging dead granmother

High cliff

Hijra asking for saree from me

Hawking groundnuts in dream?

Hitman tries to kill me but i end up killing them

Hearing the death of relatives


Hen eggs


Hair growing out my navel

Hearing quran in dream

Hearing the word move

Having sex in my dream with my uncle

Handing a towel in dream

Hands shrink

Hicky on my man by a next woman

Holding quran


Hugging hizra in dream

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