Hollow crayfish tail

Husband with single neighbour

Hawk fight cobra


Hatching dragon egg

Hive mind

Husband doing second marriage

Happy snake

Having a funeral for a dead sibling

Handsome man with locks

Having sex with your aunty

Hitting something in the abdomen

Hitting in the abdomen with pillow

Harvesting peanut in your dream

Hearing the word aztec

Hole filling with water


Hidden or unused rooms in your house

Hiding in water from black panther

Habanero peppers

Hand covering mouth

Helping an exchange japanese student

Having sex with brother in law who is deceased


Horse legs laying on highway

Half dog half snake

Husband is a bisexual

Holding bitterkolainmyhands in dream


Husband and wife sexing in sleep

Hiding my money

Hand in dog month


Headless cat alive


Hugging deceased grandmother and crying

Hole in the enter of forehead

Holding two broom in the dream


Hubby falling when floor collapses


How to bake a yellow cake

Havinghair pulled in attack

Husband release semen in my mouth

Hansel and grete;

Having a slap from someone in the dream

Husband married another woman in a dream

Hiding a black torn skirt

Having sex with brother in law & spouce consecutive

Husband had pigtails

Husband cheating


Hurting other people

Hole in the living room

Husband and wife pounding fufu meaning

High rise apartment building

Having sex in high school

Huge feild

Huge house long hall ways

Having sex with neighbor

Hanging baby clothes

Hospital, iv, doctor never showing up

Hot cooking oil flowing towards me in dream

Home deteriorating

Having placard a in dream

Hair growth on floor


Hands with oil

House beside the bridge

Having a heart attack


Helicopter chained to a school on top of a cliff with monsters in the school

Hugging your ex in your dream


Hornbill in dream

Harry potter dementors

He kill me


Helping elderly


Hawking locust beanns in a dream

Hibiscus flower giving to someone in dream

Husband vomiting

Hair falling out

Husband doing sex with another girl

Happy birthday

Having abs when fat


House fire fire

House fire

Hot water burns


Holding a calabash

Husband cheating having a one night stand

Husband sick in a dream

Hinah on foot in dream


Hacking unripe plantain in dream


Hawk killing and eating a black bird

Hugging or kissing a naked woman

House with boarded up windows

House constructing

Heart gems

Husband eaten by a whlae

Head on collision w a truck


Harvesting ripe pomelo

Holding hot charcoal

Hair receding as a woman

Hatry styles

Haunted dolls

Half snake half fish

House storm and fire

Half dog half man


Halloween candy

Hair fork


Husband beating wife

Husband beating wife


Hand in dogs mouth

House was tilting backwards with me inside

House was rilting backwards

Hearing prophet muhammad name in dream

Hearing propfect

Hole on head

Harvesting, cocoyam in dream

Husband impregnated another woman

Huge water animal and leopard skin


Ham hocks


Having measles and in a function

Hump on the shoulder

Hand nail cutting

Husband marrying second wife

Having an erection and lots of ejaculation without having sex

Husband kissing another woman

Hairs growing in my teeth mean dream

Having pooh sucked out

Hairy pink cat

Hot earth

Hot land

House blob

Hearing a hail mary prayer in a dream

Hiding in car

Horse with flag on it

Half fish


Harvesting round nut

Hand squeeze

Hair in sink dream dictionary

Holding a small white rabbit an a small black snake

Having sex with daughter dream

Happy baby before he starts to walk

Holding a baby

Husband getting sick in a large crowd

Hand shot injection

Hair removal

High school teachers

Had sex with neighbor

Hugging and cried

Husband wearing wife shirt in the dream means what

Hearing your name and waking up

Head of a lamb

Happy and creepy

Hung sucide body

Half bear half human

Having my hair cut short

Holding back chaos



Hole, stocking

Holding fish with my hands

Holding fish with hands

Hand kiss

Hurt back

Half goat half man

Heavy backpack

Haitian woman sweeping centipede in the library

Haitian woman in library woth centpwdes

Haitian woman sweeping centipede in the librarys

Had a dream about my husband having sex with a man


Homeless woman


Hanging upside down

Harvesting maize

Half woman half spider


House monster

Have to get out of house before monster kills

Hugging sister in-law

House disorder

Hidden underwater city

Hornbill bird dreaming

Haunted hotel

Head scarf

Hunting with bird of prey

Heaps in the dream means

Hockey go

Husband wife brothel

Hit in the head with an object

Hit in the head with a baseball

Half shaved head

Home invasion

Haldi kumkum

Head, freezer, alive, big eyes, big nose, big mouth


Hear knocking noises in dream

Having sex with dog in dream

Having sex with dog in dream

Hummingbird flying into house

Horizontal strands intertwined

Horizontal lines connecting

Horizontal strands connecting to each other

Hand wound

Hugging and kissing

Half animal

Human trafficking


Hole in navel

Harvesting cocoyam on a stream

Helicopter bridge ledge standing window

Helicopter ledge height

How to remove cataract without surgery

Huge blood tsunami

Harvesting cassava in my mother in farm

Huge lice in the head

Hearing water splashing

Hiding from a warthog


Hair on my breasts

Holding a babe


Husband sneaky and having affair

Hair in a bun dream

Husband cheating with exgirlfriend

Harvesting sorghum

Heart fruit


Handsome man


How is voodoo used

Hang out with a boy i like but dont talk to


Had sex with an idol

Husband bore our child

Huge apartment for rent

Hot coffee

Hurt foot

Handing over a loaded gun to the owner

How is to see pressure cooker blast in dream


Hidden affair

Hair bangs

Hearing about the death of a family member

Hag stomach

How i die

House tilted in dream

Husband being shot in the head

Hole in tongue

Hijra kahlo vasthe emouthundhi

Hijra in my dreams

Heart shape balloon dream meaning

Having a gun put to your head

Having a hun out to your head

Have sex with dead girlfriend

Having sex with dead girlfriend

Husband sleeping with my mother

Having diarrhea

Having diarea

Hitting a woman with your car

Hiding money

Held hostage

Hair in teeth

Having a dream where my husband is having an affair with a maid

Have bought a new home full of other people’s things

Having sex with traditional healer

Husband ex

Harvesting cocoyam in dream

Has sex with a dwarf

Having sex with your sister in law

Hair accessories

Handless woman dream

How did i get here

Human clothes

Hand over my mouth in a dream what does it mean

Hand skin cracking

Having food in a hostel mess

Holding a naked baby

Honda dog

Hound dog barking at me

Hole in money

House hill piling

Hiking the same place

Hornet trying to fly up my nose

Hugged by princess diana


Having a lot of homework

Hungry turtle

Horse white

How do you bring about changes in your life using dreams

Hawking vegetable in my dream

Hiding skulls

Horny dog

Horny dog big penis

Helping actresses


Hollowed plank of wood

Hanging a baby clothes

Harvesting millet in dreams

Hornet’s nest

Hot bed

Hands infection

Husband who has died

Hearing the death of someone

Hornbills pair watching you

Head on wrong way

Head on the wrong way

Holding a single broom stick


House on cliff see ocean wages beneath living in wood cabin

House on cliff see ocean wages beneath wood cabin

House on cliff see ocean wages beneath dream

House on cliff see ocean wages beneath

Hand tendon

High winds

Have sex with my husband and i come

Hardwood floors

Holding a baby that isn’t yours

Harvesting many sweet potatoes

Head facing backwards

Hairy feet

Having sex with a dead uncle

High flat house,

Hay loft

Husband crying dream

Hurt left eye

Helping my son climb

His face was scratched by his wife

Hair and tree roots braided

Hearing someone has died

Hat with a feather

Hatwith a feather

Husband having an affair

Hearing wings flutter

Half dog and half dog

Husband going up escalator

Holding moth

Holiday in singapor dream

Hebrew letters

Haunted woods

Husband dreaming of wife cheating

Hijra came in dream

Having to pee

Human sacrificy

Holding someone’s face


Husband ignores me

Husband gives another woman cake

Husband gets out of car hile i am in the car and it starts to roll

Horse in your garden

Having your picture taken with the president

Hugged by pastor

Hitchhiking in the rain

Housemate mother younger

Having six pack

Holding a dead baby that comes back to life

How does it mean to see an earthenware bowl in dream

Helping animals and people

Huge fires

Huge fires in my dream

Hairy palm left hand


Home invasions

Husband being pickpocketed

Hair color is different from normal

Hutu leaves


Highschool friend

Hanuman dreans

Hair on the knee

Having sex with my sister

Hugging husband who died

Holding pestle

Holding a pestle in the dream

Holding a pestle in the dream

Hindering me

Husband cheating with friend

Husband at friend house

Husband sleeping with my best friend

Hockey game finally

Hockey seat

Having something place inside your chest

Hovering over your bed

Hittintmh mmmm

Hanging out with strangers

Hand bag

Hearing 17

Hearing the number 18 in a dream

House in forest

Hearing waves at the sea

Hiding under a mountain of clothes


Hairp product


Hand on my shoulder

Husband affair red

Half lion half snake

Hearing about a loved ones death news

Halls of residence

Having quadruplets

Hospital rooms

Hurting your ex

Hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement


Having no shirt on

Hugging your ex boyfriend sister in a dream

Human animal transformation

Helping your friend on your shoulder

Holding child

Hand waggi g

Harvest cassava in the dream

Hickey on your crush which you did not give

House of pink color

Hearing sound of shankh

Having my throat cut by razor by opposite sex

Having my throat cut by a girl

House of neighbor burnt

Hand thumb finger chooped off

Hippo in a suit


Huge frog sprawled out in a pond

Husband dream

Hawking sim cards


House warming exotic animals

Helping and enemy

Holding unborn baby

Hands with painful blisters


Hiding butt

Hair curlers

Hit frying pan

Having cheated on husband

Having cheated on partner

Having sex with a guy im not friendle with

Holding spotted puppies

Husband bailing water from tub

House with ceilings crumbling

Hidden spaces

Heart palpitations

How you want a connection

Hindu house

Hindu haouse

House extension

Hariy butt

Hair falling out and yellow

Hand in a dream

Hair style

Holy water

Human poops evewhere


Heart of banana in dreams meaning


Handwritten note

Hearing glass break in dream

Healing of my sick brother

Hard to remove mucus from the nose

Husband getting shot



Holding bones

Helping someone in my dream

Herringbone necklace

Hanging a coat

Hurt people

Harvesting sweet potatoes.

Hairy back


Hair dryer

Harvering black plum in my dream

Hair stuck between my teeth

Hair in the buttock

Had baby


Head quarters



High school memories

Hostage taking

Horrific car crash, son goes through the window screen

Horrific car crash

Horse changing into a man

Handsome men

Husband putting ear ring on my ear

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