Hair stuck in my teething a dream

Husband chasing wife

Haunted house

Husband gay in dream




Half dollar coin

Hammerhead sharks swimming

Had sex with dead friends sister

Harerting grandnut in dream

Honey , butter and milk

Half human half geese dream

Half human half geese

Half human geese


Heavy bleeding from vagina

Homework extension

Hole in breast

Harvesting cocoyam with dead father

Holding a tie broom in the dream

High school crush while married

High school cruch while married

Holding pestle

Hair end in gold colour

Hair end is gold

Hair oil

Hosting old teachers

Hosting a crowd of old teachers

Honey comb coming out of vagina

Half body

Hole in ceiling

Holding lighten lamp

Hit on head

Having sex with a witch

Having arishina kumkuma all over my head

Hot frying oil poured on my head

Hearing mass




How to solve if i dream a plate which is broken

Husband vomiting red thing in a dream

Husband vomiting blood in a dream


Hole in finger in dream

Harvesting cocoa in a farm

Healing a wounded person

Helping vendor not to caught


Hunched back



Holding several big fish


Having first class in a dream

Hizras in dream sex

Hawking fresh smoked fish

Hibiscus flowers

Holdong pepper grinding stone

Halleluyah dream

Hitting someone with a shoe




Hospital revovering

Harvesting sweet potato

Husbands face turns to black

Hawkinge in my dream

Hawkinge in dream


Hawk in my dream my husband take my hawk daw and help me take it back

Hawk in my dream

Horse corral round

Hizras in dream

Hanging by legs

He is on top of someone

Having sex with an angel

Harvesting green egusi

High tension dream meaning

House built

Hand bless

Having surgery in the dream

Hearing about groom died

Handicaped women in a dream

Handicaped women in dream

Having a 6 feet fingers

Having sex with relative

Husband hugging wife& son

Having sex with a madwoman in a dream

Hearing sound of water someone is bathing with without seeing the water or who is bathing

House that’s dirty

Helping white swan with broken wing

Husband is singing in bathroom


Haunted places

Heart cancer

Husband and wife separated by black calm river in dream

Heavy white cock

Having goats with me an others had horses decided to move slowly until the goats run first and padt me

House blueprints

Haldi colour of the face in dream

House extension constract

Holding a horsetail in the dream means


Heep of refuse

Having sex with ur ex girlfriend in dream

Hearing a chandelier has fallen

Happy soul meanin


Headless cat

Having food in banana leaf

Home way

Holding a pack of lentils

Husband buying flowers to his wife

House plants dying

Hat meaning as a gift

Helping a dead person to drive

Helping dead person to drive dream

Hijra giving blessings to my mom

Hijra demands gold chain

Hanging clothes on line

Hanging suicide myself

Having sex with pastor in the dream

Having a child with your ex partner

Hiding a corpse

Having sex with your neighborhood

Hard boogers in nose

Hinding money in dream

Harvesting groundnuts in a dream

Human being having sexual intercourse with w dog

Having sex with mad woman.

Having lunch with the queen


Hanging clock

Having sex with someone other than your husband

Holding the hands of a dead father

High tide river


Hawking smoked fish

Hawking fis

Hawking fish


Hi by

Hair in my chest

How clean spoon

Heating bitter cola in a dream


Head butting glass

How your family member died

House foundation in the dream

Hair clutch

Husband walking away in a dream

Hijra attacking in dream

Husband bring dirty sanitary pad home

Hole shirt

Hole in the palm

Hands reaching out

Having sex with your grandmother

Holding a military gun

Having chicken pox myself

Harvesting csssva dream meaning

Having two bodies

Hearing i love you spoken in your dream


Hand palm lines

Heat through the neck

House in carpets

House telephone on fire and explodes

Half nude

Harvesting coffee in a dream

Helping an old woman in the dream

Heaps in a dream

Hindu brahma


Hanging clean clothes

Homme au bain turk

Hizra demanding for saree

Hizra dreaming


Hhazrat fatima in dream

Hallway full of doors

Hotel room

High tie

Head master beating you in dream

Half a person

Hives on legs

House in tree

Hijra coming infront of open main door

Having doggy style with husband

Huband vomiting in dream

Hanging child son

Hot air balloon


Handkerchief falling in water

Harvesting cabbage


Hand sanitizing

Hazrat fatima in dream

Heavy object hit on my head

Heavy object fall on my head

Helping blind girl

Having sex with dwarf


Having sex with. a. dog

Having a baby

Harvest cargo

Horse long legs

Half animaldog half human


Hugging husband dream

Hair in a big bun on top my head

Hosting a quiz

Having a romance in the dream


Husband buying sheo for a wife

Healed a madman

Having sex with own son

Husband drinking alcohol

Half chooda

Heart carved out

House walls wet

Helping a man to pound yam

Headless fish swiming out of the drain in the bathtub

Hole on the wall

Hairy bare feet

Honey comb falling down

Half naked unknown women in dreams

Hit by an iron bar

Hole leg

Hide and go seek

Having sex with partner

Hillary clinton

Holding a broom

Holi playing

Hotel not paying


Huge climber plant with flowers and fruits

Holding your hands

Hiding from a carabao

Having a boy child in dream while unmarried



Husband breast milk

Hilix driving to my house

Hostage being killed

Hostage killing

Hazrat fatima

Hazrat ali

House in the hill

Have complete school and many congratulations me

Had a dream of completing a school and many people was congratulations me

Hanging white uniform

Hole in the ground

Halo moon

Hair extensions

Hair being uneven


Holes in a roof

Hanging out with a superstar basketball player

Heard song i wish i was in dixie

Herbalist treating me

Hiding something from wife

High horse

Higher chair

Have sex with someone

Hole in right hand

Hair regrowing from baldness

Hair regrowing grey

Hugging lover

Hugging someone

Harvesting fresh onion in a dream

Having a relationship

Half the dog

Hunting birds in dream

Harvesting garden eggs in dream meaning

Hair bleach

Hair bleech

Having cysts on a virgina


Haha meaning in my dream

Hanging out with boyfriend

Hijra dance

Hair dresser

Had a dream i had a three story home

Human frog like creature

Handed a black book

Hole in the bottom of the foot

Hand sanitizer

Haunted forest

Hiding under blanket

Holy family

Highways, roads


Hosting a part

Honey bee flying into eyelid

House dreams

Husband having a heart attack and dying

Husband having hearth atack i. dream

Hairy nipple dream

Hitting dog with car

Hole in shoes

Husband ignoring me

Husbamd ignoring


Human giving birth of snake dream


Highway of grass

Having panchamrit in dreams

Hook to use for pulling

Husband cheating

Hovering above others


Having a orange on sons nose

He came to visit me. we have not seen each other for months

Hiding a person

Helping someone escape

Helling ice

Had a cobra in my hand and it opened mouth

House crackin

Having your period

Half sister

Having a baby to someone’s boyfriend

Hidden keys

Harvesting carrot

Helping injured


Having sexual licking by a monster or mythical creature in the dream

Hot air balloon crash

Honey in hair


Hairy feet

Hearing 3 knocks

Having sexual licking by unknown dead foreign bodys

Harvested camote

Hail on the ground

Husband gives yu his clothes to wear

Hippopotamus in synchronized swimming


Have. sex


Hungry animal

Hell freeze over

Hairless cat sitting on chest

Horse sacrifies


Husband kisses another woman

Having children

Hidden cats

Hot tub on electrical in water

Honeycomb, filled, blood, peeling, ears

Have a lot of cash

Hot water

Having sex with ex girlfriend

Holding a yellow snake in your dreams

Hanging clean cloth

Hiding money

Hornbill bird spreading her wings

Hole in the front face

Hen hatching chicks in a dream


Holds kola nut in the dream and peel ir

Hit a dog

Husband giving sweet cake to wife

Hes talking to other women

Hornbill chasing me

Horse and water

Husband slapping wife in the dream?

Holding on to an edge

Holi festival


Having sex with my deceased fiance

Hair covering my abdomen

Hair on my belly

Husband sec with my mum

Having drugs and being busted by police

Hair all

Hand stuck in sweatshirt pocket

Held captive by a cult, escaping

Hand rubbing

Hair coming out from a tongue

Hair puling from my teeth and mouth

Heming pants

Hair insect

Hair ones t

Hair bug

Horse hoof

Hemming khaki


Horse saddle

Having co wives in dream meaning


Husband killing wifes new lover

Hanging hooks

Hole head light

Happy neighbours

Husk of corn

Husk corn

Husband kneeling and crying

Husband bought me a gold

Hiding after killing someone

Hairy left fingers

Hole in the head of my child

Hazelnut chocolate

Have horde have woman

Heavy chesy


Horse blanket

Hair palm hand interpretations & meanings

Holding my feet

Hugging a loved ones legs


Husband leaves for ex wife

Hear the word marry

Hairy stomach

Human resources picking up y ou hair

Hybrid cat

Hybrid cay

Husband doesn’t love me


Halwa poori

Husband brother

Having limited time to live

Hibiscus white

Holes in skin and seeing under skin

Heap making

Helping a buffalo escape

Hawking sugarcane in a dream


Hair fall in a dream

Halleluya dream

Hugging a swan

Handkerchief at sister in laws back

Halloween mask

Hands acid

Having twin babies

Hairy snake

House being sucked into ground

Half human half animal baby

House extension


Hairy armpits female

Holy hymns

Hit in head

Hades tattoo

House roof leaking


Holding 3 purses

Having 3 pocketbooks

Having mulitple purses

Having sex with a friendly dog in the dream

Having sex in a dream with a stranger

Hand jewels

Heard name of jod

Having lesbian sex with a ghost

House without door handles

Heavy baby

Hearing death news

Having two hearts but one is failing

Heart leaves

House sliding down cliff in rain

Half saree dream

Harvard university

Hot chains

Head downhill


Having sex with shemale.

Husband suckling milk from wife

Hot chips

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Heart rock

Hiding an illness

Hiding under bed

Happy peaceful harmonious

Having a friend

Hand is black

Head only looking back at me

Human body

Hairy forearms

Hairless monkey


Hooded robes with pendants

Hair ties

Holding the moon by hand

Hair repair

Having company and not enough food

Hang rake

Hanging rake

Holding kumkum in both the hands


Holding a young version of young girl friend


Having no where to live any more

Having sex with the priest

Hired on work

Hearing water dripping

Half naked husband

House and dog and bear and deer

Huge buildings with lots of rooms some of which are hidden

House with stairs