Ill, eternal life, snake in underwear, snake bite, love

Iv drip in the dream

Islamic interpretation of dreaming having sex with husband

I am inside and bad person is outside looking in

I dream of kola nut

I dug up a baseball glove in the yard

In my dream i saw yam

Incest sex islam

Injured bird in web

In my dream i see my boyfriend sister

Insect in your mouth

Insect in your mouth q

I had a stroke in my dream

Ice lolly stick

I dreamt of my dead mum not happy with me and requesting for money

I saw my ex boyfriend sister doing wedding in my dream

I dreamt a very big clot coming from my vagina

I was in my home and some of men threw acid on my face i got panicked and washed my face with water and then the house went on fire and i shouted neighborhood people came to help but they did not help they said we are doing just a formality then i shouted

I gave y deceased mother glass of clean water in a dream

I saw transgender in my dream

I saw a kinner giving blessings and hug in my xraem

India goose berry in dreams

I receive wrapper as a gift in a dream

I collected money from someone with force

Informed death of someone already dead

I saw self escort bride in a dream

I’m barricaded in my home with lions circling the house

Intlombe dream

If you are giving mat to sleep in your dream by some one you know does it mean

I dream flies at my face following me

Im horny

Im horny in my dream

I am watering grass in my jard

I dream of biting off girlfriends nipple

I am selfish in a dream

I dreamed someone that i knows was playing the trumpet and i was dancing

Itchy nipples

Inserting iron in legs


I wasn’t pregnant

I dream i married someone i didn’t love

I dream i married

Interlocking fingers with my crush

I deamt a bout my late dad we where fighting for money

I dreamt of people like black traditional healers singing and putting things in my house and in my bed and in my body on our wedding day

I drowned and before dying i ascend to sky and sky opens and greet me with salaam

It feels like a tiny back pain but when i move it hurts

I was surrounded by peeps and some peeps was attached to my leg

In elevator going up with no floor button selectors

I saw someone i kno commit suicide

I dreamt my mother came to me and said my niece was having a boy but when my niece revealed the gender it was a girl

I dreamed that someone was trying to cut my wrist

I am giving my silk saree to another

I saw many kola in the dream

Ironing clothes with dead dad watching

I dream am traveling with my sick child in n train

I dream am traveling with my sick child in n train

If someone gives you bids in the dream what does it mean

Ironing clothes and my dead dad in room

Invisible man

I were show my hair off to my sister that it have growth

Insects coming out of your vagina

If u dreams of a drity taking a load


If i dream about seeing plenty cowries and somone told me to give them to the less privilege.what does it means

I m having black wings

I killed the intruder in my dreams

Intruder tried to kill me

Intercourse with your mother

If you dream of a naked woman

I dream of my dead auntie washing clothes with me

I collect bitter kola and eat

I eat green leafs in my dream

I eat leaf in my dream

I dreamt my jaw locked

I dream someone summoned lucifer

I dreamt of going for kontomire leaves

Insects coming out of nose

I dreamt of sucking my boyfriend penis

I drive the taxi in my dream

I did the sign of my cross

If trip has been cancelled in a dream meaning

If trip has been cancelled in a dream morning

I had a dream touching a male private part

I see dead people who is no more is laughing in my dreams

Inside jannah

Inside hannah

I was in a dream and i saw my late mother, as we are walking together we came under a palm tree and the nuts start falling and me and my late mother started picking them

Infected fingers

Ibis bird


I saw a bunch of caterpillars in my left arm in my dreams

I a bunch of caterpillars which was in me, i was trying to shake them off hardly when i knew they were there

Interrupted diamond heist

In this dream i am tying someone else’s shoes

I saw a plantain tree in my dream

I dreamed my co wife died

In water hit head blood

I dream about small pig

Ivory couch

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