I give something to dead grandparent

It took a oerson a long time to gey liscrnse


Ice cream parlor

I saw 1vatar

I eat garden egg in the dream what is the meaning?

Interracial relationships

I dream my ex mother was cursing me

I was given moimoi in leafs

In my vision like dream i see long stick in pot turning white thing

In my dream i see pot with something inside and being turn with stick

In dreams seeing theif has broken gold chain

I dream that someone gives me a toothpaste

I dreamed abou holding cup of tea

Insects and anus

I killed a porcupine in my dream

If a dead person comes in dreams means

I helped boy

I gave some one a plate of yam porridge in my dream

I dreamt when i was seeing clear faces of people in the cloud

I buy what i need a black cap

If you have not met for years and he comes in your dreams most of the time

In a library and see the mark of the beast book

If you call a goddess in your dream

I dream about my boyfriend and his sister we were having fun together

If you received kumkum in dream means

I had a nosebleed

I become best friebn with a kpop idol

Inserting hand into butts

I dream of entering keke napepe

I picked two ripped udara in my dream

In dream, angry monkey and snake fight on tree

I was given alum water to bath with in my dream

I saw my wife having a sex with another man on my dream

I saw my wife hold a white plane paper

I saw my wife on my dream having sex with another man

I fight with celebrity in my dream?

I fourth with celebrity in my dream?

I saw two men licking each other

Invisible cutting ties

I was in function, there was also there my president and his wife giving speech.

If some one climb up banyan tree,then it becomes fallen

I keep seeing mopane worms in my dream

I dreamt there was an explosion in the house that i was staying, my clothes and money got scattered. but i did have a bag with me already. i managed to pick up my shoes that someone wanted to take and i also picked the money that i had and ended up leaving with an old lost friend


I asked my brother to apply brakes of a driving bus which is going reverse but he failed to do so

I drank my boyfriends blood in my dream

I dreamt my husband was wearing torn clothes and living in a mud house in poverty | dream interpretation

I dreamt of a siames cat

I was frying akara with tears

I forcefully collected money from someone

I dreamt picking up smooth round pebbles in a pile of rubble


I diana

I found my self in a storey building what does it mean?

Ironing handkerchiefs

I was pushing a giant rooster

I dreamed rotten 2 loafs bread

I never wear a floral dress but another person dream that i wear a floral dress

Initiating some one in dream

I dreamt my father whipping me

I harrased a girl

Interpretation of bitter yam

Ice fish on a tray dream

In a dream wen you cot unripe palm fruit

In a dream wen you cot


If someone gives you jaggery in dream

I gave children money in the dream

I see old clothes in my dream


If a dead man come in dream and talks about medicine what does it mean

Insane girl

Islamic dream about melted butter


I was planting a rose prune

I hawking in my dream my husband take my hawking daw and help me take it back to head

Iligitimate child

I hawkinge in dream se my husband take my hawkinge dawn and help me put the hawkinge back to my head

I dream i was drunk

I rejected a ring engaged in my dream

I saw a dream of me and kylie jenner in an airplain together

In a dream my cloths going in river what means

If bitten by a mad young lady

If l bitten by a young lady

I dreamt about my co wife pregnant

I dream that am playing football

I was given two tubers of yam in my dreams

If a man takes my white handkerchief

I saw guru ji in my dreams giving me blessings

I m washing my vagina in dreams what it means.

I m washing vagina in dreams

Is papaya fruit good for pregnant woman

I dream a dead sangoma in a coffin

Iron rod for buiding

Iron rod

I dreamt my ex boyfriend was bareback and in charge of a big church

I dream my husband ex girlfriend

I dream my husband ex girlfriend and a baby

I dreamt that i am sucking my own breast

I dream my husband ex girlfriend has a baby from my husband

I dream i was have a date of mayor

I dreamt abt my late dad and he was happy laughing wt mom

If someone is holding cane in dream to flog someone what does it mean

Ig person

In dream to see durga maa s idol

In dream to my husband naked

I dream a lot of feses

I give money to my dead mother

I plucked and eat dennettia tripetala in my dream last night

I plucked and eat pepperfruit in my dream last night

I plucked and eat pepper fruit in my dream last night

I rejected an exchange

Is it good to see ekuro in a dream

If somebody abuse us inthe dream what is the meaning

I dreamt i when to draw water from a borehole but the bucket i carry was dirty .what does it mean?

If i dream about my son came from abroad

If we dream someone came from auckland

I sow bees in my dream

I talk when asleep

If died person comes in dream and gave me a new drsess

If died person comes in dream and gave me a new drs

I exchanged my clothes with a man

Interpretation of planting scent leaf stem in dream

I saw someone threw santo niño de cebu at me and my family at the dinning table

If i see someone driving away from me

I dreamt a leader of a cult transferred power to me to become the new leader


I saw that by mistake i spilled oil on the floor

Injured friend

I dream of my sister got married

If i dream to eating milo

Ignoring my dad

I was ashamed in a train

I trying to lock my room door but it broken then my mom and brother repair it and replaced a new room door

In dream i am blaming father in law,mother in law

Islamic meaning of jiggers in a dream

Islamic meaning of joggers in a dream

I saw someone ride the calabaw

Izingane ezimbili enye ibelethe kusisi ophilayo enye ibelethe kusisi ongasekho emhlaneni

If someone is beaten up by blue gridle means what

I dreamed wearing my boyfriends pink towel its a little old and one place burnt

Iron staff in a dream

If magalmuke in dream

I saw a green light entering a prism and yellow light coming out of it

In a boat that was flying on an ocean

If you are given snuff in dream wat does it mean

I saw waste product in my dream

I saw shirt/feses

I saw my daughter pol in my dream

In my dream i saw my relative women body was half lady half man what does it mean | dream interpretation

I dream myself visiting my village

Infant being able to walk in less than 3months.

If lord ayyappa temple comes in dream

I smell fart in my dreams it means

I dreamed i was having sex with my ex brother inlaw

I dream eating sugarcane

I was failed in the audition ?

I dreamt that i vomitted a tiny piece of cloth

If u dream the maiden

I shoot dog in a dream

I was being given a title which cause celebrations

If you dream that someone is cutting your fish what does it mean

I dream about wearing a beautiful yellowgreen gown

Ice cream

I dreamed when am fighting with my co wife

If o saw a pallam in drean then what is the meaning

I saw a naked female family members vagina

I list a tooth

I lost a tooth

Injured babies

Im in a tuxedo with the tie undone and i stumbled upon an orchestra playing a lively song

In my dream my nosepin was broken

I dream about my daughter is pregnant

Interpretation of riding a car in your dream

Inside the main entrance cat shit

If dead person wants amla candy from us

I see my wife in blue face

I’ve mountain

I dreamt that i entertaining celebrity

I dream of having water powers.

I had dream that the trumpet blow and the prophet isa was coming out from the sky

Isaw cracking of sky and fire falling from sky

I bought 3 tubers of yam in the dream what is the meaning

I traveled through time

I traveled through timw

I had a dream prophecying

If you see someone in you dream wearing red beads in his waist what does it mean

I was acting with a dead celebrity

I dream of mother perpetual help

In vivid color, landscapes of rocks, cliffs, plants, flowers in deep blues, purples, greens, turquoise,

If dead person puts red tika to me

Injured warrior

I dream of carrying a fat young boy

I saw people falling down for the building

I dreamt of being chased by my grandmother and she past on

I dream about a wedding but i dont see the groom and bride

I was given palm kennel in my dream


It becomes mine

I shot killed my pet cat

I killer my pet cat

I dream my friend become beggar

I was stealing gods statue in dream what does it mean? |

I dream about white person

If u dream distributing bouls back on your village

I dream my uncle child

I dream about albion

I dreamt of my girlfriend having sex with his brother

I dreamed about kissing an anime character


In my vision like dream i see five woman going

In my vision like dream i see five woman going on brige discusing what is the meaning

In my vision i see a car moving and one person driver seat

In my vision i see a man driving his family in a bus

In my vision like dream i see many orange

In my dream i see many orange what is the meaning

In my dream i see wheelbarrow full of fruit

I had a vacation holiday in a cruise and i was running to catched the cruse but i lost it

In my dream i see a man pushing wheelbarrow full of fruit what is the meaning of the dream

Inflate a bicycle tire

I saw my co wife in a dream our husband was forcing her to remove the ring on her hand to give it to me


I breast feed a dog

In islam seeing a cactus plant leaves been cut in dream

Intercourse with jinn

In my dream i see many dried fish what is the meaning

In my dream i see many dried fishes of a table what is the meaning of the dream

I saw i jumped in a pool for swim but didnt came up

I was pulling out chive

I turned back my slipper that i had left

I get back my left slipper then wear again

I dreamed about my friend being pregnant and she told me she has a wedding and we cooked chapatis

I dream a heavy object fall on me after i woke up i still fell the heavy object on my head

Incision on your fore head

In dream, someone was suffocating me

I maintained atm

I lost my toe ring

I saw the word savior in my dream

I saw the clouds a lot of holes

In my dream i see white truck moving out of compand gate what is the meaning

I dreamt i was vomiting a rusted safety pin

I dreamt i was vomiting an new pin then after the rusted ones follows

I saw amla in my dreams mean

I saw garri and okra in my dream

I pin 3 dacryodes edulis in dream


I dreamt about butter pear

Iru in a dream

I bought moi moi in dream meaning

Introduction care in the dream

If you dream of green avocados falling from the tree by winds

I had a dream there was a man and he camed to me and said it time to go

I am dead but survive as a soul and able to commucate with the living?


I dreamt i bit through my tongue

Interpretation of plucking gardenegg in dream

I dreamed my deceased mother was flat ironing my long hair

I saw my girlfriend in saree in my dream

I dreamt i was sprayed down with black oil

I m pregnant i saw in my dream.pearl neclace

Interpretation of seeing a dead person that is not jet berid

In bed with my brother wife

I attend occasion in dream

I dream my president was blessing me

In a room with all paneling


I dream a pot burning on a stove

I gave a child money in the dream

Insects in the toilet


Iron gates

I had a dream of been injected in my left hand

I saw a traditional healer in a dream

I saw cupid dancing in moon with another cupid

If you dreamed and pretend that your mad means


I saw a symbol of gold dragon in a watch on my dream

I wear black cap in my dream

Inside a stately home

I dream that my wife selling gold jewelry

In love with cartoon

Injury to face

I pulled a donkeys tooth out

I am riding with my boyfriend on spiral road

I found a lost object and returned to the owner

If dream of someone trying to slash your tongue

In public

Incoming missile

I keep dreaming of my dead mother and my husband is in a relationship

I dream i was pulling black thread tired to throat

If you give away your pants in your dreams

I see a white cup in dream what is the meaning

In my dream i see a green bowl and a white cup inside the bowl what is the meaning of this dream

I dreamed i had a twin

Item pushed towards me

Item choosen for me

I dreamt finding a black bag full of kruger rands gold coins on the road

Irish moss

Ice spikes

I dreamt someone cut my mom on her arm with a class

I dreamed about madwoman telling me something

I saw green moong dal in my dreams many times

In my dream i saw an old man anus

I purged in the dream and started purging as i woke up

I dreamt that my daughters ex is my twinflame

If you see yourself in a white printed saree and you are already married then what is the meaning of that symbol

If you see yourself in a white saree and you are of35years old and you are already married then what is the meaning of that symbol

I saw myself throwing fennel seeds out of my mouth

I dream a goddess picture break

I dream hindu pictures frame break up

I dream a hindu goddess picture break

Image of jesus stolen

Insects fallout of mouth

In a male and dreamt i was pregnant

If you dream of working in a library

I dream that the man that want to marry me was sucking my breast

I dreamed about black water, and a long eel in its depths

Ice pack in a deceased persons hand


I’m retired on dissability. i had a temporary job. this day i got off work and forgot my paycheck.

Ice fresh fish dream

I dream that i become pope what does this mean

Invitation dead person

I dreamt puting myselff relaxer

I got called ugly

I lost my sim card in my dream

I made mocisins

I dreamt my pastor telling me that am pregnant

I had a dream i had sex with my girlfriends brother

In l8ve

I froze a baby

Ice cream served as water

I fell in love with a demon

I beat my younger brother in the dream

Interpretation of smeering oil

I tried to stop a knife from slicing a head and failed

I’m wealthy

If u see transgender doing sex

I was being attacked by a dark evil entity and kept asking for others to get my mom but finally had to call on god for help to get them off me

I pulled out a long stand of hair

I dream alot of tablets


I dreamed my prophet major 1 shaking my hand

I gave someone cloth

Indian flute

I see someone wear nyc cloth

I dreamed i disappeared

If someone sees sexual material in his dream

Inherentence land

I must go

I must go in a dream

If you see kolanut in the dream what does it mean

If you see kolanut in the dream what dies it mean

If a man is washing ladies pants in a dream

I met a girl at school in my dream

Injury where your face is torn off your body


I dreamed i was sheddedmy skin

I am a squatter in someone’s house

In a car slipping into reverse

In my dream i saw two other people that had the mumps

Incoherently reading the quraan

Inanimate objects

In my dream say a snake on floor ate a animal

I saw a mad man giving me money in dream what is the meaning?

I was playing basketball with naked kids

I get rid of the dog but it keep coming back

In my dream i see someone tying palm tree leave on waist what is the meaning of the dresm

I my self unmarried girl dreamt as wearing mangalsutra

Interpretation of seeing an ocean

Interpritation of seeing someone toching your cloth in the dream

Interpretation of seeing coffin in the dream

Interpretation of someone touching my cloth in my dream

Interpretation of a evil woman touching and sticking something in my dress and went out laughing

Interpretation of seeing an ocean in the dream

I dreamed of statue mary magdalene coming after me | dream interpretation


I dreamt my dead mother who looked beautiful, we were like in an hotel apartment, she forgot the tap water on and it went all over the apartment, i cleaned it up and then again the apartment got flooded but not as much so it was easier to clean the dream symbol and keywords you are searched for: dead mother looked beautiful, like hotel apartment, forgot tap water went apartment, cleaned apartment got flooded much easier clean

I dreamt my dead mother who looked beautiful, we were like in an hotel apartment, she forgot the tap water on and it went all over the apartment, i cleaned it up and then again the apartment got flooded but not as much so it was easier to clean


I dreamt about collard greens

Interpritation of seing money in the dream

Ice people

Ignored by friends

Interpretation of tearing a petition in the dream


If i saw dollar in a dream



Ice on road

Information about yourself

If guru gives you red dupatta in dreams

I see duke in my house what does it siyboliz

Ice climbing

If someone offers you semolina

If someone offers you halwa


Invisible, my dog protector,

I hide

I was digging a hole and water came out

It was a curfew and i saw a police car i hide myself and at home they were worried about my whereabouts


Im pregnant i dream eating mango

I stumbled across my deceased brother walking the street in uniform


Insects in body

If girl dreamt of her breast sucked by man

In water

If someone is dragging something with you in the deram what is the meaning?

I am squatting in a rental house

Ice blue eye girl

Ice scraper

Invisible snakes

If you hear knocking in your dream

Image of my mother as a child


I ate grandilla in my dream shared with my mom and grandad what does it mean

I dream driving a car into a beach

I canceled my wedding in my dream

I was hiding drugs from the police

Instead of money changes a dry leave give someone in my dreamss


In islam what does its mean to sex of son with mother

I dreamt about my friend daughter holding a spoiled boiled egg

In a womb


Ice statue in water

I was picking mimosa pudica in dream

I was picking mimosa pudica in dram

I dreamt i was asking a pastor a question about myself in a dream but he never answered

I’m losing my house

In a pool kissing a man

Industrial nails



Imposter spouse

I kill catfish with my knife

If you were given chapati which was well cooked

Itch nose

I give my girlfriend money to buy food means

I took amala in my dream

I was given a cheque book in my dream

I dream that i saw a big hole in the road and when i looked into it saw very dark dirty water

If you dream someone uses stone to take your body discharge away

I cant hear what person saying

I see my husband with foriegn money in my dream

Items stacked outside your door

I dreamt my divorce attorney contacted me

Inside the water found child


I dream that some one piped my prayer shal in 2

I dream that someone ripped ripped my player shot into

I dream that someone ripped my player shot into

I dreamed i was suddenly naked in public

I dreamed i was naked from waste to

If some one give you cassava to sell

I stabbed myself with a pencil everywhere

I am wearing red chura to other girl in my dream

I dream i was given three dollars to purchase a drink

Iverflowing swimming pool

I dreamed with dimes in my path

I had to introduce a preacher in church

Interpretation of dreams of being pressured vote

I bought a gold bracelet then gave it to a dead friend

If i gave my dead friend a gold bracelet

I hung out with my papa

I saw my papa in my dreams

I broke my gold nicklace

If someone feels regret of being with me in past

If someone says bad

I dreamt of the good team war planes dropping bombs on their enemy

I dreamt of war planes dropping bombs their enemy

I seen war planes dropping bombs in enemy

I put identification on a dead body

If my boyfriend is sucking my vagaina what it means

I dream someone gave me wrapper

In a desert and snake popping up from the ground

If i see a dream of my friend and her future husband and child


In my dream a hidden pot fell and cracked means

In a whelchair

I am telling people about padre pio


Imploring for my things taken by someone

I saw rainaow upside down in dream

Illegitimate child

I dreamt naked with my brother

Insect implanting eggs in toe

I see shifting ground

In a freak having sex with my late father my mother is not aware

I was at a wedding getting married to a beautiful woman with red hair and we were dancing and she turned to s

I was at my wedding i was marrying a beautiful woman with bright red hair then we danced together and she turned to ashes in my hands

Intertwined fingerd

I dream huge water tank back in my house

I jumped too high

Imposter childhood friend

Imposter child

I saw myself pouring out to something

I was frying chicken for dinner