Immigrant trapped in their country origin

I dreamed i had chicken pox

I eating chinese chin in my dream

I dreamt of a known woman wearing a white saree

If i see moong dal in dream

I dreamt of an unknown rich suitor that does not match my taste in men

I dreamt of gadering black pear and taken it home

I dreamt of gadering black pear and taken it home




I dreamt of the antichrist

I was charles manson

In laver

I had a dream about 4 waterspout on lake erie

In leaver

I was at my grandmas house and i saw a robin from teen titans go using this match maker thing to look for a girl and once he found a girl he would instantly go to her and f**k her until she kept rejecting him and he finally had to go ba at my grandmas house and i saw robin from teen titans go using this match maker thing to look for a girl and once he found a girl he would instantly go to her and big her until want him around anymore so then he repeated the process again me wanting a boyfriend and wanting love and affection as much as he was doing to those girls and just wanting someone i put in a picture of me on the wheel and it landed on me real stuff first off with locked the door in one of the bedrooms we were in at my grandmas house then said that he wanted to kiss me i told him he could on my cheek that’s why we locked it then we got closer to each other and he did a small kiss on my cheek but then i went in for more in kissed him on his lips but for 3 seconds then it ended

I`m in a sweet shop for a school trip it ends i spill money on the way out , i convince my parents to take me back .after a while a car comes and and pushes me across a road and into a maze

I dream someone gave me a mosquito net

Instect eggs

Island in the sky

If a unmarried girl see his children in dream what does it mean

In danger

I pooped on myself

In my dream i was given a white rolls royce

I kissed my step sister

I was cleaning spider webs in my house

If a dead person gives raw milk to drink in dream signifies

I saw the white girl naked in my dream meaning

I saw the white girl naked lay down on bed in my dream meaning

I saw lord indra in my dreams


I dream i eat ewadu and soup

I saw the image of senior sto niño then come ou the rainbow

I saw the image of senior sto niño

I dreamt of an ancient rock formation of some kind

I own another house (which doesn’t exist) and i go back to this same house and try and sort it out

Iron pots in dream

Iam sitting on top of a brick wall

Iam sotting on top of s wall

Inside coffin nazareno


Invisible man that i could see

Ironing board collapsing

I become c e o in dream

I am a giant


Irratated w


I dream i was making love with a shemale

I dream i was having sex with a shemale

I was washing my heel cracks on the roard

In my dream i have to pee but can’t find anywhere to go

Investigate crime

I was wearing green dupatta and some one was blessing me from dargaah

In a fast moving stream

I dreamed my husband fathered a boy baby

Insects coming out of anus

I’m shirtless in a dream

I dreamed of my merlinite what does this mean

Indoor lights

I saw her with three dark shining tongues


Infected earrings

Inanimate object coming to life

It was like a war zone and everybody was running, so i am my family and friends went and hide in a house, so i took a little child out so pee immediately we fell inside a hole full of water so i called on my elder sister for help and when she came she staged the child up and left me to climb y myself

I am a squatter

I got shoot by gun twice


I dreamt my son was in bed with a dark haired woman with medium complection

International passport

Initation into.a club


If me and my teacher fighting each other

I dream of praying for a possessed lady

I dreamt my boyfriend paying lobola for me

Intimate with a lion

In my dream i hv new sarees

Ice mountain

In my dream i was catching termites

I dreamed of someone talking about getting married

Invisible snake pass on my stomach

If a mad man slap in your dreams

I dreamed i was wearing police uniform and in my heart i felt no one believe that im police

I was arrested with a old friend for drugs

I wore a bracelet and a dog paw got caught in it. i could not brake it, no matter how hard i tried. when the clasped eventually bend open my dead mother in law set us both free

I wore a bracelet and a dog paw got caught in it. i could not brake it or get free and for some reason it felt like both of my hands were tied up. in the end my dead mother in law helped me when the clasped bend open and she took it off and freed me and the dog.

Insect from pimple

I dreamed i swallowed the sky

I dream to birth broom

I dream to give birth broom

I dream a silver shoe who a man is putting to my foot

Intimacy with a mad person

I dreamed of a small black spot on my ceiling

I had anal sex with unknown guy

I lost my diamond nose piercing

I dreamt my geo teacher greeting me

I dream of erosion carring away my things

I dream praying for a sick parson

I saw a red ink pen in mouth and i started reciting a scripture

I dreamed that about a construction hard hat being stolen

I was gifted two silver candle holders from a passed on loved one

In a tree

I dreamed i saw a letter that said i love you in my ex’s handwriting!!

Iron sheets in a dream

Itchy left i

It got left eye

If sister gave sapodilla fruit in the dream

If u dream of frying red palm oil

Iron nails in feet

Intercourse with

I seen a man and was calling on jesus

I dreamt of 2young males standing outside my mums bedroom window

In my dream my son was looking for one leg of his slippers what does that mean

I saw a room full of angels

I dreamt that somebody returned my cloth

I dreamed i was married to a prince

Im in prison and had a dream that everyone was getting releasedd but me

I keep biting someone’s nose off in my dreams

In my bed

I dreamed celebrities were on their knees with their hands tied behind them eating grass.

In a wedding dress

I saw my dead husband kissing another women

I dream i bought a sachet of pure water

I dream my mom showing me her bare feet & telling me that she was getting calluses

I dream about coin money

I dreamt a guava tree and i pick 3 to to give my ex-boyfriend

I saw wrapped fufu in dream

In temple poojary giving white flower

I saw brahmins in dream

I swallowed my self

I dreamed myself snuffing

I had a dream of bruises on someone else

I dreamt that i started out trying to find my cat but every time i found it my hands would become scarred more and more. i would end up in a diner with friends and go look for my cat one last time and end up in a graveyard type setting finding my cat knowing there was a monster alien or demon there and knew not to look at it. i would go back to the diner and see a girl who looked horrified to see me and run inside the diner but when i reached for the door it would come off the hinges but remain there while i held the broken door. when i finally reached the girl she said i was her dead father and then we entered the diner together and had lunch with my friends

I set my house on fire

Investing in a blue kiosk


I had bangs

I cut mans head off

I was wearing a skirt and buying a similar skirt

Important meeting

In bed with two men

I see an angel falling

I dream of a lady selling chacoal

Indoor house walls being wet

I dream about indian flag

Is it go for a pregnant woman to dream of palm fruit

If you dream of preaching

I was been chased by goats in my dream

I was in a horse carcass

I dreamed of a woman stirring a pot of gumbo and a man she is engaged to was very excited about how it tasted. they were living in a building behind ours. i was in their kitchen watching then i left out and the man left out with me to come to my building to talk to my mom

Income tax raid in dream

In prison

Indigo in sky

In a dream a judge told me that freezing rain was coming in august. what does this mean

If had teacher beating in the dream

I was pedophile

In bed with opposite sex fully clothed

I dreamed about the father of my child on the billboard

I saw my baby daddy on billboards

I dream i sold bitter kola

I am pregnant and dreaming amla

I dream of a mad man attacking me

Interpreting a sermon in a church


I saw an evil lady spirit is pulling me into her grave but at that time i started pronouncing jesus names continuously then it left me

In my dream saw a pot on the wood fire outside the house

I was in bed. it was dark. dabi , a villain with a fire ability hummed and patted my legs.

Interpretation of mortar in the dream

I dream of mortar the meaning

I dreamt about drinking zamzam water in someones

I stood up on a big stone that was on dry wood.

If u see ur self picking cowries on ur dream what is the meaning

I was hving sex with my sis

If you dream you are eating fried yam what does it mean

I beat a pastor in my dream

In dey collect someone bag in d dream wot s d meaning

I dreamt my boyfriend was half human half horse

Insurance card


Inside church

If someone ask you for a needle with black threads

Imposter deceased parent

I had i dream that i was untop looking down in a dark green valley where i see my x walking


I was taking care of a child

I dreamt about someone putting cornmeal in a bag

I saw what beads in a dream

I saw a bady that fell into a gutter and died immediately

I plucked orange in my dream

I plucked orange in my dream but it became garden egg

If someone you love sucks your breast in dreams

If someone you love sucks your breast

I was picking ripe palm fruits in dreams

I stood up on a stone that was on dry wood in axr

I stood on a stone that was on w

I stood on a big stone that was on x

I stoot

I suc husband penis in dream

I had a dream of a murder and it came true the same day

I eat black soil in dream

In law giving fried akara

I beat my wife

I saw a corner of my grapa and grams house

Im walking like a ballerina in my dream

I saw myself reciting dhikr in a dream

Insects anus

Ice lolly

Ice lilly

I am being choked

Im in a room with an ex and im not supposed to be there


Ice cream

Igloo house


I dreamyt my hair had grown long

I dreamt my hair had changed colour

I brush my dead mothers teeth

I dreamt i was pounding ogbono in my dream

I given money to hijra giving blessing in my dreams

Indians killing my town

In a art class

Ice water in a dream

In architecture, particularly in churches and temples, the roof symbolizes the dome of heaven, so if a leaky roof features in your

In a restaurant looking for someone

I dreamt abt my husband ,he called to come and received ube pear from a woman and she gave me pear and i pick some pears

If that someone has stolen ur money and u went to fight back to take the ring what does mean

If dream about someone holding a ring in front of u de woman

If u dream about ur husband daily what does mean

If u dream about a man standing infront of u but cant recognized de face what does that mean

I died and someone i know buried me

I’m standing on a boardwalk and the ocean is calm but a little disturbed

I have seen a president of my cauntry and we talk together?

I dream about new black underwear

I dream about sperm come out like water make my cloth

If you dream of 3 cougars running


I had a dream of my toenail falling off, and the one under that one was also falling off. what could it mean?

I had a dream of my toenail falling off, and the one under falling off twice

I dream my dead husband was vomiting

Injured wolf

If death person ask for milk and we give it in dream what meaning

Iron nail in foot

I am dreaming a saint niño what is it mean?

I was in flat house

Israel surrounded by islands and water

Intimate with an uncle

Interpretation of harvesting cassava

Ice lake cracking

In the bath , 30 years younger , crying


In hiding

Incomplete exam

I keep seeing my old crush

I dream i was picking cho cho

I’m lost can’t find my way home

I wear gold necklace then suddenly it turns to black color

I accidently hit the sprinklers and water came on

I was reciting ayat kursi in dream

I can’t write in my penmanship

In vitro fertilisation

I can’t seem to write out the check without making mistakes

I dreamed that i was cooking a monkey in a pot

Indian chanting in my dreams

I dreamt of a large area 0f 3, 4 ,5, 6 leaf clovers what does that mean?rs

I am a manager and it is closing time, i can not lock all doors and people keep coming in and i keep yelling we are closed

Industrial dreams

I dreamt i was given a needle and a roll of yellow thread

I dreamt a woman anoint me in and unusual way

If you dream a president give you a gift

If you dream a president give you money

I dreamt that i had defined abs

I saw my cousin skinning a live cow in a dream

I had a long pigtail in dream

I picked up africa star apple in my dream

I dream of maggi

I had a dream of preaching to a crowd in a room

I dreamed that i was being circumcised

In my dream i clean the sto. nino statue then i loss it ?

Insect bite on the breast

I dreamed about my right breast implant popped and i needed to go to dr for surgery

I ate jaggery in my dreams

Ice water cup

I was digging up my son’s grave

I couldnt hear people talking

I dreamt of plucking kolanut means

In a car with others

In a car

I dream of shemale

Injured dog on fire

I dream of my hair cut


I could see someone reaching into a nest of bees

I saw someone reach into a nesst of bees, i could here them buzzing

Incision in dream

I dreamed fighting a dead man

Iron wheel

I saw a brown flying horse in my dream

Insimu ka


Insimu kamoba

I feel scared when my late husband visits me

In dream to see zikar nabi

I dreamt of snuff closed in its container


I my dream i harvest cocoyam just one hip but it was bery plenty with fruit inside

I was buying tomatillo

Ice bags from my vaginal

Intimate sexual

Intimate sexual dreams

Intimate sexual dreams about someone

I had a dream i was cleaning a soiled toilet

I saw my brother holding ordinary slab of stone with jesus picture on it

I saw my brother holding ordinary slab of stone with jesus picture on it and the other stone had a face of jesus but looked like a demon.

I saw a dead woman telling me the my x sister in law was the cause of her death


I saw cocoyam plant and i uprooted it then saw some one attacking me and i started flogging the person

I dreamt of a woman carring a child

Insect bite on tongue

I had sex with my uncle

I identified retainer

I dreamt when i was accused of stealing,what does it means

I dream my dead brother is kissng me

I fingered a girl i desire in public

Injure someone

I saw bibs in my dream

In a kraal with a man

I dream someone kiss me on cheek


I being an woman elf playing games

I being an woman elf

In omnia

I dreamed a pastor wanted to cheat on his wife with me

In bed with a baby


Ive been dreaming of an ols love

If you dream of them are they dreaming of you?

I dreamed lots of worms

I r on

Invisible attack

I dreamt to red potatoes

I was writing

Infant with tattoos

I dream marry my sister

I dreamt my brother in law had a stroke

Interpretation of jesus tomb in dreams


I was shearing kolanut in a dream

I dreamt of walking in a passion fruit plantation

I dreamed of my father saying goodbye in a dream

I dream of myself standing in the back of a bakkie van full of sea water with 5 small fish the bakie was floating in the minddle on the water i struggld to get off

Invitation to trip

I cut hand of cousin brother in dream

If i cut someone hand in dream

I am headless

Iam headless in my dreams

I dream about john f kenndy

I received a fruit basket from a former president

I had a dream about a really strict art teacher who had us work on the next assignment even though she hadn’t let us finish the first assignment and she hadn’t told us anything about this new assignment except that it was a poster.

I called person but that person is not there

Indian fig

If someone says red room

I was too busy

I had a dream someone shattered my glass

If someone is intimidating you

I saw in my dream milking a camel

In my dreams i bought a millets

I dream that i had sex with my son

In the toilet

Initiated in a dream

I saw my mother carrying dry branches of firewood and eggplant

I saw my mother carrying small pieces of firewood,my daughter and eggplant

I saw someone in a hut made of dry grass

I saw someone in hut made of grass in the dream

I dreamed i died

I dreamed i said to a friend ill see you in heaven

Ideal family

In a dream a pink snake

Introducing your ex to grandmother

I dream about me and my husband got car accident

Inside building underconstruction

I had an vision of a bullet going through my left hand

I saw a bullet going through my hand

I was given a sable wrap

I had on a red dress

I had a dream that i was staning in between to people i had on a rde dress

I saw myself standing in between two i had on a red dress

Invisible thing

If mypastor ccessories on his clothing and collected some in a dream

If mytof accessories on his clothing and collected some in a dream

If my pastor is well dressed with alot of accessories on his clothing and collected some in a dream

I licking a vagina

I dream that i take and eat a peace of jackfruit in the tree,

I saw bishop oyedepo in my dream

I was standing and yellow jackets started to swarm my body and stay

Impossible task

Intruder with a small knife

I dream while my husband was gone to abroad, so what does it mean

I dreamt that somebody died and they gave me akara to eat

I ate akara in the dream that somebody died


I dreamt my boyfriends sister died

I was chased by a hen

If my nosepin lost in a dream

Injured elephant

I am dreaming that i cut the head of senior santo nino what is the meaning of that?

I dreamt of a chief back to rule his people who long left the village

I dreamt and saw my fence has been removed in a dream

If you see yourself plucking vegetables leave in the farm

Interlocking fingers

Impaled in the shoulder

Impaled shoulder

Impales should we

Impales shoulder

In a flying machine to space

I saw a dolphin

Ingrown toe nail

Ice boat

In the wrong class

Interrgated by police


I was with unknown friends i drank half a glass of wine and i got drunk very quickly and other i threw it away i woke up on the dream feeling nausea

I was with unknown friends i drank half a glass of wine and i got drunk very quickly and other i threw it away i woke up on the dream feeling nsusea

Ivf babies

I dreamt i was killing and cleaning fish

I dreamt my boyfriend had sex with a cat

I saw a long grey snake with black markings

Inner child demon

In my dream, isaw yellow car in my gate

I was describing a washing machine

I dreamt my pastor touching my breasts

I gave my father money

I dreamt that i was harvesting sugarcane, what does that mean

Indication of monk dream

I sucked a woman breast as a young man in my dream what does it mean

If you dream you broke your phone

Insect coming out of someone’s face


Impaled through the heart

I killed a faun with yellow blood in a forest of white trees and fog low to the ground at night.

I saw a dream in which black panther and tigher is walking


If you dream about seeing raw meat

I saw mongoose in my home kitchen


I dream i buried baby alive

I cry in my dreams

I my dream, i found myself in my mother room ponding yam, what does it mean?

I saw neighbours cot broken


I saw myself and my son were asked to sleep outside the house on a bench. i was scared but was trying to be brave

I see green pawpaw tree in my dream

I saw pawpaw tree in my dream

Indecent dream

I saw someone give me red palm oil

I saw a sampaguita plants a lots of flowers

I saw of calamansi tree full of fruits


I was just passing by on a straight road. passes by young beautiful jinni. just say hi n goes in a different direction

I saw beautiful rainbow color ducklings

I saw myself casting out demons from isane person

I dreamt and saw myself praying for a insane person

I am floating instead of walking like others

Intercourse with dead partner


I saw myself prophesying to people in the dream

If someone giving saree to me meaning

I was scolding my mom



If someone gives you recharge card

I bought a stainless tray for a priest

I dreamt that my wife was washing her menstrual blood

Islamic meaning of eating and see frying plenty beans cake in the dream

In a airplane that can’t take off

I pick two pieces of break kola but in a church compound

I pick two pick two pieces of kola but in the church compound where someone on a priest garment is praying for people

I m giving new saaree to relatives in dream

I dreamed of half woman and half horse

In my hand quran in bathroom

I was turn into dust

I saw 3 black umbrellas overlap while raining


In the middle of nowhere

I.v. in arm

In grown hair

Indian wood head in a bottle

If you are been held by a mad man


I dreamed of myself being given number 52210

I recovered relaxer and pad from a well filled with goods

Inlaws rejecting you



Invigilation dream

Ice stone

I dreamt of me living in a small shack

I bought cassava in my dream

I paid for another persons debt in a dream

I dream of helping my mom sellin turkey berry in two different location

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