Kiss ugly person

Kiss on the head meaning

Killing grasscuter

Knee wound wide open

Kissing a giant in the dream

Killing a squirrel in dream


Killing a black bird

Kissing devil

Kumkuma face

Kinner asking for money

Kissing and spitting in mouth

Killing of chicken

Killing black snake

Kolanut. meaning

Knock at my door

Knives and forks

Killing an animal accidentally

Keys and locks


Killing of a pet


Kissing underwater

Keeping kumkum in forehead by pandit

Kumkum on floor

Koala bear


Kimono drgon teeth

Kicking at someone

Kissing someone with a forked tongue

Kini itumo ki eniyan wo odi aso ni ojuala

Kissing dead grandfather on lips

Keys hands


Kissing and teeth breaking

Kovil kopuram dream


Kissing a female genital organ

Kissing my arm

Khaki dress in the dream meaning

Khaki dress meaning

Kinnar giving you blessing in dream

Killing head lice through comb

Known dead body wrapped on a shroud

Kolanut meaning in dream

Kissing a rabbit feet

Kitchen counter

Kid’s kidnapped

Kids kidnapped

Killing an evil spirit

Kid bit by snake and scorpion

Kidnapped by a lizard

Killed a tiger

Kitten in my dream

Killing a black spider

Kicked of a ride

Kolanut that is divided into seven means what?

Kicked out from the planet

Killing chameleon in my dream



Kola nut in a dream

Kalma tayab

Kissing presidents son in a dream

Killed witch

Kissing your boss

Kids laughing

Kiss someone i know

Kids marriage

Kolam in dream

Kiddie pool

Kukuma in dreams

Kissing a film character

Killing catapilar in a dream

Killing cartapillar in a a dream

Killed someone long ago

Kiss zach

Killing possum

Kinnar beating me

Kum kum on my forehead

Killing my daughter


Known visitor in my house

Kiss significant other

Killing self

Kissing my brother

Killing silverfish insect

Kids throwing snowballs


Kumkum and turmeric in my hands someone giving me | dream interpretation

Kissing with food in mouth


Killing wall gecko in a dream

Kumkum and turmeric in my hands someone giving me

Killing a tiger

Kind woman


Kamias tree bearing fruits

Kiss idol

Kissing and hugging

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