Kosing a wallet


Killing bird

Knight in shining armour



Killing people to protect others

Kushoni uphupha kuthiwa uzokwemula ekhaya komama


Kinnar fighting in dream

Kicked out ofschoiol

Kick someone out


Kinner attaching and crying

Killing a chicken in the dream

Kissing my step son

Kitle in the dream


Kinner killing many people

Killing child

Killing wife & her ex lover

Killing your wife and her exlover

Kalire breaking while wearing in dream

Killing bedbugs in virginal in the dream meaning

Karuppusamy appear in dream

Kala cha na in dream

Kitchen sink overflowing

Kinner asking for money in dream

Killing someone

Kill jackal

Kneading flour in a church

Kumkum in front of god inside temple

Kicking my dog


Kissing an anime

Killing animals accidently

Khaki uniforms

Knotted hair

Keg of palm oil

Kissing shoulder

Kidney of goats


Kissing a stranger

Kalasam in dreams

Kalashnikov in dream

Killing someone with a forklift

Kissing your cousin

Killing self defense

Killing two snakea

Killing a duck

Kneeling on knees

Killing ants in your dream


Killing someone for the devil

Killing guinea fowl in a dream with bare hands

Kissed a girl

Kid and blue wrist watch


Killing octopus

Knife on book


Kristine cellucci

Kneading of flour having insects mran

Ketchup on body

Kissing someone of the same gender | dream interpretation

Kiss from prince

Ksi ko sipara dyty dekhna

Killing ants in a deam

Killing ants in dresm

Kissing a woman rejection

Kung fu

Kinner seeing in my dream

Killing someone when they tell me stop

Killing a sick goat in dream

Key cards

Kitchen light

Kontonmire leaves in dreams

Kid with blue around nose

Killing earthworm

Kill to protect

Kidnapped naked

Knight armour

Kale jamun

Kids hand prints on wall

Key holder

Killing a grasscutter in a dream

Killing clones family

Killed by a shark

Kiss breast


Kill a person with a gun


Killing a guineapig

Kiss dead father

Kajal buying dream meaning

Killing wall gekco in the dream


Killing grass cutters in dream

King tut

Kitten peeing

Kick a dog


Kitten litter

Kumkum dream in kannada



Kicking out


Kiss toe

Kumkum haldi

Knife blade

Knots in hair

Kick foot


Kumkum in water

Kajal in town eyes

Killing 3 turkeys

Kissing cold lips

Kissing under the water

Killing plants


Key within a shell

Kicked out house

K deadbody


Kingroo islamic interpretation




Kissel ggoing through front door

Kinner dancing in the dream



Kissing a man in a car


Kinner fighting with me

Kraal falling down


Knight in shining armor

Kurt russell

Kissing ex brother in law

Kissing a mad man in the dream

Kangaroo in my stomach

Kinner dream

Knife attacked

Kinner blessing means


Kidnapped on stairs

Kissing godfather

Kissing a deceased father

Kill snakes

King shoes

Killing a cow

Kept as a slave

Kicking someone repeatedlyin the stomach

Kicking someone continually

Killing hijra in dream

Kettle with hot water


King size bef

Killer gummy worm

Killing of three grasscuter in dream


Killed a tasmanian devil

Kissing dead ex


Kungumam in deeams

Killing giraffe with my family

Kisi ko almonds dena dream mey

King trollex

Killing a child sbuser

Khawab me murde ko dekhna

Keep missing plane

Kundalini rising

Killing pink scorpions

Kitten fairy lights

Known family members fighting

Known family members fighting

Kids from dead

Killed snake in dream

Kinner giving bless of son

Killing eatable termite

Kajal dream meaning

Kajal dream meaning

Kissed by a man

Kiss a rabbit in your dream

King of beards card

Kitchen stove

Kid water

Killing termites in dream means


Kdeadbody moon water

Kolanut mean what

Kumkum and turmeric in shelf

Knitted jumper

Kissed on the neck

Kitchen destroyed


Keys getting lost in pockets

King of clubs

Kissing someone

Kissing underwater

Kicked somone out of my house

Kidnapped evil spirit

Kissing parents feet

Kicking doors open in fire



Knee cap displaced

Kum kum giving in dream

Kontomire eating in your dreams mean

Kiss my uncle means

Knee sock

Killing a man using a rifle

Kimber asking for money in my dream

Kissing someone and teeth falling out


Kissing dead fathers hand

Kiss to the neck

Kissing my dead dad

Kiss black snake

Kissing someone’s feet

Killing rooster

Kids murdered

Kissing woman with snake tongue

Koala bear bitting my feet

Kidney failure

King kong

Killing worm from my big toe


Kendo stick

Killing worm with salt

Killer whale in lake

Kicked out of class


Knocking on door when awake

Knocking on door when sleeping

Kids watching me urinate in someones bathroom

Killed my brother

Kissing my dead father in a dream

Killing squirrels with rocks

Killing the serial killer

Knew i was dreaming and couldnt wake up

Killing rats in the dream, what does it mean

Kruger rands of different sizes

Kevin costner

Kissing a pet

Key shaped

Keys covered with flowers


Kissing fictional character

Keep dreaming i am having a period

Killing a bat and then eating it

Kaba prostrating

Killing wife

Kinner get killed

Knock down

Knock over

Kinner fighting


Kill worms with salt


Killing a possum

Kimodo dragon

Kidnapped by someone in your family that dont talk to you

Killing a skunk

Killing a puffadder

Kicking a dog in dream


Key lock

Killing an opossum

Kissing man no teeth

Kum kum on my head in my dream


Kinner smiling in dream

Known girl wearing red chura in my dream

Kissing my father on lips


Killing a white cock in the dream

Kicking a gog

Knocking on a wall


Killing bush pig in dream

Kissing someone with sharp teeth

Keeping turmeric and kumkumam on my forehead


Kidnapped thrown in jail teleported to train then teleported back in history

Knitting a scarf

Killer fell in love with me

Killing a rapist

Knee braclet

Killing ghecko


Knife fight

Kissing her


Key in dream

Killing pets

Kingpin on iceskates

Kumkum falling on someone

Kapda kharab hona

Killing a coyote

Kola nut tree

Kola but tree

Kola but tree nursery

Killing chicken

Kick out of ur rented apartment

Killing someone sewing mouth

Killing someone seeing mouth

Kissing my with someone


Kissing in the lips with brother in law

Kissing someone with sharp or forked tongue

Kissing a child



Kraals in a dream

Killing bird with catapult in the dream.


Kinner saying to run

Key unlocking door

Killing eart worm

Keeping kumkum for legs


Keith perry jr older sister dream that keith was digging a hole in the back yard by the shed is that a good sign or s bad sign

Kissing me uncle

Killng black bull dog in dreams

Kolanuts in dteam

Kissing in your dream

Killing a spider in your dream


Killing a teacher with a fork

Killing someone with a gun

Killing a wild cat

Kill a red crab

Kumkum dreams meaning

Kissing money

Kiss ontop head

Kids clothing getting stolen


Kang kong


Kidnapped by a mad man

Kumkum in dream

Kiss on nose

Killer doll




Kinners group

Kumkum in forehead

Kissing a cat

Kinnarrunning behind lizard

Kissing my back

Keep missing my mode of transportation. keep going back to pack and miss my plane

Keeping missing my mode of transportation.

Kissing dead dad

Kissing my uncle

Killing someone in an accident

Kittens in spaghetti

Kittens and spaghetti

Kola nut was use to pray

Kola nut was use to pray for me in the dream and i ate

Kids father

Kneeling before a man

Kitten coughing up another kitten

Kinner in dream

Kiss on hand

Knitting means what

Kola nut

Kinnar is standing in my dream means

Killing of monitor lizard in a dream

King laughing

Killing an antelope


Kiss sister

Killing a cat in a dream

Kicking oil means


Killed by black wolves

Kicking someone out of apartment


Kissing a fictional character

Kill caterpillar in the dream. fetching from the tree

Kpop idol as my friend

Kicking a dog in a dream

King david

Kanopolis cats

Killing people

Killing grass cutter in my dreams means what

Kicked out of my house

Khakhi shoes

Kinnar begging for money in dream

Killing bunnies

Knee surgery

Kolanut pods dream


Killing barbie doll

Kissing dead person in cheeks in dream

Kissing woman with snake toung

Key snapped off in ignition


Keeping outdoors tidy

Keeping outdoors þidy

Koala on a roof

Kiss prince


Kumkum and arsina in dream

Kicking spouse out of the house

Kneading a dough in the dream


Kolam drawing in dream

Killing roaches

Keanu reeves

Kissing under water

Kids neglected

Killing someone you love

Killing with glass

Killing a dog and eating its meat

Killing spiders

Kissing hourse

Killing of earthworm in a dream

Kinner dancing

Kolunut given


Killing someone by accident

Killing mom

Knock out


Kovil gopuram come in dream


Kissing a man with a snake tongue


Kurbni human

Kiling giraffe in dream meaning

King of hearts card

Kids caught me naked

Kissing someone and my teeth fall out


Kraal meaning in a dream


Kneeling on one knee before eating

Kicking something or someone

King of clovers


Koi fish

Kontol itu apa what is that

Knocking something down

Killing someone with car

Kissing a toothless man

Keys falling in trash

Kitchen fires

Keys to a church

Killing a mother chicken sitting on eggs

Kumkum and tamaric on my head

Kalalo naku verevallu kumkuma pasupu eyadam

Kumkum fall down

Kinnar happily dancing in my dream means

Kill a monkey boil

Killing old people

Kuli in the dream

Kick a snake

Knot in my stomach

Killing of grass cutters in the dream


Kerosene leakage in a dream

Kitchen sink and scarf

Killing snake in dream

Killing grasscutter dream meaning

Kola nout


Katherine mansfield and literary modernism

Katherine mansfield


Killed a pet

Killer kid



Killing grass cutter in the dream

Killing swans in dream

Killing my clone in my dreams

Killing sister

Killing, screaming

Killing your sister


Kicked out


Killing grasscuter in dream meaning ?

Kick out

Kissed on vagina

Kola bitter

Key bends

Key bends off in locker

Keeping on pooping

Kolam in dream

Kumkum in food

Killing titans

Kraal in a dream

Killing black dog

Kiss vagina

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