Lizard falling my hand

Limp penies


Losing your home

Licking vagina dreams meaning

Licking vagina dreams

Low visibility

Laughing girl child

Looking for my soul

Lost some one

Lose goods packed in a warehouse


Licking vagina

Legs of a cow lying on road

Licking a girl pussy

Lesbian woman sucking my thumb in a sexual pleasing way and it feels so real

Letter from dead relative

Letters from america

Late mom taking a bath in a bath tub when i was about to wash myself

Leg tied with rope in dream meaning

Letter of lobola negotiations

Lost my writing pen

Lost my pen

Lot of money notes in pocket

Last night i saw my yonder sister in my dream trying to steal from me and i beats her up

Large black bumble bee in a dream

Leg brace for baby

Large black dog lunging attaching me

Long blood clot coming from nose

Lost in the city running naked

Late to the airport

Losing someone u love

Licking orange in the dream

Loss of child’s nose

Loss of body part

Loss of a toe nail

Lamp burning



Lending a headtie in dream

Ladybirds in my nose

Lady offering kumkum

Limbs of horse in dream

Large bus crashing into car


Leaking water from the pitcher

Laugh in the dream

Laundry down the drain

Lending my shoes

Large dogs

Late grandmother


Loved one going away black and white coat

Loss of child’s head

Loss pairs boots

Looking the river of ghee in gurudwara

Lost grandchild

Looking after a small animal

Large lizard two snakes cat

Lemur would grab my finger

Large pink tree in a green garden

Leaving your wife then coming back

Loosing teeth

Laundry bedding

Losing an item

Lots of baby ostriches

Leaking ceilings

Lion chasing




Lost brassiere

Loosing weigh

Lakshmi statue


Legs skin rash

Lost hair dryer

Lending money ex

Long penis while sitting in hot water

Laundry in a tent

Logo gurdwara

Linking ogbono soup in dreaming


Low self confidence

Lying in bed

Long lost sister kissed my shoes

Low selfesteem

Large web

Large silk web

Lynx with horns

Lost in refugee country

Losing toe

Large snakes


Loading timber on semi

Lady carrying a kumkum

Locust bean


Leaking toliet


Lions in a house

Lions in building

Lipstick given by deceased


Losing someone you love in a crowd

Licking a vagina in dreams

Long green and black hair

Lamb as a gift to have a party

Light bulb

Large boiled egg

Losing ski equipment


Lizard leaving from my house leaving the yard?

Land meaning in dream

Locked in a closet

Light beige colour

Losing gadgets

Losing purse, coat

Live bird in cats mouth

Losing a race

Learning to use a gun


Left broken ankle

Long chin hair

Little bags growing on my legs

Lady wearing silver dress

Lost and walking

Long gold hair to the ankles

Loader machine

Late father with new hair cut

Lady offering haldi. kumkum in the dream

Left hand bruises

Looking down from high


Losted items return to reach again owner

Looking at bicycle


Lime green hand

Lucid dreams meaning


Loin eating roti with my past farher

Looking jaggery in dream

Lady giving me kumkum


Lion eating a horse

Large old house

Liked getting groped by woman in dream

Large objects lifted easily

Lifting heavy things effortlessly

Lifting heavy things without stressing

Living in a different town

Love making

Large snake in house

Long gold gown

Lake house

Late for test

Losing a contest

Lady offering haldi kumkum in the dream

Ledge heigh looking in

Lush for harvest

Locust beans

Losing or breaking jewellery or losing diamonds

Luggage stolen

Lead the prayer in dream

Lead the prayer in dream what is the meaning

Lead the prayer in dream,in the dreams

Little girl

Lending shoes to a friend

Leading worship songs at church

Lost comb

Loved one going away with black cloak on

Little girl screaming no

Laying on top of someone in a dream and smiling

Lying on top of someone in a dream and smiling

Laying on top of someone and smiling with them

Light then darkness

Living room

Lime with mildew

Lime frruit


Licking red oil in dreams

Leaking blood

Lots of nutmeg in a dream

Leg hair growing long

Lavender fence prairie dress

Looking in neighbors window


Leaving school

Letter saying i won’t be tested again

Lending money to ex

Lost red handbag

Long rattlesnake



Land of some one

Lightning striking tower in distance

Lime juice overflows from a container and as i want to clean up it refills itself and get bottled

Lost, searching for a way out. can’t find my husband to help me

Lost in the woods then found but lost again

Letter a or b


Lost my dogs

Lions, tigers and bears

Licking agbalumo in a dream means

Little finger acrylic nail fell off

Locker combination

Leaving a queue and replacing someone

Leaving a queue and replacing someone in your position

Losing a fingernail

Long strands of hair on tip of nose

Long hairs on tip of nose

Lack of privacy

Lion and dog walking

Looking at dropped onions in the floor

Lord brahma dream meaning

Lady friend

Living grandmother shrinking in my hand


Lost in a building or parking lot


Lover cheating

Losing a tooth

Lost my car

Locked in a room someone trying to get in

Losing oven chips

Light cradle head

Long horn sheep

Large waves coming ashore

Large waves hitting house

Locked in large empty white room

Live pig in fridge with paprika on it

Lot cabin on cliff above ocen


Low back pain

Long spider legs


Leaving home because of an emergency

Life fish

Live pangolins

Large meal

Look at you

Lost property

Losing virginity

Leg warmers

Losing driving license

Light green luxury car

Learning french

Lots of cows

Lion eating human

Lapis lazuli

Leather chair

Little girl in a black dress


Lobola negotiations

Lobola negotiations

Losing my cloths in dream


Leave child behind

Laying by someone

Laying next to someone

Laying down

Laying down on a couch

Long island

Luxurious garden

Lunch lady

Losing my hair

Lion having sex with a dog

Lightening ocean devil calls out name

Leak in the roof

Loved one weaving a basket

Low heel shoes


Light fitting

Loud thunder and bright lightning strike on me and my data all gone

Laiden pepper tree

Lost airpods

Long pigtail


Large do

Leaves coming from sky

Leaves falling from sky

Laughing at man with small red penis

Looking down and seeing yourself

Loosing my watch

Laughing out loud

Laughing and screaming

Lost of cap in dream meaning

Long broken tongue

Lunatic man


Lumps in the breast

Leak faucet

Looking for luncheon napkin

Luncheon napkin

Lost res shoes

Lover standing in doorway with back to me blindfolded

Losing a pot

Luggage missing

Losing a certificate



Lacking means

Lots of hedgehogs

Lots of hedgehoggs

Luxury shopping


Lover’s wife yelling at you

Lamb leg

Losing an earring and finding the earring

Looking for a love note

Looking for a note or message of a former love

Letter to someone else

Little gypsy girl and friend then they disappear

Larvae in mouth

Leading a herd of cattle

Lime seeds

Little goat


Love affairs with daughter

Lending a shirt to a friend

Letter from lawyer

Lawyer business card


Lavender eyes


Love note


Long time crush

Lion entering my house in the dream

Large rolli yup hill


Looking at a menu

Looking for wine glasses

Lost dentures

Lost de tyres

Lost purse found items one be one

Lizard tattoo

Living in apartment

Living alone

Lost suitcases

Lots of married people

Lots of marriages


Losing my pet

Light bulbs

Lady having turmeric paste on her face

Left turn feeling dreadful

Lions ready to attack

Lion head on fire

Lost in airport

Lost at wayerpark

Laughing children dreams

Leopard protecting me

Lots of african american people looting my business

Losing time

Ladybug coming out vagina

Live bugs in the mouth

Lady wearing red sari comes in house start kissing my husband

Loss of all teeth

Looking through husbands phone

Looking my dog

Lost in school building

Lime drinking

Losing someone

Lost finger nails

Lady in a box

Long eract penis

Leaking pot that extinguished fire

Locking the gates

Lost my thumb

Lionesses chasing me


Layers of bikinis

Lowered voice and said no

Lying on couch in glass house

Levitating on my back

Losing a saddle

Lost sandals but foundm

Learning music instrument

Learning to play instrument

Licking ones ear in a dream

Large crowd walking down the street


Lost shoes in library

Lost in a library


Long curly nails

Lobola dream.

Lion having sex

Licking a woman private part in the dream

Lion making love

Looks like my husband, but not my husband

Laughing hysterically

Lost shoes in the dream

Lost money and documents

Loud explosion

Luxurous cars

Little death

Long splinter

Limb growth

Lobola dreams

Licking and picking african apple in the dream means

Light brown ozzing

Light brown ozzing replaced by finger

Last will

Last will and testament being read

Litch fruit dream

Lots of hair on the floor

Long grey snake with black markings


Lobola negotiations for me

Loosing phone

Loosing wallet

Little people coming through portholes

Losing my kids

Looking for my kids



Lady giving kumkum & haldi in dream meaning

Large raindrops

Looking for dog grave

Loved one who passed wearing white

Loved one who has passed visited wearing white gown with a cross

Leaking cake pan

Large pear tree

Long bangs over eyes

Long bangs covering eyes

Layimf on your back seeing feet

Labeling a lots of boxes

Licking a clitoris

Ligaments melting


Lucifer passed on his hat to me in my dream

Last 3 workplaces intertwined

Lost ci


Leaving someone

Laminated form



Lost items back

Lost photos


Licking pussy of a girl

Listening to songs of god in the dream

Listening to god music in the dream

Living puddle

Labrador black

Laying dead holding flowers

Lights flickering

License plate

Little eating my penis

Looking for gun

Licking african velvet tamarid in the dream means what

Light blue robe

Large red car

Looking for home

Lost on way home

Locust bean in dream

Looking for shoes

Loitering in a dream

Lion eating

Lion devouring a goat

Lion eating goat


Little boy

Lobola was paying for someone else bt i was accused of wearing short skirt

Lobola was paying for someone else bt i was accused of wearing short skirt

Late summer

Leaving gifts at a grave


Leopard coats

Letting a pony loose

Light blue scarf

Lost and found phone

Losing one earrings

Lion attacking


Love song

Large broken tree

Large group of people in auditorium

Little holes all over in my head

Laying in bed next to twin flame



Large brimmed hat


Lady giving kumkum in dream

Large thick rope net bag

Large rope net

Large net


Lost my phone

Lobola paid

Left hand

Long ribbon with flashing lights


Liminal space


Lady gray hair

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image