Loosing a child

Leg piercing

Little snakes in my underwear

Large nipple

Lion dream in prgnancy

Lancing poison from stomach

Loud sound

Lizard in a grave

Left hand growing blue algea

Looking out for family

Loamy soil

Loamy aoil

Leaving purse in airport


Lack of mask


Last day of judgement

Lose of toe ring

Laying in mouse poo

Losing a little girl family in the stret

Losing a tolder in a stret

Lost fingers

Light switches

Love in a green dress leaving

Losing an earring

Losing an earring lock

Lobola in dream

Losing arms

Lamb as a gift

Looking for a blue shirt

Lions protecting money

Loss of mental health

Looking down over a mountain

Long thick pubic hair dream meaning

Loosing slippers

Lots of moringga plants

Lots of morinnga plants

Lady wakeup inside cofin

Lock and ropes

Lost in the market in the dream

Lost in the market looking for meat in the dream

Large wooden sword

Lustful dream

Lost in big house

Lady in short black dress

Lame boy

Late father gave me money in the dream

Locked spora

Left hand hole inpalm

Losing virginity in dream

Lots of golden eggs


Leek knee growing

Laundry flooding

Lucifer speak to me in my dreams

Lots of pennies on the floor


Licking orange in the dream meaning

Loss phone

Lost money and find

Low tide water clear

Low gravity on command

Losing then finding scissors

Light on my palm

Lake muddy water

Locked jaw

Ladybug coming out of vagina


Licking my gf clit

Losing footwear

Loved one that have passed now have dreadlocks

Leopard licking you


Lung cancer

Lost sheet music

Large beautiful bird

Lost something and panicking

Late to a wedding

Looking at sky

Losing purse

Little white snakes crawling out of my toe

Liver surgery




Lady of guadalupe

Losing virgins in you dreams

Lucifer mirror lamp

Lobola is about to get payed for my mother

Lost earring in a dream

Lord shiva crying in dream

Licking someones vagina

Lost tooth brush

Lost my toothbrush in a dream

Losing a ruler in a dream

Lost my nose pin in my dream

Looking for good peeled egusi to buy in the market and later bought one

Losing a pillow

Lost of pillow

Losing parcels

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Dream Bottom Image