Mixing honey in palm oil

Mean in g of getting kumkum in a temple

Meaning if someone asking for a lend of money

Man likes me

Man applied turmeric

Mother dream about having sex with his own son

My face turned black swollen

My face turned black and swollen

Man tall in black

Minute matters

Meaning of eating pani puri in dream

My class was with me at a fbi academy

Meaning of adriver of psv vehicle dream


Meaning of eating mango in dream

Moving tattoo

Mom in danger

My back

My dead father giving me corn

Mom with bruising

Meteor hitting mountain top fire

Missing a close person special event

Man wearing red cape on a horse

Man cursing at me

Man upset


Mother under my bed

Melting people

Meaning of face powder

Master bate public

Movie actress

My ex

Maggots innvagina

My mother on top of me having sex then i worked choking


Mice in water

Musambi in dream meaning

My daddy wants to amputate a leg to

Mad man giving me money in dream

Mad man giving me money

Meaning of dream pounding fufu

My boyfriend dream im meeting his mother

My boyfriend dream im meeting his mother

Meaning of lot will be one of contentment

My son drowning

Meaning of red oil stain on shirt

My clothes stolen off drying line

Meaning of a dream where you see your son sodomised

Meaning of ritualist in the dream capturing me

Mucus on babies nose

Maggots coming out of private part

Monte carlo





Making cultivation ridges in the dream and finished before others

My friend mistaken burned my cloths

Moving door

Multiple organisms

Mystic merlinite crystal

Meaning of rebeca in a dream

My son gagged up with blue face cant breaythe

Missing persons




My mouth smelling bad in my dreams

Mi to help people in the dream spiritual

Man in a flower suit

Man in a suit wavering a white hanky

My mom and baby chickens

Mowing over 3 children

Minnow fish


Mom brings horse into kitchen


Missing your wedding

My child screaming

Mind control

My dead father smoking and playing with his phone

Mangalamukhi saying i will come on friday

Michael myers chasing me

Minaiture animals

My mom in heaven crying uncontrollable

Mothers saves me from being burried alive

Meaning death of a king in the dream

Monk and robes

Mud coming out my mouth


Messing up

Messing up in front of a huge crowd and everyone disappearing

My aunty returns my skirt

Money plant in dreams

Meaning of see vermilion on head on dream

Man gets fucked by a man ghost



Missing a wedding

Money packet

Meaning of seeing someone washing his face and head

Multi stone ring


Musical riff

Mangalyam falled in milk

Mangalyam called in milk

Man suck my breast in the dream

Metal cube

Multiple sex organs

Meaning of dog eating liver

Meaning of big snail

Meaning of snail in a dream

Meaning of snare in a dream

Making ridges


Mechanical digger

Missed trip

Malnurished baby

Meaning of dreaming my ex boyfriend paying my dowry

Mini coffin


Meaning of having anal sex with late mother

Meaning of cooking stick

My pastor disvirgin me in the dream

Meaning of sucking female dirty pussy in the dream

Muddy water mean

My lover giving me dupatta to wear

Meteor shower


My mother is sweeping in my dream

Mother sweeping in dream

My sister in law pregnant in a dream

Man sucking milk out of breast

Man sucking milk out of dream

Meaning of lime water and milk

Mushroom lip

Melting iceberg and wave

Meaning of sister getting pregnant in dream

My mother cook bread for me

My mother cook roti for me

My late mother helping me to put my red bindi on my forehead

My late mum helping me to put my red bindi on my forehead

Mom ask me buy bracelet for her

Mom gave me gloves and 2 pairs of shoes

Meaning of dream son

Mummy moaning and breaking in the house

Making a paper boat

Meaning of unknown persons doing prostitution

Meaning of monkey tuning into human


My friend offering me holy kumkum to me in dream

My dead father brings me red apples

Meaning if dreams-tattoo

Meat in toilet

Mother near garden

My sons swollen lip


Man wera femal dress

Meaning of dreaming red and blue lahenga

Monarch butterflies

My husband beat up man in my dream

My mother always in my dreams

My dead mother is always in my dreams

My died mother always in my dreams

My love smiling and entering in the open door

My ponytail comes off

My ponytail falls of


Master bating with you


Moving water

Mad at someone

Man birth fawn

Man bith fawn

My dad dad ordering me to clean my boots

Music tree

Music in tree


Merky water

Messy store


My blood for sacrifice

Middle of nowher

Making peach cobblet

Movie theater


My child gave me kola nuts in my dream

Mom having sex with transgender

Male wearing female dress

Meaning seeing madman pouring you water in the dream

Maggi in dream means

Mud roots

Mountain lion

My car being clamped by the roadside

My apartment repossessed

My neighbour is trying to kill me


Meaning of sugar cane in dream

Mary magdalene

Mace spray


Meaning of wearing a new orange slippers

My dead father was pushing a wheelbarrow full of flaming charcoal.

Making mounds in dream


Man is actually a women

Mother having sex with son

My deseased ex husband trying to talk to him to ask for forgiveness

Meaning calabash

My deceased father handing me a baby girl

Mealie-meal being distributed but ended at person in front of youon of you

Man threatening me

Man threading to kill me

Munduiriri song


Mountain lion with horns

Money plant


Mother in the black dress

Man with two little penises

My husband buy me a new bed drem meaning



Meeting unknown people


Menstrual blood running down legs


Mount rushmore

Meaning of dreaming of neem sead

Meaning of dreaming of need seed


Meaning of seeing a governor in dream

Mare with foals in dream

Mare with goals in dreams

My dead mother gave me a red oil in a dream

Meaning of drinking coconut water in my dream

Meaning of a burnt dead snake

Mucous from my nose

Man in a hat

Mango dream

Murunga maram kanavil vanthaal

My legs were being massaged under the table

Married a rich woman

Mouth palate falling out

Moringa tree dreaming interpretation

My gf’s had 3 brothers

Mother in law cooking meat

Male dreaming of aunt naked

Make dreaming of aunt naked

Meat thawing

Melting walls around me

Moving mountians

Mad girl running after me in my dream

Mopping up water

Master key in a dream

My sister eating my vagina

Moving really fast

Money smugglers



Meaning of dreaming a ciga

Meaning of dreaming a siga

Moving away to a different state with your ex and son

Mother in law and knifes

Man in dream

Meaning of eating plan fruit in dream


My purse was stolen

My car and then my purse was stolen

Marylin manson

Making coconut oil

Meaning of palm fronds


Mom says its time to go





My dead grandmother asked for peanuts

Man yelling at me

Morula tree

Maid of honour

Muted or cant scream out

My white car is stolen

My cat head being cut off

Meaning of stagnant water in a dream

Man turns into dragon

My dead friend asking for 1rand in the dream

Mirror broken

Meaning of buying chinchin

Man sitting in a bus

Meaning of eating rice and plantain in a dream

Morphing face

Moving house and regretting it

Meer cats

Meeting very powerful person

Meaning of helping a goat to give birth in my dreams

Man on a crutch

Meaning of cookingstick in the dream

Meaning of cooking stick in the dream

Monkey taking my clothes

Monkey taking clothes

My personal diary got stolen from my house

Metal or steel ladder

Meeting very powerful people

My friend dreaming about me walking on crutches

My friend accepted a marriage proposal happily in my dream

Missing doors

Martial arts

Marshal arts

Male friend has had their nose done

Male friend getting their nose done

Moon with two smaller moons


Mosque collapse | what does it meaning of mosque, collapse, in dream? encyclopedia of dream interpretation helps to analyse and ..

My dead father saved me a seat

Missing planes

Meaning of ube in the dream

My dogs that have passsed



Man with two faces

Man with four legs

Milo drink

Mother getting out of hospital happily


Me being executed on death row

Meaning of dreaming of catching flying termite

Meaning of serving food to the president

My mother was dead

Meaning for someone to ask for wine on a sick bed in dream

Mouth sealed shut by someone

Modalboy danny dreem photo

Maami water flying

Maami water flying in the sky

Multiple wives

Melting eye

Melting pupil


Man without penis

Moon blue

Meaning of visiting a traditional healer in a dream

Mass fly and spider


Making and eating flour tortillas dream

Making and eating flour tortillas

Making of fresh flour tortillas

Me walking pointe in my dream



Meaning of eating roasted corn in the dream

My son in squater area

Man jumping off 15

Milk and ghee

Mom eating baby powder and my ex

Mistaken identity

Meaning of dreamseeing a snake with breasts

Meaning of dreamseeing a snake with breasts

My deceased great grandmother had a baby

My great grandmother had a baby

My ex lover is in a room sleep and i am there but he doesnt know


Monster in vent


My decesed daddy talking to me and huging me

Married women meeting a new guy

Making tamales

Married but dating

Mather and father die

My hair white meaning dream

Meaning of purple fruit in a dream

Making rangoli in dream meaning

Mountain goat

Man pointed finger at me

Millet harvest in dreaming

Mango in vinegar

Myna turning into dogs

Moving/ stored furniture

Myna turning into cute teddy bears

Mangalamuki in dreams

Money in my dreams

Mom son incest

Made to go away

Miniature horse chased by a bear

My wife and other man

Mini-horse chased by a bear

Meat on fire dream

Mountain collapse

Meaning of a grapefruit tree with fruits on

Meaning of quarreling with my late grandmother meaning

Meaning of harvesting okro in your dream

Murder with a gun

Mice in a sink filled with water

Mistaken idenitiy

Mom and brother drunk

Mothers side of family fighting at christmas


Marrying millionaire

My husband id copy in a dream

Man with glowing white eyes floating in my dream

Mouth full of small white stones


Meaning of ate sellout in dream

Mother wolf

Moving mannequins

Man wearing frilly girls clothes

Meaning of repairing generator in the dream

Mum having stroke in dream

Meaning of breadnut in dream

Meeting ceo

Meaning of seeing myself doing traditional marriage

Meaning of gathering lemon grass in a dream

Missplaced time.

Meaning of seen cooked pap in the dream

Mealie.meal in a dream

Mealie .meal in a dream

My old short clothes

Male buying fax machine

Male bungee jump

Mouth full of chewy meat like gum

My gold ornaments stolen from my almirah


Mountain on my butt

Myself, mirror, with long hair

Men in black clothes

My sister in law having a baby

My mom having babies

Mum having babies

Meaning of sevenup in the dream

Meaning of cooking stick in a dream

My soulmate is injured by his spouse

Minning area

Married woman wants to have sex with you

Meltting pastic bowl

Melting va

My son goin for interview in grey suit


Mound of grass

Mashing fantsi kenkey with dirty water in dream meaning


Mopane worm in my dreams

My sons fighting

Meaning of a dog licking the vagina

Meaning of glycerine

Masturbation a stranger

Meaning of lime in dream

Meaning of burnt telephone

Meaning of sweeping old church

Mad woman walking along the road

Man dressed in black

Making palm oil in the dream

Mean of zubo in dream

Maize plant field and weeds

Maize plants with weeds

Maize plants and weeds

Maize plants and weed

Maize plants with weed

Macaroni n cheese

Man sleeping

Man pointing finger at me

My. son being raped

Me in a light blue robe

Mother dies unexpectedly

Mail salon

Mirror with no head

Mustard seeds

Money in gutter


My breast implant was leaking out silicone

Moisturizer lotion on hands spilled

Miniature animals

Murder dream

My ex coming to pay me a lobola

My ex coming to pay me a lobola

Maize plants


Meaning of eating meat bones

Meaning of collard greens


Meaning of roasted cow foot in dream

Man wrapped in red blanket


Mobile for a baby


Man in white shirt

Mans white dress shirt

Murder weapon

Mechanical crane

Mother colored hair black

Missing cap

Moths in stomach

Moths in mouth

Making love

Mentally disturb man

Mucous out of nose

Man putting head on my chest

Mouth black hole


Men and chairs

Meaning of carrying kerosene in a galon in a dream

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