My mom is removing floor tiles

Meaning of seeing someone violently abused sexually

Meaning of drinking palmoil in a dream

My fence wall collapsed on my car in my dream

Meaning of removing melon seed from the shell

Measuring egusi in a dream

Meaning of attachments in the dream



Moms vagina


My elder brother selling clothes in a dream

My father showing his erected panis

Meaning of dream menior come in my body


Mobile home park

Marrying a sibling

Mobile case

Mamba snake

Man in a red flannel

Mangala mukhi in my dreams

Murderous dolls

Monster eating family

Men interested in me

Maleficent attacked by chains

Men in floating in water

Making a wish to shooting star

Malfunctioning car

Meaning of dreaming about sim sim

Meaning of dream about numbers

Meaning of seeing many dead pigs

My girlfriend bestfriend is my girlfriend

Me paying lobola for the ex

Market stool



My computer was stolen

My lap top was stolen

Morning after pill

Moringa tree and seed


Meaning of dry crayfish

My wife kill me

May wife kill me by knife

My wife stabbed me

Moose antlers

Meaning of breaking egusi seed in the dream

Making selroti in dream means

Meaning of plucking scent leaves in the dream

Missed opportunity

Mother il law

My daughter in law came in my house this morning in a dream she was pregnant

Maggots coming out from vagina n

Mother calling my name in a dream

Mangala in dream


My brother is crazy


Mentor willing to help you




Multiple twin children

Multiple children


My landlord was dancing

My wife went crazy and wanted to kill me

My wife trying to stab me

Man winking at me

My boyfriends male friend winking at me

Meating handsome man

Missing deadline then getting deadline

Mason symbol

Mending sock

Many headed dog

Many soups and food for the family

Marula seeds



Magots mean what in a dream

Mother earth

My child retuning home from abroad

Manipulating weather

Male boss

My son in the back of an ambulance

Maggot coming out of head

Missing cat returning home.

Money about to be transferred to me

Monsters begin scared of you

Meaning of dreaming walking inside bush

My loves ones hostage

Moot dall

Moong fall



Matching tattoos

Meaning of seen oilbean seed in the dream

Meaning of eating ripe pepper fruit in dream


My dead grandmother is driving

My nickname

Mark zuckerberg

Malaki sementeryo makita q chalot

Man wearing lemon garland

Meaning of been given garri in a dream


Mothers bedroom

Mom drunk in dream

My ex girlfriend carry and empty suitcase

Many vowel

Meaning of walking on blue diamonds in the dream

Meaning of boyfriend paying loyola for me

Meeting n talking to the president

Molten iron

My own elder sister getting married

Mean of my ex boyfriend paying lobola in the dream

Meaning ofdreaming boils on face with insects

My own sperm in my hand

Mutilated face

My boyfriend paying for my bride price in the dream

Married woman marrying a pastor


Merging a spirit

Meaning of cooking maggi in the dreams

Meaning of one uproot palm tree in the dream

Mostly things about me escaping something or the end of the world]

Meaning of fungus in lymphatic system

Mopane worms/madora

Melt face

My dead mother is blind dream


Mum in yellow dress

Meaning of buying white singlet

Male friends dead mum

My mother dream of seeing me wearing a mask

My mother git sick and need a surgery

My male best friend ignoring me and hangs out with other people

My best friend ignoring me when i call out and hangs out with other people

Maggi star

Meaning of give money to orpsne in dream

Money in a bible

Moving sun

Meadown with beautiful yellow flowers

Missing football penalt

Meaning of wearing a white pant

Mosquito and impotency

Mosquito and pregnancy

My whole butt was bruised

My whole butt was bruised and could feel the pain

Making ridge on a white farm


Money falls in a torn pocket

Making pinky promise in my dream

Magic doll playing breaking girls virginity in dream


Monkeys on a water fountain


Mini brown bufallo

Mother in my dream

Madman slapped you in a dream

Meaning of eating chapati and fried eggs in a dream

Mopani tree


My husband eating vagina for other woman

Michael, green apple, horse, rain, jade

Mother having sex with his son in the dream

My boyfriend with the ex tattoo on his arm

Man attacking me

Man scaring me

Man trying to hurt me

Making a church for death people

My husband’s mistress telling me she and my husband understand each other

Multi colored sweater

Monkey hold my feet


Man walking aggressively towards me

Man in blue plaid coming at me

Mother went for pilgrimage

Mold on wall


Meaning of lobola in dream

Moving pillows

Moose attacking boyfriend

My boyfriend been jealouse

Math and english symbols

Meaning of scripture hebrews 7:14

Marry ex bad relationship

Meat coming from the vagina

Meteor shower

Made ridge for cultivation

Maggi cubes dream

Meaning of buying ogbono seed in dream

Magic. 8 ball


Military truck and weapons

My friend put lipstick on my teeth

Mother bear with cub chasing you in a dream


Melting fingers

Martini gladd

Meat in the bathroom

Mutual kiss brother in law


Mouth roof body

My pants on fire

My family is in the church

Multiple sockets not working

Mother and son sex in a dream

Men dreams of women knitting

Mash patatos

Mirror missing from wall

Maggi dream meaning

Moving pictures

My boyfriend paying lobola for me in my dream

My dady touch my breast sexy vedio

Meaning of cock dream

Meaning of large snake around waist wake up terrified

Man emerged from beneath the earths surface and killed a man

Mold on cooked meat

Mehendi tree

Mobile home

Marbles coming out from earth

Mopane worms sweeping them

Meaning of old boss,old place work in a dream

Meaning of using workers to plaster my house in a dream

Making heaps in a dream

Meaning of squeezing through a small space in a dream

Managalamukhi in dreams

Moutain lion

Mopane worms meaning

Meaning of eating pamded yam in the dream

Metal pebbles

Me and dead mother getting our nails done together

Mom won 1 million dollars


Mixing sand,stone and cement in a dream meaning

My ma wearing

Meats of mackerel

Meaning of white clothes

Meeting wife of your boyfriend

Moving graving

Mopping clear water in the library floor

Mopping the library floor

Meaning of seeing a pot and pestle in a dream

Meaning of pounding plantain in a pot with pestle in a dream

Mother of pearl buttons



My pistol broked by dream

My ex girlfriend gave a child to me in a dream

My ex girlfriend gave a child in a dream

Mopane worms on a tree dreaming

Missing chain and seat of bicycle

Maggots in fri

Meaning of dream your aunt is giving you a replicaof senior sto nino

Model boy danny

Movie cold blanket friends couch laughing

Meaning of seeing chinchin in the dream

My friends wedding turned into her funeral

Meaning of buying peeled egusi in the market

Mangalyan in dream

Mob against relative

My ex and my sister

My husband buying shoes for me

Milk squirting from breast


Meeting governor meaning

Mangalamukhi in dream | dream interpretation

My mom who is deaced was in her room and broke and crashed the ceiling fan


Mixed maize and sorghum dream


Meaning of a puma

Man with buldging eyes and gapped teeth

Men in a monkey mask

Money note

Mangalamukhi comes in dream what it represents

Maggots coming out of penis

Making a ridge in the garden

Man standing and begging


Meat hook


Meaning of dream that i clean the lavatory sink in the kitchen

Meaning of empty grave

Mute meaning

Meaning to weed in the farm in a dream

Meaning of nipa hot

Moon with a face on it

Meaning of a dream that you sucking nipples of a woman you love

Mango tree blooming

Marrying dad

My friend scaling fish

Meaning of preparing for an exam in adream

Meaning of a white small cate mating a big white one

Me peeping on someone taking bath

Me peeping on someone

Mirror reflection hole at my face

My husband carrying a child

Mouth razor

Meeting your post teacher


Moose hugging me

Meaning of my mother sucking my breast



My pastor fell in a deep well

Mother-in-law dead

Model eating donute

Married brother getting married again

Mouse in pocket


Moccasin carried away by a single current

Man at my back

Man back

Man asking peemission


Man wearing yellow raincoat

Meaning sugarcane, gift, in the dream?

Mud dauber nest

Meet woman

Mace dream

Meaning of someone pissing in your mouth to stop something

Meaning for man to lick udara in dream

Meaning of picking coins in the ground

Manna pouring from the sky

Mom falling off roof to death

Mother falling off building

My jewelry os stolen

Making fun of me

Mother dating a younger man

My deceased mother dating a younger man

Milky white puke

Mary virgin

Matching clothes

My children drown in the flood but alive


Moimoi in a dream


Many airplanes

Maroon shirt

Meaning of dreaming that two people are fighting then you separate them from the fight, then you chase away one person

Meaning of you sheathing in the dream



Meaning of sheeting in a dream

Mangoes in dreams during pregnancy

Meaning of a half naked girl

Meaning of buying kulikuli

Meaning of buyer land and building in a dream

Meaning of dreaming with my boyfriends mother

Man in bed with snake and apple

Meaning of buying maggi

Money gift box dream

My husband beat me in my dream

Muggu in dreams

Muggy in dreams

Me giving my teacher attitude

Moin and ocean

Monkey foot

Mad man praying for me

My ex friend

My sister ran away from home

Mubdi u

Murder by hanging

Mom dead and i dream she wearing blue dress

Meaning of red paln oil in a dream


My car was towed

Moldy bread

My deceased father was fixing my washing machine

Mobile phone fire


Many u.f.os in the sky

Mistaken identity being chased by someone

My sister giving me airtimein a dream but i rejected it

My adopted sister giving me airtime in a dream meaning

My ex ask me to buy a sliver pants for him

Motorcycle burn in dream meaning

Me and wife jumping out of a moving car

My dead father gave me gold in my dream

Meat stuck on your teeth

Meaning of packing sugarcane in a drea

My fog killed a big snake by the neck

Making sel roti

Mountain ranges

Many sex position do we have

Marrying a dead person

Meditation bell

My boyfriend and i are always together in my dreams

My boyfriend and i are always together in my dream

My dad was being asked by the landlord to pay rent but he had no money so he asked to go to my room minutes later i saw him coming naked and then i woke up


Meaning of dream a woman writing on the blackboard in

Meaning of a woman writing on the blackboard

Mom having sex with husband

Making beds in dreams

My friends were eating dead bodies

My friends were eating dead bodirs


My husband bought morter in the dream

Mating of peacock dream

My husband married and they change their tooth brush and use it as a perfume to their body and he kissed her

Mango pickle dream

Mango pickle

Mouse in underwear

My boyfriend cheating

My friends making me feel like crap

My deceased father gives me a penny telling me to flip it for heads or tails


Malnourished kittens

Mom gave me s chayote seedling

Making soap

My son carrying 2.5 full gallons of red palm oil

Meaning of digging the grave of a dead personally in the dream

My vagina was sucked in my dream

Meaning of sweeping in the church

Mom having sex with son

Mistress death

Mouth ulcer dream meaning



Music video


Making red tika

Meaning of diodes in a dream

Meaning of a fowl fighting a hawk to death

Meaning of seeing a grasshopper on the wall on the night of your wedding

Making crystallized snow object

Making snowflakes castle with family


Mexican man giving me food

Mexican people

My dowery day celebration

My dowery celebration

Meaning of buy fufu in the dream

Meaning of receiving a cheque in a dream

My life foot silpper cut

Me exorcising someone

Mountain ground moving forward under me

My nose was bleeding with blood clots

Mold on the back of my underwear


Military plane

Moon turning black during the daytime

Marrying brother in a dream

Mean of snacks food chin chin.


Manila tamarind

Must house their fire

Mangalsuthra breaking

Meaning of loosing hair in the dream



Meaning of having lots of colanuts

Meaning of having lots of cola nuts

Meaning of having lots of cols nuts

Mushrooms uprooting

My friend become mayor in the dream

Meaning to see neem leaves

Meaning of someone giving you cooked sweet potatoes together with your children

Mountain pathway was eroded

Mountain soil erosion

Man riding bicycle naked

Match stick meaning

Murdered person

Meaning of a male friend sacking your breast

Medical reports

Meaning of father paying childrenschool fee in dream

Metorite showers

Mango stuck in teeth

Metal spoon

Masturbating my ex

My deceased mother giving me snuff in my dream


Meaning of buying kerosene

Mortal kombat 11

Meaning of wearing nysc uniform in a dream

Moisture dreaming

My late grandma cooking chapati for me

My elder sister chasing me because of my phone

Meeting a governor in the dream

Moving cows

Meaning of kolanut

Metal toy house

Meaning of of seeing stepson

Melting cars and people

Meaning of seeing caladium in a dream


Meaning of a mad woman chesting after someone.

Man dreaming of two women fighting over him

Miniature parrot

Meeting with prime minister

Meaning if i see my hands are full of green and maroon bangles


Man raped



Magical tree