My mother gave me bag of kola nut

Meaning of sleeping in a dream



Maggi cube dream interpretation

My deceased mother wearing purple

Mow lawn

Maggi cube in dream

Meaning of selling goat meat in the dream

Maize means what

My sister lost weight in the dream

Meaning of someone giving you a dirty dress

Meaning of buying moimoi

Meaning of buying beans puddy

Man having sex with a dog

Mad man speaking in the dream

Mad man saying something in the dream

Man sucking woman breast in a dream means

Madman want to make love with you

My late father solving my problem with money

Mynah dream meaning

Monkey biting your finger in dream


Money plant

Make a rag doll

Marriage and death in one dream

Mouth stitched on both sides


Meaning of turmeric and kumkum in dreams

Military raid

My ex started dating my sister

My dog getting run over by car

Meaning of crossing a flood behind afriend house where there is no water

Message in bread

My son dies

My baby dady stairing at me while im on the phone



Melting pots

Making traditional beer in my dream

My deceased dad kissing me in the forehead

My kissing deacesed dad me in the forehead

Mad woman

Meaning of finding a snake at the cemetery of the grave your visiting

Mother in law beaten you

My mother giving me food

My boyfriend paying lobola fo me

Marriage dreem

Man brushing white horse


Morphed hands


Man in plaid suit

Mistaken indentity

Massage feet

Marrieng a princess

Man wearing red polka dot dress



Maggi knor cube

Meaning of swimming thru air

Marriage and pregnancy

Mother admitted in hospital

Meaning of burning uniform

Mopani worms

Middle toe dropped off

Meaning of broken idol of sai in dream

My car parked in a closed garage

My boss was a vampire and killed everyone except me

Magpie stuck in a tree

Mouth filled with extra teeth and

My dead mum suffering and i wanted to give her money

Mom drowned

Money in the bag

My late father gives me money in my dream


Meaning of pounding yam in the dream

Mother building clay house

Many pennies

Moon falling to the earth and causing fire

Mine shaft

Mud house dream nterpretation

Mophane worms and snakes seen in a dream

Mamma and baby polar bears


My parents catch me having sex in the dream

Mother ad son having sex dream

Missing limb on a friend

Mustand oil on my complete body from head to toe

Murky water to brush teeth

Meaning of feces on white cloth

My pet met me and cruised hugging me as he missed me

Magical tool

Mother is dead and saw blood come out of nose

Marrying a married pastor

Meaning of chewing sugar cane

Milk fish

My partner ending our relationship

My birthday party

Meaning of your boyfriend flirting in dream with someone else

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