Man lying outside in bed in the rain


Milk and tumeric




Meaning of sweet yam

Meaning of maid having sex in dream

Meaning dog, sucking woman breast in the dream

Mango seeds wwith roots

Milk driping from nipple

My dead father served us meat

My mom gives a hot pie to eat what does it mean

Mom slapping daughter

Me and my ex husband pooping

My laptop screen being broken

Marring a married person


Meaning of eating garden egg

Man with a hole

Missed questions on test

Massive olives in dream

Massive olive seeds by flood

Me killing 2 people

My palm being slightly cut by a knife

Meaning dream sto niño emage affair at the clouds

Misunderstanding a situation

Mad woman offering you money

Meaning of selling moimoi in dream

My grandad had come back to life

Mole rat

My date was doing something marking my breast

Marking my breast

Mother blanket

Mother in low hanging a baby

Meaning of a chameleon swallowing another big creature

Mother giving a son land


My younger brother repaint metal doors of my home


Miss call from my sister

Meaning of picking two riped udara fruits in my dream

My dad had a nipple pericing

My dad had anipple pericing


Man overboard

Meaning of preparing palm but soup in a dream

Meaning of ticket number nine in dream

Meaning of dreaming of a borehole

Meaning of dream that cleaning a fish

Man kiss on my cheek

Making jowar roti

Making jowar roti and feeding

Matches broken

Man bathing naked

Missing legs

Man without a body

Melting painting

My boyfriend was driving me n boyssome where and all off a sudden the sea was on both sides i said look how calm the ocean is unknowingly we were driving threw it but when i look forward the road vanished and we end up driving into the clear ocean


My sister ex husband

Meaning of eating roasted breadfruit

Male friends swollen hamd

Mud water dreams

Miss my train

Mopani worms

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Mother sweeping

Masturbating in d dream


Meaning of bringing out bread fruit seed in the dream



Meaning of dream giving baby water

Mother insulting you in your dreams

My late dad asking me a water

My birthday time my given red saree for birthday gift i received

My man lifting me up

Man lifting women to toilet

Multiple beds

Memorial brochure

Man sucking boy dick


Meaning of itchy buttocks

Meaning of slap in the face close to the ears.


Meaning of garden eggs


My dead mother sucked my breast

Meaning of garden egg fruits


Making a wish to a shooting star


Massaging someones legs

My son being saved from a pit latrine

My son being saved from a pot latrine

Moneyplant in dream


Milk box

My wife mom

My son in law give me money

Mole being removed

My boyfriend put silver ring on my finger

Meaning of seeing mortal in the dream

My crush gave me kajal to apply

My dupatta wrapped around my lover in my dream

Meaning of paying fare for someone in a dream

My boyfriend flirts with my friend

Meaning of tong in dreams

My mother bought soo many different sarees

Making nipa house for store

Meaning of uprooting cassava

My dog was having sex in my dream


Man cutting a child hand

Money water

Miss friday prayer

Meaning of dreaming seeing a fertile farm wth young maize crops

Making rotis

Meaning of chewing sticks in a dream

Man applying turmeric paste to my feet


My dead son brings me fruits in my deam

Mold in mouth

Meaning of a loved one buying camphor in a dream

Meaning of dreaming vomiting stones

Missing plane

Many boxes

My breasts were bleeding


Mother giving keys

Money stacks in closet found under each piece of clothes

Meaning of wearing a gloral dress

Missing an x


Meaning of eating amala ewedu in a dream

Meaning of eating amala in a dream

Man wearing famale cloth

Meaning eating sweet palm kernel

Making papad


My sister

Meaning of being a passenger in a car driven on a gravel road and suddenly there is a heap on gravel and the car unable to pass.i got out and removed gravel so that we can move.surprisingly beyong this heap there was a room or a kitchen where one could relax

Means wearing gold bangals in dreams

Meaning of cassava farm in a dream

Marbles swallowed

My sister traveling

Malnourished dog | dream interpretation

Meteoric shower in a dream

Meaning of many white handkerchief

Money bury in cemetery

Meaning of shot glass in a dream



Mud mother

My dead grand mother said about a tresure in my dream

My husband standing behind me

My late aunt giving me and my boyfriend porridge with muthi

Moon changed and red liquid drip from the sky on people

Meaning of the dream of leech bite in boobs

Mad man forcibly touched my breast in my dream

Mother in law being sarcastic

My dog about to defecate

Meaning of driving a marriage

Moss on a river

Moss on watr

My ex girlfriend putting on body lotion

Mother feeding me food

My mom in a red dress

Making video cal

Male tapping female buttoks dream interpretation

Man having sex with dog in a dream


Meaning of seeing pregnant woman in a dream

Meaning of dressing another person child


My daughter is with her ex

Mother goes missing

Meaning of getting money from formal boss



Meaning of selling fresh sea fish in a dream

Malamuk mouth ask me to come with him

Meaning of tigernut in the dream

Meaning of turkey berry.


Motocross riding

Money inside cooked rice

Meaning spraying maggi in the dream?

Marked name

Meaning of buying fufu n yam in the dream

My dead grandma giving me her gold jewellery

Maths class

Meaning of people cook rotis in my house

Meaning to prople cpok roti at my place

Missed a swimming race

Mizsed swimming race

My husband mistress having child

Meaning of green veins in dream

Meteor impact

Meteorite impact

Mother giving silk saree in dream

Meaning of buying crayfish

My sister dreamt where my daughter fell inside a deep pit

Meaning of catching a bush meat in the dream

Man glowing with white light

Man glowing white buying a new roles royce

Meaning of three legged pots in a dream

Mother walking naked in a dream

Marraige to a married woman

Marrying dead man

Man in a hat on a black horse

Meaning of eating cola nut in the dream

Money fight

Meat in the freezer

Meat in the deep freezwe

My son was asking me to try a black leather dress in my dream but i refused

Mobile phone in dream

My wife spite on my palm hand

Meaning of seeing a calf loving is your dream

Me wearing a lab coat and given a astronomical book

Meaning of someone licking palmoil in the dream

Meaning of burning dry leaf in a dream

Meaning of your own father fighting you in a dream

Meaning of dreaming cardamom

Many clocks


My father was cooking the snakes

M6 woman cheat

Meaning of receiving injection of green substance in the dream

Mud on feet

Meat sandwich

Missing wedding

My sister was taken away in a truck

Meaning of waist beads which fell from the waist

Meaning of waist beads being falling fro. the waist

Meaning of waist beads being tone

My mother was drunk and thats why i was beating her

Meaning of picking ripe soursop from the tree and be eating there

Money in the dream

Meaning of plucking agbalumo in a dream in islamic

Mother saying she is hungry

Man sex with dog

Man sex with female dog

Meaning of dead father giving slaughtered fowl to people in my dream

My mum having a baby girl

Meanig of give water leaf in the dream

Meeting my boyfriends deceased parents i have never met

Meaning of dirty sanitary pads in a dream

Million meaning in dream

Meaning of receiving sewed blue and white clothes in a dream

Mice in cage


Maggots coming out of vagina

Monk dead


Meaning of buying bitter leaf at the market in the dream

Marrying my own dad

Marriage with dad

Mangalyam rope fall down

Meaning of gathering palmnut in a dream

Missing suit cases

Metal stuck in my teeth

My tongue was cut in my dream

More people eating fanmilk

Meaning of mortars in a dream

Mating lions

Man a wearing female attire

My boyfriend pays lobola for me

Me holding my own baby


Meaning dream sto niño emage

Meaning dream stop niño emage

Meaning of seen a leprosy woman in a dream

Monkey head

My late granfather giving a big mango in my dream

My brother lost a huge amount in a bet

Mom wearing yellow saree

Mangalamuki dream

My boyfriend shakehand with my grandfather who passed away

My sister in my sandals

Motorized wheelchair

Mother sex

Meadowlea magarine

Meaning of digging up bananas in a dream

Meaning of giving food to a mad woman in a dream?


My wife selling charcoal in a dream

My boyfriend paying lobola for me

Marriage followed by death

Marriage then death



Manga muhki in dream

Mabopane worms

Missing of son

Meaning of licking apple but the apple is not sweet in dream

Mean kill worm

Marital banner

Mash dal khuwab mn dekhna


Milk caton

Moong dal and rice in dream

Melting cake

Meaning of carabao in dream

Military hat

Military hat what does it mean in a dream

Meaning of to see urself cleaning the rust in dream

Milk carton


Money given by former employer


Meaning of rice in dream

Malnourished kid

My husband is my father in my dreams

Marinated mother body

My enemy asked for money in my dream

Marrying death women in dream



My generator was stolen in a dream

Marinated body

Man in brown suit with outstretched hand

Man saree orange

Meaning of buying food for a madman in the dream

Moving without footwear

My 6 months old daughter running behind a hen in my dream

Mother inlaw in lingerie

Mixture of two fruits in one

Medicine inside a handbag

Meaning of building a house on mountain

Meaning of white women in a dream

Missed court hearing

Man sucking vaginal in the dream

Money plant


Meaning of afang leave in a dream

Man wearing saree

Making your natural by yourself

Meaning of dreaming of all video call and u peek the call and hiding your face

Mirror reflection slower

My heart was healed in a dream

Military men found eating my food

Mother of my boyfriend


Meaning of picking chichi in dream

Morphing faces

Mingling posho

Mingling pisho

Meaning of carrying an empty plate in the head in the dream

Mathematical ruler in the dream

Macopa tree with fruits


Moonrise pink

Moonrise i dream in pink

Meaning pulling snake out in the teeth

My ex wearing sexy clothes for me

Maroon shirt

Meaning of ridges in the dream

Meaning of horny


Mother in law giving food

Mosque rooms

My name list is on akashic records list 19

Moving to a haunted house

Meani g of getting green lime

Meaning of breaking plenty earthen ware bowls

Mother blessing her doughter

Massaging another

Moisturising another person

Missing cooked chicken

Menstruating dog dream

Mother making sweets

My husband is sleeping with my daughter

Marry old woman

Marry old women

Marriage elder women



Mealie-meal bags

Mentioned hot

Madness holding stick and turn back spreading me money


My brother drop a person of abalcony

Mary hart

Menstruation blood on pad

Meaning of a breaking old belt

My uncle who is sick in reality and walking in dream

My son giving me nutmegs

Murder girlfriend

Murdering your lover


My partner is cheating on me

My dead father giving me gold in my dream

My dead mom said i must alight from the bus not at my final destination to look for my sister

My late mom said i must alight from the bus not at my final destination to look for my sister

Mal angel holding a golden rope

Mom missing in my dream

Meaning of seeing old white woman in a dream



My boyfriend plays saxophone

My boy friend plays saxophone

Mayor being in love with me


My mobile phone url

Meaning of clothes pegs in a dream


My former boss was hugging me in dream




My skirt torn by dead

Mother in yellow dress

Marriage with prostitute

My dog was injured

Missing screen

My daughter has anorexia

Martha aquilla

Man helping me

Man helping mr

Mexican man

Melting hair

Making alcohol

Mushroom tree

Massive mushroom on a tree

Mushroom growing out of me

My dad dying in my dream

Meaning of transplanting rice in the dream


Married to a prince in a dream

My sister was getting married yet she is young

Marrying my brother

Meaning of seeing a woman harvesting soybeans in the dream

Meeting role model

Meaning of eating dried crawfish in the dream

Monster dog

Me flying a pheonix

My wife buried with her head out next to another grave


Money and id stolen

Money in a bin

Money in a dustbin

Money stolen out of my bag

Milea meal

My dead boss

Missing a ferry ride

Metal springs in dream

My daughter being raped in my dream


Me and my freind were at my house and she lit a tree on fire and pruned down the whole house with my family in it

Mechanical spring

Moths on flowering plant

Man black hair blue eyes

Meaning of one seeing herself in a cassava farm

Many peoplein same toilet

Mite insect

My 27 years old stepdaughter got pregnant for the first time

My deceased father gave me money to buy petrol while in the car cause i was going to stuck

My husband wearing dirty clothe


Mad deceased mothwer

Maize and millet

Money in a bucket

Model boy

My daughter raped

My deceased grandmother and u were buying a luxurious hotel

Meaning of pounding fury in the dream