No shoes in school


Not going in the elevator dream

Not my real dad

Neighbors backyard

Native american chanting and praying over me. he places his vest over me while i am laying down.

Not able to see in bright light


Not being served food while in que

No one will wait on me at a restaurant, but will others i am with

No right arm on ex

No eye lids


Naked lover

Naked husband

Not enough coin to pay fares

New saree in dream

New brown waist belt in dream

Naked from waist up

Naked female spirit

Native american dancing in dream

Native american dancing and seeing dog in background

Not having makeup bag

Nuclear war


Naked exercise





Neem leaves

Not good for god

Not righteous enough

Nasty people

Naked daughtet

Not belong

No door

Nude, and dead body

New man in dream

New mad in dream

Name plated gold

New cloth distributing in dreams

Naked woman girl

Neem tree cutting in dream

Nail in dreams


Not having money on a bus

Natrajaidol in dream

Neck surgery

Name tattooed on thigh

Needing to stay awake because you are at work

Not being invited to a party and feeling unwanted when you went in a dream

Nipples rotting off

Near deat

No groom

Not heard


Naked photo

No skin or meat on leg

Nee army cap

Negative message from love one

New business selling flowers, pots n plant

New business selling flower pots n flowers

Never going to class

Not having wedding bangles

Not having a wedding chura

Never reach a destination

New orange slippers


No legs in a dream

Naked woman combing my hair

Neighbor dying

Not being invited to a birthday party

Not be invited to a birthday

Not finding a way to a destination

Noisy pot

Name chad in dream means


Naked old man

Naked old man

Naked women


Norse god odin

Naming ceremony in dream

Nightmare about loved one

Not going to a class even if you have graduated

Not going to a class all semester

New love interest

Necklace too tight

Naseberry in dream

Neighbour digging garden

Neighbour digging up my garden

Natural disasters

Naked beautiful woman

Nake beautiful woman

Nose reconstruction


Naval poking out

Not afraid

Nose picking

Naked street walk

New constellation


No genitals

Nacho cheese

Nipple hair

Near death

Nothing not working out

Needle prick in dream

Not invited

Not being invited to a party

Number plates

New yam in dreams

New girlfriend of your ex

Not leaving you alone


Narrowed chest


Nipple falling off

Niplle falling off

Not getting into the right collage


Naked father in public

No shoes on feet

Nazi kill grandparents

Nose bleeding

No shoes walking

Numbers written on a chalkboard wth white chalk

Not invited to wedfing

Not invited to a gathering

No sound in a microsoft

Naked mother

New stove in living room meaning

New white shoes

Numbers 9 and 3 clock

Numbers 9 and 3

Numbers 9 and 3 on clock

Nail polish

Number 150

Numbers on clock face hands on 9 and 3

Naked man with knife

Never ending house

Naked woman gets angry when i pray

Naked old man in my dreams

Nipple suck


Nipple foreplay with stranger

Newly wed couple

Nail polish in mouth

Narrow walkway

Neighbours arguing

Natalie portman

Native woman

Naked dead person

New curtains in house

Nipple fell off in dream


Naked and enjoying it

Naked but enjoying thrill

No brakes in car

Nail hit

Needed to be somewhere,but late w obstacles

No meat in freezer

Newly married couples

Navigating fast river

Naked below the waist

No pants on/

Neighbours cobwebs

Ngiphupha ngikhuliswa

Number 99

Nail chewing

No male organ


Negros robbing me

Nice tiger


Neighbors arround my house going to work and chattering on the street

No one attends party

Name on shipping receipt

Nude actress

Needle in arm

Not right

Neighbor comes screaming for help her child is dying

Needing coffee

Naked son

Naken son

Noise of a letterbox

Neighbor moving out

Naked man in the bathroom

New boyfriend


Not being able to find registration

Naked in front of family

Not organized

Niño jesús

Not able to dial on a phone

Not able to dial

Newly weds and the spouse engages in intimate encounters out of marriage

Natraj mufti in dream

Navy unform

Nail, left hand, slides off

Naked in church

Narrator in dream saying we don’t wanna disappoint her

Nails in someones head


Nail remove from the body

Nude cousin

Native shaman

Nilgai standing in front of you


Not enough money for bus fare

Nun at my house

No one leg carabao

New furniture

Not empty boxes

New closet

Not wanting to go to a wedding



Naked woman kissing man image

Naked woman

Naked woman kissing man

Not finding a way out


New jewelry shop

Nurturing a tiny new born foal

No plate

Number 79

No food

Necklace stolen

Not completing assignments

Nun attacking me

No taste in my mouth


Newly married couple in dreams

Non aggressive visit by a warthog

Naked couple

Nun by the bed

Naked in a church between two people


Near miss car accident

Newly painted house wall plaster is falling in small area

Nun committing suicide

Nursing newborn

Names of places

News on tv


Nose piercing idea

Nose piercing

Nose piercing idea dream

Not comfortable

Neglecting a new baby.


Navy blue surrounding and light blue lights turn on and light a pathway

Native dances in turquoise filled clear river

Nursing babies

No air

New age

Nose ring break

Number 777

No one believes you

Number plate



Nacked breast

Nephew goes missing


Not being able to get over a high wall/obstacle

Naked dead

Nose pin lost

Not merging to road

Near miss car crash

Needle in clitoris

Not being heard


Naked lady

New clothes in the refuse dump

New black doormat

No eyes

No eyes in the dream

New garbage truck

Neem tree branch broke while picking with bunch of leaves

Neem tree branch broke while ploughing with bunch of leaves

Newly married couple in dream

No one talks to you

Name mike gilbert

Nipple piercing

Naked sister inlaw

Number that represent knife in a dream

Naked husband with lover

Naked angry father

Nginikwa umqombothi


Negotiations in a dream

New relationship with unknown man

Naked in public


Not being served in restaurant

New job

Not invited to the party

Not locked back door


Never reaching a goal

Never getting what you are going for

Neighbor playing playstation

Not full christmas tree

Needing a toilet

Notice board

Naked stepmom



Naked in the dream

Naked bay


No leadership

Naked person

No one will take me home

Nude neighbors in a dream

Native american drums

Native america music

New blouse


Nephew working it



Nut oven

Nut roast

Not roaster

Noughts and crosses

Not able to complete a task

Number 350

Nagito komaeda

Nagito komeda


Naked running in slow motion

Nature spirit; sustaining, helpful entity or energy.




Nude at work

Naked baby

Newly married couple

Nightgown insideout

Nightgown inside out

Nameless baby

Naked pictures

Nataraj seeing in dream meaning

Name on paper

Notebook with notes

Next to



Neck fungus

Neighbors house on fire

Naked in a dream, but you’re not really naked

Number of death in dreams

New job as a school nurse

Naked men having sex

Night terrors

Not being rescued

Near, missed accidents in a dream

Numerical 444

Naked in the dream in the church

No apperance

Natural disaster which life is in danger

Not having room in car

No home

Number date

No clothes

Nipple developing hairs

No one likes you

Naked pregnant women seducing my husband

Needles on the floor

Naked jchurch with no shame

Naked jn church with no shame

Name of known person written in white background

Naked chest in public place

Notary was open and when arrive by the door it is close


Nosey neighbor

New freezer

New employee


Nasal nose

Not being able to see people while talking

News of a death

Nippled moved on my body

Nipple slips down to my knee

Nipple falling to my knee

Naked and feeling vulnerable frustration in public

Naked in field of lavender with my daughter

No kiss goodbye

Native americans running

Native american running

Non mehram touched me in an inappropriate way

Named woman

New bed and desks

Never-ending tasks

Naked male cousin

Neighbours house on fire

New posting

Nose ring buying

Nail files

Naked jogging

Nipple discharge

Nursing sick bird

New cell phone used by someone else

Naked pastor



Nearly getting run over

Naked in church and people start fighting with the prist

Not participating

Name with st peter

Naked cjildren

Named a d in pampers

Needle and a red thread

Nursing a child

No basin

Nightmare of poster changed

Nectar meaning


New rooms

Naked inside a church

New born baby & deceased spouse

No nose missing nose

Naked girl in a dream facing the other way

Non veg dream

Night time gathering in an upstairs apartment

Night time gathering in an appointment

Nysc uniform meaning

Namaz in makkah

Nutmeg dreaming

Nail in hand

No tail peacock

New house damp

New tire smell

Niece warn me about dog

No body but clothes moving

Nun demon

Nude relative

Nuclear shield

New mop and new scrub bucket

Not able to navigate a ship

Not able to navigate a boat

Nipa hut dream meaning

Not enough bus fare

Navy blue dress 7 women

Negro women in dream

Nauhgty kid

Night vigil dreams

Newborn baby

Not getting a job

Naked baby falling

Naked inside the church

No one driving car

Next year

Naked man

Name of allah in stone

New house but has a lot of wasted space

Nails keep turning yellow

Now and arrow

Naked before a man

North american indians

Naked father in law worship guru

Naked father in law worship guru with daughter in law

Nαkєd wσmαn


Navy blue dress

New lumber

Nailing coffin with me inside

Nails pins in mouth

Needle and nose dream

Needle and nose

Needle and nos

Nose another person

Needle sewing up face dream

New acquaintance

New black safety shoes worn by otgers in dreams

Nice wolf

Noble wolf

Not worth the pay you are receiving

Not wanting friends in home

Nightmare about senior santo niño image

Not getting picked in pageant

Narrow road

No face

No car brakes

Nephew with bloody nose

Not being able to help someone

Neighbour sprinkling water on the floor of my house

New outfit

No male organ

News of war


Naked son in law

New kitchen sink

Notice shit inside envelope iin a dream

Note dream

Nail in a baby

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image