Ooey gooey black monsters that you defeat with pillows

Opposite gender


Offering civet as a gift



Old man holding my hand

Oil po uring on hands

Over flowing coffee pot

Opening gas cylinder submerge

Opening gas cylinder in water

Orgy at school

Old grave seem with bones

Oil pouring on hands

Oil on healthy hair

Oil on hands

Oil po ring on hand and hair

Oil po uring on hand and hair

Owning a fursuit

Ornage juice

Organ theft

Organ thea

Old people

Old couch

Old woman with white hair

Old fashion buses

Oncoming tornado

Old green curtains

Outside house backyard

Old brown shoes

Owner is vitiligo in a dream

Old man suck a pregnant woman breast in dream

Opening lots of doors

Only saw the back of people i know


One foot


Old ivy roof of a house. young child walking away

Oil in the flooring

Of your parents helping you

Over sleep


Orange color room

Orange cplor room

Out of date eggs

Orange sky

Orange hibiscus

Oil being poured over me

Open wound in chest

Objects moving by themself

Objects moving by the self

Otter with ptsd

Oha tree in the dream

Old woman praying for me

Old man

Ordering food difficulty


One side of head shaved

One eyed rabbit


Ocen and coffin

Old wood house

Olive oil breaking

Offering sanitary pad


Overflowing bath tub

Old friends

Oral sex with same sex

Old lady feet

One eyed black goat

Old man want morula fruit

Over filled freezer

Offering meaning in a dream

Own pregnancy

Object in water

Oil coming out of the ground

On occasion of lakshmi pooja

Of sisters and brother i can see them but cant reach them

Onions on floor

One light on

Open and close

Old school mate richer than you and ignore when you call

Old school mate who ignore you

Old wedding dress ripped up but needed a new one real quick

Owning a barber’s chair


Old man in a suit

Orange marigold

Oral sex giving

Office building on top of apartment complex

Of a certain date

Ocean womb

Old place

Oxtail meat

Old cloths

Orange and white dress

Overflow of sea

Oil purring in my hand in the dream

Olympus pillars


Organ falling out

Old woman friend, church member

Office building

Out of merchandise

Out of books dream images

Of a snake w a dogs body

Old girlfriend from grade school all grown up and beautiful and candy

Orange paint

Oil breaking

On ladders

Olive green dress

Outrunning tidal wave on beach

On a building


Object on ground


Office handover

Overtaken by vines

Orange cones


Orange kitten

Old man standing on opposite sides of road

Old boyfriend

Old best friend

Old crush

Oman in a dream


Onion plant

Oil on legs


Ocean water receding but coming back

Old lady yelling

Old lady yelling at me


One big hand in the sky

Obsessive person chasing me

Open shell with key inside


Old woman prayer

Open marriage

Old woman prays for you in dream


Octopus attacking on land

One legged raven

Objects hidden in the wall

Old dead washing container

Opening a wooden box

Only face is black rest body is normal color

Opening a package

Opaque dream

One night i dreamt a guy i love confessing his feelings to me actually i am the one who confessed my feelings to him first and he only knew but one night he did it too but in my dreams, in reality we had misunderstanding

Opalescent seaweed

Opal essence


Octagon shape

Offoring someone mopane

Orange hair

Orange wig


Old man blue eyes interview

Old woman praying for you

Ogbono seeds

Old suitcase

Orange planting

One month

Old woman fixing my hair

Ordination ceremony

Ok so...... i had a dream the other night, i was walking downtown someplace i didn’t know. when out of the side bush came this huge bull moose ! just ran right up to me at full speed! i froze ! closed my eyes ....nothing! as i’m opening my eyes the moose is coming in for a huge take your whole face in kind of kiss! he wouldn’t leave me alone, he was nudging me ,rubbing his neck on my head, cause i’m short... he was gentle until the second kiss! that’s when i woke up.

Old women with menstruation

Okra seedlings

Offered cook yam by a friend in the dream

One footprint in the sand

One footprint in sand

Ordering slush is

On top of a tower


Outdoor furniture

Outgoing tide

Ordering fast food

Old aqauinance dies in fire

Old man dead

Old woman buttocks

Offering in the church

Old woman

One koi fish

Old friend

Om namah shivaya in dream


Old worn out kettle

Overhead planes

Old black kettle with hot water

Old delapidated door


Over flowing water in the house

Octopus sucking my toes and wrapping it tentacles around my calves

Over path

Old woman holding a fir tree

Ocean tide coming in

Old man eating peanut butter off knife


Observing beheaded by guilletine heads in a big bag

Old woman selling kolanut

Old women with white saree |

Other people’s sister

Owl pecking me


Open roof car dream

Other guy plucking and giving red hibiscus flower

Old job or work

Old wooden doors


Of a death of a child

Opening a studio in a dream for singing

Of jumping a que

Owning property

Owing property

Of people in your past


Orange colour leaf

Orking out in gym with your friend

Okro plant with fruits

Old woman having a baby



Orange killer cat

Octopus suffocating dog

Octopus suffocating animal

On a ship sailing at speed on a road through a city

On a swaying building


Others taking bath


On the attack

Orgasm while dreaming

Old knitted jumpers

Offering cucumber

Offering cucumber to someone

On a ship

Old clothes

Oily hair

Old sareees bring by ladies in dreams


Old woman give food

Old neem tree break

Old toothless man smiling


Open hand

Open palm

Out in nature

Out in nature3

Off grid

Ocean swimming

Outstrectched arm trying to hold me

Outstrectched arm

Outstretched hand

Old aquantance

Old cardboard box

Ogbono seeds in dream

One hundreds and seventy

Old earthen pot filled with water

Old friend dead but alive

Old tv

Ocean and octopus

Overflowing swimming pool

Open boxes in a dream

Overbaked cupcakes

Old white lady

Of someone holding your waist

Old lady beggar blessing me

Old diary

Old ghostly warrior with white hair and beard

Old loves

Old teacher dream

Oiling the scalp

Oiling the scalp woth long hair

Ordering a sweet drink

Order supplies

Own house cracking up

One dirty nail

Open bag of chips

Owl eating

Opening red chillies

Only support salted fish trading, huh

Others wrinkles

Oil palm


Old coin

Offer a horse blood

Observed glass casket

Olympic sized swimming pool

Obscuring clouds

Om pendant in dream

Only one in the world

Only one left in the world

Over run by crabs

Old broken building

One nipple turning into two nipples on one breast

Olive green duck mask

Olive green mask

One shoe missing, walking around without one of my shoes

Old man on top of you whispering


Old man yelling in a dream

Oil being poured on my hands open meaming of dream

Old man long white beard


Oil in hands

Ox tongue

Opposite gender and in love

Opposite sex and in love

Outdoor eating

Owl attacks

One yellow fish a d one black fish

Old woman all in white

Old oil

Old cooking oil


Old familiar places



Owning a palace

Offered passion drink

On one elevator looking at going to the other, but stooping to pick up coins

Old man sitting

One hundred and fifty

Older aunt

Old lamp

Old man giving bamboo to care for

Of being in istanbul with snow on the ground standing in a circle with beautiful old buildings and white lamp post with red bulbs and excited

On date with ex wife

Oil overflowing from a bottle

Our loved ones gets away form us

Overhead tank

Over tank


Own country flag in green and white colour

Old woman giving birth

On call with a friend

Owl giving gold coins in dream

Owl giving gold coins in dreams

Orange colour

Orange dog

Ornaments falling from the sky


Others feet dream meaning

Orange and blue hue

Oranges from deceased aunt

On a runaway train and i try to drive it but still crash

Outlet on fire

Outgrowing a room

Offering a dead relative food

Offerinf dead relitive food

Overflowing wine glass

On a conqueston an adventure

Old widow gives me white saree

On a conquest

On a mission


Open hands

Owe postage

Old school mate association


Old female

One eye being injured

Oha leaf

Of my fiancé’s ex girlfriend

Old lady apply kumkum in my dream

Orange water with raw chicken

Orange water with raw chicken.

Old soul

Old bus

Opal heart stone brakes

Old man asking for water and directions


Over a cliff

Old women glowing

One night stand

Old school friends

Opening door to bright light

Open windows and you see gopuram

Oscar isaac

On floor

Opposite race

Offering prayer in a dream

Offering kumkum in dream

Old vehicle purchase

Old pickup

Old women wearing black clothes

Older woman saw younger man in dream

Oilrefinary explostion

Older sister and water

On a ride at a carnival

On four

Old sword

Oha leaf dreams

Oho leaf dreams

Orange holloween lights

Open lot of green grass

Old metal bucket

Old iron bucket

Old pastor

Ovarian cyst

Orange room

Open wound on leg with bugs

On a date

Opening a door to find the devil the being chased by him

Other people having a baby

Oozing sores on someone else in a dream

Octopus with yeeth

Offal dreams

Om namah shivaye in dream

Oozing blister on chest

Oozing blister on chest caused by a burn

Olive garden

One loud dog bark in left ear

Old woman in my dream

Ocean sea

Out of control wild animals

Oil spills

Open bathroom

Operation surgery

Oil in bulk

Overflowing of urine from toilet bowl

Onion peel in toilet

Oil lamp burn out

Old married lady blessing

Oral sucking


Olives appearing on olive tree

On a mountain

Others fishing

Of my boyfriend in a love triangle

Ornament moose head


Oxigen mask

Oil in my pan turning orange

Old amma making a rangoli

Old relative

Open sore on breast

Old man with a spear on a cliff

Old saree in a dream means

Open cascade

Open greave

Old man long single pigtail down the bck


Outfit of lace

Off board


Optimus prime


Oil lamp burning in front of god

Orange colors

Old woman pray for you

Old friend confessing trauma

Ornament dragon made6of jade

Old slippers in nasty water

Om na



Olive oil in the hand

Oil stain

Others bodies with incisions

Owning a rental home

Old coworkers

Older couples being followed and harassed by other friends over trivial things

Old manjall thali

Out building

Our house being taken away

On someone shoulders

Of someone you know commits suicde

Out with son and grandkids bump into people chatting then turn around to see my granddaugter fall over wall into the sea or river

Of man and daug

Organs being harvested

Otgans being harvested

On screen

Open balcony

Oral sex with father

Oral sex with fathee

Open grave in a dream

Open field

Owl cage

Orange lamborghini

Okra meaning

Old one night stand

Old bag

Offer to give me new clothes

Offering body parts

Old collegue

Old collegue give you money they owe

Overtaking bus while i was in

Opal and sapphire

Office basement

Old brick tower, witch, magic words two small silver spoons


Orange maple leaves spiraling in the wind

Orange cat hanging from noose


Old neighbor

Owning a clothes store

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image