Ow passed on and im supposed to preach there

Open wound on left leg

Old man spit inside my two hand




One leg longer than other

Opposite of descend

Onyx dream

Opening locks

One runny nose

Old boxes

Old boxeas

Orange bird poo

Office rusty old tools

Outer body experience

Orange cat

Old woman in white sare while im ill


Oddly shaped moon


Order of product

Odd shape

Old women quaralling in dream

Ostrich in a vision

Overies popping out of my body

Old friend visiting you

Old chinese woman colouring her hair

Old chinese woman dying her hair

Old school yard

Owl with glowing orange eyes

Of a person i know falling in love with me

Old fashioned typewriter

Old broken frame of god

Offered a ticket without a passport

Old man sleeping dream meaning

Oatmeal raisin

Old cloth shopping


Oral sex

Offering haldi kumkum on firehead

Old woman in white dress in a dream

Old woman in white dress in a dream

Old woman in white saree and looking very calm

Orange birds

One sees mehendi on her hands and feet

Old neighbors

Oil lamp off


Old skin knees


Ocean spirit

Okra seed

Old women giving blessings in dream of islam

Old planes and birds

Outside of middle finger

Overflowing water on the tub

Open locker

Own dead body

Oke tree trunk

Owner ask to vacate house


Orange car


Okra soup

Orange leaf signify wat in a dream

Orange and white bird

Old mattress stolen

Old object release from my foot

Overall color of lavender hue

Organ falls out

Open wound on thigh

Old maori lady saying kids should go to school

Oily skin

Observation wheel

Orphane children

Old boyfriend

Of buying food and eating

On pupet strings

Old man in a dream

Old burnt money someone give it to you

Orange leaves

Old co worker

Oil dream

Older sister dies by hanging

Owl on the right shoulder

Online friends

Offering to priest hand

Of touching me in the shoulder

Overdressed and frowned upon

Old witch

Old scary woman

Old neighbours

Old woman cutting my wrist

Old woman cutting my wrisr

Old lovers

Oblong shape

On the bed with the dead person

Old vendor

Offering in church service

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Dream Bottom Image