Picking winkles

Picking of ripe plam kanel fruits

Picking of ripe plan kanel

Plucking own grey hair

Pants on fire

Physical molestation by a family member

Picking gold jewelries &coins in the ground

Plucking egg plant

Police state


Purple eyed tiger

Plucking of palm kernels from the palm tree

Pooping a snake

Pastor had blood front and back on the dream

Pounding yam in a mortar

Pounding yam with my ex in my dream

Protective barriers

President giving someone money

Picking and eating mangoes in a dream



Packing of old clothes

Purple amathest

Playing a squash game

Poking in my eye


Pretending to be pregnant

Picking up bundles of money

Picking up bundles of coins monies

Picking up bundles coins


Pregnancy test

Pet soul

Picking snails and washing them in dream

Pearl earrings

Puberty of my daughter

Protecting others and failing

Picking coins and jewel in the ground

Paper on grass

Putting up blinds

Purple lion in dream


Peeling yam in dreams

People breaking into your house

Potato sack

Paying lobola in dream

Peddling in the air



Passing blood clots in a dream

Purple angel

Pastor smile

Peppermint plants

Pooping out a snake

Pigeon passing feaces on hand

Prince giving you gift

People yelling a city name


Parallel universe

Pekinese dog

Pubic hair turning grey

People in a glass room

Picking palm kernel in de dream what does that mean

Picking palm kernel in the dream what does that means

Picking palm kernel in de dream what does it means


Praying on a cloth and it started burning

Pretending to sleep

Pooped blood

Ponding yam n dream


Paying dowry

Picking coconuts fruits in dream

Picking tamarind fruit in dreams means

Pouring kerosine into a gallon

Person becomes moth


Pick scabs and insects come out

Pushed off bridge

Pigeon dropping feaces on your hand



Picture album

Picking up hair pins

Playing billiards

Planet alignement

Plant growing out of penis

Planting of cassava sticks

Ploughing lough farm

Police caught you having sex with girl in unknown place

Pounding palm nuts in dream

Partner ejaculating before sex

Penis piercing

Popping a worm


Palm leaves

Pistachio swimming pool

Pet crying hugging and says that missed me

Parallel bars

Praying white beads

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image