Pictures of american relatives

Peeling of cassava in the drean

Picking guava in dreams

Praising someone

Pooped on self


Police vehicles

Pus spurting iut

Pulling strand of hair from tongue

Purple cushion

Prayer oil spill

Poisonous snakes



Painting turtles

Plucking roses in dreams

Pulling out lots of chunks of hair from your mouth

Polished floor

Ping pong paddles

Parents and brother in law

Penis cucumber

Pigeon stuck on the mud

Peep hole

Palm canel in dream

Past bedroom

People at your house uninvited

Pocket full of money

Pockets full of money moted

Pounding palmnut in a dream

Pull string from gums


Particules on the eyelash

People in lines

Plant growing on my face

Pulling gum out of mouth

Prophet casting demons on me praying

Prophet praying hard for me


Pastors wife prophet praying for me

Peace pipe was given to you in a dream


Purple worms coming out hand

Push up dream

Pope dies

Paying school fees in a dream

Pink dust pan

Picking chocho in my dream

Picking chocho

Playing frisbee with a clock

Prickel pear

Processing palm fruit in the dream what does it mean

Purple bangles mean

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Puppy suckling from my fingure

Pour oil on healthy hair

Playing colors in dream

Patsor putting vaselin in your hands

Picking a dismantled torch

Preparing for haj

Power saw

Paying lobola for someone i dnlont know

Pastor clothed me




Palmogranite tree

Parents that are dead

Partner being in lesbian orgy


Painting a beautiful picture

Plants growing out of my arm

Painting a ceiling white

Pulling out nose hairs

Piercing fell out of mouth

Pole barn

Prime rib


Phone was hacked

Packing store

Pus in right breasts


Passionate kissing

Puking up snakes



Palm kernel seed

Palm kernel fruits

Pawpaw plants

Packing a suitcase to catch a flight and being late

Passed son

Pounding yam in dream

Plaid red

Perming your hair

Permed hair

Peanut brittle

Playing guitar in front of sr. santo niño

President is my friend

People traveling in pairs of 3

Plating a mat

Peacock attack to someone



Pregnant but have no uterus

Pregnant but have no uterus

Pulling leeches off of throat and stomach

Pulling leech off of belly

Pulling a leech off of throat

Pile of body hair


Picnic rug

Picnic rub

Poison toad

Pulling leviathan from neck

Pulled by wrist

Physically abusing an infant

Physically hurting a baby

Purple poring down walls

Pile of pinecones

Pulling hair out of your butt

Pastor is a demon

Picking cowries in a dream

Pearl necklace dangling in air

Pleasure yourself


Public restroom

Picking black pears in d dream and meaning

Picking green chilli

Pink striped turtleneck

Pink striped skirt

Pounded cocoyam

Puonded cocoyam

Partially naked in public

Picking palm kanel

Pricing of vegetables in the market

Pillow suffscation

Picking black plum

Phantom trip

Pounding in a dream

Pouding fufu

Pounding yam in dreams


Picking black pear in the dream

Puppies burning

Pie with green grapes on top

Passed love ones

Pealing skin on hand

Purple moon

Praying to ancestors

Picking bitter gourd seeds

Pastor as a driver

Pastor in a car

Planting christmas tree with family members in a castle ground

Planting christmas tree with sisters in a castle




Pulling out a root my foot

Person who passed away

Pony tail

Pounding fufu in a dream

Pooping in a mug

Purple rog

Purple car and purple key

Purple, blue areas on the face?

Purple sock

Purple blue areas on the fsce

Performing as a singer

Prophetess doing my hair

Purple passion plant

Picture upside down

Pregnancy suicide

Pregnatcy suicide

Pastor say not to worry

Purchasing a house


Purple moom and sky

Paving slabs

Picking a strange fruit

Peeling melon in dream

Picking local pear

Pulling thorns stick in my tongues

Paying school fees in the dream

Previous work

Pulling worm from belly button

Pressure cooker bursting

People yelling at you

Pair of snakes

People in a gathering

Pepper spray

Pulling out my own teeth | dream interpretation

Pretzel ball

Pulling my nipple in my dream

Picking cashews fruit in the dream

Petting /playing with a lamb


Pounding plan nut

Picking black pear in the dream with your loved one means whot


Pushing a pot across the floor

Pulling something out of a white tigers mouth

Protecting little dog

Puri eating

Pee the bed

Pounding yam in d dream


Painting a house brown

Plucking kola - nut in d dream

Person getting hit by a car

People of the opposite race

Playing with one self

President giving me gifts

Project dissaster

Picking up a sim card in a dream


Plane dropping bomb in a dream

Palm bags


Penis in a bag

Painting fingernails

Plucking garden eggs

Pecan dreaming

Puri chole eating in a dream

Pregnant woman dreams mango

Picking ripe soursop from the tree meaning

Planning with bosses

Partner is sleeping in dream

Playing chess with legs

Playing chess with lrgs

Pouring whey off of custard


Plane flying

Planes flying low

Push someone

Pillows stolen and dream

Picking tamarinds from a big tamarind tree means

Pulling off toe nail

Palnes crashing

Pounding fufu in dream means





Passing multiple lioness

Plucking a ripen guava from tree

Pulled through a black hole

Partner wants to have a baby

Picking crab apples with someone

Phone call from friend



Plant heal8


Percentage in dream

Peony rose

People not helping

Picking sweet corn

Parents bleedign

Parents gurgling blood


Pins in my body

Pins in mybody

Pins in my back

Potatoes leaves

Partner sex someone else

Physical abuse from partner


Pounding fury in a dream

Praying for mad man in the dream what is the meaning?

Pounding yam in the dream

Planet crashing on earth

Pranking someone

Peeing on ground

Praying for man person in dream

Planting moringa seeds

Plastic surgery


Plucking out chicken feathers

Pampering the mongoose


Pink lemonade


Phoenix statue


People having meeting

People having a meeting

Punch and kick

Purse getting stolen

Purple rovks

Purple bathroom mat

Planting green beans

Pigeon peas

Poisoned by a mother in law tongue plant

Picking aloe vare in a dream

Person wearing wrinkled clothes

Palmyra fruit in dream

Person wearing white

Pepper tree

Pages crumbled

Plastic items market

Pulling things out of vagina

Picking green limes in a tree

Partner cheated


Picking ube in dream

Picking u be in dream

Purple ring of fire, an empty void, sharp things sticking off my back, a clone of myself

Played with an idol

Praying for a mad person in the dream

Purple flashing

Parrots eye

Pants dissapear my ex did evil thing

People shaking a ladder

Pulling pins out your mouth

Pets bones


Pastors and pastora

Pale snake black ring

Praying by singing

Picking of ube

Picking of ube i

Performing miracles

Pushing a brick wall

Petting a porcupine

Pretending to be pregnant

Pink clothes

Person sleeping in a nest

Peeling already peeled egusi in a dream

Putting kajal in eyes








Pregnant woman dreams baby dies

Pregnant dream baby dies

Pinky finger acrylic nail fell off

Purple screws

Police wearing white

Police in white

Puppies and kittens

Pet hit by car

Pet dog dying

Penis dreams

Puffer snake meaning

Partner being gay

Partner leaving for same sex

People kidnapping me

People being worried

Praying for a mad man

Pepper shoup


Picking of phone in a dustbin

Planner soup


Pain in dreams

Picking sapota fruits

Picture of cardinal and bluejay

Pitra asking for food in dreem

Penis bite

Parking a bus


Pipe breaks

Pyrple drink

Purple fanta

Pink jay bird

Picking african pear

Police on porch

Picking use while falling from the tree

Push front door open

Pranking okra

Pants stolen

Police knocking

Police outside




Purple sky

Putting lotion on someone’s feet

Playing with a dogs penis

Pulling spoons



Paper ring


Pus leaking from the naval



Passing a motion

Passing a stool

Pulling seeds out of arm

Pooped myself

Putting gel into hair

Painting a room

Paintings room

Pregnant with a big red belly button

Police dog in dream meaninh



Pregnant woman dreaming of buying cheese

Pregnant woman dreaming of cheese

Person in closet


Passing out clots

Passing out blood clots pe vigina

Pumping water from a borehole in a dream


People praying at two white graves


Peeling garlic

People you dont know


Poop all over


Popular song

Psychiatric ward

Phoenix feather


People in a car

Pig exploding


Picnic table

Pants falling down



Pastor shaking hands


Periwinkle shells

Peacocks and tigers

Puss coming from breast

Plane crash spiraling

Pushing away evil

Pushing with legs against a door

Possessed women

Playfully slapping someone deceased

Piano keyboards on fire

Piano keyboards

Picking african local pears in the dream

Picking africa local pear

Picking africa local pear in thr dream

Packing with deceased mother

Packing with mother who passed away


Pooped in pants

People moving on dark clouds and wind started to blow some people fall into the earth and some were rejoicing

Pregnant and misscarraged

Prophet elijah told us to gather ash and touch it in the air, we did that until it formed dark clouds


Prepairing for a baby

Putting a baby in the freezer


Pool table

Pot breaks at the handle


Painful preganacy

Packing belongings

Palomino horse

Picking up snale in a dreamdream

Pussy willow

Putting out

People are looking for you

Plate mats

Pulled out of bed

Putting on new brown outfit

Putting on brown outfit

Planting cassava in the dream

Preparing starch in the dream

Preparing starch to in the dream

Preparing starch to eat in the dream

Putting oil on ur hair in a dream and its running down on u

Putting kumkum on others forehead as a ritual

Palm kernal

Pumpkin seed in nose

Pulling red thread from mouth

Pull pin out of the mouth

Partially naked

Pink fish stood in a corner

Plucking green chilli


Pig intestine in dreams

Pointing finger


Pussy willows

Plucking kola nut in the dream means what?

Person from past

Phone box call

Parents showing me saree


President skating on ice

Payment of dowry with cow

Plastic shopping bag


Petting swimming elephant


Phone melted and shrivelled up

Purchasing apple

Positive pregnancy test]


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