River full water

River full long grass

Receiving 8 million cheque by king

Roaming near dargah

Red arrows drawn on the road

Reviving jewellery from dead

Recieving large amounts of birdseed

Renewal drivers license

Running in fear

Reptilian eye

Riding on handle bars of bike

Receiving three coconut in dream by your brother

Return from dead

Rich plenty litres of mass milk

Riding in a see through car on ahighway

Rescue girlfriend from fight

Rescuinggirlfriend from fight

Revolver in pieces

Riding on a camel inside the house

Received appointment letter in a dream

Ripped sofa

Riding through a fast flood


Rollette wheel

Receiving fried groundnut as a gift


Relatives that past away

Relatives ta past

Reading newspaper

Rat latching onto the finger

Rat latchng onto finger

Received calls on education qualifications in a dream

Rock band singer

Running me off road



Right foot with missing bone

Recieve bitter kola in the dream

Red eyes rolled back

Receiving cola nut


Running hands

Removing dentures from pocket jeans and giving them to my dead grandmother


Rafting on river


Roof trusses

Receiving money from madman in dream

Recieving garden egg in a dream


Removing splinter from my body

Red strawberry

Receiving mangal sutra

Running into my ex

Running and winning race in a dream means what

Roza rasool in dream


Rabbits asleep

Receiving a a dry fish in a dream

Redeem logo

Refusing hug

Rebecca in a dream means

Roof is filled with leaks

Reaching for something



Retain an intruder

Raining money

Red dog laying on grill

Receiving a phone call from an enemies

Rangoli in dream

Read team jacket

Riding a bicycle in the dream

Receiving new wrapper in a dream


Religious music


Red sand

Receiveing red sorgun in a dream meaning

Road with hole

Remove splinter

Raster in a dream means

Running without shoes

Rotten toe

Rock in mouth


Red chura on dream

Receiving nee saree

Receiving bitter cola in dream meaning

Rastafarian’s lawyer

River source


Return stolen items


Reverse gravity

Raw turkey in a dream

Rats and feces


Recharge card

Riding motor cycles in front of a crowd

Red pajamas as a little girl

Rubbing kumkum by her husband

Reciting aytal kursi

Romeo and juliet

Removing razor from d mouth meaning

Removing razor from d mouth

Removing razor blade from the mouth

Reading ayat al kursi

Receive message of condolences


Red smoke

Red smoke

Receiving key chain as a gift


Reconciliation with ex

Running from someone that you cant see


Returning jacket

Receiving a gift from deceased



Red cookie

Receiving a hug and holding hands dream meaning

Receiving a hug from someone from dream meaning

Receiving a hug from someone from behind dream meaning

Romaine lettuce

Repetitive same people in huts

Repetitive same people in village

Red roo.


Riding on a donkey

Red lipstick


Red striped shirt

Running up the stairs

Rummong and laughing

Returning to old neighborhood


Red water

Red singlet means

Reading a wedding invitation

Rusted time

Receiving 7 kolanuts

Romance with royalty

Red rose plant given as gift in a pot


Resting on a bed in a strange house

Rusted airplane

Received hat as gift

Running over someone with a forklift

Receiving slippers in a dream

Red bandanna

Realizing a man is actually a women

Ripping the joker card in my dream

Rippinf the joker card in my dream

Right hand in portal

Resurection of unsaved husband

Ricecooker dream meaning


Red choora

Roaches in the sheets

Roaches in the bed sheets

Roaming through neighbors house owner absent caring for dogs

Relaxing uninvited at neighbors empty house

Rearended a vehicle

Red corvette

Responsibility but walking lost

Rocks falls from mount rushmore

Riding a horse without a saddle

Receiving sweets from a dead person in dream


Receiving a gift of dead goat in a dream means

Receiving a gift of dead goat means what

Receiving money

Red blanket



Returning from trip


Receiving stock fish

Receiving money from mother mary

Receiving garden eggs fruit in the dream



Roman soldiers

Roman legions

Running but being stuck

Removing shoes from toilet

Rice with worms

Removing feathers from my body in a dream

Root growing out of face and head

Receiving umbrella and knife in dream

Red peppers

Red palm oil coming out of the ground

Roasting groundnuts with fire in the dream

Running from zombies and little girl protecting me

Relocating a grave in the dream means

Round glasses

Running out of prison

Running out of pridon

Red oyrse

Red bridge

Round collar in a dream

Raining money on you

Raining gold coins

Removing an object from the body


R i p

Rearraging an office

Running late for dinner

Riding away

Received suit

Ripe paw paw in a dream

Roasted chicken

Receiving sexual pleasure

Receiving a silver pot from the dead

Request to light fire

Rooster wearing a crown in dream

Respect, caring

Roasted crocodiles in the dream

Raster in a dream

Rainbow in dreams

Riding a bike on stairs

Receiving a box as a gift


Roach fall ceiling

Report late at exams

Reading personal diary

Red ox

Roofing sheets flying off on a roof

Rainbow fish

Rose plants

Running through crowds

Red ants on outside of husbands ear

Raising the dead with mind prayer

Rub back

Ragi in dream

Right shoulder pain

Red corn



Retarded ex boyfriend

Riding bike down stairs in dream

Red dot on lower legs

Ribs hit

Running late for a flight

Regret quitting job

Ripped up

Red sweater over white shirt

Receiving dead flowers

Riding on a hoverboard

Receiving a roasted palm fruit from someone in a dream

Red nail polish

Removing a splinter from hand

Rat falling me

Receiving hard boiled eggs

Red dress of my mum

Reflecting pond

Red tulips all open up what does it mean

Radio with someone talking and a screen and then it is disconnected

Room full of water

Refusing to give a mad man money in the dream.. meaning?

Refusing to give a mad man money in the dream.. meaning?

Rats infestation

Razor blades in mouth

Red light

Running from water


Reservoir and weir


Ring wont fit

Riding a chariot

Recharge card in dream

Rock of fire from the sky

Receiving a new wrapper

Red eye shadow

Red and green bangkes

Rice wind

Romantic date


Rose bush stalks


Red water flood

Run my hand through a bag of clear quartz

Receive a black glove


Rowan berry

Residential areas

Removing satchet water from fire to drink

Round mound

Red eyed tiger attacking my arm

Receiving salt and pepper

Recovery of a stolen phone in my dream

Recovery of my stolen phone

Receiving recharge card dream meaning

Red chillies

Removing earwax with metal dream meaning

Rain water in my boots

Riding a big dark horse backwards

Rubbing hair with oil of my brother

River in house

Running to something

Road with border

Riding tricycle in the dream

Riding tricycle in dream


Riding tricycle

Removing blackhead of friend

Rainbow and green garden

Rolling logs

Riding bicycle naked

Rainbow with fire on bottom

Receiving green color saree


Rats in a bedroom

Rat disappearing


Riding red horse

Red carpet on a road

Ripe mango

Ripe mango

Running after someone to hand them a bucket of paint. what does that mean?

Ripe mango given to you by a dead person


Remember password

Refried beans

Receiving a sacrament


Receiving gift from grandfather

Rats with worms

Reflection in a shattered mirror


Refusing to have sex in dream

Rotten eggs

Rice hulls

Rape and being stabbed

Receiving guinea fowl from your father

Receiving guinea fowl from parents

Rehired at old job

Rice hills

Reaping sweet potato

Red shiny horse

Raining inside

Runaway car crash

Recieved clothes from someone

Re taking wedding vows

Reoccurring dream about planets

Receiving ghee in ones dream

Received small money


Robbed eating food

Ripened custard apple

Red star outline

Receiving a saree in dream

Recover cellphone

Red greek letter l on forehead meaning

Road going up to the mountain top


Receiving sweater from dead friend

Removing clothes in the dream

Rooms you did not know you had



Rain coat black

Religous procession

Riding a bicycle

Releasing bowels

Rainbow on a clear sky

Red shoe

Remain il

Removal of squatters in my work place

Ring of fire in the clouds

Recalcitrant boy


Receiving six nutmeg

Ride bicycle through water

Riding bicycle through wster

Recovering a lost phone

Recovering a lost phone

Rolly pollie

River dike

Receiving yellow pepper in the dream

Removing clothes on clothline

Running over people

Run over someone

Runnung someone over in trailer

Raining ships

Running through pollen in your dream

Records filed in a drawer

Rangoli putting in dream

Recieving money from my mother

Red raven

Rainbow light

Red chilliest powder

Red flowers

Round clear stone with facets

Roasted nuts smell

Rapid pregnancy

Red chilli

Receiving white dried crayfish in the dream?

Receiving betel leaves in a dream mean

Restaurant server

Rusty dirty cars

Rainbow of crystals


Relative is a robot

Robot with relatives face

Rock rolling uphill


Removing thorns feet

Red leaf tree

Red sun in darkness

Riding in a car with stepchildren

Riding a roller coaster

Receiving maize mealie meal in dream means

Running with heavy backpack

Roots from tooth

Rain hard


Rubber tree routs


Reading ramayan in your dreams



Red tulip

Red roses

Rattle snake and baby rattlers

Renting out a previous home

Rolling black ball

Read relatives

Return call

Red paint


Red mailbox

Royal ring

Royal kitchen

Royal kitchen help

Reupholstery a couch


Rising lava

Red liquid dreams that end in a syc ward

Red liquid

Receiving bitter kola in the dream what does it mean

Receiving a ruler



Reaping thyme

Reaping thyme from a field

Rolling over in bed and having a thick substance like honey on me and on the floor next to me

Reading minds

Running with winnie the pooh

Received returned a necklace chain

Received a returned chain

Retured gift


Rotten meat and maggots


Room with multiple alarmed doors

Room with many locked doors






Red oil in a dream

Right leg was sliced

Reviving of a dead person

Royalty being betrayed

Red saree and red bangles

Running from tornado

Roller skating

Red wood shavings

Receiving money in notes

Removing jigger from someone


Royal family in dream meaning

Rape of female child

Receiving saree dream meaning

Raining in the bathroom

Rushing and lost


Removing staples from mouth

Removing staples from mouth and head

Red liquid in dream

Roller scates

Reap vegetablefrom vegetable garden

Recurring dream about dead person

Rapid descent airplane

Rushing river of water

Rushing flood water down hill in a dream?

Receiving plant

Rings on your finger

Receive men recharge card in dream

Rejecting mortal and pestle in dream

Ripe plantain

Red with a black human figure



Roman skirt

Roman armor

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Dream Bottom Image