Rubbing of white powder on the face in the dream

Red wax

Receive polo shirt dream

Ridge guard dream meaning

Reuniting with an adopted child

Rescue team

River with over bridge

Release control


Roots coming out my toes

Rear bumper missing

Removal van

Revival van

Removeing baby boy cold cloth in a dream

Recovery of stolen money in the dream

Room turns into a larger room

Rose ocesn

Receiving money from ones mother in dream means

Receiving diamond jewelry

Red panty with red mark


Receiving paslock

Returning a birthday gift

Red stome

Robin williams hugging me.

Red hijab

Raising hands

Reciting kalima tayyaba in dream

Receiving meat from someone in a dream means what

Receiving meat from someone means what

Rock paper scissors

Recieving money from

Ravi bill prepare in dream

Raw cooked chicken meat

Rice with earthworm

Removing earwax with a finger in a dream

Receiving money from blind man

Roster been cut in the leg

Roof garden

Running through water with high heels on

Receive prayer book in dream

Rainy day and ocean


Red colour

Red apples in the dream

Refused to accept yellow dal from someone

Rigor mortis

Rigour mortis

Red roses seen in dream

Receiving lemon from guru

Removing feathers of chicken

Real feeling

Receiving zamzam


Removing skin tag meaning

Red saree


Rocket ride

Refuse to have sex

Red velvety

Receiving passed exam slip


Royal blue blood



Receiving flowers in dream meaning

Receving new saree in my dream

Rejecting a wedding ring

Receiving foreign currency

Recieving a sandlewood tree

Riped wedding dress

Replacing awooden door to the old ones

Replacing door

Rice ghee

Receiving chocolate from breakup lover

Removing blue bindi from head


Riding on brown horse

Removing callus on feet

Receiving stolen rings

Receiving a wrist watch

Receiving kunkum from temple


Riding a bike downhill

Removing meat stuck in my teeth

Receive kumkum on my forehead

Removing meat which is stuck in my teeth

Rewriting name tag over and over unsatisfied

Reel dream

Red marker


Repeating ayatul qursiu in a dream

Running from somone

Road block with policeman

Rice full of worms

Right foot a bleed

Rickshaw dreams


Removed dread lock dreaming

Receiving kolanut in my dream from a brother



Removing the set of bangles and 1 is broken

Riding a beautifully dressed elephant

Rat escaping from the trap you set for it

Receiving five hundred naira in dream

Rose quarts shape like a rose

Rushing to catch a train

Rat with human teeth bites you


Ragi meaning

Receiving new phone gift in a dream

Receiving five hundred naira


Rubbing hair


Removing jiggers from someone

Riding with dead in car meaning

Rat chasing me



Recieving zam zam as a gift

Receiving clothes in dream

Red tape in a dream

Resurrected from caffin in funeral

Receiving cheque in my dream

Rainbow in form of a snake

Received big fish in a dream

Rice throwing in water

Ramayana book


Removing fish gut

Receiving gift mobile

Roti in dream while pregnant


Roofing pan

Red rice in dream meaning

Rolls of satin and lace & sparkle

Red rose that turns black and thorns prick you

Received pal oil in the dream


Receiving a house as gift in the dream

Receiving money from stranger

Rubbing white powder on my face in the dream

Red guinea corn

Red guinea corn in a dream

Red glass bangle

Red plam oil

Reciting dua

Running down hill

Running down a path

Riding tricycle with my dead uncle

Riding tricycle with mu dead uncle

Rose with thorns


Refrigerator in water

Resisting temptation

Recovered from serious sickness

Running from the people you saw by the stream?


Red chuda seen in dreams

Red polish on teeth

Red teeth

Receiving cheque dream

Removing broom stick from someone skin

Removing a broom from the hand

Rotten butternuts in a dream

Red tika on my forehead

Running away from my husband

Refused to have sex

Raped plantains in a dream meaning

Ridge guard dream

Rice dream

Ross lynch


Removing sweet from my pocket

Rock playing on the out of spive

Rescuing an elderly man in the dream and paying his rent

Receiving money from a celebrity

Red hand bag

Returning lost mobile to his owner

Receiving a wrapper in dream

Returining lost item to his owner

Receiving, eat bitter kola in the dream

Receiving, ear bitter kola in the dream

Rain wet clothes

Red bangles

Received invitations card from friend who stays abroad

Reading signboard

Repairing tomb

Random man standing in front of me

Recieving cornstarch

Recurring person

Rice porridge

Receiving keys from dead body

Receiving wrapper in a dream means

Receive money from governor

Rating muffins

Remove heavy load from my head to the floor

Running away from a mortuary

Rejoice and dancing

Recieve gift in dream

Rock water pouring

Roasted grasshopper in d dream

Recieving huge pearl as gift

Removing thorn from leg in dream

Radio station

Rescue baby from flood

Receiving telephone number

Riding cow

Ripe banana

Recievingvsaree as gift

Riding a motorcycle down the steps up toriding a motorcycle




Rocket fuel


Receiving a cv

Russian person

Raining n wet hanging clothes meaning

Road fire

Rotten cloth

Receiving perfume from deseased father in a dream

Receiving a cheque in dream meaning

Riding horses away from danger

Ripe breadfruit


Red hibiscus flowers plucking


Receiving egusi

Receiving milk from a bhramin

Red but empty bag

Red empty bag


Ripping someone clothes off his body

Relationship with idol

Receiving yellow saree

Rolling water

Riding a horse with a eagle

Receiving melons egusi as gift in my dream?

Renewing drivers license

Receiving a payment notice in your name

Red blood transfusion

Receiving tender vetrilai in dream meaning

Rams without horns

Receiving and eating of kolanut in the dream


Riding motorbike with robe on


Rising of moon in the dream

Rejecting money in my dream means what

Riding a horse through vast green landscape

Refusing to eat alligator pepper in the dream

Raw turmeric buying in dreams

Receiving food stuff gift

Rosary falling unto my hands

Ragi in dream meaning

Robot spider

Raw turkey

Rotten fruits in the dream means what?

Rosary given to me




Rainfalling thru the ceiling

Running a touchdown

Rose tattoo

Receiving money from church leader

Receiving money from a politician


Repossessed car in dream

Remove thorn from the leg

Refuse someone water in a dream

Roten fruit


Roaring lion destroying people

Return to place of work i retired from

Roommates with the beatles band

Rejected groom

Receivin amla in dream

Rattle snake in a drawer

Rocking horse and ghosts

Red veil

Roasted cocoayam

Receiving cloth wrapper gift in a dream

Raw camel meat

Receiving an brown envelope from a man of god meaning

Receiving slippers from the deceased

Rejected by husband

Receiving bitter kola in dream meanning

Rug was on fire

Reconciling with a brother

Rain falls on me in a dream means


Removing sunglasses

Riding on a very large red tricycle

Running away from mountain emitting liquid


Rubber bands in beard


Rest stop

Rabbit roadkill

Recieving coinmoney by elders in dreams

Repetitive picture of a street sign on corner

Repetitive street sign on corner

Replace carpet


Rose quartez citrine and green aventurine in a dream

Receive a house

Running from home

Rotten vegetables in fridge

Red star drawing

Red star

Red bird at door

Red door

Reciting ayatul kursi and and becoming victorious

Reciting ayatul kursi in dream and killing with gun

Rollled up pennies

Receiving monay

Running through a door

Rescuing child sex slaves

Red mountain

Riding my bus that i ride to school

Riding bike naked in drea

Riding bike with mum

Ripped off markerd

Railroad track ends

Robbery train alone

Relaxed thick natural hair

Racing a car in dangerous road conditions

Riding bike down stairs

Restaurant waitress

Rat dead

Retiring judge

Repel against an un seen force with prayers

Room was reversed

Red plead suitcase

Relaxing my hair

Rocks and gravel

Remove thorn from leg


Rotten meat

Running a marathon and winning


Receive ring from dead person

Red apples in water in my dream meaning

Rejecting money card

Receiving checks for birthday

Red cardinal bird

Receiving tasbih

Receiving t

Roller coaster

Rickshaw accident in the dream

Red hot metal

Rejecting strangers marriage proposal

Ring falling apart

Restroom exposure

Raining inside new house

Running a cash register

Running with a chicken

Running down stairs into a flooded basement

Returning lost item to owner

Riding a tricycle with children and having flat tires

Riding a tricycle with flat tires

Riding a tricycle with flat tires and children on board

Riding a tricycle with flat tires and children on back

Removing possessions from old house

Riding on whale


Rape in car

Red wagon

Right eyebrow

Removing a callus

Red flask as a gift in a dream

Roll of black plastic bags

Removing tubers of yam


Rhino dream number

Rice milk

Receiving turmeric and kumkum

Ruby ring


Roof cracks in house

Rotting flesh

Refuse to give grape to someone

Rough road

Ripe mangos

Receiving pink rubber bangles in dream

Reading at up kursi in dream

Res water

Rabid ravcoon bites u

Red curtains




Red straw

Red water flushing in toilet

Red sorrel

Riding down fast in elevator while protected by man


Roasted corn in dream meaning in

Receiving bangles from dead person

Receiving notes about yourself

Receiving love notes

Red wine

Rolled up in carpet

Running from being captured

Red eye color

Receiving baby clothes gift

Rainbow buddha

Rescue inability


Red rose for the dead loveone

Rv flipping over

Ragi rice

Rotten sour cream

Rabbit and snake

Remarry someone else

Remarried in dream

Raw chicken

Receiving turmeric and kumkum in dreams

Receiving a cast iron wheel

Reliving deceptive relationship

Reliving past negative events

Reliving past events

Running on all fours and flying

Rejecting money given to you in a dream.

Rolling backwards down a hill

Rabbit biting snake


Receiving dirty dishcloth

Receiving duty dishcloth

Red feather

Rapping signing

Regergatate blades

Red pot

Ripe peach tree

Receive meat from strangers

Red christmas trimming

Red christmas decoration

Roll the berrel

Roller coaster going up

Ring falling in the toilet


Repaid by deceased debtor

Repaid what was owed

Red sheep

Receiving provisions in a dream

Racks of magical clothing

Riding a trolley

Rotten pineapple


Ritual magic

Receiving biscuits in a dream

Round scar

Rising from a coffin

Running away from invading forces

Running from a savage army

Running stomach


Red chalk

Roza mubarak

Rude man

Recurring lost

Ranch resort

Ranch hotel

Receiving ghee from someone in dream

Returning jewelry


Receiving a ride

Receiving gift of gold chain from dead mother in law in my dream

Receiving gold from dead mother in law

Red living room

Riding in car with dead people you knew


Received a wrist watch from a dead person

Run over

Red patent leather box corner

Receiving turmeric powder ball woman in dreams

Receiving perfume from dead father

Ripe caca in a tree

Ripe cacao fruit in its tree

Running away from niece

Recovery stolen items thief

Ran over somebody

Renewing vows with ex husband

Reptile head

Red nose fox

Reciving herbal leaves in dteam

Ruby earings

Red peony petals

Riding a red bicycle

Riding a road bicycle in a dream

Receiving black cake

Roasted yam and palm oil in a dream

Ripe breadfruit.


Red henna means