Red saree lady

Running in heavy rain with lightning

Remindng my bf to pay the titith n dream

Rainbow in a clear sky

Removing bubbles from lab

Received gold set from dead relative


Rolls of scotch tape

Rolls of tape

Receiving tika

Ritual celebration

Recreational vehicle

Received a packet of maggi cubes


Refuse to marry

Receiving used toys


Red tika on forehead dream

Red tika on dream

Running up a steep road

Red alligator

Removing gigger in dream

Reflections in spoons

Rejection by mother-in-law

Room without door

Ring to ring

Roast lamb

Roof off car

Red and yellow flowers

Raining potatos

Riding in a baby car seat

Receive golden hat

Running from attackers and protecting a child


Run into near lake

Return home after separation

Raw fish gift

Remove cyst on thighs


Romantic sex

Roller skaters


Receiving kumkum, turmeric in dream

Romanian woman

Receiving a cheque from the president in a dream

Restraining an animal

Relatives going on trip

Riding in a car that goes off the end of a hiway


Refusing to give charity dream

Robbin hood


Road that hugs a hill

Road with cliff on one side





Round worm yellowfeces

Round worm

Running for friend wife

Receiving fruit from a dead relative


Red balloon

Removing kola nut in the grave

Receiving bridal chura

Red cat in window

Rich actor

Receving blue saree from my friend

Ramayan in dream

Running out of food

Receiving a puppy as a gift

Received transfer ordèr dream meaning

Removing your tooth


Roller coaster

Riding in a car on a red clay bumpy road


Ripe lime in a dream

Rent money

Rustic water park

Red gram

Receiving guitar as gift

Rosary and sto.nino

Receiving 4 coconut in the dream

Ran dy

Ransacked house

Running for a flight

Rub hand on hair in dream

Rasta in a

Rasta in a drem

Rasta in my dream

Rearing of cow in the dream

Red bow


Running on all fours in a race

Ragi ball

Running feet float

Restraining someone

Rash on upper bottom

Rash on chest or shoulders

Rotten meat in purse

Raccoon woman

Roler skates



Red leaves tree

Report something

Removing metal from leg wounds

Removing metal from thighs

Red iris

Running vagina

Rabbit hole digging

Reed room

Rosary burning

Running naled

Rectangle grass

Red saree in dreem

Red chuda wearing in a dream

Ritual perform with dog meet

Reciving death chapati in dream


Rectangular prism

Rat drown river

Running away tower

Robotic eye

Riding a bicycle with wife and adult grandson

Raccoons climbing a tree

Roof of mouth body

Roof of mouth split open


Removing blade from mouth

Rice given by a dead uncle

Rice given by a dead family



Receiving money from a dead uncle what does it mean | dream interpretation

Red fire truck

Room service

Ribs in bears mouth

River with white caps


Riding a tricycle with two of my clothes with me

Red peper

Reverend putting money notes in my pocket

Riding in a flying jeepney

Rooster picking

Rose of athena

Rooftop garden

Roof top garden

Running your fingers through the hair of someone you love

Red cloak chasing me

Recovering stolen plates


Record player dream meaning?

Receiving money from the president

Rose apple tree

Red water and a person


Removing thorns from arm

Rusty cutlery

Raw tiger meat

Ring shape on body dreams

Raping sister in law

Receiving food from priest

Ringworm on hand dreams

Receiving toilet roll

Rpyal bluedress in dream

Roselle plant

Red mask

Ragi mudda dream meaning

Removing weeds in the farm


Rope tied within house clothes hanging on it

Receiving cake from dead person

Red-tailed hawk

Recovering stolen certificate

Raw chicken

Rising star from west

Running fast backwards but not forward

Reading ayatul kursi in dreams and your enemy fall down

Received two fresh diaries in dream

Received congratulations in the dream

Receiving money from my enemy

Radish with a human face

Radish with human face

Rotten yam

Roosters fighting

Removing weeds from grass

Rubbing oil on feet

Red rooms

Rocky mountain

Ripped screen

Receives bangles as a gift indicates

Rummag sales

Roaring yam in a dream

Receiving tamarind

Running barefoot, going back for shoes

Radio-controlled car

Rocking chairs

Roasted plantain with red oil

Reuniting with deceased relatives

Roaches coming out of your body

Roasting goats meat

Round table



Running water with poop

Rice ball prepared by family

Recieved a cellophane in a dream

Rescuing a tan baby goat

Riding motorbike with mum and sis

Rice cooked in chicken

Rice chicken

Recovering stolen items in dream

Removing jiggers in dream


Recieving a phone number written on a paper

Relish and death

Ritchard gere

Remove weeds inside the house


Raspberry with thorns being eaten, unable to spit

Rotten wooden floor

Revealing clothing

Recitation of la hawwala wala quwwata illa billah

Red bangle in dream meaning


Received money in dream

Red flowers at a cementary

Red flowers at a cementarg

Rustic house

Right ball

Ride a donkey crossing some water on a road

Receiving nzu in the dream interpretations

Ring finger chopped off

Ruined certificate

Rash on leg skin peeling

Ripping face off

Returning someone bag in my dream

Receiving kisses in the hair

Receiving saree as gift

Remote area

Red room


Rotting soursop

Rape by a dictator

Removed corn from bottom of feet

Repeating marriage vows

Rainbow swirl spider

Rescuing a black horse

Receivinga recharge card in a dream

Recieving cheque in a dream


Red big fishes

Rosemary plant

Running naked

Ripping paper


Rusted chains on ground


Reiciving coconut as a give in dream

Riding a cow in the dream

Reciting ayatal kursi

Receive mtn card in dream

Ragi dreams meaning

Removing cobwebs in my dream

Recieveing a letter by a deceased mother

Red rose thorns

Red pant

Reiciving a acoconut in dream


Riding on roof of bus

Rocket taking off

Red & gold

Red jelly

Rent office

Receiving tuber of yam

Roten food

Received fruit from my dead aunt

Removing pants in your dreams

Receiving a gift from my pastor

Receiving a gift from my former pastor

Rocks from space

Racing horse in ocean than stopped by whale

Recovery a blue t shit cloth from a thief

Recovery stolen cloth from a thief

Rich man in my bed

Ripe plamnut

Resting a head on my bosom

Romance temple love

Receiving airtime voucher in the dream interpretation

Right knee wound

Rejecting paper money in a dream

Red leaves on fall trees

Receiving checks in the mail?

Rubber tree

Rewinding life with someone

Rewinding ife with someone

Receiving zam zam water as a gift

Room full of angels

Rain and goat

Rain storm

Receiving deepam

Red pillow in bed

Robotic spiders on ceiling

Robot spiders

Receiving laddu from goddess

Rearing cow in my dreams means

Rose quartz

Receiving a letter

Receiving a letter from your bank

Refusal to stop digging

Ringworm on feet

Receiving yellow flower in temple by dream

Red iron

Received ice fish in the dream

Received mango in pregnancy

Rasgulla making and eating


Ruined building

Refusing hand shake

Rocky shore

Riding on carabao

Receiving envelope in dreams

Raw seasoned chicken

Roasted cow in dream

Roasted cow

Rich man dresding

Red palm weevil

Robot hand


Rosary break

Ripe breadfruit fallen off tree

Receiving ewedu leaf in a dream

Receiving perfume from my dead father

Reaching for something and not being able to grab it

Rocky parking lot

Repairing a door

Rise from dead

Receiving envelope dead father

Receiving a white mantle in the dream

Receing a white mantle

Rejecting money payment in dreams

Red feather

Rebuke from in-laws in a dream

Refusing to be canned

Red kitten playing

Running like a dog being chased by bear cub


Return of extra money at relegious place

Red letter j

Red carpet

Rattlesnake kills my cats

Rattlesnake killsmy vats

Rattlesnake kills my animals

Rattlesnake in a stone wall trying to killme

Running a daycare

Removing clothes from the line

Rattlesnake attack

Red marble

Red and black playing cards

Rain in the dream

Receiving a phone number

Running after wife

Remove eyes

Raw rice mix with dirt

Resignation of co worker

Recoved my household items from grandma

Receiving a phone call

Rose colour dog

Receivig a gift royal blue dress

Rusty tacks

Rv in a crate

Removing clothes from the clothesline in a dream meaning

Removing clothes from a clothline in a dream

Receiving a baby walker as a gift

Received a baby walker gift

Rejecting marriage in a dream



Raw pork meat

Reception of brother

Rat with money

Radiant and beautiful

Recieving yellow color saree

Ripe udara fruit falling into my hands in the dream

Running thru shallow water

Running thru deep puddle

Radili g

Red gram meaning in dreams

Receiving gifts of clothes

Recharging mtn card in my phone in dream

Rebellious teen



Removing dead grass

Receiving money from a pastor in a dream

Red hibiscus flowers offering to me

Rockslide in a dream

Removing lots of layers of clothes

River direction

Right ear cut off

Red eyed creature

Roof edge


Receiving green silk saree from someone

Releasing fish from fish tank into large water bodies

Red tic tacs

Red tic tacos

Riding electric scooter

Raw seafood as a gift by an ex suitor

Raw seafood as a gift by sn ex suitor

Recieving a house


Riding in the back seat

Removing asticky yellow tape on an object

Running into something

Receiveing turmeric and kumkum in trmole and worshipping goddess with tha

River flowing blood dream

Received a new saree from a man in my draem

Removing phone in a toilet

Returning list item to owner

Rose qua


Red lobster

River flow with blanket dream meaning

Rolling a carpet

Removing dandruff

Royal poinciana tree

Reuniting with family

Reject ring mean

Riding a jeep falling down

Red rop

Removing hair from your back

Receiving 3 wooden walking sticks from someone


Receiving a white cocoyam from my baby

Robot, dead dog,

Red bell peppers

Returning money to bank

Romance with jijaji

Running using hands and feet


Removing the hijab

Red oil and water signifies what


Rumple cloth

Row liver

Ragi ball preparation

Ragiball in dream

Right breast groped

Roman soldiers

Rim job


Ragiball is not taking from someone

Receding flowers from a dead person

Red bird singing on a tree


Rattle smake in dream

Roll out


Real estate principal

Refuse to give one drinking water

Red flowering tree

Rotisserie cooking

Reciting ayat kursi in a dream

Reciting ayat kursk in a dream

Reversing trailer



Row blue flowers with zeus statue in corner


Receiving bangles in dream indicates what??

Riding tricycle with passanger

Red saree women dying in my dream

Red biugainville

Roblox dreams

Received curd from someone in deeam

Ruby coming out of a ring

Receiving kumkum from goddess in dream

Recieving unripe plantain from my dead mum

Rose quart

Rice and beans

Ripe coffee tree

Religious riots

Running, shoe laces tied


Receiving stationery in a dream

Recieving new cloth from husband

Ripped cocoa in the trees

Received biscuits in the dream

Rocks being dropped on you

Rocks being dropped down on you and your loved ones


Riding a bicycle

Removing gold

Removing my fingers

Riding a carabao

Ripe mango seeing in pregnancy